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2012 Higher School Certificate Trial Examination Mathematics Extension 1 General Instructions Total marks — 70 Section I - Pages 3~ 4 © Working time—2 hours 10 marks * Reading time — 5 minutes * Board approved calculators maybe | Attempt Questions 1 - 10 used. Allow about 15 minutes for this section © Write using bl r ite using black or blue pen Suit ast «A table of standard integrals is heosiaed 60 marks © All necessary working should be rte oem td A shown in Question 11 — 14 Allow about 1 hour 45 minutes for this section © Write your student number and/or name at the top of every page This paper MUST NOT be removed from the examination room STUDENT NUMBER/NAME: STUDENT NUMBER/NAME: Section I 10 marks Attempt Questions 1-10 Allow about 15 minutes for this section Select the altemative A, B, C or D that best answers the question and indicate your choice with a cross (X) in the appropriate space on the grid below. 10