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Table of Contents
Introduction ............................................................................................................................................... 3
Burning Desire ......................................................................................................................................... 18
Creating Luck ........................................................................................................................................... 31
Subconscious Secrets .............................................................................................................................. 42
Taking Action ........................................................................................................................................... 54
The Role of Other People ....................................................................................................................... 66
Sexual Energy ........................................................................................................................................... 78
Common Fears and Obstacles ............................................................................................................... 91
Conclusion ................................................................................................................................................ 99

George Hutton


Congratulations on purchasing this course! Many people

dream of a better life and a brighter future, but few people
take concrete action to make it happen. Simply because
you're reading this now, you're in the top one or two
percent of all people on planet Earth when it comes to
creating your own life, filled with wealth and abundance.

You are an actor, rather than a reactor.

No matter where you are in life, the combination of the

conscious ideas and the unconscious programming in this
course will give you the ideas, understandings, and tools
you need in order to create massive amounts of wealth.

Now, I know that many courses exist that talk about wealth
creation. But somehow we tend to buy course after course
but never really seem to "get going."

There always seems to be a missing ingredient, or

something they haven't mentioned in the marketing.

I remember a long time ago, I found this book titled "How

I Made $10,000 in One Weekend, And How You Can Too."

Strangely, this book was wrapped in cellophane, so I

couldn't open it up to see what the method was, until I
actually bought it.

But that didn't matter, right? Ten thousand bucks is ten

George Hutton

thousand bucks!

I rushed home, opened the book and my heart sank. Turns

out the guy who wrote the book was a world famous real
estate guru.

Not only that, but his "method" for making $10,000 in one
weekend was sending an email to his list of over five
MILLION people, advertising some book he was about to

Since I didn't have ANY email list, I had no hopes of making

ten grand in one weekend.

It kind of reminded me of an old joke from Steve Martin,

back when he was doing stand-up.

How to Make A Million Dollars in the Stock Market

"First, start with two million dollars..."

(The joke being that as soon as you lose half your money,
which most people do in the stock market, then you'll have
your million dollars.)

No matter what kind of Work From Home, Get Rich Quick

system somebody is selling, there's always a catch.
Something else you need to buy or sign up for, or another
seminar you need to attend.

And then after that, some kind of super-secret inner circle,

that'll cost you half of your life savings, or more
realistically, all the room you've got left on your credit
George Hutton


Good News and Bad News

The good news is that this manual is all you'll need, as far
as learning the nuts and bolts of how to turn your life into a
wealth generating machine.

The bad news is that it's not going to happen overnight.

And it's going to take some effort on your part.

A lot of effort.

But the real good news is that we all have these blocks,
these obstacles, inside of us.

These limiting beliefs that keep us from seizing our God

given rights of wealth and abundance.

Why is this good news? Because once we unpack and

examine these blocks, and see how false they are, and
then reprogram your unconscious with the accompanying
hypnosis sessions, taking consistent action to make as
much wealth as you want will seem automatic.

The truth of human life is that everything we have is based

on action and exchange. Even when we're acting all alone,
by ourselves, there's still exchange going on.

If you want something to eat, for example, there are a few

levels of exchange going on.

For one, you want to exchange your state of "being

George Hutton

hungry" for a state of "being satisfied."

In order to do that, you've got eat something. In order to

get something to eat, you've either got to make it, or buy

If you buy it, you are exchanging your money for

something to eat.

Now, it's crucial to understand that every time we make an

exchange, either an exchange of state (full vs. hungry,
empty bladder vs. full bladder, having an itch vs. no itch)
or an exchange of stuff (money for cheeseburgers) we will
only make the exchange if what we want is of higher value
to us, on a purely subjective standard, than what we have.

This gives us the motivation to make it happen.

We want a full belly more than an empty belly.

We want an empty bladder more than we want a full


We want to be sitting down rather than standing up (or vice


We want a cheeseburger more than we want the $2 in our


This is the entire description of our existence. We exist in

some state, or we have some stuff.

We look out into the future, and imagine a better state, or

George Hutton

having some better stuff. We take action, and make a


Even as you're reading this, this is happening. Every micro

shift of your posture is because you have decided on a
subconscious level, that you'll be more comfortable after
the shift than you are before the shift.

Then what happens? You're OK for a little bit, then you

want to shift again. Try and sit still for even a minute, and
see how hard it is.

Your subconscious is ALWAYS on, and always scanning

your present state, and then looking out into the future and
trying to calculate a better state, and then comparing this
to the actions you'll need to take to make it happen.

If your subconscious decides the benefits (which is the new

state compared to the old state) outweigh the costs (which
is the effort and energy it takes to move) it will compel you
to action.

This seems simple, but take some time to let this sink in.
Your subconscious mind is always looking for ways to
increase your state, and it's always doing these
cost-benefit analyses.


Your life is never static. You are always in flux. Your

subconscious is always looking out for you, so you can
always be improving yourself.

George Hutton


Now, let's define what "Wealth" really means.

All wealth is stuff.

But not just any stuff.

Now, let's say you scoop up a handful of dirt from the

ground. Do you have wealth? Maybe.

It depends on how you are going to use that dirt. If that

stuff is going to be used to satisfy somebody's wants,
needs or desires, and they are willing to exchange
something for it, then it's wealth.

Maybe it's super rich dirt, and you can scoop up a few
hundred bucketfuls and sell it to a local farmer.

Maybe you'll use it yourself to grow some food in your own

garden which you'll later eat.

Wealth is anything that you can use directly or indirectly,

to satisfy your own desires, or somebody else's desires.

Sometimes wealth (or stuff) is used directly. But most of

the time, wealth is used to create more stuff, which is used
to create even more stuff.

Let's say you're getting kind of hungry. You decide to make

a sandwich. You look in your fridge, and you've got some
bread, some cheese, and some mayo. So you decide to
make a sandwich.
George Hutton

Now, this may seem like simple activities, but what you're
really doing is "transforming" lower order wealth, into
higher order wealth.

(I know, know, you bought this course to make tons of

money, not to learn how to make a cheese sandwich!)

But be patient. Once we go through the entire wealth

generation process, you'll find that making tons of money,
however much you want, is really no different than making
a sandwich, from a structural level.


(Don't get me wrong though, you probably won't get rich

making cheese sandwiches, but you never know!)

The magic happens when you get a bunch of people

together. Instead of taking "stuff" and using it yourself, or
using it to build more stuff for yourself, when you
collaborate with others, either directly or indirectly, some
pretty interesting things start to happen.

First of all, the more people you've got in on the game, the
more wealth you'll have. Small societies, like nomadic
groups or small tribes living on tropical islands usually
don't have much stuff.

But people living in modern society usually have tons of

stuff. Or tons of wealth.

All you've got to do is get in on the action.

George Hutton

Where Does Money Come From?

Once a society gets to a certain size, they need money. It

simply can't function without it.

Otherwise the wealth creation will stop. If you grow corn,

and you want chickens, if the society doesn't have any
money, you'll have to wander around town until you've
found somebody that wants corn, and that has chickens.

However, with money, this is super easy. You sell your corn
for money. Then you can buy anything you want with that
money. You can spend it all as fast as you get it, or save it
for later. Up to you.

So then, what is money? All money is potential energy. A

kind of stored wealth. It's a measure of the wealth that
you've already created.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having money.

There is nothing wrong with making money. Because you
simply cannot make money unless you first produce
wealth. (Unless you're some kind of cat burglar or central

A long time ago, a guy named Adam Smith wrote a book on

economics, wealth, and how countries could get more

He pointed out that the farmer, the butcher, the baker

didn't care about us. They didn't wake up in the morning
wondering or worrying about how people were going to
George Hutton


All they cared about was getting money. Whose money did
they want? They wanted other people's money.

But they weren't robbers, or thieves. They knew that the

ONLY way to get other people to give them their money
was to first offer them something they wanted. Bread, or
pigs, or eggs, or whatever.

Adam Smith pointed out that so long as you're first focused

on what other people want, getting money will be

And that is the secret of getting as much money and wealth

in life as you want. Find out what people want, and find a
way to give it to them.

If you have a burning desire to be a billionaire, but you

have NO IDEA how to get there, so long as you focus on
figuring out how to get other people to voluntarily giving
you their money, you CAN NOT FAIL.

It really is that simple.

Remember the metaphor above about how our

subconscious minds are always looking to improve our

It's always looking out into the future and seeing what it
can do to make us better off.

And guess what? In modern society, most of us BUY

George Hutton

THINGS that we think will make us better off.

Sure, we could grow corn in our back yard, wait around for
it to be ripe, and then pick it, cook it, go out to the barn and
milk the cows and turn the cream into butter. Then we'd
need to go down to the ocean, get some salt water and boil
it until all that's left is salt.

Then we could have some delicious, corn on the cob with

fresh butter and salt.

But seriously, that's a lot of work for some corn on the cob.
What if you wanted a cheeseburger, with tomatoes, bacon,
and avocado?

You'd starve to death before you figured out to grow all the
ingredients yourself. Not only that, but the EPA or some
other government agency would put you in jail for not
having a farming license or a bacon making license, or

It's much, much easier to simply buy what we want.

Remember the exercise where we shifted in our chairs, and

then wanted to shift a couple seconds later?

Buying stuff is the same thing. We think out into the future
(usually subconsciously), and think to ourselves, "Man, a
cheeseburger would taste great about now!" Then we
mentally check our wallets, the stores around town that
sell cheeseburgers, and then make move.

And just like shifting in our chairs only satisfied us for a

George Hutton

little bit, we are only satisfied for a little bit when we buy

This is crucial. We are not suffering from some horrible

disease of consumerism.

We are not evil if we like shopping. There's nothing wrong

with us if we like buying stuff.

This is the very nature of human beings. We are ALWAYS

on the lookout for better stuff.

Creating things and selling them to each other is WHO WE

ARE, on a very deep and fundamental level.

Wanting a life filled with huge stacks of cash is not evil. It is

not wrong. It is not immoral.

It is natural. In fact, it's NOT NATURAL to NOT want to live

a life of abundance.

Imagine for a moment, what would happen if everybody on

Earth suddenly shunned money. Nobody would go to work.
Nobody would make stuff.

We'd be back to where we were tens of thousands of years


Do you really want to have to kill and eat your food every
single day?

I know I don't!

George Hutton

It's crucial to understand that wanting money is natural,

and who you are.

Your birthright, the purpose you exist is to make wealth.

The purpose of your life is to have as much money as you
possibly can.

The more money you've got, the more stuff you've

produced or helped to produced, that other people have
willingly paid for.

Remember, we only buy something if we want that "thing"

more than we want what it costs.

Just like our subconscious compels us to shift in our seats

when it figures we'll be BETTER OFF after we shift, we only
buy something when we think we'll be BETTER OFF after
we buy the thing.

So if you've got a huge pile of cash, that is simply a

measurement of how many people in the world YOU have
made better off.

Money is not evil. A desire for money is not evil. A love of

money is not evil.

In fact, shunning money is the most evil thing you can do.
If you shun money, you're basically saying that you don't
care about helping other people get what they want.

You're saying you've got plenty of stuff, and you don't care
if other people get what they want.

George Hutton

This is crucial to understand. Loving money, and loving

making money, means you love helping other people get
what they want. It means you love helping other people
become better off.

This is as true as some huge, hairy complicated algebraic

equations that all boils down to A = B.

Loving money means you love helping people get what

they want.

Now, imagine if EVERYBODY in the world felt this way.

Imagine if EVERYBODY in the world wanted to make as
much money as possible. That would mean that
EVERYBODY in the world was busily trying to figure out
what everybody else wanted, and how they could give it to

Think of how awesome that would be!

We'll worry about saving the world later. You got this so
you could learn how to make tons of money, and feel good
doing so.

