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The UPLB Industrial Engineering Students Organization (UPLB IESO)

is a duly recognized academic organization of the University of the
Philippines Los Baos which prevails to be one of the most dynamic
academic organizations in the University of the Philippines Los Baos as
endorsed by the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology

As a proud member of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers

(PIIE), the organization engages in the endeavors of the PIIE National
Student Chapter. In line with this, UPLB IESO also aims to promote and
propagate the interests and endeavors of Industrial Engineering in the
university, the community, and the society; and to establish camaraderie
with other student organizations inside and outside the University.

Previously: 8th STIES (2016)

PIONEER: Leading the Future with Lean Six Sigma


In fulfillment of our goals, the organization will be holding the annual

Southern Tagalog Industrial Engineering Seminar (S.T.I.E.S.) with the
theme PERCEIVE: Industrial Engineers Roles in Service Quality.
S.T.I.E.S. aims to develop the Industrial Engineering profession around
the CALABARZON area, the countrys manufacturing arena, in a hope
to pull together the academe, industry, and government sectors into
promoting Industrial Engineering in the whole Philippines. The activity
will showcase theme-based theories, concepts, and industrial practices
from reputable speakers from well-known firms.


Service Quality Management

Quality management is not a technology, rather, it is a philosophy. A new way of
thinking and deep commitment are essential; an overnight transformation should not
be expected. The road will be long and difficult, but the benefits will be countless.
Quality management utilizes different engineering and management techniques such
as statistical process control and quality circles to create a quality product, whether
that product be tangible (i.e. a physical good) or intangible (i.e. a service). It is
important "to manufacture products with the quality which can satisfy the
requirements of consumers." In other words, customer satisfaction should be a
primary concern. If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product, the
company will have difficulty selling that product regardless of its cost. The customer
may even take his business elsewhere maximum productivity is achieved and
output is regulated. Less scrap is produced. In turn, customers are much more

Industrial Engineers in Service Quality Management

Industrial engineers play an important role in the quality management
transformation. The course work of industrial engineers teaches them several
engineering techniques that are essential in implementing the quality management
philosophy. Techniques such as statistical process control and just in time (JIT)
manufacturing, and industrial engineers computer experience are assets to the
transformation process. The industrial engineer fulfills the role of the liaison between
management and hourly workers. Industrial engineers interact heavily with both of
these groups -which make them an ideal candidate to bridge the gap between them.
They also have the "people skills" that are necessary for this type of situation. They
offer guidance to the managers on how to make the quality management
transformation. They also institute training for the workers so they can understand
and can implement the new manufacturing techniques. The industrial engineer
becomes a counselor and facilitator for both groups.

On behalf of the Department of Industrial Engineering, we would like to

invite Industrial Engineering students from your school to participate in
the said seminar which would be held on September 16, 2017 8AM-5PM
at the D.L. Umali Auditorium, UPLB.

Early Registration
First 3 (three) schools to register

Regular Registration
Until August 3, 2017

Early Registration and Regular Registration inclusive of:

Participants Kit (STIES booklet, ID and pen)
Souvenir T-Shirt (XS-XL, Unisex, Blue Corner T-Shirt)

There is one free slot allotted for an instructor or adviser per school.


There will be no late registration and walk-in registration. Full payment

is required, no partial or down payments. Once the payment is deposited,
it is not refundable. Registration is on a First Come, First Serve basis.

A maximum of 70 participants per school is allowed. We will be providing

a format for the list of participants that should be sent in the UPLB IESO
email address. Please also attach a copy of your school logo that we can
use for the contents of the STIES booklet. Kindly send all the needed
information on or before August 3, 2017.

After sending the list of participants and school logo, please wait for our
email or SMS before depositing your payment to confirm if there are still
enough slots for your school, since we will be accommodating a huge
number of participants for this year's STIES.

The payment should be deposited 24 hours upon receiving our

confirmation. Once the payment is deposited, kindly send a picture of the
deposit slip in the e-mail address.

Deposit full payment to:

BPI Account Number: 0913 2656 37

The first 3 schools who are able to complete the payment within the early
registration period will be receiving an incentive (a freebie or a token).
Furthermore, these schools will only be revealed on the event itself.


Send the list of participants and school logo on the UPLB IESO
email on or before August 3, 2017.

After sending the needed information for registration, wait for our
reply through text or email before depositing the payment to
confirm if there are still slots available.

Payment should be deposited 24 hours after the confirmation.

Send the picture of the deposit slip as a proof that your school has
already settled the payment.

Be one of the first three schools to accomplish all the necessary

requirements and receive a discount on the registration fee.

A maximum of 70 participants per school.

Payments are non refundable.

Souvenir shirts have 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL). The design of the
souvenir t-shirt will be posted on the Southern TIES by UPLB IESO

Follow the format of the list of participants.

Should you want to change any participant in the list your school
has sent, changes with names are only allowed until August 10,
2017; however, shirt size cannot be changed.

Kindly follow the guidelines of the registration for the 9th STIES. Thank
you for your consideration.

For questions and clarifications, contact us at 0917 243 5410 / 0999 102
3413 or e-mail us at

We are looking forward to seeing delegates from your school. Thank you
very much!

Secretariat Head, STIES 2017


Registration Head, STIES 2017

Noted by:


Vice President for Public Affairs


President, UPLB IESO

(A.Y. 2017-2018)

Yves Alvin M. Carolasan Genevieve Josephine Astrid R.

President Ocampo
VP for Public Affairs

Trixia Mae D. Perez

Executive Secretary Joshua Glivzander B. Guanco
VP for Budget and Finance

Joshua Patrick O. Jamison

VP for Operations & Synergy Lezette M. Umali
VP for Properties & Holdings

Engr. Stephanie Caridad Landicho

Engr. Angelo C. Ani
Junior Adviser

Engr. Clarissa Pesigan

Senior Adviser



0917 243 5410
0999 102 3413

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