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PST: Get back in line slave!

S: Im sorry. I just cant be split away from my daughter; Im all she has.

PST: Youre lucky she isnt a slave! My boss said no kids could inherit
your slavery.

S: Im not a piece of gold to sell! Im a human being.

PST: As long as I get money, I wouldnt care if you were a piece of dust.

S: Just think of this for a second, if you didnt capture me then I would be
at home with my daughter and I would also be working an honest,
paying job.

PST: You have to think that I also have a job and a family that I have to

S: Whats your job, to torture innocent people.

PST: No, my job is to sail to Africa and collect certain people to trade for
gold, silver, and ivory.

S: Why did you pick me to be traded or sold?

PST: Why did I pick you? Look around you all look alike. D you know

S: No! I dont, I look around and all I see are innocent people being
traded for a piece of Gold!

PST: You all are African and black. Now do you get it!

S: No, I dont get it!

PST: Yell at me one more time and Ill throw you over the ship!

S: Ok
PST: Now back in line, were about to be at land.