The strategy is simply. First, create a desire to make as

much money as possible.

Second, figure out what you can do, and how you can
create things, or help create things that other people want.

Then keep on improving this area and you'll be rich before

you know it.

George Hutton

However, this isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a bit more

complicated than making a cheese sandwich.

That's why the rest of this course is designed to give you

the strategies to do two things.

First you'll be building up your forward momentum energy.

This is the desire to keep moving forward, keep trying new
things and learning new skills, and making new

The second is to remove all the mental road blocks you've

put on yourself. These are due to our common upbringings
as children, maybe some false ideas we've learned about
money from our parents or school or church, as well as
your beliefs about yourself and what you're capable of.

This guidebook will serve as a teaching tool for your

conscious mind. Teaching you methods and techniques to
propel yourself forward, as well as shining the bright light
of truth on those false beliefs so we'll see just how messed
up they are.

The accompanying hypnosis sessions will do the same

thing, only on a deep, unconscious level.

This guidebook works from the outside in. The hypnosis

sessions work from the inside out.

When you combine the intellectual and conscious

understanding of these techniques, along with positive
beliefs, attitudes and skills programmed into you on a deep
level, you will not fail.
George Hutton

Then you'll discover the true secret of why you were put
here on Earth.

To make a ton of money, and help as many people as you

can while doing so, and enjoying the entire process.

Once these strategies are understood and installed, you

will become a self-generated, self-motivated wealth
creating machine.

The world will become your playground.

George Hutton

Burning Desire
One of the most essential ingredients to a life filled with
massive amounts of wealth and abundance is a burning
desire. This means that you have an unquenchable desire
to succeed. Everybody wants more money, and everybody
would love to find a big bag of money on the street, but few
people ever take any action to do anything about it.

Sometimes when they're up against the wall, and they're in

danger of some kind, some kind of financial calamity,
they'll suddenly get up off their behind and do something.

But for the most part, people who want money but don't
have money are not in that situation due to bad luck or bad
education or any other excuses, but simply because they
don't have the motivation to do what needs to be done.

There are plenty of examples of flat out broke people with

no education (and average intelligence) that made

They can do it, you can do it.

Let's face it. Taking consistent action to make tons of cash

isn't easy. That's why very few people ever get rich. It's not
complicated; it just takes a lot of motivation.

But when you have a burning desire, that desire that burns
night and day, and is always in the back of your mind, you
don't really need willpower. In fact, once you get that
burning desire, and it's running on its own, people will start

George Hutton

asking you why you never rest. Why you never take a
break. Why you never take a vacation or a day off.

And you won't be able to explain. You'll feel as though you

can't stop. You don't want to stop. You get an amazing rush
from taking action, and sitting in front of the TV or wasting
time on some beach just isn't as appealing any more.

You will have discovered the true secret of life. Those

humans were meant to follow dreams. To chase and
capture dreams. And create bigger and better dreams. The
lust of life is not in the getting, it is in the chasing.

Human Motivation

We humans are motivated by two things, and two things

only. Pain and pleasure. We'll do anything in our power to
avoid pain, and anything in our power to get pleasure.
That's how we're wired.

We're also very good at deceiving ourselves. Meaning most

of us kind of have an idea that it's somehow "better" to be
motivated toward pleasure than away from pain.

Saying that you are motivated toward pleasure sounds like

you are in more control of your life. Admitting that you only
want to get away from pain makes it sound like all you care
about is playing it safe, so you can be lazy.

That's why when discussing these "motivating strategies"

as they are called in NLP, people almost always try and
convince themselves that they are motivated by pleasure,
and only a little bit away from pain.
George Hutton

But in reality, it's a self-deceptive con job. Often we think

we're being motivated toward pleasure, it's really away
from pain, but our ego won't let us admit that to ourselves.

So even though we "think" we have some kind of burning

desire to succeed, meaning we think we are motivated by
pleasure, it's really to get away from some kind of pain.

As soon as that pain goes away, our motivation towards

pleasure mysteriously vanishes along with it.

If we were truly motivated by pleasure, it wouldn't go

away. It would get stronger as we moved forward, not

Consider losing weight. Many of us make plans to lose

weight, but give up only after a couple weeks. We convince
ourselves we want a hot looking body, to be able to fit into
smaller clothes, and become more attractive to the
opposite sex.

But in reality, we are trying to move away from some kind

of pain. If we truly were motivated by pleasure, then all of
those positive goals we THINK we are going after would get
stronger as they got closer.

Meaning we would get MORE motivated the more weight

we lost. But many of us feel that losing a couple of pounds
is "good enough."

That's because that pain, whatever it is, is far enough

behind us that it doesn't motivate us anymore. And those
George Hutton

things that tempted us to cheat, that we easily overcame

before, aren't so easy to overcome any more.

The good news is that when creating a burning desire, it's

not necessary to do a ton of introspective analysis of your
motivations, fears, and desires.

Just make one simple assumption:

The Bigger Youre Desire, The Better

That way, no matter what your own personal "motivation

strategy" is, (like seventy percent away from, thirty
percent toward, or whatever) it won't matter. As you
continue to build a huge, positive goal in the future, it will
soon overwhelm everything else.

Since you're reading this now, you are already motivated

enough (either from pain or pleasure) to get started.

All we need to do now is figure out some specific strategies

to jack up your motivation toward pleasure, to super
magnetic levels of attraction that pull you relentlessly into
your future. The more you build your own burning desire,
for your own reasons, the easier it will be to make a ton of
money on a regular basis.

Remember, making money takes action. You'll need to try

things you've never done before. If you don't have a
sufficient burning desire, those actions will seem scary and

But so long as the strength of your burning desire is

George Hutton

STRONGER than the strength of the fear, taking action will

be easy.

Let's consider an example. Let's say there's a room filled

with strangers. In the back of the room, is the restroom.
You need to go, but you could probably hold it for another
hour or so. Certainly long enough until you get home.

Let's assume you don't know any of the people in this

room. They are all talking and laughing. But somehow
(through the magic of thought experiments) you
absolutely KNEW that as soon as you walked in that room,
people would stop talking and laughing.

They would suddenly start whispering and pointing and

saying things to themselves like, "What's he doing here?
Who invited him? Can you believe this guy?" And some of
them would give you some pretty mean looks.

Now, assuming the walk through this bathroom is maybe

twenty meters, meaning that while you were walking
through there, while you were using the bathroom, and
then while you walked back, all these strangers (that were
laughing and having a good time) suddenly stopped and
were focusing all of their attention (unkind attention) on

Would you use that restroom, or would you wait until you
got home?

Most of us would obviously never want to go near that

room. We'd much rather slink home than incur the silent
wrath of a roomful of strangers.
George Hutton

After all, being the center of social pressure is one of the

most terrifying things that we humans can experience.

Now, consider an even worse mind experiment. Instead of

just walking through that room, you've got to stop and give
a three minute speech about your childhood.

How about now? How likely would you take that horrifying
trip, just to use the bathroom?

Plenty of us make goals like this. We think we are going

toward something, (the bathroom) but in reality we are
trying to move away from pain (our full bladder).

As soon as we encounter a BIGGER PAIN than the pain

we're moving away from, we're right back where we

By building a huge, powerfully attractive burning desire, it

won't matter WHAT kind of "pain" we need to move

So long as our desire is big enough, and "burning" enough,

no amount of "pain" or "discomfort" can keep us from our

Let's prove this by changing this mind experiment. Only

now you don't have to use the bathroom.

You still have to walk through this room filled with rude
gossipers who will point and whisper about you as you walk
through the room. You've still got to stop and give a speech
George Hutton

to these jerks about your childhood.

But there's one change.

In the bathroom is a sack filled with gold. Not just regular

gold, a magic gold box that is ALWAYS filled with gold
coins, no matter how many coins you take out. A literal box
of unlimited gold. Not only that, but there's a small bottle
with a magic potion in there, (that also never gets empty)
so that when you drink this potion, you (and all of your
loved ones) are cured from any disease, ailment, or
physical or emotional discomfort. Not only that, but the
magic potion will make you incredibly and irresistibly
attractive to the opposite sex.

Now how do you feel about walking through that room?

Same room, but a COMPLETELY different interpretation.

When you walk through there with your imaginary

"toward" goal, (the first example when you are just trying
to relieve your bladder) which is really an "away from"
goal, that room is a horrifying obstacle that keeps you
locked out.

But when you truly create a POWERFUL goal that really is a

"toward" goal (unlimited gold and perfect health), that
roomful of jerks are nothing but a small bump in the road
along the way to massive riches.

Now, this is just a story, a metaphor. There's no such thing

as magic medicine or unlimited gold.

But you DO see how changing your goals and BUILDING

George Hutton

them up in your mind can change seemingly

insurmountable obstacles into little blips on the road,

Of Course You Can

So, how do you do that? How do you change any goal into
a powerful burning desire? Easy!

Take at least ten or fifteen minutes a day just meditating

on your desire. In this case, massive wealth and riches.

Think of what it will be like when it comes true. Imagine all

the good feelings and sensations you'll feel when it comes
true. Imagine what all your friends and family will be
saying when it comes true.

Remember, this is to build up your desire to move forward,

and these visualizations will happen only in your mind, so
make them as big and compelling (and sexy) as you can.

Imagine you're on TV, or radio and your explaining to your

favorite talk show host how you achieved your wealth.
Imagine that famous people are coming up to you on the
street and asking you how you achieved such a fantastic
amount of wealth.

Imagine your children, parents, brothers and sisters all

looking up to you with awe and wonder.

Imagine your boss giving you a big promotion in front of

everybody, and getting a standing ovation. Imagine your
boss begging you on his or her knees to buy and save the
George Hutton


Imagine attractive people coming up to you and offering

you sex, romance and companionship because of your
amazing wealth and lifestyle.

Imagine the president or leader of your country

mentioning you in a speech as an example of how anybody
can achieve anything.

Imagine taking a trip forward in time a few hundred years,

and seeing a teacher showing students how you achieved
your amazing riches, and how they should model their lives
after you.

Imagine leaders of third world countries inviting you to

speak to the entire nation on how to lift themselves up
from poverty and create massive riches and prosperity.

Visualize as you fall asleep at night. Visualize as you're

sitting stop lights. Visualize while you're eating. Visualize
while you're making love (more on this later!)

Be big. Be bold. Be crazy. Be creative.

Remember, this is your imagination. It belongs to you. The

purpose of this is NOT to create that exact visualization.
This is slightly different from goal setting, where you
create a specific, measurable, objective, time specific

The purpose of this mind experiment is to create such a big

and compelling desire that you can EASILY move forward
George Hutton

and overcome all resistance in your path to riches.

The secret of getting whatever you want, including huge

piles of cash that keep getting bigger is simply to make the
desire that pulls you into consistently into the future
STRONGER than the obstacles you'll inevitably come up

When you build up your burning desire on a daily basis,

and not only make it a habit, but learn to really ENJOY
charging your burning desire, so you spend more and more
time each day charging it, you will not fail.

It won't happen instantaneously, but you will create a life

where every day is a joyful experience filled with consistent
action to more and more money.

Pretty soon your brain will be coming up with all kinds of

ideas that you never would have had the courage to do

Pretty soon your pastimes that don't enrich your life will
seem boring and lacking any real purpose, and you'll start
doing them less.

Any bad habits you have will naturally fall by the wayside
as your burning desire demolishes all those fears and
anxieties you're trying to escape from inside of those


One thing I must mention. You must be careful who you tell
George Hutton

your secret dreams and goals to.

It's a very common to tell people what you're creating, and

to tell them you are on the path to inevitable riches.

We all love positive feedback, and we all love support,

especially from those closest to us.

