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RECALL COMMITTEE REGISTRATION FORM A "Committee for the recall of a public officer" is any organization that: (a) Files @ notice of intent to circulate a petition for recall; or (b) Receives any contributions, makes any contributions to candidates or persons or makes: any expenditures that are designed to affect the recall of a public officer. (NRS 294A.006) Print or type the following information: Committee to Recall Senator Joyce Woodhouse NAME OF COMMITTEE, 2135 Falcon Pointe Lane aling Adress Henderson Nv 89074 702-528-2921 ty State 2p Code Telephone PURPOSE: (Bret sate the purpose fr which the committee was organized) ‘The Committee is organized to recall Senator Joyce Woodhouse and replace her with Carrie Buck. PUBLIC OFFICER: (site te name of the pubic offceto be rated an tie of foe held) ‘Senator Joyce Woodhouse representing Nevada Senate District 5 REGISTERED AGENT: Pursuant to NRS 294.250 & NRS 294A.260 each recall committee which is organized and located outside this state must appoint and keep in this state a registered agent who must be a natural person who resides in the State of Nevada. Name of Registered Agent: Stephen Silberkraus 2135 Falcon Pointe Lane aling Adios Henderson Ny 89074 702-528-2921 cy State ZipCode Telephone ACCEPTANCE OF REGISTERED AGENT: |, Stephen Silberkraus hereby accept appointment as Registered Agent for the above named committee for the recall of a public officer. ust 2, 2017 Revees 12615 Page 02 OFFICERS: (Piease iste name, ite, adress and telephone numberof each officer) Na phen Silberkraus ‘Address 2136 Falcon Pointe Lane Title President Henderson NV 89074 702-528-2921 city Stale Zip Code Telephone Name |Chelyn Sawyer Address 2135 Falcon Pointe Lane Title [Secretary Henderson NV 89074 702-528-2921 cy Site Zip Cove Telephone Name Stephen Silberkraus ‘Address. 2135 Falcon Pointe Lane Title Treasurer Henderson NV 89704 702-528-2921 City ‘State Zip Code ‘Telephone | Name Address 7 Title iy Siaie Zip Cove Tetephone Name Address Title oy Stale Zp Code Teiephone SUBMITTED BY: Lae E-2-|7 702-528-2921 = Le Telephone Send completed form to: SECRETARY OF STATE BARBARA K. CEGAVSKE, ELECTIONS DIVISION 101 NORTH CARSON STREET, SUITE 3 CARSON CITY, NEVADA 89701-3714 TELEPHONE: (775) 684-5705 FAX: (775) 684-5718 eLat0 RS 2008250 oe