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1st Grade Gazette

Spelling Words
7 th
- 11 th
Review Kindergarten Readiness Words
1. you 14. me
2. I 15. she
This Week... 3. my 16. is
4. are 17. have
Reading Story: Back to School Selections 5. has
6. was
18. were
19. from
Reading Skill: Making Connections 7. do 20. and
8. the 21. to
Spelling Skill: Kindergarten Review 9. a 22. of
Grammar: Kindergarten Review 10. for 23. that
11. not 24. with
Math: Counting, Numbers and Number Words 12. said 25. go
Science: What is a Scientist? 13. can
Social Studies: School/Class Rules

Welcome Back to School! Handwriting

First and Last Name
Welcome to First Grade! We hope you had a fun and safe summer. (Use a capital letter for the first letter!)
It sure seems to have gone by fast!
You can help us foster your students independence this school
year by letting them walk to class by themselves after the first Contact Us:
two days. After the first week, parents will no longer be
permitted to walk their student to the classroom. Laura Allen:
Tasha Britcliffe:
Paula Brown:
Student lunches are $2.85, and adult lunches are $3.85. Please Christy Buckley:
pack lunches that are easy for students to manage in their 25- Kathryn Gardner:
minute lunchtime. Encourage your student to use his/her manners Kelly Martens:
in the cafeteria! Kim MacFeggan:
Sandra Penn:

11: PTA New Parent Breakfast @ 9 am
15: PTA Meeting; 9:00 am in the cafeteria
28: 1st Grade Curriculum Night @ 6 pm
Sept 4: Labor DayNO SCHOOL!

Germantown Municipal Schools offers educational and employment opportunities

without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, creed, age, or disability.