But consider two of the most common outcomes. Outcome

number one is the person you tell your dreams to doesn't
believe it's possible. So they'll give you negative feedback,
either overtly or covertly (through their voice tone, facial
expressions, and body language) which will diminish your
burning desire.

They may also not truly understand the nature of money

and wealth, and think you are some kind of an evil person
for wanting to generate as much wealth as you can by
supplying your fellow human beings with what they truly

The other thing that can happen is that you'll get some
genuinely positive feedback. This feels good, but it can be
a trap.

Remember, you're building a burning desire to pull you into

the future. Whenever you get positive feedback for
something you haven't created yet, this "takes away" from
the desire your putting into the future, and places it here
right here in the present.

You will become tempted to tell more people, which will

give you more good feelings. Suddenly, instead of creating
George Hutton

a burning desire to pull you forward into the future, easily

past any obstacles, you're doing all that work just to get
positive feedback from your friends.

Think of it as running a race. You've got to keep your head

firmly focused on the finish line, way up there. If you stop
and chat with your friends and supporters along the way, it
may feel good in the moment, but it threatens your ability
to finish the race.

Of course, having support from somebody who truly

understands the process is can be a huge benefit.
Someone who understands importance of putting that
desire out in the future, so it can do its job of pulling you

But you've got to be careful. All things being equal, it's

better to keep your dreams of wealth and success to
yourself. Simply go on with your life, and make tons of

Think of somebody trying to lose weight. They could tell

their friends, but if you're ever told a large number of
people your intention to lose weight, they generally fall into
two camps.

One is the group that says, "Yea, right, sure you'll lose

The other group always says something like, "Don't go on

your diet today, we're going out for pizza!"

Only somebody who truly supports you and will understand

George Hutton

the need to only go to certain restaurants, or only put

certain foods in your refrigerator knows what you're truly
trying to accomplish.

The same goes with creating a life filled with wealth.

Choose carefully who you tell. It can be very helpful to join
a support group specifically filled with like-minded people
who are creating a life of wealth and abundance.

For reasons stated above, these groups don't usually

advertise themselves, so you'll have to meet them through
your own personal networking.

These types generally hang around anywhere you'll find

entrepreneurs, like Toastmasters, and any kind of local
business networking meetings.

In a later section, we'll deal with specific techniques on how

to meet and interact with the right people who will support
you on your path to unlimited wealth.


Every day, spend at least ten to fifteen minutes visualizing

with all your might, creativity emotional energy and power.
Think of the most amazing life you can think of, filled with
massive wealth. Create as many different scenarios as you
can, and visualize them as often and as intensely as you

George Hutton

Creating Luck

There are many factors to success. No matter who you talk

to, and no matter what he or she is successful at, there are
plenty of elements, both known and unknown, that went
into their success.

On one extreme side of the spectrum, there are people

who just stumbled from one thing to another, not knowing
how or why they were doing anything, and they just
happened to keep getting more and more money.

Facebook is a great example of this. The movie, "Social

Network" was based on a book that told the Facebook
story. It was appropriately named, "The Accidental
Billionaires." Sure, those guys had some basic skills and
creativity, but more importantly, they had those set of
skills in the right place, at the right time, and they met the
right people.

On the other hand, there are those that engineer their

success from the ground up. These are people that take
plenty of time and effort to build their lives, and leave
nothing to chance.

A good example of this is Warren Buffet. He's been

investing and been in business for over forty years. And all
that time, he was increasing his skills and techniques in
investing and business building.

It's pretty easy to say that Zuckerberg and his buddies "got

George Hutton

lucky," while not many people would look at Buffet and

say, "Oh, he's just lucky."

It's incredibly hard to just, "be lucky" consistently for forty


However, that doesn't mean that luck doesn't play a part in

your inevitable success. From the outside looking it, it
certainly appears that Buffet was an engineer of his life,
but as you can likely imagine, there were plenty of times
where the right thing went his way, when it could have
gone the other way.

Luck is a strange concept, and it's a potentially dangerous

one. If we look at successful people, and attribute their
success to luck, however we define it, that can take away
all our potential power.

Meaning if luck is the only thing that's required, we either

have it or we don't. In truth, ascribing any success to luck
is putting it out of our hands. Taking any kind of risk is
scary, and any risk we take might not end how we want.

So saying that other people are, "just lucky," kinds of make

us feel better if we try and fail, and they try and succeed. If
it's luck, we aren't forced to look at our lack of skills, lack of
proper mindset, or lack of training or research into
whatever market we are trying to enter.

At the same time, saying, "Oh, he just got lucky," both

relieves us from trying, and also allows us to convince
ourselves that we don't need to improve ourselves.

George Hutton

On the other hand, ignoring luck completely is just as

dangerous. Even in our day to day lives, we encounter
many chance events. Some help us, some slow us down.
Some days we hit all green lights, some days we hit all red

However you slice it, luck is a crucial component of your

financial success. But the real secret of luck is that it's not
nearly as random as we think. We really can make our own
luck, and we can keep our eyes peeled for "lucky" things
that will help us.

Our senses are very limited from a conscious standpoint.

There are literally over a million bits of information hitting
our senses every single second. But our conscious minds
can only recognize about forty bits.

Think of that. We only recognize forty bits, but in reality

there are one million.

Every single second.

One million divided by forty is 25,000. That means there's

25,000 times as much stuff going on around us that we
recognize. The world is 25 thousand times more rich and
complex that we think.

Don't you think within those other 25,000 experiences we

could be experiencing is a little bit of luck that can help us?

Clearly, "being lucky" doesn't mean using some ancient

techniques from metaphysics to change the world around
us. It just means being "tuned in" enough to see the things
George Hutton

that are already there.

Here's a famous experiment that proved this.

A psychologist was studying the difference between people

who thought they were "lucky" and people who thought
they were "unlucky."

So he put an ad in a local paper asking anybody who

thought they were either extremely lucky or unlucky to
come in for an experiment.

He told them to read through a standard newspaper, and

count all the pictures.

The self-described "lucky" people took less than twenty

seconds, while the self-described "unlucky" people took
over three minutes.

What was the difference?

On the third page of the newspaper, there was a large, bold

headline that read:

Stop Counting! There Are 43 Pictures In This


The "lucky" people seemed to notice this, while the

"unlucky" people did not. They both read the same
newspaper under the same conditions.

Lucky people tend to have a subconscious "expectation"

that they are going to "receive help" from the universe.
George Hutton

But this isn't a kind of magical thinking that keeps them

from taking action. This is a positive expectation that
actually encourages them to take action.

Let's think about. If you had an "unlucky" mindset,

meaning you though you would likely fail if you tried
something, you likely wouldn't try anything.

If you had a neutral mindset, where you didn't believe in

luck at all, you would be very careful, and you would only
try things that had a high probability of success.

But if you believed that there were always going to be

plenty of "coincidences" that would help you along the road
to success, you would be an action taking machine!

You wouldn't worry about failing, because you'd have the

belief that something, somewhere, somehow would pop up
and help you.

Keep in mind this isn't an irrational belief that says if you

jump out of an airplane without a parachute some magical
hand is going to shoot out of the sky and catch you.

This is actually a rational mindset that says there are

plenty of things going on out there, and so long as you are
in the right place, surrounded by the right people,
something lucky is bound to happen.

Let's look at a few examples to put this into perspective.

Let's say you are looking for a graphic designer to help you
George Hutton

in your business.

You are in line at the supermarket, and you talk to

somebody who's a freelance graphic designer. You
exchange emails, they send you some of their samples,
and everything works out.

Later on, somebody is commenting on the fantastic graphic

design work on your product or service. They ask you
where you met such incredible talent. You mention you
met them at the supermarket.

They exclaim, "That is incredibly lucky! That stuff never

happens to me!"

Now, is that really so lucky? If you are expecting that

somebody, somewhere is going to help you in your
business, you'll naturally be a little bit more outgoing.
You'll naturally talk to more people.

It's certainly not out the question that in just a few days
time, you'll at least meet somebody who knows somebody
that is a graphic designer, if not a graphic designer herself.

So it's not really "luck." You believe you'll be "lucky" so

your behavior is different. And it's actually your behavior,
not any magical ideas of "luck," which creates that meeting
with the graphic designer at the super market.

So, how do you get that mindset of luck? How do you

program your subconscious, so you'll naturally start to
"expect" good things to happen, even if you're in a strange
place and don't know anybody?
George Hutton


There are two approaches, both of them, when practiced,

are incredibly powerful. The first one is to "pre-frame" any
situation you are going into.

This may seem difficult or complicated at first, but you

start small, and build up your experience, it will soon
become second nature.

All you've got to do is train your conscious mind to look for

lucky events. Look for things that will help you. Instead of
being a passive "receiver" of luck, see yourself as an active
searcher. A treasure hunter.

For example, let's say you're going to a social event.

Before walking in, choose the kind of person you'd like to
meet. Go easy, and make it easy. Try not to find your
dream partner or a lifetime cash cow client just yet.

Just choose somebody you'd like to find. Somebody that

shares your interests, like somebody with the same taste
in food, or the same taste in music or movies.

Then simply talk to people, with the express intention of

finding that person. It probably won't take long until you
find them. Then feel appreciation for your luck. Give
yourself some props for "being lucky."

The second approach is similar, only you do this after the

fact, and it's called "re-framing."

George Hutton

Simply review your day, every single day, and ask

yourself, "What lucky things happened to me today?"

If you are just beginning to program in the "Lucky

Mindset," as yourself: "What unexpected things happened
to me today that could potentially help me?"

And then review all the events, no matter how small. If you
do this on a daily basis, soon you'll build up that experience
of "being lucky" so no matter where you go, and what you'll
do, you'll expect lucky things to happen.

Since this course is centered on building wealth, it will help

considerably if your "luck" is also centered on wealth.

Even if you are just starting out, and you have NO idea how
you will build your vast fortune, just ask yourself, on a
regular basis, "How can I find ways to make money?"

Don't ask this out of desperation, or out of demand, as if

you're demanding money from the gods, but just out of

Ask yourself in the morning, "What will I find today that

can help me make money?"

Ask yourself before going into any new situations, "Who

will I meet that might help me make money?

Ask yourself before answering the phone, every time it

rings, "I wonder if this conversation will help me make
some money?"

George Hutton

Now, it's crucial that before you start asking yourself

curious questions about money, that you fully release any
negative feelings about money.

Reread the previous section if you need to. There's also a

specific hypnosis listening program included in this course
to program a deep appreciation for money and wealth.

One thing that will crush any money luck before it starts is
any unresolved issues or beliefs about money.

It's also crucial to always keep an open mind, and always

remember that there are 25,000 times more things going
on than you can be consciously aware of.

This means that if it's not obvious that a situation or person

or relationship is going help you make money or build
wealth, it only means that you haven't discovered it yet, or
rather, your conscious mind hasn't discovered it yet.

Remember the burning desire? A sufficient burning desire,

when operating on the subconscious level, is like a master
chess player, while our conscious mind is like a beginning
checkers player.

Our conscious minds might not think there's any money in

the situation we're currently in, but remember that our
subconscious minds are like super-powered

Your subconscious mind may be drawing you into that

situation because it's thinking several moves ahead, way
beyond what our conscious mind can conceive of.
George Hutton

Now, if you haven't achieved much success if life, this may

seem like a squishy metaphysical promise.

But once you start charging your burning desire on a daily

basis, your subconscious will be working for you, twenty
four seven, to sniff out opportunities for wealth creation.

When you combine a burning desire, that you continuously

build up through daily practice and visualization, with
these luck creation exercises, you will be truly amazed.

Suddenly you'll find yourself drawn into situations, without

knowing why. Then suddenly you'll find some opportunity
in a place that you never would have thought of before.

The truth is that life is so rich with opportunity, that no

matter where you are, or what you're doing, you are
always just on the verge of discovering an idea, or meeting
somebody, or creating a relationship that can easily get
you a million dollars in the next few years.

