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Epanet 1.1 Demands
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01-11-2001, 07:45 PM #1 (permalink)

Jose A Cordovilla Posts: n/a


Epanet 1.1 Demands

Hi everyone.

I am involved in cleanwater network modelling. I have been working with Epanet 2 for
a few months now, and a new job has come up which uses Epanet 1.1 as a hydraulic
engine. I understand the differences and similarities between the two versions, and
have gone through the Epanet 1.1 user manual. However, my experience is a bit
limited with this software. There specific problem I'm having is the following:

- I have built the [DEMANDS] chapter following the format specs in the manual; some
nodes have two or three different demand patterns with a different base demand for
each of them.
- The program (Epanet 1.1) runs ok during 24h, 15min intervals.
- When I analyse the results, the total flow drawn out of the only source seems to
account only for part of the demands, and I have the feeling (not checked yet) that
this total flow equals the sum ONLY THE FIRST DEMAND PATTERN for each node, at
each time step.

I would be very grateful if someone could clarify if it's possible to input several
demand patterns per node, and how to do it.

Many thanks. Best regards


01-12-2001, 12:37 PM #2 (permalink)

Richard Jeffries Posts: n/a


Re: Epanet 1.1 Demands

Morning all

Please excuse my ignorance, but why don't you just import the .inp and .map files into

1 of 3 10/07/2008 01:01
Epanet 1.1 Demands - Free Online Discussion Forum For Hydrology a...

Epanet 2.x and save them as .net files. This would allow multiple demands per node
no worries at all as well as other benefits. Is there an obvious reason why this is not
appropriate? If so please enlighten me.

Richard Jeffries

01-12-2001, 12:45 PM #3 (permalink)

Wayne Hartell Posts: n/a


Re: Epanet 1.1 Demands

Hi Jose,

The problem you are experiencing is due to a limitation with Epanet V1.1. In
this version of the software you can only define 1 base demand and 1 pattern
ID for each node. One way to get around this limitation is for each demand
node, model additional nodes at the same elevation connected by negligible
loss links (i.e., large diameter, short length and smooth), to the first
node. You can then apply the other demand patterns to these nodes. I
recommend using something like Excel to create the additional nodes and
links as it is a real time saver when working with text files. A node
numbering convention might also be useful. Lets assume that your demand
nodes are 1, 2, 3, ..., 10. A suitable numbering scheme might be to simply
place a '2' infront of the ID for nodes that attract the second demand
pattern and a '3' infront of nodes that attract the third demand pattern.
e.g., 21, 22, 23, ..., 210 & 31, 32, 33, ..., 310. Of course this will
depend on your current numbering system and you may find another suitable
method. If you require any additional assistance I'll be happy to help off
the list.

Best Regards,
Wayne Hartell

01-12-2001, 01:57 PM #4 (permalink)

Jose A Cordovilla Posts: n/a


Re: Epanet 1.1 Demands

Hi Richard

Thanks for your response.

The main reason why I can't export to Epanet2 is because the client has produced
their own software which uses Epanet1 as an external hydraulic engine.
I have actually verified the calibration of the network with Epanet2, and it
works perfectly, but they want to see this working in the original software, ie
Epanet1 format. Nothing I can do about this external constraint.

Thanks for your advice. Best Regards


2 of 3 10/07/2008 01:01
Epanet 1.1 Demands - Free Online Discussion Forum For Hydrology a...

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