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In many industrial operations metals such as steel and iron are subjected to very high
temperature which often leaves a discoloring oxide layer or scale on the surface. The process of
hot rolling, drawing, annealing and molding of metals result in the deposition of organic
impurities, stains, rusts and scale which impede further metal processing. In industries same
metals are used for a long period which makes them vulnerable to development of rust and
surface deformation.

Pickling is the
conventional method
practiced in industries for
removing rust and scales
from metal surface. It is
the removal of any high
temperature scales from
metal surface by chemical
means. It involves dipping
of the metal workpiece in
acid solution referred to
as pickle liquor. Earlier
sulphuric acid was used in
pickling process but now
HCL has taken the prime
position as it pickles
much faster with
minimum loss of base metal.

Corrosiveness of acid makes it difficult to handle. The acid reduces the protective oxide film on
metals and thus expose the underlying metal to corrosion. The hydrogen present in the acids
further reacts with the metal surface and ultimately builds up cracks. The acid often cause
dissolution of the pure metal leading to metal loss.

An acid inhibitor is thus added to the pickling solution to reduce corrosion and prevents the
metal from dissolving or becoming pitted. Inhibitors may be natural or synthetic organic
compounds which are added to pickling acid solution to reduce metal corrosion .They slow down
the reaction between acid and base metals which help in controlling excessive fume generation
during pickling. Inhibitor also aids in controlling pickling rate.

Rodine 85 is a low foaming liquid corrosion inhibitor intended for use in sulfuric acid pickling
operations on various types of metals like copper, brass, nickel and all type of steel. It is
formulated using 1, 3 Diethyl Thiourea, Propargyl alcohol, Formaldehyde, Substituted triazine &
O-Toluidine and detergent. Rodine 85 shows activity at any acid concentration. Rodine 85 is an
effective inhibitor for phosphoric and acetic acids, as well as sulfamic, citric, oxalic, and sodium
bisulfate solutions in pickling and industrial cleaning operations.

Rodine 85 reduces corrosive attack of acids on the clean metal to a minimum, which reduces
the amount of sludge formed in pickling baths also it helps in reducing the consumption of acid
and prolongs the life of the bath. It passivates the metal surface, to a considerable degree and
makes it highly corrosion resistant. Rodine 85 allows pickling baths to be used at higher
temperature, which leaves the surface of the metal chemically clean and ready for the application
of finishing coatings such as plating, painting or lacquering; It improves the appearance of the
pickled metal by creating a uniformly whiter (i.e. more silvery) surface, thus improving its
salability. Other advantages are the elimination of gases and fumes in the pickling process and
the prevention of acid brittleness of the steel.

Rodine 85 dosage greatly depends on the type of metal, the temperature of operation and the
sequence of cleaning operation. The recommended amount of Rodine 85 to be used for pickling
is always given in percent by volume of the concentrated acid, regardless of the degree of acid
dilution used. RODINE 85 should be used at a concentration ranging from 0.05 to 0.30 percent
by volume of the diluted acid regardless of the degree of acid dilution used. In addition, it is
recommended that Rodine 85 inhibitor be used at a concentration not less that 0.5% by volume
of the concentrated liquid acid or not less that 0.5% by weight of the concentrated solid acid,
regardless of the temperature of the industrial cleaning operation.

The key features can be summarized as follows -

Strong inhibitor with detergent improves rinsability

Aids in attaining maximum cleanliness on nickel work

Low foaming inhibitor for general purpose inhibition

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