All you've got to do is create that burning desire, and just

keep your eyes peeled and be open for luck to drop in your

Keeping that child-like, curiosity is crucial. Always look at

life with wonder. Every time a door closes, there's plenty
more that are just waiting for you to open.

Every opportunity that doesn't work out is one more step

along the path to inevitable success.

George Hutton

Zuckerberg (The guy who "invented" Facebook) was trying

to create a way to rank the looks of fellow college students,
and he stumbled across a billion dollar business.

Some of the greatest inventions that have helped us were

either accidents, or a side effect of what the inventor was
really intending.

With a sufficiently bright burning desire, and an open,

curious mind with positive expectations, you WILL discover
your path to riches.

George Hutton

Subconscious Secrets

One of the biggest paradoxes in human life is the role of

the subconscious and conscious minds. We've all heard the
same common metaphors, that the subconscious is a
powerful child, and that the conscious mind is the
responsible parent, or that the subconscious is like a
powerful ship, with the conscious mind as the captain.

Metaphors serve to make a complicated idea easy to

understand. However, sometimes they are incorrect, and
since we are relying on the metaphor itself, it can be hard
to understand how or why.

One way to think of our subconscious mind is a collection of

instincts combined with a powerful super computer. As we
discussed in a previous section, our conscious minds are
like a beginning checkers player, while the subconscious is
like an advanced chess master.

While the instincts that drive our subconscious, namely

fear, sex, food, shelter, safety, can seem to be "childish" or
basic, the mechanisms or strategies that the subconscious
mind uses to satisfy those urges are anything but. The
desire may be basic, but the strategies to get them fulfilled
can be incredibly complicated.

So it's a bit incomplete to think of our unconscious minds

as a "powerful child" or like a ship that simply "takes
orders" from the captain.

George Hutton

Let's take a look at the "ship taking orders" metaphor.

History is replete with examples of foolish captains driving
their ships to unsafe places, to the detriment of the crew,
passengers and the ship itself.

If our subconscious minds were mere slaves of our

conscious desires, then we would never feel any fear, or
even conflicted. Obviously, there are plenty of times where
our conscious mind is willing but our subconscious is
putting up quite a bit of resistance.

If you consciously willed yourself to jump out of an

airplane, for example, your unconscious would be
screaming bloody murder.

Even approaching an attractive member of the opposite

sex can bring up deep feelings of fear and anxiety.

Those feelings of fear and anxiety are the subconscious

mind's way of saying, "Hold on a minute, I'm not sure this
is such a good idea."

Rightly or wrongly, our subconscious has MUCH more

control of our day to day behaviors than we'd like to give it
credit for.

Most of us think we are champions of logic and rational

thinking. However it's becoming clearer, according to
cognitive science and brain research, that our conscious
minds are really more of an "after the fact" narrator or
story teller.

In fact, they've done experiments where they map the

George Hutton

sequence of events in the brains of test subjects to

determine the exact chain of events in a response to
external stimuli.

The truth is that part of the brain that represents conscious

thought and "decision making" is usually the last to be

What we "think" is happening is we receive a stimulus, we

make a decision, we act, and then our muscles and
nervous system responds to our conscious decision.

When in reality, that's not true at all. What REALLY

happens is we receive the external stimulus, our
unconscious mind body system begins to react, and then
our conscious minds are made aware of what's going on.

What does all this mean?

One of the biggest impediments to building real wealth is

thinking that we've got to plan everything, step by step,
ahead of time. Only when we think we have a fool proof
plan do we feel comfortable in taking action.

But this is a trap. In reality, we are afraid to take action.

We cover up this fear by coming up with a "story" that we
tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we need more information
before we act. We tell ourselves we need to see somebody
else take the same action we are thinking of taking, so we
can be absolutely sure that it's safe and effective.

But the truth of ALL action is that it will always involve a bit
of uncertainty. One of the biggest obstacles to creating
George Hutton

wealth is a fear, or feeling of anxiety regarding acting when

you aren't certain what you are doing will result in.

Unless we want to sit on the sidelines and watch other

people make money, we will never really taste the real
fruits of our efforts.

The secret to success is simple. Take consistent action in

the direction of your goals. Learn from the feedback that
you get. Use that feedback to take further action.

The more action we take, the more feedback we'll get, and
the better our actions will become, and the closer to our
goals we'll get.

Since we've been talking about building a burning desire

for wealth, we know the direction we want to go in, we just
need to take consistent action in that direction.

The great promise of wealth creation, real wealth creation,

is that you don't need to really know anything about how to
get there.

So long as you are clear on the direction, and you are

willing to take action without knowing the exact outcome,
you will get closer and closer.

It's been said that the mind, sufficiently programmed with

a burning desire, is like a guided missile. Anything that sets
us off course will immediately be compensated by our
automatic goal seeking mechanism.

George Hutton

Goal Creation Vs Wealth Creation

It's helpful to understand the difference between goal

setting and general wealth creation. Goal setting requires
that you set a specific goal. One of the requirements for a
"Well Formed Goal" according to NLP is that it must be
objective and measurable, so that an independent, third
party observer will be able to agree whether or not the goal
has been achieved.

For example, "losing weight" is not an effective goal, while,

"losing ten pounds by next summer" is a well formed goal.

When you visualize your well-formed goal, you visualize

the specific target, so that your unconscious will have a
specific direction and outcome in mind.

However, wealth creation is a bit different. The desire for

wealth is programmed deeply into each and every one of

To the subconscious mind, wealth represents those basic

desires that we all are programmed to crave: Safety,
comfort, freedom, and pleasure.

So when programming our minds for wealth, when we

create that burning desire, it's NOT important to be
specific. However, it is important to create a strong desire,
so that your subconscious will have a direction.

To summarize, setting goals requires a specific outcome,

AND a specific direction. However, wealth creation requires
only a very strong direction.
George Hutton

It's up to us, and our daily actions, to take consistent

action to get there.

Think of a tribe of nomadic cavemen traveling across the

landscape. They were also programmed to consistently
search for wealth. However, for ancient tribes wealth came
in much simpler forms. Fresh meat, and materials to make
clothing and tools, and supplementary food like nuts,
roots, and fruit.

All of these came from the animals that they hunted. The
meat was food. The skins were clothes. The tools they
fashioned from the rocks and other material they got from
the Earth.

The important thing to understand about the nomadic

lifestyle was that they were consistently going into new

The story of early humans is a story of consistent

expansion into unknown territories.

But because they were programmed on a very deep level

to ALWAYS search for new wealth, just as YOU are
programmed, they simply went where their instincts told

They learned to read weather patterns, what the

vegetation was telling them, as well as track the animals

It can be helpful to think of your life like an ancient tribe of

George Hutton

humans continuously wandering across the landscape in

search of wealth.

As the early humans survived and flourished, so will you.

If you are just starting out, it can be intimidating. But even

if you have ZERO idea on how to make your fortune, you
WILL get closer with every action you take.

The more time you spend building up your burning desire,

and the more time you spend building up your creative
mindset, you'll begin to see opportunities everywhere to
try out.

It's not something you need to learn how to do. It's

something you need to remember how to do.

When we were children, we were incredibly hungry for

knowledge. We were incredibly curious about the world
around us, and we were insatiable in our consistent action.

If you have children yourself, you know this is true. As

soon as we learn to walk, our natural, pre-programmed
tendency is to explore anything and everything around us.

Children fearlessly explore their environment simply for

the sake of learning. They aren't seeking anything in
particular; they just love learning and experiencing new

Imagine what will happen when you combine a powerfully

focused, burning desire for wealth, along with that childlike
sense of wonder when exploring new ideas and places.
George Hutton

No matter who you are, or what your background is, you

have something special. Once you discover what that
something special is, you'll be able to turn that into some
kind of marketable skill that others will gladly pay for.

We truly live in the most wonderful time ever. There are

billions of people on Earth, many of whom are participating
in the global economy, and many doing so through the

Every year, there's an exponential growth in people that

shop and purchase goods, products, and services online.

You can take part in this worldwide marketplace, and easily

find a way to make your fortune.

So long as you are open to new things new ideas and

taking action when the outcome is uncertain, you WILL

I can't emphasize enough that most of the time you take

action, the outcome WILL be uncertain. Your subconscious
has much more computational power than your
unconscious mind.

Often times we think of a potential action, or something to

try. Our conscious minds are telling is to hold off, because
we can't possible see how that action is going to help us.

But just like that young child, when we take action just to
see what happens, magic will happen.

George Hutton

It's helpful to get into the habit of taking action not to

achieve guaranteed results, or learn some step by step
procedure that will tell you specifically what to do, but to
simply learn a new experience.

As I mentioned before, this can be intimidating. It can help

to actually practice taking unfamiliar action, just to
remember what it's like.

Try and do something, each and every day, that feels

"unfamiliar." Join an unfamiliar forum, and post
something, even if you don't know what you're talking

Ask a question you think is "silly" or even "stupid."

Take a different way home from work, just to experience

doing something new. Eat something completely different
for dinner, just to experience doing something new.

If you're a member of a gym, change up your workout so

you're using completely different machines, and doing
completely different exercises.

Go to a restaurant in a part of town you've never been to

before. Start a conversation with the staff.

Remember, when we take unfamiliar action, you'll rarely

get a result that is obviously going to help you earn more
wealth. You'll also get results that are completely different
than what you expected.

Simply by taking unfamiliar action, you'll be awaking that

George Hutton

creative, explorer in you that will give your subconscious

mind a lot more freedom to see opportunities all around

How do you know if you're on the right path?

Taking unfamiliar action, as an adult, can be intimidating

and even scary. So part of us will tell us things like, "This is
stupid," or "This isn't getting me anywhere," but please
avoid giving up.

If you really have NO idea of how to make your riches, it

can seem like you're spinning your wheels.

Consider this as building up your "risk taking" muscles. The

stronger your "risk taking" muscles are, the easier it will be
to take risks.

Think of it this way, if you were very weak physically, and

large box started to fall off a shelf, you'd immediately get
out of the way, even if there are others that were in
danger. Your subconscious would immediately assess the
risk, and given your weak stature, the "flight" portion of
your automatic "fight or flight" mechanism would kick in.

On the other hand, imagine you were an incredibly strong,

professional cage fighter. In the same situation, you
wouldn't likely flee. You'd easily bat the falling object out of
harms way, or even catch it, so that nobody would get
hurt. You would do this without even a second thought.

In this situation, your subconscious immediately assesses

the situation, only instead of the "flight" portion being
George Hutton

activated; the "fight" portion is activated instead.

Similarly, when your "risk" muscle is sufficiently

developed, you'll begin to see many more opportunities
around you.

Your subconscious will notice the environment, calculate all

the possible moves and their implications, and then
determine whether or not to call them to your attention,
via an instinct or intuition.

However, if you've got a weak "risk taking" muscle, you'll

likely see that situation as "dangerous" or something that
causes anxiety.

On the other hand, if you've got a well-developed "risk

taking" muscle, your subconscious will give you an
intuition that says, "Hey, let's try this and see what

When you build up your burning desire for wealth, and

continue to strengthen your "risk taking" muscle, you'll
begin to see more and more opportunities.

Once a day it can be helpful to simply review the day's

activities. Simply ask yourself, "Am I on the right path?"
And pay attention to your intuitive response.

If you feel any excitement, like you're an explorer, you ARE

on the right path.

When you let go of the need for conscious certainty, and

fully trust your subconscious to peer into your
George Hutton

environment, and into the future, you WILL be successful.

Many people would have trouble associating the two

words, "obedience" and "freedom."

But when you program a strong burning desire, and build

up your ability to take action where the outcome is
uncertain, you will learn one of the most powerful, yet
most paradoxical truths of human nature.

