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Studying English language in an English-speaking country is the best but not the only

way to learn the language.

English language steadily became the international language in the 20 th century, with a
beginning of a 21st century that strengthen this trend and which today is recognized from Africa
to Far-Middle East, back in Europe and further away in South America. As a consequence, the
necessity of its knowledge is compulsory, whether we refer to study, work or travel in an
English-speaking country or in any different way.

The tendency to believe that learning English can only be possible if moving to an
English-speaking country is overrated nowadays, because each country has international
English-speaking kindergartens, as well as schools, highschools and colleges. Moreover, the vast
majority of movies, cartoons and TV shows are Hollywood productions, and unless there are
dubbings, you grow up listening English all day long.

Yet, for example, you can benefit from going for studies in a non English-speaking
country, but which has its curricula in English. There you are forced to speak in English, as
probably you won`t know the language of the country you went studying in. Such happened in
my case, when I went to study one semester in Poland. I didn`t have much problems with my
English, except for speaking, where the lack of flow troubled me at the beginning. Hadn`t been
forced to talk all the time with my colleagues, I would probably not be able to improve my

Furthermore, what I would like to point out is that, for example, my flat mate, who was
from Germany, she had this nice accent when speaking in English and, after a couple of chats,
she said she barely knew English when she went for 1 year with Work & Travel to Australia. So,
going to an English-speaking country was the best way for her to learn English, but mainly
because all TV programmes are dubbed in Germany and because they are still pretty nationalists
when coming to foreign languages.

Reaching a conclusion, I would say that although it may seem the easiest way to learning
English, going to an English-speaking country is not the sole answer, but probably the ultimate
solution when some environments are hostile towards this well-recognized trend.