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ISU specializes in the education of postgraduates and professionals to prepare them for work in

an exciting, progressive sector space! Future leaders and influential thinkers need new skills
and a global perspective to prepare them to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving world.

Located in Strasbourg, France, ISU provides an incomparable opportunity for an international International
and interdisciplinary education, with students and teachers from all around the world with
experience in many fields related to the space sector, both technical physical and life
Space University
sciences, technology and engineering, applications, medicine and non-technical - law, Central Campus
economics, humanities, art, policy, philosophy, history. 1, rue Jean-Dominique Cassini
Parc dinnovation
Attending ISU 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden
has been, for me, the France
ultimate eye-opening experi-
Tel: +33 (0)3 88 65 54 30
ence. Attending the Master of
Space Studies allowed me to pursue Fax: +33 (0)3 88 65 54 47
my personal interests with a limit
determined only by my imagination. I
found myself working on very exciting
projects with talented and knowl-
The Boeing Company is a strong supporter of
edge-thirsty colleagues
ISUs concept of international, interdisciplinary
and intercultural education for those involved in Diego Urbina,
the space industry and as a result a number of
ISU alumni are currently working at Boeing.
> The Late Michael Mott, Former Vice President and
Opening ourselves to the global space
community, JAXA is pleased to support
General Manager, The Boeing Company National the ISU programs and research activities
Liaisons &

in order to take advantage of this

Points of
complementary global aspect

Contact Worldwide

> Prof. Yasunori MATOGAWA, Associate

SSP Host Sites Executive Director, Japan Aerospace

Sponsors & MSS Student

Partners Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Placement Sites

Because we believe that attendance
at ISU is an exceptional learning Worldwide
experience for future space leaders Faculty & Worldwide
Lecturers Aliates
we are pleased to sponsor the annual
SES scholarship.
> Romain Bausch, Chairman of the
Board of Directors, SES
ISU provides a thorough understanding
of space and its interrelated fields while
offering a unique international, inter-
cultural and interdisciplinary learning
Worldwide North American
Alumni Oce atmosphere. ISU educates our future
leaders in space, thus creating knowledge
A journey
Governing Members for tomorrow.
of a thousand miles Board of Advisors > Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wrner,

starts with a single step I Board of Trustees Former Chairman of the Executive Board,
am glad that i stepped into Academic Council Deutsches Zentrum fr Luft- und Raumfahrt
ISU that helped me mold my (DLR)
career and I foresee a
promising future.
Sindhu Emmanuel, Studying
MSS10 with ISU is a rich and
CNES is a strong supporter of ISU and provides powerful experience. Meeting
scholarships for participants, finances a chair at ISU professionals from different areas
and encourages its experts to participate as lecturers. of the Space Industry and with vari-
Moreover, the ISU programs provide a unique ous backgrounds is as much enlight-
opportunity to demonstrate the rich experience of ening as following the lectures of the
the French space sector to the other participants charismatic ISU experts. I never before
from all over the world. learned as much in such a short
> Jean-Yves Le Gall, President, CNES period of time..
Katharina Deil, SES Astra,
L uxembourg

Becoming an ISU student means:

Broadening knowledge in the exciting, progressive field of space
Developing skills in international team working, team building and management
Integrating into an international professional network
The ISU Admissions Committee assesses
The tuition fees for the Master of Space
The International Space University receives
applicants to the Master of Space Studies Studies are EUR 25,000. support from industry, agencies and
MSS YEAR 1 Core and Practice Module Aims primarily on the basis of their academic international organizations to assist applicants
M2-ISS who are unable to pay the full amount of the
and professional qualifications, their The fees for taking the program in
M1-ITS (10 ECTS) : M3-TPR (12 ECTS) : 2.To develop in students a professional level Interdisciplinary Space Studies
achievements, and their proficiency in modules also amount to EUR 25,000, fees and are seeking funding assistance through
Introduction To Space 3I Team Project of communication (orally, graphically and in 20 ECTS English. but a registration fee of EUR 400 will be the institution.
1.To introduce students to the fundamental 1.To provide students with experience in writing). charged each time the student registers
MSS disciplines and build a firm foundation interdisciplinary, intercultural and interna- 3.To encourage students to explore the Introduction M3-TPR Electives M5-INT Applicants must have a Bachelors for a subsequent module or series of This funding is provided to selected applicants,
to 3I Team Project Internship and covers part of the tuition fees, and is paid
for interdisciplinary study in subsequent tional (3I) teamwork. current limits of knowledge and demonstrate (3 ECTS Degree or the equivalent, including 3 modules. Students who choose this
Space directly to ISU by the sponsoring organization.
modules. 2.To develop in students the relevant skills originality and creativity. 12 ECTS each) 15 ECTS years of studies as a minimum, awarded option must complete their degree within
(e.g., research, problem-solving, design, 10 ECTS by an accredited university. Information seven years. The tuition fees for each
2.To develop students transferable skills, Financial support is granted on the basis of:
including intercultural awareness, time communication, organizational and project Elective modules (3 ECTS each) M4-IPR
on academic qualification equivalencies module are as follows:
Academic and professional merit
Elective modules are shorter, optional, Individual Project
may be obtained from the ISU Admissions
management, team working, written commu- management) required to perform a Demonstrated efforts in personal
taught modules designed to deliver academic Office Module 1: EUR 5,500
nication and oral presentations. significant 3I project in a 3I team environment. 12 ECTS Module 2: EUR 7,500 fundraising
3.To allow students to engage with and apply program content. They are narrower and Demonstrated financial need
Preference is given to applicants Module 3: EUR 3,500
M2-ISS (20 ECTS) : principles learned elsewhere in the course more discipline-focused than core modules. holding higher academic degrees and to Module 4: EUR 3,500
Students must take two elective modules. The five modules may be completed on a Participants who are admitted to the Master To be eligible for such funding, students should
Interdisciplinary Space Studies and apply them in a 3I context. applicants with professional experience Electives: EUR 2,000
send their applications to the ISU Admissions
full-time basis from September to September, and have previously completed the ISU in industry, government agencies or Module 5: EUR 3,000
1.To extend students knowledge of the MSS Office no later than the following deadlines. For
M5-INT (15 ECTS) : or on a part-time basis (the modular option), Space Studies Program (SSP) or the Southern
disciplines and enhance their understanding M4-IPR (12 ECTS) : completing one or more modules per year Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SH-SSP)
academic institutions.
financial support no extra document is required
of the interdisciplinary links between them. Individual Project Internship MSS year 2: EUR 7,500
other than the application form.
during a maximum period of seven years. with an outstanding academic performance Language Requirements
2.To demonstrate the integrated and inter- 1.To provide students with experience of 1.To allow students to apply their knowledge
If the modular option is chosen, Modules 1 (to be assessed by the Admissions Committee), Courses are carried out exclusively in
performing a significant individual piece and skills to on-going activity in a real-world
disciplinary nature of space activities. and 2 must be successfully completed first; may join the program directly at the start English, and all applicants to ISU programs MASTER OF SPACE STUDIES
of investigative work characterized by a space context. Modules 3, 4 and 5 may subsequently be of Module 2 (provided their SSP or SH-SSP must demonstrate that they are sufficiently PROGRAM
requirement for independent initiative, self- 2.To provide students with the opportunity completed in any sequence. falls within the seven year maximum period proficient in English to follow classes and to Application deadline: 15 March
organisation and critical thinking. to establish professional links within the allowed to complete the MSS) . conduct project work. MSS applicants who do not require funding
global space community.
(Optional) through ISU may apply until 30 June.