The more obedient you are to your subconscious instincts,

guided by your burning desire for wealth, the more
freedom you'll develop for yourself.

The true freedom you'll enjoy when you create massive

amounts of wealth is staggering. You'll be in charge of your
own life, and be able to do anything you want, whenever
you want, and with whomever you want.

All it takes is a burning desire for wealth, a comfort with

taking unfamiliar action, and a willingness to listen and
obey your instincts and intuitions.

Your subconscious is not a powerful child. It is not a ship to

be steered.

It is your guide, your leader, the one to show you the path
to riches.

All you've got to do is simply allow it to operate the way it

was intended to.

George Hutton

Taking Action
Action Is All

It's terribly tempting to buy into some system where you

do some kind of visualization, perhaps a bit of
metaphysical conjuring along with some sacred stones
(purchased from eBay), and then somehow have money
magically show up in your bank account.

However, unless you're willing to take consistent action,

you won't likely make any noticeable change in your

This may seem obvious on the surface, but so many of us

are not only so desperate for money, but also so terrified of
taking action, and at the same time we are bombarded by
ideas like the "Law Of Attraction" which makes it seem we
can get something for nothing.

It can be helpful to explore the "Law of Attraction" in great

detail, as misunderstanding how it really works can trick us
into NOT taking action, which means we'll be depending on
luck. Not the luck which means "expecting and finding
helpful situations" that we went over in a previous section,
but the "free money falling from the sky" kind of luck.

Hopefully, you're aware that the first kind of luck is

fantastic, and can be increased and improved on with
mental practice, while the second kind of luck is pure
fantasy. (Unless you happen to be buddies with DB

George Hutton

So, what exactly IS the Law of Attraction? First, let's

consider a metaphor. Because after all, the Law of
Attraction is a metaphor for an underlying process.

The truth about our brains is that a long time ago, Mother
Nature decided it was better for our brains to be fast, and
not very accurate, than to be incredibly accurate but not
very fast.

Why? Remember, our mind body system evolved over a

very long period of time in an environment that was much
different than the one in which we live now.

Danger was always present, and only the quick witted, fast
reacting people survived. Those that tended to sit around
to ponder the meaning of life ended up getting eaten by

At the same time, the world we live in now is incredibly

complicated. When I was a kid, I was always interested in
how things worked. I took apart and put back together
electronic equipment, built my own, "experimental"
devices and when the time came to choose a major for
college, I naturally chose physics.

But a funny thing happened. The more I learned, the more

I knew that I didn't know. If you've ever been exposed to
some of the teachings of the major religions, at the heart is
pure faith, as they can't be described logically. In the
Catholic tradition, this is described as "Mystery."

Meaning the heart of the entire Catholic Church is

George Hutton

"Mystery," upon which all the rules, laws, traditions, and

regulations are laid on top off.

But the more I progressed through my undergraduate

physics program, the more I realized that science is in the
same boat.

Even the scientific giants of our era, guys like Einstein,

Bohr, Plank and Heisenberg understood that at the deepest
level of physics, there are some things going that the
human mind is just not equipped to understand.

One of the ways we try and make simpler the complicated

world around us is through metaphor. We use a simple,
easy to understand concept to describe a deeper, more
complicated concept or process.

Because the metaphor is by definition, simpler than the

true process, it can't possibly be an accurate
representation of it.

Even our language itself is rich with simple metaphors that

we don't even notice. For example, any time we use an
intangible noun, (like love, friendship, etc.) the
prepositions we use them with indicate the type of object
we assume that intangible noun is.

For example, we say "in" love. Not "on" love or "by" love.
This indicates we think of "love" as some kind of a
container. Or take a "position" as in something we believe,
like "carrots are healthy," or "sleeping is fun." We "hold"
our position, or "defend" our position, which indicates we
see having a disagreement as a battle. We "protect" our
George Hutton

"position" from "attack," just like we'd do a snowball fort.

The Law of Attraction is a metaphor for a much deeper

process. It all starts with our reticular activating system in
our brain.

Our reticular what?

Long ago, it was essential that we were able to notice both

good things and bad things around us, without having to be
consciously aware of them. Tigers, bright red fruit off in the
distance, the very faint but distinct sound of running water.

Our brains are preprogrammed with many of these so that

we'll automatically notice them when they are present.
They are kind of like automatic sensors that are always on.
This is precisely why we recognize our name being spoken
in a crowded room.

It's also what's responsible for noticing all the red cars
after you've purchased a red car, or all the pregnant
women if you happen to be pregnant, or happen to have a
pregnant wife or family member.

When we consciously program our mind with what we want

(in our case huge piles of happy cash), we are telling our
brain that is important to us, so it updates its "automatic
filtering system."

This makes it appear as though we are "attracting" things

from a far distance, since we really didn't notice them until
we started to "practice" the Law of Attraction.

George Hutton

It's crucial to keep in mind that our subconscious minds are

like amazing super computers, compared to our
abacus-level conscious minds.

There's nothing metaphysical about this. Our brains are

incredibly powerful, with trillions of neural connections. It's
just that keeping all of that information in our conscious
minds would literally drive us insane.

The way the structure works is like this.

Our subconscious mind is always on, and always perceiving

everything around us through our senses.

Our preconscious filters, powered by the reticular

activating system are basically sorting everything
according to our pre-programmed settings, by looking for
good things and bad things. It also looks for what we've
programmed it to look for via visualization and goal
programming, or building up our burning desire for
massive wealth.

But here's the catch. Remember, our subconscious brains

are like master chess players, while our conscious minds
are still learning checkers.

So our subconscious mind sees something it knows will get

us some money, or have a high probability of leading to
money, only it may take a few steps. Our conscious brains,
being incredibly limited, might not be able to comprehend
the significance of what our subconscious is telling us.

In fact, often times our subconscious is showing us the way

George Hutton

to what we've said we wanted, but because our conscious

minds don't comprehend this, we actually get angry.

Here's a story that shows that perfectly. A while ago, I set

the intention as I went to sleep to automatically get into
rapport with strangers I met on the street. I wanted it to
happen unconsciously and automatically, so that's the
intention I set.

In the town where I was living at the time, most people ride
bicycles around. The next morning, I woke up, and had
forgotten about the previous nights intention.

For some reason, I was finding it incredibly hard to

navigate the streets, it much harder than normal. It
seemed that every single person I approached would veer
the same direction I veered. Meaning I would swerve right
and they would swerve right at the exact same time. I'd go
left, and then they'd go left.

This was driving me crazy until I realized that this was

EXACTLY what I'd set my intention for. Everybody I came
across, we were falling in deep rapport with each other by
perfectly mirroring each other's movement on a deep level.

Once I realized I was happening, I was shocked. How many

other times had I set an intention, visualized a goal, and
then my subconscious delivered it exactly the way I'd
asked, only for my checkers-playing conscious mind to
disregard it, and even get angry?

I actually felt the need to stop and apologize to my

subconscious mind for being such a jerk.
George Hutton

Imagine asking a friend to get you something to drink, and

they bring back a cool glass of lemonade, because they
saw you enjoying some lemonade a couple weeks ago,
except you get angry at them and tell them you wanted ice
tea instead!

This is EXACTLY what we are doing to our subconscious


This is why curiosity and openness are CRUCIAL. When you

feel an "intuition," that is simply your subconscious telling
you, "Hey dummy! Over here! There may be tons of cash
this way!"

Very seldom will you be taking action while knowing

EXACTLY how it's going to come out. It your job as a wealth
creator to follow your intuition, and not expect immediate

Let's get back to see how this works with the Law of

If you were to visualize seeing trees, you'd see trees. It

would be a simple process. Or if you were to visualize
getting into rapport, you'd get into rapport.

But often times, what we are visualizing is going to take

several steps to achieve. You might be deep into a process
of building up a huge burning desire for massive wealth.

And there you are, strolling down the street. Suddenly you
get a strange craving to eat some ice cream, even though
George Hutton

you rarely eat ice cream.

So you head on over to the nearest ice cream shop. While

you're waiting in line, you meet somebody who is in
business. They need somebody with a certain set of skills.
You don't happen to have that particular set of skills, but
you may be considering learning them. You exchange
business cards with that person, and then eat your ice

Later that night you're watching TV, and you see

something that reminds you of that skill you'd like to learn.
Then you go online, and find out it's much easier to learn
than you think.

Then a couple months later, after you've mastered that

particular skill, you find some work, and pretty soon you're
making good money.

None of this would have been possible if you ignored that

"intuition" to go and get some ice cream.

None of this would have been possible had you been "too
shy" to talk to that stranger in the ice cream shop.

None of this would have been possible had you ignored

your "intuition" to check up on that skill on Google that

Now, is your subconscious REALLY that smart? You bet it

is. Keep in mind that your subconscious is ALWAYS
operating on a risk / reward system. Meaning the "risk" of
going into that ice cream shop was pretty tiny, and the
George Hutton

potential reward was very big.

It's important to understand this. Your subconscious is

NOT telling that if you go buy an ice cream, you will
automatically make tons of cash. But it IS telling you that
buying ice cream, right then and there, will give you a
BETTER chance of making money than continuing on with
what you were doing.

So if you try and argue with yourself, using your checkers

playing conscious mind, you may say something like this:
"Ice cream? How in the world am I going to make any
money in an ice cream shop? This Law of Attraction stuff is

Here's another story that illustrates this point very well.

This guy was in his house when a flood warning came on

TV. This was a particular religious man, who always
believed God would take care of him.

Shortly after the warning came on TV, a bus came by his

house and stopped. The bus driver said he was going
through town and picking up people to take them to higher

"No," the man said, "God will provide."

So the flood waters come, and the man decides to go

upstairs. The waters are getting higher and higher. A
rescue worker comes by in a motorboat, telling him to
jump out his window into the boat.

George Hutton

"No," the man said, "God will provide."

Finally someone with a rowboat comes paddling by, as the

man was balancing on the top of his roof.

"Hey! Get in, I'll paddle us to safety!" says the man.

"No," the man says, "God will provide."

Finally the water reaches the top of his chest, and as he

can't swim, the man begins to drown.

"God," he cries, "Why did you let me down?"

Just before he dies, a voice bellows from the heavens:

"What are you talking about? I sent you a bus, a

motorboat, and a rowboat!"

If you expect the Law of Attraction to give you the finished

product, wrapped up with your name on it, you will be

The world we live in is incredibly complex. Who knows what

our actions will lead to? Who knows what opportunities
we'll find if we only listen to our intuitions with a curious
mind and an open heart.

One of the secrets of creating wealth is taking consistent

action, especially action where we aren't sure what's going
to happen, and we don't demand immediate results.

This is one crucial personality trait of extremely successful

George Hutton

people. They are perfectly OK with taking action, especially

when they aren't sure what's going to happen. They know
that whatever happens, they'll gain valuable insight that
will help them do even better next time.

Akio Morita, one of the founders of Sony, famously said, "If

you want to double your success rate, all you've got to do
is double your failure rate."

Many in our society have been conned, sadly enough, into

believing in, and expecting instant gratification.

Have a look in the weight loss section on Amazon, and

you'll see what I mean. All of the most popular books all
indicate some type of weight loss without effort, or without
even inconvenience.

But you're smart enough to know that creating a lifetime of

wealth and abundance takes consistent effort, and even
plenty of effort that doesn't work out the way we want it to.

But so long as you take consistent effort, so long as you

keep a long view, you can't go wrong.

Even if you have no idea how to start, and only a

sufficiently strong burning desire for wealth, and an
openness to take action and see what happens, you WILL
create wealth.

As you'll soon learn (or perhaps you already know) taking

action has plenty of rewards. And one of them is that
simply by taking action, you will powerfully supercharge
your mind with ideas and plans to take more action.
George Hutton

Once your subconscious realizes that you are going to

actually listen to its advice, instead of getting angry at it, it
will literally jump up and down and blast you daily (and in
your dreams) will all kinds of ideas that you've never
thought of before.

You'll soon be carrying a notebook with you, as you'll be

getting so many ideas that you won't possibly be able to try
any of them.

All you've got to do is take that first uncertain step, and

you will be literally propelled into a world of unlimited
abundance and prosperity.

George Hutton

The Role of Other People

No matter what you eventually discover as your own
unique path to massive wealth and continued abundance,
it is going to involve other people in some respect. Lets be
honest. We want wealth, and the money that represents

We want to buy the things we want, be able to spend as

much time as we want doing what we want, with
whomever we want. We want to live in a nice house, in a
nice neighborhood, nearby things we find interesting and

If there were no other people in the world, wealth, or the

money that represents wealth, would be absolutely

If you were the only person on Earth, having possession of

thousands of tons of gold would do you absolutely no good.
Well, that's not really true. Gold is pretty soft, and pretty
resilient against the elements, so you could probably build
a decent house out of it to protect you in case it rains.

But other than that, you couldn't eat it. You couldn't drink
it, and you certainly couldn't have an actual conversation
with it. (Although, being the only person on Earth, you
might create a gold "person" and start to talk to him or

Whenever any metaphysical metaphor like the Law of

Attraction speaks of "The Universe," it means one thing

George Hutton

and one thing only.

Other People

No matter what you are going to be doing that will

continuously fill your bank account with massive cash,
you're going to have to deal with other people.

Unless your plan for making money is to build your own

printing press (and not get caught) you are going to have
to participate in the exchange process.

This is kind of like the "fish in the water" type of thing. The
fish is swimming around in the water, but doesn't really
notice that it's there, since it's always there.

The global economy is like that. We are surrounded by stuff

our entire lives, and kind of take for granted the way this
"stuff" comes into being, or shows up at the grocery store
or arrives in the mail once we make a few clicks on the

So it's pretty important to understand the basic structure

of the world economy, or any kind of exchange based
economy, since that's how you'll be making your money.

Don't worry; this isn't going to be a long, drawn out lesson

in economics. Just enough to get a feel for what really
happens out there "in the world" so that all this stuff
suddenly shows up.

Everybody has skills, and everybody has wants, needs,

and desires.
George Hutton

In order to fulfill our wants, needs and desires (meaning,

getting "stuff") we've got to apply our skills. We figure out
how to apply our skills in the most efficient way, meaning
we get the most bang for our buck, or more specifically, we
get the most buck for our bang.

We want to get paid as much as possible, while doing the

least work possible. This is human nature, and everybody
is like this. All things being equal, everybody would rather
get the same money for less time spent at work, or more
money for the same time spent at work. This is not being
selfish or greedy.

This is human nature, pure and simple.

We spend our lives developing skills, making products, or

helping to make products, that will get us some money.

Then we take that money, and exchange it for the "stuff"

that fills our wants, needs and desires.

But guess what? All that "stuff" we buy is created by other

people, just like us, who want to maximize the return on
their effort.

This may seem obvious, but this is a powerful, simple, and

absolutely beautiful process.

There are seven billion people on Earth. Everybody needs

stuff. And everybody needs to get money first, before they
can buy stuff.

George Hutton

So they take their skills, somehow trade the application of

those skills for money, and then take that money to buy

This simple concept is what created all the stuff we have in

the world today. Buildings, all the restaurants in the world,
toys, TVs, computers, cars, EVERYTHING.

All made by people just like you, who wanted to maximize

their benefit, and minimize their effort.

This leads us to two very important concepts.

The first is whatever you do, to create your wealth, is

satisfying the needs of somebody out there, in the world.

The second is that any money you have now and all the
money you'll get in the future will come from other people.
It will NOT be magically created out of thin air. (Unless you
plan to get a job running the Federal Reserve or some
other Central Bank.)

The money creation process (on an individual level)

depends squarely on your ability to interact with people in
the world, and give them what they want in exchange for

This means that on some level, either face to face or

anonymously, you've got to see yourself as a global
participant in a global marketplace.

The structure of the old time market places from the "dark
ages" is exactly the same.
George Hutton

Let's take a look.

Everybody lived in small little towns and hamlets. Then

once a month, they would bring whatever they created to a
central marketplace. Corn, chickens, eggs, shoes,

Then they would trade what they created, for what they

If the market place was big enough, there was some kind
of money involved, usually gold or silver.

In trading what they had produced for what they wanted,

they got feedback from the market.

If they "sold out," meaning there were plenty of people

that wanted what they had, they knew it was a clue that
they should make more. If nobody wanted what they had,
then that was a clue that maybe they should make
something else.

If they made or produced more than one thing, whatever

sold the most, or was in demand the most, would be
focused on more. Whatever was in least demand, or sold
the least on the local market, was focused on less the next
time around.

Maybe they were a farmer, and grew equal parts corn,

potatoes, and wheat. And they noticed that the last few
times at the marketplace, they ALWAYS sold their potatoes
George Hutton

This tells them there's more demand for potatoes than

anything else. So they would start to grow more and more
potatoes, and less of everything else.

By paying close attention to what was wanted most at the

marketplace, they were able to specialize in what would
make them the most money.

If there were different trends, and potatoes became

unpopular and suddenly corn was all the rage, they'd
slowly shift their farming efforts so they could grow more
corn and less of everything else.

Your job is to do the exact same thing. To pay attention to

what the market wants. To focus on building your skills so
you can give the market what it wants.

To get better and better at providing what the market

wants, so you can increase your prices, or decrease your

Luckily, this is easier than ever. Never in the history of

human kind has the world been so connected. Never have
there been so many opportunities to apply the
entrepreneurial mindset that exists within all of us to reach
out, find out what people want, figure out a way to provide
it, and get paid.

If you've got a sufficient burning desire, and a willingness

to take small risks and see what happens, you will not fail.
You will not go home empty handed. The more you
participate, the more money you'll make. The more you
George Hutton

pay attention to the market, the more you'll get paid. The
more you increase your skills, the more you'll get paid.

People have been trading in this manner before recorded

history. In ancient societies, that left only fossilized
records, there is evidence of money.

Money only comes into existence when the division of

labor, the diversity of skills and the diversity of products, or
stuff, warrants it.

Meaning when there's enough people, making enough

stuff, and it's too complicated for everybody to simply
trade stuff for stuff, they start using money.

The creation and use of money is as natural as sleeping,

eating, and making more people. Money is the energy that
helps society grow, and helps people get what they want,
and provide what other people want.

This process, of finding out what the market wants, and

figuring out a way to get it, has been part of our common
human existence since before history began.

Let that sink in. You are the product of thousands and
thousands of years of people who successfully made
money. Who had a burning desire that lead them to
develop skills, and get paid. Over and over again.

It is hard wired into your brain, into your DNA. You are
programmed to make money. You are programmed to be a
learning machine specifically so you can learn more skills
and make more money.
George Hutton

Learning more skills to make more money simply means

you want to better provide for the vast amount of people
out there that have a huge and unlimited amount of unmet
and unfulfilled needs.

There is no wisdom in poverty. There is no moral

superiority in being poor. There is nothing inherently evil in
money or a strong, burning desire to make money, or even
the so called root of all evil, the "love of money."

That is a bold statement. Let's make sure we are clear.

If you make money honestly, then that means you can only
do so by first providing other people what they want. These
are essentially the same thing, receiving money and
providing what other people want. Money "equals"
providing what other people want.

So saying that a "love of money" is the root of all evil is

pretty much the same thing as "loving the process of
providing other people with what they want" is evil.

Utter nonsense.

Sure, stealing is wrong. If you steal money, that's wrong. If

you con people that is wrong. If you falsify what you are
providing that is wrong. If you tell somebody you're selling
them a sack of potatoes, but they get home and find
they've bought a bag of rocks, that's wrong. That's evil.

But getting money honestly is not wrong. Loving money

that you got honestly is not wrong.
George Hutton

It is the noblest thing you can ever do.

Now, this is something that is completely contrary to what

we've been taught. We've been taught that money is evil,
or rich people are bad, or you should never make it the
main focus of your life to make money.

These are deep beliefs that you'll need to remove before

you'll be able to make consistent amounts of wealth.

There are a few ways to decrease your "fear" of money and

at the same time increase your appreciation, or healthy
"love" of money.

Let's look at a couple.

People Watching

At least once a week, go somewhere like a coffee shop or

someplace where you can people watch. Just sit and watch
people walking around. Think of all of their wants and
needs. Imagine all of the things you want, need, and
desire, and then imagine what they want, need and desire.

Imagine them as walking, talking collections of unmet

wants and needs. All of them are going somewhere to
satisfy some craving. Most likely they are going
somewhere to buy something.

Imagine their wants, needs, and desires, and imagine the

money in their pocket. Imagine them wishing they'd find
what they wanted, so they could trade their money for that
George Hutton

wonderful stuff, whatever it is.

When they do, they will feel much better. Better than
before. It can be helpful to go somewhere that it's
convenient to watch people make purchases. Watch their
facial expressions and body language before, during and
after the purchase. See how much happier they are after
the purchase.

I love sitting and reading in coffee shops. The happy look of

excitement as people finish paying for their coffee and
sweets, as they walk back to their table, is absolutely
wonderful. They just spent some money for what they
wanted. They are looking forward to eating something
good, and drinking something good. They are happier than
they were a few minutes ago.

Sit in a fast food restaurant, near the back. Watch their

expressions as they walk back to their seats with their
newly purchased food. Do they look unhappy? Do they look
as if they are on the receiving end of an "evil" transaction?
Do they look as though they'd just been taken advantage

Find a coffee shop or an outdoor place where you can sit

outside of a large shop, where expensive items are sold.
Watch people as they leave the store. Are they upset, or
are they happy?

Do they look as if they'd just been taken advantage of, or

have they made a decision based on their own free will?

George Hutton

Appreciate Transactions

Every time you buy something, every time you spend

money. Stop and ponder what's really going on. Think of all
the people who went into producing that thing you are
buying. Feel appreciation for the worldwide connection of
people, all working selfishly to make money.

Every time you shop at the grocery store, think of all the
effort of the farmers, migrant workers, and transportation
systems. Did they do this out of the goodness of their
hearts? Did they do this because they secretly love you and
want you to be happy?

No, they did not.

They did what they did because they wanted your money.
But they knew that they could only get your money if they
made what you wanted.

When you buy a weeks worth of groceries, do you feel

taken advantage of by the growers and producers of the

When you are hungry, and eat a delicious meal in a

restaurant, do you feel as if you are taken advantage of?
Do you feel as if the owners of the restaurant, who would
rather make more money than less money, are evil?

Or do you feel grateful that these people exist? Do you feel

grateful that the restaurant owner, in his or her quest for
wealth, did what they did because they wanted money?

George Hutton

Take a few minutes each day thinking about these things.

These people. These systems. This vast array of trade and
products and services.

Think of all the things you love buying. The things that
make you feel really excited when you get home. Are the
producers of those things evil because they want your

Feel appreciation for money. Feel appreciation for the

people that make their life's purpose to make money.

Not just a little bit of money. Not just enough to get by. A
lot of money. An obscene amount of money. A stack of
cash so huge you can't see the top.

The bigger their desire for money, the more they are
driven to create and provide for others.

The bigger YOUR desire for money, your absolute deep and
relentless burning desire for massive riches, the more you
will be driven to interact with the world, and find out what
the market wants, so you can provide it.

And get paid.

A lot.

Is that evil?

Or is that the noblest thing you can do in your life?

