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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

July 19th, 2017

Members Present: Marie Black, Chairman

Dr. Imogene Mixson
Beverly Raley
Marian Jenkins

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director

Joni Wood, Assistant Director
Chris Wisham, Friends of the Library President
Charles Waid, Architect

Absent: Dr. Nathan Hodges

Marie called the meeting to order at 9:04am.

Remarks by Chairman. Mike Brauer wants to make a deal with Mayor Bunting regarding his
property across from City Hall being given to the Library. Mike did not know if he was
interested in donating his property to the Library; however, he said it depends on his meeting
with the Mayor next week. In regards to funding, ADECA does not fund libraries; however,
Cindy Vancyock (the ADECA rep) is willing to help with grant writing. The USDA is still an
option and Marie plans to speak with Kenneth Boswell from Enterprise about other possible
funding sources. Imogene asked for the next steps needed to apply for the Wiregrass Foundation
grant. The land is not necessary to apply; however, we do need an architect. Once an architect is
hired, Ron Steensland (consultant) can apply for the grant on the Librarys behalf.

Remarks by Architect with Questions. Charles Waid with Charles Waid Architecture, LLC
introduced himself and presented on the variety of buildings he designed in his 25 plus years of
experience in the Wiregrass area. Key buildings to note include the Ozark City Hall, Houston
Academys library, and Houston County High Schools library (Columbia). Although he
confessed he has minimal experience in designing public libraries, he believes his strengths as a
strong listener and ability to think outside of the box will allow him to design the Library we
want for our community.

A further discussion of Charles Waid as a potential architect ensued among the Board.

Imogene made the motion to hire Charles Waid as our architect and Beverly seconded. All were
in favor and the motion passed.

Minutes from May. Marian moved to have the May 2017 minutes approved and Beverly
seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Circulation/Financial Reports. Sandra is pleased with Junes statistics and gives credit to the
successful summer reading program lead by Cheryl, our new Childrens Librarian, Joni, and
Lou. The kids read 807 books this summer! The overall statistics were better than last years a
great milestone.

We are reaching the end of the fiscal year and standing at 75%, but we still have July, August,
and September left. We need to be careful with our expenditures. We spent a lot on the summer
reading program, but also received $1,225 in donations for it to cover the expenses. Next month
we will see expenses for A/C repairs for both the West Wing and the main area performed by
Dew South. Amazon sales amounted to 32 cents after a refund was issued. Janet Geist is
interested in adding books to our Amazon sellers account for us. The Vanguard and T. Rowe
Price accounts both saw an increase in value.

Old Business.
A. Library Update. Last night, the Friends of the Library hosted a WWI program with
guest speaker Dr. Martin Olliff. Although attendance was less than expected, it was still a
great program. We have Dr. Olliffs book, The Great War in the Heart of Dixie: Alabama
During World War I in our collection if anyone wishes to check it out.

The Historic Chattahoochee Commission is sadly in the process of being disbanded after
over 40 years of existence. It was established in 1970 as the first bi-state organization
formed by Congress. Dr. Olliff and Sandra served as Board members for this
distinguished organization

Since the Alabama Public Library Services no longer holds their meetings on the second
Wednesday of the month, a discussion of moving the Board meetings back to the second
Wednesday ensued.

Beverly made a motion to change the Board meetings back to the second Wednesday and
Imogene seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

B. Letter to Mayor and City Council. The Mayor immediately responded to our letter to
the city about donating the Citys property across from City Hall hes ready to give the
land, but had a few questions in regards to a footprint and how much is needed. We are
unable to answer those questions until we have an architect with a design.

New Business.
A. Budget. Last fiscal years budget was $272,000 and this years proposed budget sees an
increase to $277,000 due to an increase in payroll. After discussion of the proposed
budget, Sandra suggested a $300 increase to the Travel/Training expense for a new
proposed budget of $277,300.

Imogene recommended the $277,300 FY 2017-2018 budget and Marian seconded. All
were in favor and the motion passed.

B. Employees Update. Cheryl Schwartzkopf is our new Childrens Librarian. Holly sadly
has left us for Decatur her bubbly personality will be greatly missed. Her father has
cancer and she wanted to time with him. Michael is now our Bookkeeper and Rosalie
now works at the Circulation Desk.

C. Friends of the Library. Chris Wisham spoke of a proposal to create a public funding
account in Vanguard under the Boards umbrella. The Friends have multiple CDs
reaching maturity in the coming months and will have an estimated $20,000-$22,000
ready for this account. The accounts purpose is to collect funds for the library building
project. By creating a new account in Vanguard under the Boards umbrella, it will be a
tax free investment. The account will be managed by the Friends of the Library,
specifically Chris. The question rose about Judge Val McGees money given to the
Friends that was verbally agreed to be used for reprinting his books. If there is no need to
reprint his books, are we able to vote to use these funds for the building? The Friends of
the Librarys and the Library Boards meeting minutes will be searched for documents
supporting this agreement.

Marian made a motion to create a new Vanguard account to be managed by the Friends
under the Librarys umbrella for the purpose of a building fund. Beverly seconded. All
were in favor and the motion passed.

D. Resignation. Dr. Nathan Hodges resigned as our Board member representing the City.
Sandra will entertain any suggestions for his replacement. Frank Carroll is a possibility.
Sandra and Marie will present a list of suggestions to the Mayor and City Council who
will then vote on his replacement.

Marie closed the meeting at 11:30am. The next meeting is August 9th, 2017 at 9:00am.

Respectfully submitted by _________________

Approved by Secretary ___________________