List of electives modules includes: MSS YEAR 2 consists of a single module:

Space Propulsion, Satellite Communications, Space Systems Engineering and Design, Astrobiology, Space Negotiations and Business Strategies,
Space Architecture and Human Performance in Space, Interstellar Studies, New Space and Entrepreneurship
M14-THP (45 ECTS) : Thesis Project ADMISSION
M14-THP is an extended research project performed either at ISU or at one of its global space
Not all elective modules will necessarily be offered/run each academic year. SPACE STUDIES PROGRAM
partners. It is optional and selective. Eligibility for M14-THP is assessed during Year 1. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FEES
Application deadline: 31 January
Applicants are assessed on the basis of their The fees for the SSP are EUR 18,000. SSP applicants who do not require funding

academic and professional qualifications Payment may also be made in US dollars at through ISU may apply until 30 April.
and their achievements, as well as on their the inter-bank exchange rate on the date of
proficiency in English. The decision on payment.
CURRICULUM Space Studies Program SCHEDULE admission is made by the ISU Admissions
Committee. The fee includes tuition, accommodation
and meals. Travel to and from the host site
Applicants must have 3 years of studies and medical insurance are not included.
Core Lecturer Series Workshops Individual or Team Assignments as a minimum, awarded by an accredited
(3 weeks) Facilitate interaction among participants Provide an opportunity to exercise Phase I Phase II Phase III university. Information on academic Participants who successfully complete the
Core Lecture Series Departmental Activities Team Project qualification equivalencies may be obtained SSP and register for the MSS are exempt
Provides participants with an introduction through the exchange of knowledge and independent or small-group work skills SPECIFIC SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR
from the ISU Admissions Office from module 1 (with validation by the
to the fundamentals of all disciplines relevant ideas, as well as through engagement in within a department on an oral MSS & SSP
admissions committee) on the condition
to space programs hands-on activities presentation or paper

Under exceptional circumstances, that they graduate within 7 years of SSP

Core appropriate professional experience in fields completion. Specific scholarship opportunities are available
Team Projects Departmental Activities Theme Days Lectures relevant to the main academic content of through:
(2 weeks) (3 weeks) World-renown space experts engage Departmental SSP could be considered by the Admissions Tuition fees for these applicants are as American Astronautical Society
Challenge a team of thirty to forty Enable more in-depth, focused debate and participants in interdisciplinary presentations
Activities, Committee as contributing to achieving follows: CAINS Associates

Workshops, the equivalence of the required academic Participants who attend the MSS straight Centre National dtudes Spatiales (CNES)
participants to cooperatively produce the discussion, as well as additional hands-on and interactive discussions addressing current Theme Days Project
qualification. after the SSP pay a total tuition fee for the 2 European Space Agency (ESA)
conceptual design of an international space activities. Each participant chooses one of the topics of significance to the space sector Afternoons: Afternoons: programs of EUR 34,000.
Department Dept. INMARSAT
project following departments: Preference is given to applicants holding Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Introduction Workshops/
Encourage real-world problem-solving in an Space Management and Business, Human Distinguished Lecturer Series Workshops Activities higher academic degrees and to applicants Participants who have completed the SSP Enterprise Ireland
international, intercultural context Performance in Space, Space Policy, International experts speak on with professional experience in industry, in a previous year pay a tuition fee of EUR
UK Space Agency
government agencies or academic 19,500 (plus a EUR 400 registration fee) for
Economics & Law, Space Physical Science, contemporary space sector issues (presented Norwegian Space Center
institutions. the MSS.
Space Application, Space Engineering, Space on occasion, in panel format) SES
Humanities. Communaut Urbaine de Strasbourg
Language Requirements
Courses are carried out exclusively in
Rgion Alsace
English, and all applicants to ISU programs
must demonstrate that they are sufficiently For more information, please visit the ISU
proficient in English to follow classes and to website:
conduct project work.