George Hutton

Sexual Energy

One of the most controversial chapters in Think and Grow

Rich, by Napoleon Hill, was the chapter on Sex
Transmutation. The basic idea was that those who were
the most successful were what Hill described as "highly

Unfortunately, this particular chapter was a bit vague on

specifically HOW to change your sex energy into wealth
energy, and what he meant exactly when he said "Highly

After all, if you are motivated by sex energy, you may just
as likely end up in prison as in the rich part of town!

In this section we'll explore what that means, and how you
can apply it in your own life.

Western society has a long history of sexual repression. To

begin with, the very idea of sex is considered taboo in
almost every society, and regardless of whether or not the
society is postindustrial, post information or primitive
hunter gatherer, sex is not a topic that is openly discussed.

However, the power of sexual energy is incredible. It is

always present, and is the underlying driving force of the
majority of humanity's advanced over the past several
thousand years.

But it's not something that can be easily discussed among

George Hutton

polite company. Even talking about it with our own

personal therapist or doctor is uncomfortable to many of

Unless we can accept and appreciate our own sex energy,

we ARE leaving a lot of potential wealth on the table.

Here's a specific example of how sex energy can be used.

In the very effective memory program, "Mega Memory," by
Kevin Trudeua, he explained the "pegging" system.

Now, the pegging system is nothing new. It's been a

memory device since the dawn of time. It works by taking
something you WANT to remember, and associating it with
something you already know.

And kind of like hanging up your keys on a "peg" on the

wall, you hang what you want to remember on something
you already remember. You create an association between
the two things, and that's the "peg."

However, the problem comes with how we make those


For example, lets say you were going shopping, and you
wanted to buy milk, eggs, sugar, coffee and some coffee
filters. You don't want to write a note, so you decide to try
the pegging system.

You associate the milk, the thing you want to remember,

with the refrigerator.

Then you associate the eggs, with a frying pan.

George Hutton

Then you associate the sugar with the red sticker on your
fridge that you see every day.

Then you associate the coffee with your favorite mug and
the coffee filter with the coffee machine every day.

Now, technically, you've followed the procedure precisely

as you should. You've taken the things you'd like to
remember, and "pegged" them, in your mind, to things you
already know.

The problem is that those associations are pretty boring

and unremarkable. Which means you aren't likely going to
remember them.

Trudeau's ingenious method was to take those

associations, and "spice them up" with three specific

1) Some Kind of Cartoonish Picture

2) Some Kind Of Physical Pain
3) Something Blatantly Sexual

If you take your time to include all three of these with each
association, you will never forget that association.

As mentioned before, all human action is designed to move

away from pain, and toward pleasure.

The greatest pain is physical pain, and one of the greatest

pleasures is sexual pleasure.

George Hutton

Humans are hard wired with these instincts. So when you

create a vivid picture that contains these elements, the
brain figures it's pretty important, and it won't forget it.

This is just one example of the power of sexual energy,

that when applied, can have immediate and dramatic

However, this technique obviously cannot be taught in

school, where "remembering" things is pretty important.

But in life, your life, ANYTHING is acceptable. So long as

you aren't killing anybody, or stealing anything, it's game

It's up to you to figure out a way to do anything possible to

make the most amount of money possible.

The power of your own sexual energy is incredible. Once

tapped, and channeled into any wealth generating process,
the amount of income you can create is phenomenal.

Let's take a step back, and look at sex energy from the
ground up, and see that it really is, on a deep level,
inextricably associated to wealth creation.

The History of Sex and Wealth Creation

Long ago, Earth was a barren rock, void of all life. Then
something happened, and the first living organisms

Maybe it was God, maybe it was lightning, maybe it was

George Hutton

Aliens. Who knows?

But now, there were these "self-replicating" creatures that

were in competition with each other.

Why were they in competition? What was different about

these new life forms? Why were they different from the
rocks that had existed previously?

These new life forms did something remarkable. They took

raw materials from their environment, and transformed
them into something different. Something that gave them
both energy, as well as enhanced the very structure of
their existence.

A single celled amoeba took raw materials from its

environment and derived the energy to move around, so it
could further interact with its environment. It also used
those raw materials to enhance its own structure, either by
building new structural elements, like new cell
membranes, or repairing old ones as they wore out.

Another thing this organism did was replicate itself.

From a purely objective standpoint, this organism had

three prime directives.

George Hutton

1) Take raw materials from its environment, and

transform them into energy.

2) Take raw materials from its environment and

transform them into itself.

3) Use the energy (derived from raw materials) and

itself (derived from raw materials) and replicate

And what is wealth creation? It is the taking of raw

materials and transforming them into higher, more
complicated materials. Rubber into shoes. Oil into
gasoline. Wood into furniture. Silicone into computer chips.
Corn into popcorn. Milk into butter to put on the popcorn.
Sea water into salt to put on top of the buttered popcorn. (I
LOVE popcorn, btw!)

What did this very first single celled organism do? It

created wealth, and it replicated.

Every single living organism that has ever lived since then
(including YOU) has the same, built in, pre-programmed,
ancient prime directives.

1) Take raw materials from the environment and

translate them into energy

We humans call this eating. If we don't eat, we will quickly


George Hutton

2) Take raw materials from the environment and

translate them into ourselves.

We also call this eating. We eat protein and build up our

muscles. We eat fat to store for later energy.

3) Use the energy (derived from raw materials) and

itself (derived from raw materials) and replicate itself.

We humans call this having a family.

Think of planet Earth. Think of all the animals, plants and

other life forms that exist on planet Earth that didn't exist
before. One way to think of all this as the "wealth" of planet

Naturally, all the life forms on planet Earth are all

interdependent on a very deep level. It would seem as
though they are all "cooperating," but they are really
driven by what might be called "enlightened selfishness."

Bees don't pollinate flowers because they think it's a nice

thing to do. They do so because they think they are getting
the better part of the deal.

Animals don't eat fruit and then spread the seeds through
their feces because they are consciously to make the Earth
more "green." They do so because they think they are
getting the better part of the deal.

From the ground up, from the most basic, single celled
organism all the way to the most complicated person who
ever lived, we are all programmed with that prime directive
George Hutton

that suddenly showed up on Earth all those millions and

millions of years ago.

What did God say to Adam and Eve?

Be fruitful, and multiply.

What does Spock say to pretty much everybody?

Live long, and prosper.

Replication, as it's called when we're talking about single

celled organisms, or sexual reproduction, as it's called
when talking about sexual plants and mammals, and
creating a family, as it's called when speaking of humans,
all follow this goal.

Your sexual desires are the raw desires that have been
programmed into living creatures since the dawn of time.
They are not to be shunned, or embarrassed about, or

They are to be appreciated, celebrated and leveraged for

maximum wealth effect.

However, you CAN go too far. One of the things Hill pointed
out that one of the impediments to wealth is the over
expression of your sexual desires. Just as you can kill your
wealth generating power by ignoring your sexual energy,
you can also kill your wealth generating power by over
expressing your sexual energy, or expressing it in a way
that leaves you morally, physically and emotionally
George Hutton

How Do You Find The Magic Middle?

The secret is to keep it secret. Think of your sexual energy

as your secret weapon. That driving force that spawns your
creativity, keeps you motivated, and keeps you focused on
the future.

Take some time on a daily basis and appreciate your sexual

energy. Close your eyes, and feel your sexual power. Feel
those sexual urges, but instead of feeling guilty or morally
corrupt, just focus on the energy.

Focus on that raw, endless supply of power that you will

have within you as long as you live. Whenever you are out
in public, and you start to feel those inevitable sexual
urges, don't ignore them. Don't suppress them.

Avoid feeling guilty. Just close your eyes and embrace your
power. Embrace that energy that has been the driving
force of all wealth since the Earth was first created.

Appreciate that sexual energy within you as the most

ancient form of life energy.

One way to apply and leverage your sexual energy is

through the swish pattern.

Take some powerfully charge sexual thoughts, whatever

that means to you, and place them in the palm of your left
hand. (Metaphorically!)

Now take some thoughts of unlimited wealth and

George Hutton

abundance, whatever that means to you, and place them

in the palm of your right hand. (Metaphorically!)

Take sufficient time so that both of them are fully charged,

and both of them give you some powerful and fantastic

Note that this is different from most swish patterns, where

you are trying to take a "bad" feeling and replace it with a
"good" feeling.

What we're doing here is creating a strong association

between two VERY GOOD and VERY HEALTHY feelings.

Once you've got both hands "programmed," you're ready

to do the swish.

Start by bringing your left hand close to your face. As it

comes closer, allow those strong sexual feelings and urges
grow as much as they possibly can. Then, as you feel those
sexual feelings start to rise on their own, slowly lower your
left hand while you slowly bring your right hand close to
your face.

As you do so, notice how those feelings of wealth and

abundance start to mix in with those sexual feelings.

As your left hand drops further away, and your right hand
comes closer, notice how those feelings of wealth and
abundance now grow stronger than your sexual urges and

Continue doing this for as long as you're comfortable.

George Hutton

The idea is to deeply associate your feelings of wealth with

your feelings of sex.

So when you start to feel those sexual feelings, you'll

automatically feel the desire for wealth.

And when you start to think of wealth, money, abundance,

you'll automatically start feeling appreciation for your
sexual energy.

Another way to do the same thing is a variation of Qi Gong.

Depending on what form you've been exposed to,
sometimes these two exercises are called "Gathering from
Heaven" and "Gathering from Earth."

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Slowly take in a

deep breath, and as you do so spread your arms out, palms
up and lift them above your head.

Act as if you are gathering energy from Heaven above, and

as you bring it down toward your chest, exhale. Literally
picture a big ball of pure, white, energy from heaven, and
pull it into your chest.

Imagine you are trading your breath for the raw energy of
the universe. Picture this raw energy as pure wealth

Once you go through one cycle, do the same thing; only

collect energy from the Earth. The ancient raw sexual
energy. As you bring up that raw sexual energy, again
imagine that you are trading your breath for that raw
George Hutton

sexual energy.

Choose a color that you associate with sexual power. Bring

up a buzzing ball of this energy, this powerful and ancient
sex energy, from deep within the Earth.

Imagine that raw sexual energy from the earth is mixing

with the raw wealth energy from the heavens.

Imagine that every time you breathe in and out, you are
mixing the two energies within you.

Do this as long as comfortable.

Both sex and wealth, or the money that represents wealth,

is normal, natural and healthy.

However, through the ages, both of them have got a bad

rap. Money is considered evil, and so is sex by a great
many people.

It's crucial that you practice these sex-wealth exercises in

secret, and that you keep them close to you. Only share
them with those that you literally trust with your life.

Because humans are also hard wired to be hyper-sensitive

to the opinions of others, especially those close to us, one
stray negative opinion, or even facial expression thrown
our way when discussing these things can destroy

By continuously practicing these sexual wealth energy

exercises, you will build up a non-stop, ancient burning
George Hutton

desire in you.

The same burning desire that has transformed planet Earth

from a lifeless wasteland to a planet rich with the
abundance of all the life forms that exist today.

This is an ancient and powerful energy source. When you

tap into this source, you will enjoy an extraordinary
amount of power, creativity, and abundance.

George Hutton

Common Fears and Obstacles

Creating wealth will force you to confront, and overcome
your deepest, darkest fears. At its root, creating wealth is
associated with interacting with others and creating
something that you will exchange with others.

This brings up deep feelings of fear and anxiety in almost

anybody. This is also one of the main reasons that so many
courses and programs today promote wealth as a kind of
"magical" fix, where you don't have to take any risks or
face potential rejection.

The whole idea of "making money while you sleep" is

popular not because people are lazy, but because people
are terrified of facing rejection. If the transactions are
happening while you sleep, there's no rejection!

When we were born into this world, we were filled with

pure curiosity, and a desire to learn. However as we grew
up and interacted with our environment, it became clear
that not everything was easy.

