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Ronalyn I. Andagan Sunday (8:30 a.m.


DPE 105: Guidance and Counseling with SPED


I have seen the movie few years ago. I remembered how moved I was as tears
flowed unrestrainly down my eyes. Now, watching it for the second time, the effect of
being so moved and awed still remains.

Like stars on earth, every child is special indeed. In their eyes, dreams and
reality intermingle. Their eyes shine so bright reflecting the warmness of their hearts
inside. Ishaan, the main character of the movie is one of the good example of such
child. In the first part of the movie, he manifested his free-spiritedness. Hes so positive
and imaginative. However his teachers and classmates pressure and shame him, his
wide imagination brings him to a whole new world. And there, the pangs of people are
replaced with colourful and lively imagination. This is his state not until his father
decided to put him in a boarding school.

Having made the decision of transferring Ishaan to new school, the child became
so depressed. All the insults from his teachers, classmates and even his own family
sinked down in him. Worst, he believed it. He thought of himself as dumb, lazy and
crazy. He stopped drawing and painting and hardly speaks to anyone. Until the
temporary art teacher Ram, came in. Like a light in the darkness, he flickered the light in
Ashaans down heart by showing that he understands and care for him. Gradually, the
real Ashaan came back. His confidence and enthusiasm returned.

There are so many gems of wisdom depicted in the movie and these are some of
them: Every child is special. They have their own capabilities, desires and dreams. And
parents and teachers should put that in their hearts. They learn in their own pace that
pressure should used rarely as possible. Instead, they have to be guided to discover
themselves whats in store for them.
Also, being a teacher is such a powerful tool to guide a child for his life. Although
it cant be expected that teachers are as passionate for their profession just like the rest
of the teachers the movie showed, a teacher should persevere hard to be the best he
could be. He should be open-minded and acknowledge, not ridicule, those who are left
behind. For certain, not conforming acts of a child has its roots, and somehow, this can
be answered through understanding and care.

I was also moved so much, how full of passion teacher Ram is. Even he is just a
temporary teacher and other teachers criticize him because of his unique teaching
strategy which is very different from the cold and strict method others teachers practice,
it did not bother him. As long as he teaches by heart and he sees that his students are
doing good then his sure thats everything is fine.

Sometimes, one has to look beyond the laid practices because its efficient or
that it makes a real worker able to do real task in this competitive world. What matters
most is the child, even everything fails, one has to take a child heartedly as a child not
taking them as a robot or what. They are children. They are special.