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Why to incline 5 Storied Temple

Dear Principal,

Greeting from 'School of Project Work' associated with Educational Tours

The Five Reasons to incline 5 Storied Temple are as follows

1. To know about 108 Struts (Tundals)

2. To learn about 64 Torans

3. To know reason behind the temple not being destroyed by Mega Earthquakes 1934 and 2015

4. To find how the goddess in prayed

5. To view greenery (Hills) in South and White nary (Mountain) in North

How are students' beneficiated?

1. Make a Guide Book about Bhaktapur trip for School

2. Get information on beliefs and stories of the ancient monuments

3. Develop inquiry skill by asking questions

4. Learn about old heritages listed by UNESCO

What we offer

1. Give Individual Students unique assignment

2. Teach them how to ask questions in field

3. Guide them to find Local References

4. Evaluate the Report they prepared in trip

How will the Program Run?

1. Students are introduce about the System of Bhaktapur Monument report before field trip

2. They will given the unique assignment, to make them creative

3. There will be guided field trip

4. Students will write and submit the field report on the Spot

5. The Report will be evaluated to mark student for internal Examination

Cost for of Service

1. Nepali Students Rs 90/- Per Person

2. Nepali Non Students Rs150/- Per Person

Effective from 1st November 2016

Food that we serve for Tiffin (Only Locally Produced)

1. The well known Curd (Cost Rs 35/- Per Cup)

2. The Tibetan Thukpa (Noodle Soup) Cost Rs 60/- Per Bowl

3. The Bara from Bihar Cost Rs 60/- Per Piece

Effective from 1st November 2016

Time Table for Field Trip

Minutes Activities
0 Reach Bhaktapur
100 General Tour
35 Tiffin Break
35 Report Writing
40 Sharing

Who we are

1. 'School of Project Work' is Team of Expert guides working for Field Trip Reporting Skill among Students

2. We are being working since 1997 AD

3. We have 400+ satisfied Schools

With Regards,
Rabin Rachalica

Public Relation Officer


Tel: - 9841130591