When we first started learning, we were surrounded by

supportive adults who encouraged us. But it didn't take
long for that encouragement to turn to anger,
disappointment, and even punishment.

All of us, when we are born, are pure geniuses. However,

by the time we become fully functioning adults, most of us
have learned that it's dangerous on some level to interact
with others.

George Hutton

When we were children, we expressed ourselves without a

second thought. When we wanted something, we let
everybody around us know.

We screamed at the top of our lungs at the slightest sign of

discomfort, and didn't quite down until we were taken care

Today, as adults, many of us have trouble asserting

ourselves even for the slightest reasons. We feel nervous
when flagging down a seemingly busy waiter or waitress in
a restaurant. We feel nervous asking what we think is a
"stupid" question in class.

Talking to an interesting person, either for social,

romantic, or business reasons is just not something we are
comfortable doing.

But unless we're content to sit on the sidelines and watch

everybody else make all the money and have all the fun,
we are going to have to blast through these false fears,
limiting beliefs and understand our true power.

The accompanying hypnosis sessions are perfect for that.

However, it will help out a great deal if we take a look at a
couple of the most common fears, and see that they are
not really true.

Before we do that, it's crucial to understand that these

fears live at the unconscious level. They come across not
as a logical understanding of events, but as feelings of
anxiety or fear whenever we think about taking action.
George Hutton

Understanding their structure is the first step. Once you

understand their structure, and see that they are nothing
but imaginary conclusions based on false cause and effect
relationships we made when we were much younger,
they'll be much more easily erased from the inside out,
with the help of the accompanying hypnosis sessions.

In this section, we'll go through the most common fears,

one by one, and take them apart, piece by piece.

Fear of Failure
This is likely the biggest and most common fear that keeps
us from taking action. We think about taking action, and
our subconscious makes a quick "guess" about what might
happen. It takes a look at three things.

The best case scenario, the worst case scenario, and our
history. Then it comes up with a quick calculation of the
outcome. The result is the feeling we get when we think
about taking action.

If we feel nervous, anxious or afraid, our subconscious has

decided that taking action is dangerous.

But this is only if we see that particular outcome as the end

in and of itself.

As discussed previously, every action we take is most likely

to generate feedback, not success or failure.

When we take action hoping to get what we want, it's easy

George Hutton

to become afraid. But when we think about taking action,

just to see what will happen, there's no reason to be afraid.
Because everything that results, as an outcome of our
action, will give us more information to help us get further

So long as you've got a huge, burning desire out in the

future, and you see every action as a potential step closer
to the realization of that burning desire, it's impossible to

Simply stated, the bigger your burning desire is, and the
stronger your "curiosity mindset" is, the easier it will be to
take action.

Fear of Success
On the flip side of fear of failure is the fear of success. This
isn't really fear of success per se, it's more like a fear of
what we think success will bring. This is almost always
social attention.

Being comfortable at the center of social attention isn't

absolutely necessary, but it will help a great deal on your
path to riches. Although you absolutely can make tons of
money from the safety of your own home, without ever
leaving your house, you will feel a lot more powerful if you
accept and actually appreciate social attention.

After all, it's a long more fun to go out in public with a fat
stack of cash in your pocket than to stay home!

A fear of social attention almost always stems from

George Hutton

childhood. When we were very young, all the adults

encouraged us to stand up, walk around, and express

But as soon as we were able to do that, they suddenly

started telling us to sit down and be quiet. To a young
child, this was very confusing. Those same adults that
encouraged us were now telling us to do the opposite.

The only conclusion our young minds could make was that
we'd done something wrong, or more likely, those adults
had discovered that there was something wrong with us.

Still being young and very impressionable, we simply

accepted that as true. Now as adults, the thought of
expressing ourselves in public and receiving social
attention brings up these deep fears, on a very
subconscious level.

But understand what was really going on back then. Those

adults who were telling you to sit down and shut up weren't
making a value judgment about you; they were expressing
their own feelings of lack and helplessness.

In an ideal world, a parent would be able to focus on his or

her children 100 percent of the time, but this is far from
practical. As a result, the best strategy those adults could
come up with, when they were at their wits end, was to get
angry at us.

But when you express yourself today, you aren't doing so

as a helpless child that needs to be looked after. A child
expressing himself to a parent or guardian can evoke deep
George Hutton

feelings of helplessness in the adult.

But as an adult, expressing yourself to other adults, you

will not evoke that same response. They can either decide
to listen to you, or ignore you. You will not receive the
same wrath that you received as a child.

The biggest discovery of those who eliminate the fear of

social attention is not that it's some kind of wonderful thing
where the skies part and people shower you with gifts.

They simply find that talking to a large group of people is

no different than talking to a couple friends. More often
than not, it's completely neutral, and you have to actually
work to get ANY response!

Fear of Rejection
In order to make money, you're going to have to accept
rejection. If youre applying for jobs, you'll need to send
out a few dozen resumes before you get any call backs.
You'll have to go on half a dozen interviews before you get
an offer. You'll have to get a few offers before you find one
that's right.

The same goes with meeting friends, finding romantic

relationships, even shopping for food.

The truth is that life itself is one big numbers game. There
are literally hundreds of thousands of choices we make on
a daily basis, mostly unconscious.

From the very basic structure of our perception of reality,

George Hutton

we are always sorting through all the noise to find what we


Our subconscious, which picks up everything that is going

on around us, receives up to one million bits of information
a second. However, our conscious minds only can handle
about forty bits of information.

That means our subconscious is constantly sorting from all

the noise, to find the good stuff.

Everything in life is the same. If you go shopping for a pair

of shoes, you've got to sort through the hundreds of
thousands of pairs that are available to you before you find
the right one.

Does this mean you are "rejecting" every other pair? Yes
and no. Yes, in that you notice they are there, on some
level, and you are deciding that they are not for you.

But are you rejecting all the individual people whose effort
and energy went into making all those shoes?

Of course not! Most of us don't even consider all the people

whose effort goes into making the stuff we DO buy, let
alone all the people who make the stuff we don't buy!

The sting of rejection is another throwback from our

childhood. When we cried for attention, and nobody came
right away to help, we felt rejected.

But we were very young, and in our still developing minds,

rejection meant death. If they didn't come to take care of
George Hutton

us, we wouldn't be able to take care of ourselves. We could

barely touch our feet, how in the heck were we going to
head on down to 7-11 and pick up a sack of burritos?

So when we think of interacting in the world, we

"remember" that fear on a deep level.

But it's not real. You aren't dependent on anybody for your
survival. When you were a child, you couldn't walk or talk.
So if adults "rejected" you, you couldn't very well get up,
walk to a different house and try screaming for attention

But you can certainly do that today. If anybody "rejects"

you (which they can't anyway since they don't even know
you) all you've got to do is simply move on to the next

Just apply the natural sorting mechanism that is present in

all aspects of life, and keep searching for money!

If you keep looking for it, you WILL find it!

George Hutton

This course has covered a lot of material, and has
potentially caused you some discomfort in understanding
some of these concepts. That is perfectly natural.

One thing our egos don't like is to be told that our deepest
held beliefs are not true. Because many of the beliefs
associated with making money, and money in general,
have been with us our entire lives, and were most likely
unconsciously picked up from those around us, it can be
difficult to accept them as false.

On the one hand, it sounds easy to simply imagine that we

can release our limiting beliefs and suddenly start making
cash hand over fist.

But in order to release those limiting beliefs, we've got to

acknowledge that they are incorrect. Admitting that we've
been holding false beliefs can be incredibly liberating, but it
can also be very, very hard.

We don't like to admit we are wrong, even to ourselves.

This is often referred to as "cognitive dissonance" which

means we won't be able to see what's right in front of our
face it if involves disregarding a belief we've held about

Even though our ego is often times squarely between

where we are, and where we want to be, it's not trying to
harm us.

George Hutton

On the contrary, it's trying to keep us safe, much like an

overprotective parent who won't let their child go down to
the local park to play. The parent keeps the child safely at
home, within view, and tells themselves it's "for their own

Our ego is the same way. Luckily, it's something we are

doing to ourselves. Just as we are the jailers of our own
potential, we also hold the keys to set ourselves free.

If by reading through this material, you've had enough

"Aha!" moments that you already are seeing a shift in your
outlook, and what you think is possible, that is fantastic.

However, this shift doesn't come quickly for many people.

Releasing the false fears we've held for so long can be a
difficult process.

The accompanying hypnosis sessions can be of great help.

They were developed specifically to uncover and
reprogram your mind on a deep level, in the areas of belief
that are associated with making large amounts of wealth.

By listening to these sessions regularly, you'll slowly

remove any fears of the unknown, significantly boost your
positive beliefs about yourself, as well as learn to feel
comfortable and at home with people you've never met
before, you matter who they are.

You'll also learn to really enjoying being the center of social

attention, so any fears of failure, success, or rejection can
forever become part of your past.
George Hutton

You'll also more easily be able to create a massive burning

desire that will propel you forward with eagerness,
excitement, and anticipation.

Because the process of listening is the same process of

going out in the world with only a burning desire and an
open mind, you will programming the specific actions
needed to create unlimited wealth on a deep and profound

The basic listening strategy is as follows.

Your ultimate goal is to create wealth, which will be your

starting point.

At least once a day, when you've got some time to sit back,
relax and focus inwardly, take a look through your personal
library of wealth generating hypnosis sessions.

Allow your intention to guide you in choosing which

particular session is right.

Then once you've chosen a session, ask yourself, "What do

I want to improve on in this area?"

And see what answer your intuition comes up with. It

might be a fully formed answer, it might be a feeling, and it
might be pictures in your mind. Pay attention, and you'll

For example, lets say your intuition guides you to listen to

the "Social Magnetism" session.
George Hutton

You would then ask yourself, "What areas of my social

skills would I like to improve?"

And lets say the answer you come up with is, "I'd like to be
more comfortable introducing myself to strangers." Or
maybe you see a picture in your mind of you being friendly
and outgoing in a social situation.

Let that be your guide for that particular listening session.

Simply create a vivid picture in your mind of easily and
comfortable introducing yourself to strangers. Imagine
doing this in several situations. Imagine that they are
always glad and excited to see you. Picture these
visualizations in your mind, with as much inner focus as
you can, while listening.

Release any desire to focus on the actual words being said;

just let them slip through in through the background while
you focus on your intention.

Once you've finished listening, make a note in your journal

of what intention you set for that particular session. The
next day, actually expect and look for proof in the world
that you are indeed improving along those lines.

In this specific example, look for evidence that you are

introducing yourself to strangers and feeling much more
comfortable. Notice how many opportunities you're
suddenly finding yourself in where this is possible.

Notice how much better people are responding to you.

Notice anything that proves you are moving closer to being
George Hutton

socially magnetic. Eye contact, smiles, anything.

Then the next day, go through the same process again. Ask
yourself what area you'd like to improve in. Then once you
choose a session, ask yourself what you would specifically
like to achieve.

Create a specific goal for that particular session, along with

a vivid picture in your mind of you achieving that goal.

Keep a journal, write down your thoughts, intentions,

inspirations, and any evidence you see in the world that
you are indeed moving closer to your daily objectives.

With an open mind, and a strong burning desire for wealth,

you will soon learn that the world is filled with incredible
opportunities for creating wealth.

No matter where you are now, you are about to achieve

something magnificent. You are about to learn not only
how much abundance exists in the world, but just how
capable and creative you are in being able to achieve it.

The secret of life is that going after wealth and wealth

building opportunities is when we feel most alive and on

You'll soon discover that life is an incredibly wonderful

experience, and by making wealth creation the central
purpose of your life, you'll not only enrich your life, but the
lives of everybody you come in contact with.

So long as you do the daily meditations, and listen to at

George Hutton

least one session daily with a clear purpose in mind, you

will not fail.

A world of unlimited wealth awaits you!