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Historical Fire Case Study Rubric

Yes Yes, but No, but No

Weight Category 5 4 2 1 Criteria
Introduction paragraph
Introduction accurately reflects paper content
Relevant facts and information
Data Presentation support paper. No more than
10% direct quotes.
Students develop and discuss
60% Discussion / Analysis data, facts, and findings to
support main points
Use of subject/course
Use of Terminology terminology correctly
Overall conclusions drawn from
Conclusions discussion and emphasizes main
APA style followed Title page,
Format References,
Margins, Font, Double-spaced
Correct spelling, grammar, and
Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation sentence structure; generally
error free
2-3 sources researched to
Research Quality support the topic and fully
develop points
Meets course/paper objectives,
30% Relevance to Topic shows mastery of subject

Overall content completeness to

Overall Topic Content support the topic

Case Study Topic:


Report Grade: Date: