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Professional Education January 2014 d.

Egocentrism problem
7. According to R.A. 9155, a school head has two roles,
1. With R.A. 9155, to which body were all the functions, namely administrative manager and ____.
programs, and activities of the Department of a. Health officer
Education related to Sports competition transferred? b. Instructional leader
a. Technical Education Services Department c. Facilitator
Authority d. Guidance counselor
b. Philippine Sports Commission 8. After reading and paraphrasing Robert Frosts
c. National Commission for Culture and the Arts Stopping by the Woods on Snowy Evening, Teacher
d. Commission on Higher Education Marko asked the class to share any insight derived
from the poem. In which domain in Blooms taxonomy
2. Parenting style influences childrens development. of objectives is the term paraphrase?
Read the following parents remarks for their children a. Analysis c. Comprehension
then, answer the question. b. Application d. Synthesis
Parent C Tells her child: You should do it my way 9. Which characterizes a constructivist teaching-learning
or else. There is no discussion. process?
Parent D Tells her husband: It is 10:00 PM, do you a. Conceptual interrelatedness
know where your child is? b. Multiple perspectives
Parent E Tells her child: You know, you should c. Authentic assessment
have not done that. Lets talk about it so you can d. Passive acceptance of information
handle the situation better next time. 10. On what theory is the sequencing of instruction
Parent F Tells her child: You may do what you anchored?
want. We will always be here for you, no matter what a. Gagnes hierarchical theory
you do. b. B.F. Skinners operant conditioning theory
Which Parenting style is Authoritarian? c. Banduras social learning theory
a. D b. F c. E d. C d. Thorndikes law of effect
11. A common complaint of teachers about pupils is this:
3. Two identical beakers A and B are presented to the You give them assignment, the following day they
child. Teacher Sonny pours the liquid from B to C come without any. You teach them this today, asks
which is taller and thinner than A and B but has equal them tomorrow and they dont know. It is as if there is
capacity with B. The teacher asks if the beakers A and nothing that you taught them at all. Based on the
C have the same amount of liquid. The child says theory of information processing, what must teachers
NO and points to C as the beaker that has more do to counteract pupils forgetting?
liquid. In which cognitive developmental stage is the I. Punish every child who cant give correct
child? answers to questions.
a. Sensorimotor stage II. Work for meaningful learning by connecting
b. Concrete operational stage lesson to what pupils know.
c. Pre-operational stage III. Reward every child who remembers past
d. Formal Operational stage lessons.
a. III only c. II and III
4. To determine her students level of moral b. I and III d. II only
development, Teacher Evangeline presents to her
class a morally ambiguous situation and asks them 12. When small children call all animals dogs, what
what they would do in such a situation. On whose process is illustrated, based on Piagets cognitive
theory is Teacher Evangelines technique based? development theory?
a. Bruner a. Assimilation c. Reversion
b. Kohlberg b. Conservation d. Accommodation
c. Freud
d. Piaget 13. Based on Banduras theory, which conditions must be
present for a student to learn from a model?
5. According to R.A. 9155, which among the following is I. Attention III. Motor reproduction
considered the heart of the formal education II. Retention IV. Motivation
system? a. I and II c. I, II, III and IV
a. The pupil b. I, II and III d. III and IV
b. The teacher
c. The classroom
d. The school 14. According to Tolmans theory on purposive
behaviorism, learning is goal-directed. What is its
6. You arrange the rows of blocks in such a way that a implication to teaching?
row of 5 blocks is longer than a row of 7 blocks. If you a. Evaluate lessons based on your objective/s
ask which row has more, Grade 1 pupils will say that it b. Set as many objectives as you can
is the row that makes the longer line. Based on c. Stick to your objectives/s no matter what happens
Piagets cognitive development theory, what problem d. Make the objective/s of your lesson clear and
is illustrated? specific
a. Assimilation problem
b. Accommodation problem 15. Which is the ideal stage of moral development? Stage
c. Conservation problem of _____.
a. Social contract 22. Teacher Fatima tells her students: You must be
b. Universal ethical principle honest at all times not only because you are afraid of
c. Law and order the punishment but more because you yourselves are
d. Good boy/good girl convinced of the value of honesty. Based on
Kohlbergs theory, which level of moral development
16. Cristinas family had a family picture when she was does the teacher want her students to reach?
not yet born. Unable to see herself in the family a. Conventional level
picture, she cried despite her mothers explanation b. Between conventional and post-conventional
that she was not yet born when the family picture was levels
taken. What does Cristinas behavior show? c. Between pre-conventional and post-conventional
a. Limited social cognition levels
b. Egocentrism d. Post-conventional level
c. Semi-logical reasoning
d. Rigidity of thought 23. Why is babyhood referred to as a critical period in
personality development? Because:
17. To help a student learn to the optimum, Vygotsky a. At this time the baby is exposed to many physical
advises us to bridge the students present skill level and psychological hazards
and the desired skill level by ______. b. Changes in the personality pattern take place
a. Challenging c. Inspiring c. At this time the foundations are laid upon
b. Scaffolding d. Motivating which the adult personality structure will be
18. Based on Piagets theory, what should a teacher d. The brain grows and develops at such an
provide in the formal operational stage? accelerated rate during babyhood
a. Stimulating environment with ample objects to
play with 24. It is good to give students creative learning tasks
b. Games and other physical activities to develop because ______.
motor skills a. Development is affected by cultural changes
c. Activities for hypothesis formulation b. The development of individuals is unique
d. Learning activities that involve problems of c. Development is the individuals choice
classification and ordering d. Development is aided by stimulation

19. Do not cheat. Cheating does not pay. If you do, you 25. According to Havighursts development tasks,
cheat yourself says the voiceless voice from within reaching and maintaining satisfactory performance in
you. In the context of Freuds theory, which is/are at ones occupational career is supposed to have been
work? attained during ____.
a. Id c. Ego a. Middle age and Early adulthood
b. Id and Superego d. Superego b. Middle age
c. Old age
20. Here are comments from School Head Carmen d. Early adulthood
regarding her observations on teachers practice in
lesson planning: 26. Student Deina says: I have to go to school on time.
The words identify, tell and enumerate are This is what the rule says. In what level of moral
overused. Many times they make use of non- development is the student?
behavioral terms. Often their lesson objectives do not a. Pre-conventional
include value formation and inculcation. b. Post-conventional
What can be inferred from the School Heads c. Conventional
comments regarding teacher formulated lesson d. Cannot be specifically determined
a. Often lesson objectives are in the low level 27. In planning for instruction, can a teacher begin with
b. Very often lesson objectives are in the assessment?
cognitive domain a. No, it may discourage and scare the learners
c. Quite often lesson objectives describe teachers b. Yes, determine entry knowledge or skill
behavior c. Yes, to make the class pay attention
d. Often lesson objectives are in the psychomotor d. No, assessment is only at the end of a lesson
28. Which among the following is closest to the real
21. Sassi, a Grade I pupil is asked, Why do you pray human digestive system for study in the classroom?
everyday? Sassi answered, Mommy said so. Based a. Drawing of the human digestive system on the
on Kohlbergs theory, in which moral development board
stage is Sassi? b. Model of the human digestive system
a. Pre-convention level c. The human digestive system projected on an
b. Conventional level OHP
c. In between conventional and post-conventional d. Drawing of the human digestive system on a
levels page of a textbook
d. In between pre- and post-conventional levels
29. Here is a question: Is the paragraph a good one? 36. After establishing my learning objectives, what should
Evaluate. If broken down to simplify, which is the best I do to find out what my students already know and
simplification? what they do not yet know in relation to my lesson
a. Why is the paragraph a good one? Prove objectives in the cognitive domain?
b. Is the paragraph a good one? Why or Why a. Give a pretest
not? b. Study the least learned competencies in the
c. If you asked to evaluate something, what do you National Achievement Test
do? Evaluate the paragraph? c. Analyze my students grades last year
d. What are the qualities of a good paragraph? d. Interview a sample of my students
Does the paragraph have these qualities? 37. What characterizes genuine change? Change in
30. Which one is in support of greater interaction? a. Appearance c. Substance
a. Probing b. Form d. Physical attribute
b. Repeating the question 38. In which strategy, can students acquire information
c. Not allowing a student to complete a response from various perspectives, and led to reflective
d. Selecting the same student respondents thinking and group consensus?
a. Debate
31. With this specific objective, to reduce fractions to their b. Small group discussion
lowest terms, this is how the teacher developed the c. Panel discussion
lesson. d. Symposium
Step 1 Teacher stated the rule on how to reduce 39. At the end of my lesson on the role of a teacher in
fractions to their lowest term learning, I asked the class: In what way is a teacher
Step 2 Teacher wrote 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 an enzyme? With this question, it engaged the class
4 6 8 10 12 in _______.
and showed how to reduce them to 1 a. Allegorical thinking
2 b. Concrete thinking
Step 3 Teacher wrote 3 , 6 , 4 and c. Metaphorical thinking
9 9 12 d. Symbolical thinking
showed how to reduce them to their lowest term. 40. Which must be primarily considered in the choice of
Step 4 Teacher gave this written exercise to the instructional aide?
class. a. Must stimulate and maintain student interest
Reduce the following fractions to their lowest terms: 3 b. Must be updated and relevant to Filipino setting
, 7, 5, 8, 5, 4 c. Must be suited to the lesson objective
12 14 10 16 15 6 d. Must be new and skillfully made
Did the lesson begin with concrete experience then 41. For lesson clarity and effective retention, which should
developed into the abstract? a teacher observe, according to Bruners theory?
a. No a. Begin teaching at the concrete level but go
b. Yes, a little beyond it by reaching the abstract
c. Yes, by way of the examples given by the teacher b. Use purely verbal symbols in teaching
d. Yes, the pupils were involved in arriving at the c. Start at the concrete level and end there
rule on reducing fractions to their lowest terms d. End teaching with verbal symbols
32. I want to compare two concepts. Which technique is 42. Is it advisable to use realias all the time?
most appropriate? a. No, for the sake of variety of instructional
a. Attribute wheel materials
b. K-W-L techniques b. No, only when feasible
c. Venn diagram c. Yes, because there is no substitute for realias
d. Spider web organizer d. Yes, because it is the real thing
33. Which activity should a teacher have more for his 43. I want my students to look at the issues on the call for
students if he wants them to develop logical- President Arroyo to step down from several
mathematical thinking? perspectives. Which activity is most fitting?
a. Focus group discussion a. Cross examination c. Symposium
b. Problem solving b. Panel discussion d. Debate
c. Games 44. I intended to inculcate in my students the value of
d. Small group discussion order and cleanliness. I begin my lesson by asking
them to share their experiences about the dirtiest and
34. I want to use a pre-teaching strategy that will the cleanest place they have seen and how they felt
immediately engage my students in the content and about them. From there I lead them to the
will enable me to get an insight into how students think consequences of dirty and clean home of
and feel about the topic. Which is most appropriate? surroundings. In my lesson development plan, how do
a. K-W-L chart c. Graphic I proceed?
organizer a. Transductively c. Deductively
b. Story boarding d. Document analysis b. Inductively d. Concretely
35. For a discussion of a topic from various perspectives,
it is best to hold a ______. 45. Teacher Neri wants to develop the ability of sound
a. Debate c. Panel discussion judgment in his students. Which of the following
b. Brainstorming d. Symposium questions should he ask?
a. What is the essayist saying about judging other c. One, the person and himself
people? d. Four
b. With the elements of a good paragraph in 54. When I teach skills that are critical to the learning of
mind, which one is best written? the next topics, what should I employ?
c. Why is there so much poverty in a country where a. Direct instruction
there is plenty of natural resources? b. Mastery learning
d. Of the characters in the story, with whom do you c. Socratic method
identify yourself? d. Cooperative learning
55. I want my students to have mastery learning of a basic
46. The teacher is the first audio-visual aid in the topic. Which can help?
classroom. What does this imply? a. Drill
a. You take care that you follow the fashion or else b. Socratic method and drill
students wont listen to you c. Morrisonian technique and drill
b. Your physical appearance and voice should d. Socratic method
be such that students are helped to learn 56. Teacher Feng wanted to teach the pupils the skill of
c. Make good use of the radio and TV in the cross stretching. Her check-up quiz was a written test
classroom on the steps of cross stitching. What characteristic of a
d. Include singing in your teaching method good test does it lack?
a. Predictive validity
47. I used the gumamela flower, a complete flower, to b. Objectivity
teach the parts of a flower. Which method did I use? c. Reliability
a. Demonstration method d. Content validity
b. Type-study method 57. In the parlance of test construction, what does TOS
c. Drill method mean?
d. Laboratory method a. Table of Specification
b. Team of Specifications
48. A teacher would use a standardized test ______. c. Table of Specifics
a. To serve as a unit test d. Terms of Specifications
b. To serve as a final examination 58. If I favor assessment for learning, which will I do
c. To engage in easy scoring most likely?
d. To compare her students to national norms I. Conduct a pre-test results
49. Other than finding out how well the course II. Teach based on pre-test results
competencies were met, Teacher Kathy also wants to III. Give specific feedback to students
know her students performance when compared with IV. Conduct peer tutoring for students in need of help
other students in the country. What is Teacher Kathy a. I, II and IV c. I, II and III
interested to do? b. II, III and IV d. I, II, III and IV
a. Formative evaluation 59. After a lesson on the atom, the students were asked to
b. Authentic evaluation work on a physical model of the atom to determine
c. Norm-referenced evaluation learning. For which group of students is building an
d. Criterion-referenced evaluation atom model intended?
50. I want to help my students retain new information. a. Interpersonality intelligent
Which one will I use? b. Kinesthetically intelligent
a. Questions c. Games c. Mathematically intelligent
b. Mnemonics d. Simulations d. Linguistically intelligent
51. I want to use a diagram to compare the traditional and 60. If I want to develop creative thinking in my students,
authentic modes of assessment. Which one is most which one/s should I use?
fit? I. Problem solving
a. Affinity diagram II. Brainstorming
b. Tree diagram III. Dramatics
c. Venn diagram a. I and II c. III only
d. Fishbone diagram b. II only d. I, II and II

52. A big story in your local newspaper. You want to use 61. Which is/are effective method/s in teaching students
the headlines as an inquiry device. To increase critical reading skills?
student participation, you might begin by ____. a. Read and interpret three different movie reviews
a. Asking one to read the news story and interpret b. Interpret editorials about a particular subject
what he read after from three different newspaper
b. Asking the class to infer connotations and c. Distinguish fiction from non-fiction materials
denotations from the headline d. Interpret editorials and read and interpret three
c. Explaining what you believe to be the underlying different movie reviews
d. Describing the background of the story as you 62. I want to present the characteristics features of a
know it constructivist approach. What should I use?
53. If a triadic interaction includes three (3) persons, how a. Fishbone diagram
many persons are included in a dyadic interaction? b. Venn diagram
a. Two c. Narrative frame
b. Two groups composed of two persons each
d. Attribute wheel d. Rest
63. If all of your students in your class passed the pretest, 73. What can be said if student performance in a
what should you do? positively skewed scores distribution?
a. Administer the posttest a. Most students performed well
b. Go through the unit as usual because it is b. Most students performed poorly
part of the syllabus c. Almost all students had averaged performance
c. Go through the lesson quickly in order not to skip d. A few students performed excellently
any 74. A number of test items in a test are said to be non-
d. Go on to the next unit discriminating? What conclusion/s can be drawn?
64. Teacher Vicky shows her students a picture of people I. Teaching or learning was very good.
in thick jackets. Then she asks them to tell her the II. The item is so easy that anyone could get it right.
kind of climate when the picture was taken. If she asks III. The item is so difficult that nobody could get it.
5 questions of this kind and her students do not get a. II only c. III only
them, it is safe to conclude that pupils are quite weak b. I and II d. II and III
in the skill of _______. 75. A test item has a difficulty index of 0.51 and a
a. Analyzing c. Synthesizing discrimination index of 0.25. What should the teacher
b. Inferring d. Generalizing do?
65. Which must go with self-assessment for it to be a. Revise the item
effective? b. Retain the item
a. Scoring rubric c. Make it a bonus item
b. Consensus of evaluation results from teacher and d. Reject the item
student 76. The difficulty index of a test item is 1. This means that
c. External monitor _____________.
d. Public display of results of self-evaluation a. The test item is a quality item
66. Which group of scores is most varied? The group with b. The test is very difficult
________. c. The test is very easy
a. 0.90 SD c. 0.10 SD d. Nobody got the item correctly
b. 0.50 SD d. 0.75 SD 77. If the compound range is low, this means that
67. The main purpose in administering a pretest and a _____________.
posttest to students is to _____. a. The students performed very well in the test
a. Measure gains in learning b. The difference between the highest and the
b. Measure the value of the material taught lowest score is low
c. Keep adequate records c. The difference between the highest and the
d. Accustom the students to frequent testing lowest score is high
68. Assessment is said to be authentic when the teacher d. The students performed very poorly in the test
________. 78. What is the mastery level of a school division in a 100-
a. Consider students suggestion in teaching item test with a mean of 55?
b. Gives valid and reliable paper-and-pencil test a. 42% b. 55% c. 45% d.
c. Gives students real-life task to accomplish 50%
d. Includes parents in the determination of 79. A negative discrimination index means that
assessment procedures ____________.
69. The following are computed means of a hundred-item a. The test item has low reliability
test: Physical science, 38; Math, 52; English, 33. b. More from the lower group answered the test
Based on the data, which is true? item correctly
a. The examinees seem to be very good in Physical c. The test item could not discriminate between the
Science lower and upper groups
b. The Math test appears to be the easiest d. More from the upper group got the item correctly
among the three 80. In an entrance examination, student Annas Percentile
c. The examinees seem to excel in English is 25 (P25). Based on this Percentile rank, which is
d. The English test appears to be the easiest among likely to happen?
the three a. Student Anna will be admitted
70. An examinee whose score is within x + 1 SD belongs b. Student Anna will not be admitted
to which of the following groups? c. Student Anna has 50-50 percent chance to be
a. Above average admitted
b. Average d. Student Anna has 75 percent chance to be
c. Below average admitted
d. Needs improvement 81. What does a percentile rank of 62 mean?
71. Which is true of a bimodal distribution? a. It is the students score in the test
a. The scores are neither high nor low b. The student answered sixty-two (62%) of the
b. The group has two different groups items correctly
c. The score are high c. The students score is higher than 62 percent
d. The score are low of all students who took the test
72. When you reach the plateau of learning, what should d. Sixty-two percent (62%) of those who took the
you do? test scored higher than the individual
a. Forget about learning 82. What does the computer have in common with the
b. Reflect what caused it TV?
c. Force yourself to learn a. Key board c. Screen
b. File d. Disk drive a. Science and education
83. Which depicts in graphic form the social relations b. Vocational education
present in a group? c. Liberal education
a. Interest inventory d. Technical education
b. Sociogram
c. Anecdotal record 93. Computer-assisted instruction is an offshoot of the
d. Joharis window theory of _____.
84. Planned ignoring, signal interference, and proximity a. J. Piaget c. B.F. Skinner
control are techniques used in _____. b. J. Brunner d. J. Watson
a. Managing temper tantrums 94. The use of varied teaching and testing strategies on
b. Managing surface behavior account of students multiple intelligences is in line
c. Operant conditioning with the thoughts of ______.
d. Life-space interviewing a. Daniel Goleman
85. What should you do to get the childs attention when b. Jean Piaget
she/he is distracted by an object in the room? c. Howard Gardner
I. Call him by his name and tell him to pay attention d. Benjamin Bloom
II. Put away the distracting influence
III. Involve him in helping with an activity 95. Applying Confuciuss teachings, how would hiring
a. I and II c. II and III personnel select the most fit in government positions?
b. I and III d. I, II and III a. By record evaluation done by an accrediting body
86. Which practice in our present educational system is in b. By government examinations
line with Platos thought that nothing learned under c. By accreditation
compulsion stays with the mind? d. By merit system
a. Clarification of school policies and classroom 96. Moral example has a greater effect on pupils
rules on Day 1 discipline than laws and codes of punishment is an
b. Presentation of standards of performance in the advice of teachers from _________.
learner a. Confucius c. Lao tzu
c. Making the teaching-learning process b. Mohammed d. Mencius
interesting 97. The principle of spontaneity against artificiality will
d. Involving the learner in the determination of make you accomplish something. Leave nature to
learning goals itself and you will have harmony is an active advice
87. In Values Education, faith, hope, and love are believed from the _____.
to be permanent values whether they be valued by a. Hindu c. Shintoist
people or not. Upon what philosophy is this anchored? b. Taoist d. Buddhist
a. Realism c. Idealism 98. The significance of liberal education in holistic
b. Existentialism d. Pragmatism development of students is supported by _____.
88. In the schools, we teach realities that cannot be a. Perennialism
verified by the senses like an Invisible God or Allah. b. Pragmatism
Whose beliefs does this practice negate? c. Confucian teaching
a. Stoicists c. Skeptics d. Perennialism and Confucian philosophy
b. Rationalists d. Empiricists
89. Which emphasized on non-violence as the path to true 99. Is a sick teacher, the only one assigned in a remote
peace as discussed in peace education? school, excused from her teaching duty?
a. Taoism c. Hinduism a. No, she is the only one assigned in that school
b. Buddhism d. Shintoism b. Yes, teaching is a demanding job
90. I make full use of the question-and-answer as a model c. Yes, she is sick
for discussion. From whom is this question-and- d. No, she must abide by her contract
answer method? 100. What is a demonstration of your authority as a
a. Socrates c. Aristotle professional teacher?
b. Kant d. Plato a. You make your pupils run errands for you
b. You decide on how to teach a particular
91. A wife who loves her husband dearly becomes so lesson
jealous that in a moment of savage rage, kills him. Is c. You absent from class to enjoy your leave
the wife morally responsible and why? even without prior notice
a. Not necessarily. Antecedent passion may d. You select to teach only those lessons which
completely destroy freedom and consequently you have mastered
moral responsibility 101. Which statement on true authority is wrong?
b. Yes, she killed her husband simply because a. It sets an example
of jealousy b. It seeks its own satisfaction and privilege
c. It depends on the case of the wifes jealousy c. It acts in the best interest of others
d. It depends on the mental health of the wife d. Its goal is to help, form, and guide others
102. When a teacher teaches the idea that it is wrong to
92. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, Man may think that Filipino lifestyle, products and ideas are
understand all about the rotation of the earth but he inferior to those of other nationalities, he fights
may still miss the radiance of the sunset. Which type against ______.
of education should be emphasized as implied by a. Acculturation c. Ethnocentrism
Martin Luther King Jr.? b. Xenocentrism d. Culture shock
103. Teacher Lolita, a teacher for forty years, refuses to b. Ask a third party to write the anonymous letter
attend seminars. She claims that her forty years of to prevent yourself from being involved
teaching is more than all the seminars she is asked c. Talk to the married man with whom she is
to attend. Is her actuation and thinking in having illicit affair
accordance with the Code of Ethics for Professional d. Secretly give the anonymous letter only to the
Teachers? two people concerned
a. No, a professional teacher, regardless of 109. Teachers often complain of numerous non-teaching
teaching experience, ought to go through assignments that adversely affect their teaching.
continuing professional education Does this mean that teachers must be pre-occupied
b. No, non-attendance to seminars means no only with their teaching?
professional growth a. Yes, because teaching is enough full time job
c. Yes, because she has taught for forty years b. Yes, if they are given other assignments,
and may have mastered the trade justice demands that they be properly
d. Yes, provided she has an excellent compensated
performance rating c. No, because every teacher is expected to
provide leadership in activities for the
104. A principal asked her good teachers to write betterment of the communities where they live
modular lessons in Science, and then she had them and work
published with her name printed as author. Which is d. No, they are also baby sitters especially in the
unethical in this case? pre-school
a. She was the exclusive beneficiary of the 110. My right ends where the rights of others begin.
royalty from the modules What does this mean?
b. She burdened her teachers with work not a. Rights are not absolute
related to teaching b. Rights are alienable
c. She had the modular lessons published when c. Rights are inalienable
they were worth publishing d. Rights are absolute
d. She got the merit which was due for her 111. History books used in the schools are replete with
teacher-writers events portraying defeats and weaknesses of the
Filipino people. In the spirit of nationalism, how
105. Is it ethical on the part of the teacher to proselyte in should you tackle them in the classroom?
her classroom every Friday? a. Present them as they are and tell the class to
a. Yes, that strengthens values education accept reality
b. Yes, that is religious instruction which is b. Present the facts and use them as means to
allowed by the Constitution teach and inspire your class
c. No, a teacher shall not engage in the c. Present the facts and express your feelings of
promotion of his/her religious interest in regret
the classroom d. Present the facts including those people
d. No, proselyting is no longer necessary in this responsible for the failures or for those who
age contributed
112. Should an association of teachers obey a Supreme
106. Which can promote national pride among Courts decision even if it conflict with its interest
pupils/students? and opinions?
I. Studying the lives of outstanding a. No
Filipinos here and abroad b. Yes
II. Reading the lives of saints of the Church c. Yes, provided they can make a bargain
III. Studying Philippine history with emphasis on d. No, as a minority group they have the right to
the victories and greatness of the Filipino express their rejection
people 113. A teacher does not agree with the selective
a. I, II, III c. I & II retention policy of the school and she openly talks
b. III only d. I only against it in her classes. Is her behavior ethical?
107. Why is the exodus of Filipino professionals a. Yes, provided she got the permission from her
described as brain drain? superior to talk against the policy
I. Those who go abroad are usually the b. No, it is her duty to faithfully carry it out
better even if she does not agree
II. Filipino professionals serve other countries c. No, in fact she is quite confused and passes
instead on her confusion to others
III. They contribute to nation building through their d. Yes, she is entitled to her opinion just as
dollar remittances everybody is
a. I, II, III b. I only c. II only d. I & II 114. If you have a problem with another teacher, the first
108. You want to report on a colleague's act of step towards resolution should be for you to:
immorality. You don't have the courage to confront a. Talk directly with the teacher involved
her. To end her illicit affair with a married man you b. Ask your fellow teachers to intercede on your
write and secretly distribute copies of your behalf
anonymous letter against your fellow teacher. What c. Ask your fellow teachers for their suggestions
should have been done instead? d. Discuss it with your principal
a. If the charge is valid; present such charge
under oath before your school head
115. What is ethical for you to do if deep within your Teacher A - The learner is a product of his environment.
heart you do not agree with the school policy on Sometimes he has no choice. He is determined by his
student absences? environment.
a. Be vocal about your feeling and opinion Teacher B - The learner can choose what he can become
against the policy despite his environment.
b. Understand the policy and support the Teacher C - The learner is a social being who learns well
school in its implementation through an active interplay with other.
c. Argue with your superior to convince him to Teacher D - The learner is a rational being. Schools
change the policy should develop his rational and moral powers.
d. Keep your feeling to yourself but make 121. Whose philosophical concept is that of Teacher A?
insinuations that you are against it while you a. Rationalist c. Existentialist
teach b. Behaviorist d. Progressivist
CASE #1 Mrs. Domingo developed a lesson on the 122. Teacher B's response comes from the mouth of
concept of fraction this way: First, she presented one pizza, a/an:
and then asked a pupil to cut it into two. She called one a. Behaviorist c. Essentialist
part of the pizza 1/2 and the two parts of 2/2. Then she wrote b. Existentialist d. Perennialist
1/2 and 2/2 on the board. She proceeded to ask another 123. If you agree with Teacher C, you are more of a/an:
pupil to divide the half parts of the cake into two again, and a. Perennialist c. Essentialist
then wrote 1/2, 2/4 and 3/4. Then she used the model of b. Rationalist d. Progressivist
fractions (wooden circles) divided into 2, 3 and 4 show 1/2, 124. If you identify yourself with Teacher D, you adhere
1/4, 1/3, 2/4. Then she went back to the fractions she wrote to what philosophy?
on the board. She asked her pupils for the meaning of 1/2, a. Progressivist c. Existentialist
1/3, 1/4, 2/4. b. Behaviorist d. Perennialist
116. Did Mrs. Domingo follow Bruner's three stage 125. Whose response denies man's free will?
development of knowledge? a. Teacher A c. Teacher D
a. Yes b. Teacher C d. Teacher B
b. No CASE #3 School Head Amilia wants her teachers to be
c. Only in the first stage constructivist in their teaching orientation.
d. Cannot be determined because the lesson was 126. Which material will her teachers most likely use?
not developed fully a. Facts c. Time-tested principles
117. In the context of Bruner's principle of knowledge b. Hypotheses d. Laws
representation, which is the enactive phase of the 127. Which material will her teachers most likely avoid?
lesson on fractions? a. Unquestionable laws
a. Presenting the pizza and cutting it into two b. Open-ended topics
and four c. Problems or cases
b. Using the model of fractions d. Controversial issues
c. Writing the fractions 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 on the 128. On which assumption/s is/are the principal's action
board anchored?
d. Asking the meaning of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 I. Students learn by personally
118. Would it be easier to understand and retain the constructing meaning of what is taught
concept of fractions if Mrs. Domingo began the II. Students construct and reconstruct meanings
lesson on fractions with the meaning of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, based on experiences
etc.? III. Students derive meaning from the meaning
a. Yes, provided we proceed to the concrete that teacher gives
b. No, for better learning we proceed from the a. I only c. I and II
concrete to the abstract b. I and III d. II only
c. It depends on the teaching skills of the 129. Which does School Head Amilia want her teachers
teacher to do?
d. Yes, provided we include a concrete a. Require their students to come up with a
application of the abstract construct of the lesson
119. Which part of the lesson is the symbolic stage? b. Make their students derive meaning from what
a. Using the model of fractions is presented
b. Dividing the pizza further into four c. Let their students construct meaningful
c. Dividing the pizza into two sentences based on the lesson
d. Writing the fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 2/4 on the d. Give the meaning of what they present in class
board 130. Which one should her teachers then avoid?
120. Does the development of the lesson on fraction Students':
conform to the bottom-up arrangement of the a. Reflection
learning experiences in Edgar Dale's Cone of b. Self-directed learning
Experience? c. Memorization of facts for testing
a. No d. Inquiry
b. Cannot be determined
c. Yes CASE #4 On the first day of school, Teacher Yveta
d. Up to the second phase of the lesson only oriented her class on procedures to be observed in passing
CASE #2 In a faculty recollection, the teachers were papers, getting textbooks from and returning the same on
asked to share their thoughts of the learner, their primary the bookshelf, leaving the room for necessity, and
customer. What follow is the gist of what were shared: conducting group work. She arranged the chairs in such a
way that students can interact and can move around b. Yes, question #7
without unnecessarily distracting those seated. She c. Yes, question #8
involved the class in the formulation of rules to ensure d. None
punctuality, order and cleanliness in the classroom. 137. Which question technique/s of Mr. Santo do(es) not
131. On what belief is Teacher Yveta's management enhance interaction?
practice anchored? I. Asking high-level questions
a. Classroom rules need to be imposed for II. Calling only on those who raised their hands
order's sake III. Calling on someone before asking the question
b. The classroom environment affects a. II and III c. III only
learning b. I and II d. I and III
c. A teacher must lord her power over her 138. Which statement on wait time is correct?
students to be an effective classroom manager a. The higher the level of the question, the longer
d. A reactive classroom management style is the wait time
effective b. Wait time turns off slow thinking students
132. Teacher Yveta involved her students in the c. For quality response, what and why
formulation of class rules. Which describes her questions require equal wait time
classroom management style? d. Wait time discourages the brighter group of
a. Benevolent c. Democratic students
b. Authoritarian d. Laissez-faire 139. To connect the lesson on water conservation to the
133. Which adjective appropriately describes Teacher life of the students, which question is most
Yveta as a classroom manager? appropriate?
a. Proactive c. Reactive a. How can you help conserve water?
b. Modern d. Traditional b. Based on you observations, in what ways for
134. Was it sound classroom management practice for people contribute to water wastage?
Teacher Yveta to have involved the students in the c. What maybe the reason why even if Family
formulation of class rules? B is not as big as Family C, it consumes
a. No, it weakens the teacher's authority over her much more water than Family C?
students d. Among the families, who contributes most to
b. Yes, it makes students feel a sense of water conservation?
ownership of the rules 140. Were all the questions of Mr. Santo divergent?
c. Yes, it lessens a teacher's work a. Yes c. No
d. No, it is a students' act of usurpation of b. No, except #4 d. Yes, except #1
teachers power
135. Which assumption underlies Teacher Yveta's CASE #6 With a topic on the human circulatory system,
classroom management practice? Teacher Jan formulated the following lesson objectives:
a. Classroom routines are boring and will work 1. Given a model of the human circulatory system, the
when imposed student must be able to understand the route of blood
b. Classroom routines leave more time for circulation
class instruction 2. After discussing the process of blood circulation, the
c. Students need to be treated like adults to teacher must be able to lead the pupils in enumerating
learn responsibility circulatory system-related diseases and in citing the
d. Teacher's personality is a critical factor in causes and prevention of such diseases.
classroom discipline 141. Is objective #1 in accordance with the principles of
lesson objective formulation?
CASE #5 Mr. Santo's lesson was on water conservation. a. No, the word understand is not a
He presented a graph that compared water consumption of behavioral term
small and big families. Before he asked any of the b. No, it is not attainable
questions, he asked someone to stand up to give an c. Yes, understand is an action word
answer. He called only on those who raised their hands. d. Yes, it is very specific
The questions he asked were: 142. How can you improve objective #2?
1. What do you see in the graph? a. Remove the phrase After discussing the
2. How do you compare the water consumption of small process of blood circulation.
and big families? b. Formulate it from the learner's point of view
3. Why do most of the big families consume more water c. Cut it short; the statement is quite long
than the smaller families? d. No need to improve on it
4. Do all the small families consume less water than the 143. Do both objectives include a criterion of success, an
big families? Explain your answer. element of a lesson objective cited by Robert
5. In your opinion, why does one small family consume Mager?
more water than one big family? a. Only objective #1 has
6. In what ways is water wasted? b. Only objective #2 has
7. What are ways of conserving water? c. No, they don't
8. Are the families presented well at water conservation? d. Yes, they do
Why or why not? 144. Is objective #2 in accordance with the principles of
9. What generalization can you draw about water lesson objective formulation?
consumption and size of families? a. No, it does not describe pupils' learning
136. Is there any convergent question from #1 to #8? behavior
a. Yes, question #4
b. Yes, it is formulated from the point of view of 153. Teacher Nikka wants to check prior knowledge of her
the teacher pupils about water pollution. She writes the main topic
c. No, it is very broad water pollution in the center of the chalkboard and
d. Yes, it describes teacher's teaching activity encircles it. Then, she ask the pupils to provide
145. Which one is the measurable learning behavior in information that can be clustered around the main
objective #1? topic. Which technique did the teacher employ?
a. Able to understand a. Vocabulary building
b. Route of blood circulation b. Semantic mapping
c. To understand c. Demonstration
d. None d. Deductive teaching
154. The current emphasis on the development of critical
CASE #7 Teacher Fantina has a hard time getting the thinking by the use of philosophic methods that
attention of her class. When she checks for understanding emphasize debate and discussion began with:
of the lesson after a usual forty-five minute lecture, she a. Aristotle c. Confucius
finds out that only one or two can answer her questions. b. Socrates d. Plato
This has become a pattern so one time, when the class 155. Which refers to a single word or phrase that tells the
could not answer, she gave a test. computer to do something with a program or file?
146. What does the inattentiveness of most of Teacher a. Computer program c. Computer language
Fantina's students confirm? b. Password d. Command
a. The ripple effect of behavior 156. In instructional planning, which among these three;
b. The lack of academic preparation of some unit plan, course plan, lesson plan is most specific?
teachers _________ plan.
c. The strange behaviors of today's students a. Course c.
d. The stubbornness of student groups Resources
b. Unit d. Lesson
147. Which method in dealing with classroom 157. The first American teachers on the Philippines were:
management problem is better than that of Teacher a. Missionaries
Fantina? b. Soldiers
a. Low level force and private communication c. Graduates of the normal school
b. Low level force and public communication d. Elementary graduates
c. High level force and private communication 158. By which process do children become participating
d. High level force and public communication and functioning members of society by fitting into an
148. Can the inattentiveness of Teacher Fantina's class organized way to life?
be attributed to her use of the lecture method? a. Socialization c. Accommodation
a. Yes, if the lecture was not interactive b. Acculturation d. Assimilation
b. Yes, if Teacher Fantina is an experienced 159. What is the mean of this score distribution 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
teacher 9, 10?
c. No, if the students are intelligent a. 7.5 b. 8.5 c. 6 d. 7
d. Cannot be determined 160. Which is a teaching approach for kindergartens that
149. With the principles of learning in mind, which one makes real world experiences of the child the focal
can help Teacher Fantina solve her student point of educational stimulation?
disciplinary problem? a. Situation approach
a. Call on their first names b. Traditional approach
b. Do interactive teaching c. Montessori approach
c. Change seat plan of the class d. Eclectic approach
d. Assign monitors in class 161. Which among the following graphic organizers used
150. Which act of Teacher Fantina is contrary to the helps to show events in chronological order?
principles of teaching? a. Time line and story map
a. Asking questions to check for understanding b. Time line and cycle
c. Series of events chart and story map
b. Giving a lecture d. Time line and series of events chart
c. Checking for understanding of the lesson in
the process of teaching 162. Which schools are subject to supervision, regulation
d. Giving a test to discipline the class and control by the state?
151. Teacher Leon gives his students opportunities to be a. Public, private sectarian and non-
creative because of his conviction that much learning sectarian schools
results from the need to express creativity. On which b. Public schools
theory is Teacher Leons conviction anchored? c. Sectarian and non-sectarian schools
______ theory d. Private schools
a. Behaviorist c. Cognitive
b. Associationist d. Humanist 163. Which among following can help student development
152. Which philosophy approves of a teacher who lectures the habit of critical thinking?
most of the time and requires his students to a. Blind obedience of authority
memorize the rules of grammar? b. A willingness to suspend judgment until
a. Existentialism c. Pragmatism sufficient evidence is presented
b. Realism d. Idealism c. Asking convergent questions
d. Asking low level questions
a. Chili-Friendly-School System
164. Teacher Nelda wants to develop in her pupils b. Adopt-A-School-Program
comprehension skills. What order of skills will she c. Every Child A Reader Program
develop? d. Brigada Eskwela
I. Literal comprehension 174. Researchers gave rats a dose of 3-m butyl phthalide
II. Interpretation and measured changes in the rats blood pressure.
III. Critical evaluation This statement is best classified as
IV. Integration a. Experiment c. Hypothesis
a. II-III-IV-I c. I-II-III-IV b. Prediction d. Finding
165. An integrative, conceptual approach introduced by 175. The right hemisphere of the brain is involved with the
Roldan that has as its highest levels in the following functions except:
development of _____ thinking skills. a. Visual functions
a. Interpretative c. Critical b. Nonverbal functions
b. Creative d. Literal c. Intuitive functions
166. If a student thinks about thinking, he is involved in the d. Detail-oriented functions
process called ________. 176. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth, which
a. Higher order thinking should be done?
b. Metacognition a. Re-study our history from the perspective of
c. Critical thinking our colonizer
d. Creative thinking b. Re-study our history and stress on our
167. The use of drills in the classroom is rooted on achievements as a people
Thorndikes law of: c. Replace the study of folklores and myths
a. Readiness c. Exercise with technical subjects
b. Effect d. d. Set aside the study of local history
168. The following are some drill techniques, except: 177. Which is in accordance with the with-it-ness principle
a. Challenging students to be above the level of classroom management of Kounin?
of the class a. Students agree to disagree in class
b. Asking pupils to repeat answers discussions
c. Giving short quiz and having students grade b. Teacher is fully aware of what is
papers happening in his classroom
d. Assigning exercises from a workbook c. Student is with his teacher in everything he
169. The process of task analysis ends up in the teaches
formulation of: d. Both parents and teachers are involved in
a. Instructional objectives the education of children
b. Enabling objectives
c. Goals of learning 178. Below are questions that must be considered in
d. Behavioral objectives developing appropriate learning activity experiences
except one. Which is it?
170. For city-bred students to think that their culture is a. Can experiences benefit the pupils?
better than those from the province is a concrete b. Do the experiences save the pupils from
example of ____. learning difficulties?
a. Ethical relativism c. Cultural relativism c. Are the experiences in accordance with the
b. Ethnocentrism d. Xenocentrism patterns of pupils?
171. Who were the Thomasites? d. Do the experiences encourage pupils to
a. The first American teachers that help in inquire further?
establishing the public educational 179. Which is a characteristic of an imperfect type of
system in the Philippines matching test?
b. The soldiers who doubted the success of the a. An item may have no answer at all
public educational system to be set in the b. An answer may be repeated
Philippines c. There are two or more distracters
c. The first religious group who came to the d. The items in the right and left columns are
Philippines on board the US transports equal in number
Thomas 180. Which is a proactive management practice?
d. The devotees to St. Thomas Aquinas who a. Tell them that you enforce the rules on
came to evangelize everyone, no exception
172. Which teaching activity is founded on Bandura's social b. Set and clarify your rules and
learning theory? expectation on Day 1
a. Questioning c. Punish the misbehaving pupils in the
b. Inductive reasoning presence of their classmates
c. Modeling d. Stress on penalty for every violation
d. Interactive teaching 181. Specialization is knowing more and more about less
173. Which program is DepEds vehicle in mobilizing and less. Then it is better to be a generalist, claims
support from the private and non-government sectors Teacher Patty. On which philosophy does Teacher
to support programs based on DepEds menu of Patty learn?
assistance packages? a. Essentialism c. Perennialism
b. Progressivism d. Existentialism
182. I like to develop the synthesizing skills of my students. 191. Which objective in the affective domain is the lowest
Which one should I do? level?
a. Ask my students to formulate a a. To accumulate examples of authenticity
generalization from the data shown in the b. To support viewpoints against abortion
graphs c. To respond positively to a comment
b. Direct my students to point out which part of d. To formulate criteria for honestly
the graph are right and which part is wrong 192. Using the six descriptions of elements of good short
c. Ask my students to answer the questions story, IDENTIFY IN WRITING THE SHORT STORY
beginning with what if BY O. HENRY, with complete accuracy. The words in
d. Tell my students to state data presented in capital letters are referred to as the ____________.
the graph a. Criterion of success
183. To reach out to clientele who cannot be in the b. Condition
classroom for one reason or another, which of the c. Performance statement
following was established? d. Minimum acceptable performance
a. Informal
b. Special education (SPED) 193. You have presented a lesson on animal protective
c. Pre-school education coloration. At the end, you ask if there are any
d. Alternative learning delivery system questions. There are none. You can take this to mean
184. Tira enjoys games like scrabble, anagrams and that ______.
password. Which type of intelligence is strong in Tira? a. The students are not interested in the lesson
a. Interpersonal intelligence b. You need to ask specific questions to
b. Linguistic intelligence elicit responses
c. Logical and mathematical intelligence c. The students did not understand what you
d. Spatial intelligence were talking about
185. Teacher Milla observes cleanliness and order in the d. The students understood everything you
classroom to create a conducive atmosphere for presented
learning. On which theory is her practice based? 194. Teacher Vina feels offended by her supervisors
a. Psychoanalysis unfavorable comments after a classroom supervision.
b. Gestalt psychology She concludes that her supervisor does not like her.
c. Behaviorism Which Filipino trait is demonstrated by Teacher Vina?
d. Humanistic psychology a. Extreme family-centeredness
186. Which learning principles is the essence of Gardners b. Extreme personalism
theory of multiple intelligences? c. Kanya-kanya syndrome
a. Almost all learners are linguistically d. Superficial religiously
intelligent 195. Teachers are encouraged to make use of authentic
b. Intelligence is not measured on one form assessments such as:
c. Learners have different IQ level a. De-contextualized drills
d. Learners have static IQ b. Unrealistic performances
187. Who asserted that children must be given the c. Answering multiple choices test items
opportunity to explore and work on different materials d. Real world application of lessons learned
so that they will develop the sense of initiative instead 196. What does the principle of individual difference require
of guilt? teachers to do?
a. Kohlberg c. Maslow a. Give less attention to gifted learners
b. Erickson d. Gardner b. Provide for a variety of learning activities
188. Teacher Ada uses direct instruction strategy. Which c. Treat all learners alike while teaching
will she first do? d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class
a. Presenting and structuring
b. Independent practice 197. The source of energy responsible for life on earth is
c. Guided student practice the ______.
d. Reviewing the previous days work a. Moon c. Star
189. The free public elementary and secondary educations b. Wind d. Sun
in the country are in the line with the government effort 198. Which quotation goes with a proactive approach to
to address educational problems of _________. discipline?
a. Productivity a. An ounce of prevention is better than a
b. Relevance and quality pound of cure.
c. Access and quality b. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill.
d. Effectiveness and efficiency c. Walk your talk.
190. Here are raw scores in a quiz 97, 95, 85, 83, 77, 75, d. Do not smile until Christmas.
50, 10, 5, 2, 1. To get a picture of the groups
performance which measure of central tendency is 199. Id like to test whether a student knows what a
most reliable? particular word means. What should I ask the student
a. Median to do?
b. Mode a. Give the word a tune then sing it
c. Mean b. Define the word
d. None, it is best to look at the individual c. Spell the word and identify its part of speech
scores d. Give the etymology of the word
a. They were devotees of St. Thomas Aquinas
200. Study this matching type of test. Then answer the b. They disembarked from the CIS
question below. Transport called Thomas
1. Measure of a. Mean c. They first taught at the University of Sto.
relationship b. Standard Deviation Tomas
2. Measure of central c. Rho d. They arrived in the Philippines on the feast
tendency d. T-ratio of St. Tomas
3. Binet-Simon e. Intelligence testing 208. Zazha exhibits fear response to freely roaming dogs
4. Statistical test of movement but does not show fear when a dog is on a leash or
mean difference confined to a pen. Which conditioning process is
5. Measure of illustrated?
variability a. Generalization c. Discrimination
Which among the following is a way to improve the b. Acquisition d. Extinction
above matching test? 209. The Filipino learner envisioned by the Department of
a. Add five items in both columns Education is one who is imbued with the desirable
b. Add one or two items in the right column values of person who is:
c. Add ten items in both columns to make the test a. Makabayan, makatao, makakalikasan at
more comprehensive maka-Diyos
d. Add one or two items in the left column b. Makabayan, makatao, makahalaman, at
201. A teachers quarrel with a parent makes her develop a c. Makabayan, makasarili, makakalikasan, at
feeling of prejudice against the parents child. The maka-Diyos
teachers unfavorable treatment of the child is an d. Makabayan, makakaragatan, makatao, at
influence of what Filipino trait? maka-Diyos
a. Lack of self-reflection 210. The right hemisphere of the brain is involved with the
b. Extreme personalism following function except:
c. Extreme family-centeredness a. Intuitive functions
d. Sakop-mentality b. Nonverbal functions
c. Visual functions
202. In the context of grading, what is referred to as d. Detail-oriented functions
teachers generosity error? A teacher _______. 211. What function is associated with the right brain?
a. Rewards students who perform well a. Visual, non-verbal, logical
b. In overgenerous with praise b. Visual, intuitive, non-verbal
c. Has a tendency to give high grades as c. Visual, intuitive, logical
compare to the rest d. Visual, logical, detail-oriented
d. Gives way to students bargain for no more 212. Principal Connie tells her teachers that training in the
quiz humanities is most important. To which education
203. For mastery learning and in line with outcome-based philosophy does he adhere?
evaluation model which element should be present? a. Existentialism c. Essentialism
a. Inclusion of non-performance objectives b. Progressivism d. Perennialism
b. Construction of criterion-referenced tests 213. Behavior followed by pleasant consequences will be
c. Construction of norm-referenced tests strengthened and will be more likely to occur in the
d. Non-provision of independent learning future. Behavior followed by unpleasant
204. Which statement about standard deviation is correct? consequences will be weakened and will be less likely
a. The higher the standard deviation the to be repeated in the future. Which one is explained?
more spread the scores are a. Freuds psychoanalytic theory
b. The lower the standard deviation the more b. Thorndikes law of effect
spread the scores are c. B.F. Skinners Operant conditioning theory
c. The higher the standard deviation the less d. Banduras social learning theory
spread the scores are 214. Theft of school equipment like TV, computer, etc. by
d. It is a measure of central tendency people on the community itself is becoming a common
205. What is the Teachers Professionalism Act? phenomenon. What does this signify?
a. RA 7836 c. RA 7722 a. Prevalence of poverty in the community
b. RA 4670 d. RA 9263 b. Inability of school to hire security guards
206. The State shall protect and promote the right of c. Deprivation of Filipino schools
citizens to quality education at all levels. Which d. Communitys lack of sense of co-
government program is in support of this? ownership
a. Exclusion of children with special needs 215. The main purpose of compulsory study of the
from the formal system Constitution is to _____.
b. Free elementary and secondary a. Develop students into responsible,
education thinking citizen
c. Deregulated tuition fee hike b. Acquaint students with the historical
d. Re-introduction of the NEAT and NSAT development of the Philippine Constitution
207. The American Teachers who were recruited to help c. Make constitutional experts of the students
set the public educational system in the Philippines d. Prepare students for law-making
during the American regime were called Thomasites
216. Which goals of educational institution, as provided for a. Interpret editorials about a particular subject
by the Constitution, is the development of work skills from three different newspapers
aligned? b. Read and interpret three different movie
a. To develop moral character reviews
b. To develop vocational efficiency c. Distinguish fiction from non-fiction materials
c. To teach the duties of citizenship d. Interpret editorials and read and interpret
d. To inculcate love of country three different movie reviews
217. Complete this analogy: 226. Which is true of a bimodal score distribution?
Spanish period: moral and religious person. a. The group tested has two different
American period: _______ groups
a. Productive citizen c. Patriotic citizen b. The scores are neither high nor low
b. Self-reliant citizen d. Caring citizen c. The scores are high
218. Who is remembered for his famous quotation? My d. The scores are low
loyalty to may party ends where my loyalty to my 227. What is the mastery level of school in a 100 item test
country begins. with a mean of 55?
a. Carlos P. Garcia c. Manuel L. a. 42% b. 50% c. 45% d. 55%
b. Ferdinand Marcos d. Manuel Roxas 228. Who stressed the idea that students cannot learn if
219. Here is a question: Is the paragraph a good one? their basic needs are not first met?
Evaluate. If broken down to simplify, which is the best a. Thorndike
simplification? b. Maslow
a. Is the paragraph a good one? Why or c. Wertheimer
why not? d. Operant conditioning
b. Why is the paragraph a good one? Prove
c. If you asked to evaluate something, what do 229. A person, who has had painful experience as the
you do? Evaluate the paragraph dentists office, may become fearful at the mere sight
d. What are the qualities of a good paragraph? of the dentists office building. What theory can explain
Does the paragraph have these qualities? this?
220. Manunulat ang tatay mo kaya sa personal mong a. Attribution theory
kagustuhan makasunod sa kanyang mga yapak, b. Classical conditioning
magsusulat ka. Ano ang kahulugan ng pagsusulat? c. Generalization
a. Proseso na nagsisimula sa idea o d. Operant conditioning
b. Makalikha ng mga salita, pangungusap at 230. I want my students to have mastery learning of a basic
talata topic. Which of the following can help?
c. Kakayahan ng tao na makapagtala o a. Socratic method and drill
makapagimprenta ng malinaw b. Drill
d. Pagpili ng paksa at pagsasaliksik c. Socratic method
221. Anong bahagi ng pananalita ang nasa malaking titik? d. None of the above
Malungkot ANG MGA nagtapos na wala pang trabaho. 231. As a teacher you are a skeptic. Which among these
a. Pananda c. Pariralang pantukoy will be your guiding principle?
b. Pang-ukol d. Pangatnig a. I must teach the child to the fullest
222. Which is NOT a characteristic of education during the b. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill, and
pre-Spanish era? value that he needs for a better future
a. Vocational training-oriented c. I must teach the child that we can never have
b. Structured real knowledge of anything
c. Unstructured d. I must teach the child so he is assured
d. Informal 232. With forms of prompting in mind, which group is
223. Which is closest to the real human digestive system arranged from least to most instructive prompting?
for study in the classroom? a. Verbal, physical, gestural
a. Model of the human digestive system b. Verbal, gestural, physical
b. Drawing of the human digestive system on c. Gestural, physical, verbal
the board d. Physical, gestural, verbal
c. The human digestive system projected on 233. In which way does heredity affect the development of
an OHP the learner?
d. Drawing of human digestive system on a a. By providing equal potential to all
page of a textbook b. By making acquired traits hereditary
224. Which one is in support of greater interaction? c. By compensating for what environment fails
a. Repeating the question to develop
b. Not allowing a student to complete a d. By placing limits beyond which the
response learner cannot develop
c. Probing 234. In writing performance objectives, which word is not
d. Selecting the same student respondents acceptable?
225. Which is/are effective methods/s in teaching students a. Integrate c. Manipulate
critical reading skills? b. Delineate d. Comprehend
235. For which lesson objective will a teacher use the direct 244. Which will be the most authentic assessment tool for
instruction method? an instructional objective on working with and relating
a. Distinguish war from aggression to people?
b. Appreciate Miltons Paradise Lost a. Organizing a community project
c. Use a microscope properly b. Writing articles on working and relating to
d. Become aware of the pollutants in the people
environment c. Home visitation
236. To encourage introspection, which teaching method is d. Conducting mock election
MOST appropriate? 245. Here is a test item:
a. Cognitive c. Process From the data presented in the table, form
b. Reflective d. Cooperative learning generalizations that are supported by the data. Under
237. With indirect instruction in mind, which does not what type of question does this item fall?
belong to the group? a. Convergent c. Application
a. Lecture-recitation b. Evaluative d. Divergent
b. Experiential method 246. I want to teach concepts, patterns, and abstractions.
c. Inductive method Which method will be most appropriate?
d. Discovery method a. Discovery c. Direct
238. A master teacher is the resource speaker in an in- instruction
service training. He presented the situated learning b. Indirect instruction d. Problem solving
theory and encouraged his colleagues to apply the 247. We are very much interested in a quality professional
same in class. Which of the following did he not development program for teachers. What
encourage his colleagues to do? characteristic should we look for?
a. Apprenticeship a. Required for renewal of professional license
b. Decontextualized teaching b. Prescribed by top educational leader
c. Learning as it normally occurs c. Responsive to identified teachers needs
d. Authentic problem solving d. Dependent on the availability of funds
239. I want to engage my students in small group 248. What principle is violated by overusing the
discussions. Which topic lends itself to a lively chalkboards, as though it is the only education
discussion? technology available?
a. The exclusion of Pluto as a planet a. Isolated use c. Variety
b. The meaning of the law of supply and b. Flexibility d. Uniformity
demand 249. Which statement applies correctly to Edgar Dales
c. The law of inertia CONE of experience?
d. Rules on subject-verb agreement a. The farther you are from the base, the more
240. Teacher Joshua discovered that his pupils are weak in direct the learning experience becomes
comprehension. To further in which particular skill(s) b. The farther you are from the bottom, the
his pupils are weak, which test should Teacher Joshua more direct the learning experience
give? becomes
a. Standardized test c. Placement c. The close you are to the base, the more
b. Aptitude test d. Diagnostic indirect the learning experience become
241. The students of Teacher Kath scan an electronic d. The closer you are to the base, the more
encyclopedia, view a film on the subject, or look at direct the learning experience becomes
related topics at the touch of a button right there in the 250. To teach the democratic process to the pupils.
classroom. Which devices does teacher Kaths class Santo Domingo Elementary School decided that the
have? election of class officers shall be patterned after
a. Videotape lesson c. Video disc local elections. There are qualities set for
b. Teaching machine d. CD candidates, limited period for campaign, rules for
242. If my approach to my lesson is behaviorist, what posting campaign materials, etc. Which of the
features will dominate my lesson? following did the school use?
I. Lecturing III. Reasoning a. Symposium c. Role playing
II. Copying notes IV. Demonstration b. Simulation d. Philips 66
a. III, IV c. I, II, III, 251. Which of the following are effective methods in
IV teaching student critical reading skills?
b. I, III, IV d. II, III, IV I. Interpret editorials
243. You practice inclusive education. Which of these II. Read and interpret three different movie
applies to you? reviews
I. You accept every student as full and valued III. Read a position paper and deduce underlying
member of the class and school community assumptions of the position papers
II. Your special attention is on learners with specific a. II and III c. I and II
learning or social needs b. I and III d. I, II and III
III. You address the needs of the class as a whole 252. Here is a test item:
within the context of the learners with specific The improvement of basic education should be the
learning or social needs top priority of the Philippine government. Defend
a. II only c. I only and refute the position.
b. I and II d. I and III Under what type of question does this test item fall?
a. Low-level c. Analysis
b. Evaluative d. Convergent
253. Teacher Jenny teaches a lesson in which students observation? Nobody raised a hand so she asked
must recognize that is the same as 0.25. They another question: Based on what you observe,
use this relationship to determine that 0.15 and 0.20 what can you now say about the reaction of plants
are slightly less than . Which of the following to light. What did Teacher Nene do?
concept/s is/are being taught? a. Redirecting c. Repeating
a. Numeration skills b. Probing d. Rephrasing
b. Place value of decimals
c. Numeration skills for decimal and 261. Under no circumstance shall a teacher be
relationship between fractions and prejudiced nor discriminatory against any learner
decimals according to the Code of Ethics. When is a teacher
d. Relationship between fractions and decimals prejudice against any learner?
254. To nurture students creativity, which activity should a. When he makes a nearsighted pupil sit at the
the teacher avoid? front
a. Ask what if questions b. When he considers multiple intelligences in the
b. Ask divergent thinking questions choice of his teaching strategies
c. Emphasize the need to give right answer c. When he makes a farsighted pupil sit at the
d. Be open to out-of-this world ideas back
d. When he refuses a pupil with a slight
255. After reading an essay, Teacher Bebe wants to help physical disability in class
sharpen her students ability to interpret. Which of
these activities will be most appropriate? 262. Which learning activity is most appropriate if
a. Drawing conclusions teachers focus in attitudinal change?
b. Making inferences a. Role play c. Exhibit
c. Getting the main idea b. Field trip d. Game
d. Listing facts separately from opinion 263. The mode of a score distribution is 25. This means
256. What is the best way to develop math concepts? a. There is no score of 25
a. Solving problems using multiple approaches b. Twenty five (25) is the score that occurs
b. Solving problems by looking for correct answer most
c. Learning math as applied to situations such c. Twenty five is the average of the score
as being a tool of science distribution
d. Solving problems by applying learned formulas d. Twenty five is the score that occurs least
257. Teacher Cita, an experienced teacher, does daily 264. The following characterize a child-centered
review of past lessons in order to ________. kindergarten except:
a. Provide her pupils with a sense of a. Focus on the education of the whole child
continuity b. Importance of play in development
b. Introduce a new lesson c. Extreme orientation on academic
c. Reflect on how she presented the previous d. Emphasis on individual uniqueness
lesson 265. As a classroom manager, how can you exhibit
d. Determine who among her pupils are studying expert power on the first day of school?
a. By citing to my students the important of good
258. Research says that mastery experiences increase grades
confidence and willingness to try similar or more b. By making my students feel my authority over
challenging tasks such as reading. What does this them
imply for children reading performance? c. By making them feel a sense of
a. Children who have mastered basic skills are belongingness and acceptance
more likely to be less motivated to read d. By making my students feel I know what I
because they get fed up with too much reading am talking about
b. Children who have not mastered the basic 266. Which may help an adolescent discover his
skills are more likely to be motivated to read in identity?
order to gain mastery over basic skills a. Parents pushing in to follow a specific path
c. Children who have a high sense of self- b. Relating to people
confidence are not necessarily those who can c. Decision to follow one path only
read d. Exploring many different roles in a healthy
d. Children who have gained mastery over manner
basic skills are more motivate to read 267. Which terms refers to a teacher helping a colleague
grow professionally?
259. Bruners theory on intellectual development moves a. Technology transfer
from enactive to iconic and symbolic stages. b. Peer mentoring
Applying Bruners theory, how would you teach? c. Facilitating
a. Begin with the abstract d. Independent study
b. Be interactive in approach 268. What primary criterion should guide a teacher in the
c. Begin with the concrete choice of instructional devices?
d. Do direct instruction a. Novelty c.
260. Teacher Nene asked this question: What b. Cost d. Attractiveness
conclusion can you draw based on your
269. Some of your students dont seem to like you as d. Obedient citizenry
their teacher. If you will regard the situation, on the 278. With which is true authority equated?
level of the ego, what will you most likely think a. Service c. Suppression
about? b. Power d. Coercion
a. Why should I care if they like me or not 279. The following are sound specific purposes of
b. To hell with them questions except:
c. Whats wrong have I done to deserve this? a. To stimulate learners to ask questions
d. What is it about me that they do not like? b. To call the attention of an inattentive
270. Which of the following is considered a peripheral student
device? c. To arouse interest and curiosity
a. Printer c. CPU d. To teach via student answers
b. Keyboard d. Monitor 280. What is not a sound purpose in making questions?
271. Which questioning practice will promote more class a. To remind students of a procedure
interaction? b. To probe deeper after an answer is given
a. Asking rhetorical question c. To encourage self-reflection
b. Rejecting wrong answer d. To discipline a bully in class
c. Focusing on convergent question 281. A student passes a book report written but ornately
d. Asking divergent question presented in a folder to make up for the poor quality
272. For grades to be (made) valid indicators of students of the book content. Which Filipino trait does this
achievements, which process should be observed? practice prove?
a. Adopting letter grades such as A, B, C, D a. Art over science
b. Explaining the meaning of grades b. Art over academic
c. Defining the course objectives as intended c. Substance over porma
learning outcomes d. Porma over substance
d. Giving objective type of test 282. Which one should a teacher avoid to produce an
273. The claim of a benefactor to the gratitude of his environment conducive for learning?
protg is an example of a (an): a. Games c. Tests
a. Acquired right c. Imperfect right b. Seat plan d. Individual competition
b. Perfect right d. Alienable right 283. Between pursuing a college course where there is
274. Which appropriate teaching practice flows from this no demand and a vocational course which is highly
research finding on the brain: The brains emotional in demand, the Filipino usually opts for the college
center is tied its ability to learn. course. Which Filipino trait is shown?
a. Create a learning environment that a. Interest to obtain a skill
encourages students to explore their b. Penchant for a college diploma
feelings and ideas freely c. Desire for entrepreneurship
b. Come up with highly competitive games where d. Appreciation of manual labor
winners will feel happily 284. Which of the following does extreme
c. Establish this discipline of being judgmental authoritarianism in the home reinforce in pupils?
in attitude a. Sense of initiative
d. Tell the students to participate in class b. Dependence on other for direction
activities or else they wont receive plus points c. Ability for self-direction
in class recitation d. Creativity in work
275. Research on Piagetian tasks indicates that thinking 285. Teacher Bart wants his students to master the
becomes more logical and abstract as children concept of social justice. Which series of activities
reach the formal operations stage. What is an will be most effective?
educational implication of this finding? a. Pre-teaching > posttest > re-teaching of
a. Expect hypothetical reasoning for learners unlearned concept > posttest
between 12 to 15 years of age b. Pre-test > teaching > posttest
b. Learners who are not capable of logical c. Review > pretest > teaching > posttest
reasoning from ages 8 to 11 behind in their d. Teaching > posttest
cognitive development 286. To provide for individual differences how is
c. Engage children in analogical reasoning as curriculum designed?
early as preschool to train them for higher a. Minimum learning competencies are included
order thinking skills (HOTS) b. Realistic and meaningful experiences are
d. Let children be children provided
276. A mathematics test was given to all Grade V pupils c. Some degree of flexibility is provided
to determine the contestants for the math quiz bee. d. Social skills are emphasized
Which statistical measure should be used to identify 287. Which types of play is most characteristic of a four-
the top 15? to six-year-old child?
a. Percentage score a. Solitary and onlooker plays
b. Mean percentage score b. Associative and cooperative plays
c. Quartile score c. Associative and onlookers plays
d. Percentile score d. Cooperative and solitary plays
277. Which is the true foundation of the social order? 288. How can you exhibit referent power on the first day
a. Strong, political leadership of school?
b. The reciprocation of rights and duties a. By making the students feel you know what
c. Equitable distribution of wealth you are talking about
b. By telling them the importance of good grades d. Aware of whats happening in all part of the
c. By reminding your students your authority classroom
over them again and again 297. In the K-W-L technique, K stands for what the pupils
d. By giving your students a sense of already knows, W for what he wants to know and L
belonging and acceptance for what he:
289. To ensure that all Filipino children are functionally a. Learned c. Failed to learn
literate, which mechanism is meant to reach out to b. He like to learn d. Needs to learn
children who are far from a school? 298. When a significantly greater number from the lower
a. A school in every barangay group gets a test item correctly, this implies that the
b. Multi-grade classroom test item:
c. Mobile teacher a. Is not highly reliable
d. Sines skwela b. Is not very valid
290. Referring to the characteristics of the latest Basic c. Is highly reliable
Educational Curriculum which does not belong to d. Is very valid
the group? 299. Which statement about guidance is false?
a. More flexible a. The classroom teacher is not part of the
b. Less prescriptive school guidance program since she is not
c. More compartmentalized trained to be a guidance counselor
d. More integrated b. Guidance embraces curriculum, teaching,
291. If students inappropriate behavior is low level or supervision and all other activities in school
mild and that it appears that the misbehavior will not c. Guidance is a function of the entire school
spread to others, it is sometimes best for the d. A guidance program is inherent in every school
teacher not to take notice of it. What influence 300. A teacher should not be a slave of his lesson plan.
technique is this? This means that:
a. Planned ignoring a. A teacher must be willing to depart from
b. Antiseptic bouncing her lesson plan if students are interested in
c. Proximity control something other than her intended lesson
d. Signal interference b. A lesson plan must be followed by a teacher
292. Which among the following objectives in the no matter what
psychomotor domain is highest in level? c. A teacher must be ready to depart from her
a. To distinguish distant and close sounds lesson plan if she remembers something more
b. To contract a muscle interesting than what she earlier planned
c. To run a 100-meter dash d. Teacher is the best lesson plan designer
d. To dance the basic steps of the waltz 301. With a death threat over her head, Teacher Donita is
293. Which material consists of instructional units that directed to pass an undeserving student. What will a
cater to varying mental level pupils? utilitarianist do?
a. Plantilia a. Pass the student, why suffer the threat?
b. Multi-level materials b. Pass the student. That will be of use to the
c. Multi-grade materials student, his parents and you
d. Minimum learning competencies c. Dont pass him; live by your principle of justice.
294. Which statement on counseling is false? You will get reward, if not in this life, in the next
a. For counseling to be successful, the counselee d. Dont pass him. You surely will not like someone
is willing to participate in the process to give you a death threat in order to pass
b. The ultimate goal of counseling is greater 302. Teacher Alessandra knows of the illegal activities of a
happiness on the part of the counselee neighbor but keeps quiet in order not to be involved in
c. Counseling is the program that includes any investigation. Which foundational principle of
guidance morality does Teacher Alessandra fail to apply?
d. The school counselor is primarily responsible a. Always do what is right
of counseling b. The end does not justify the means
295. Arianna describes Teacher Monica as fair, caring c. The end justifies the means
and approachable. Which power does Teacher
d. Between two evils, do the lesser evil
Monica possess?
303. You are very much interested in a quality professional
a. Legitimate power
development program for teachers. What
b. Expert power
characteristic should you look for?
c. Referent power
a. Prescribe by top educational teachers
d. Reward power
296. Kounin claims with-it-ness is one of the b. Responsive to identified teachers needs
characteristics of an effective classroom manager. c. Dependent on the availability of funds
Which among the following is a sign of with-it- d. Required for renewal of professional license
ness? 304. To ensure high standards of teachers personal and
a. Giving attention to students having difficulty professional development, which of the following
with school work measures must be implemented?
b. Seeing only a portion of the class but I. A school head plans the professional
intensively development of his/her teachers.
c. Knowing where instructional materials are II. Every teacher formulates his/her own
kept professional development plan.
III. The implementation of what is learned in training b. The stress on the superiority of formal education
must be monitored. over that of alternative learning system
a. I only c. II and III c. Practice of inclusive education
b. I and III d. II only d. The concentration on formal education system
305. As a community leader, which of the following should
a teacher not do? 313. The wide acceptance of bottom up management
a. Solicit donation from philanthropists in the style has influenced schools to practice which
community management practice?
b. Support effort of the community to improve their a. Exclusion of politicians from the pool of guest
status in life speakers during graduation exercises
c. Make herself aloof to ensure that her b. Prescription of what ought to be done from the
decisions will not be influenced by the Center Office
community politics c. Involvement of students, parents, teachers,
d. Play an active part in the activities of the and community in school planning
community d. Allowing schools to do what they think is best
306. In a highly pluralistic society, what type of learning 314. Material development at the expense of human
environment is the responsibility of the teacher? development points to the need to do more in school.
I. Safe III. This is base on which pillar of learning?
Secure a. Learning to do
II. Gender-biased b. Learning to know
a. I and II c. II only c. Learning to live together
b. I, II and III d. I and III d. Learning to be
307. A teacher is said to be trustee of the cultural and
educational heritage of the nation and is under 315. The schooling incidents in school campuses abroad
obligation to transmit to learners such heritage. Which have made school to rethink the curriculum. Which is
practice makes the teacher fulfill such obligation? believed to counteract such incidents and so is being
a. Use interactive teaching strategies introduced in schools?
b. As a class, study the life of Filipino heroes I. Inclusion of socio-emotional teaching
c. Use the latest educational technology II. The emphasis on the concept of competition
d. Observe continuing professional education against self and not against others
III. Focus on academic achievement and productivity
308. Large class size in congested cities is a common a. I and III c. I and II
problem in our public schools. Which measure/s have b. II and III d. I, II and III
schools taken to offset the effects of large class?
I. The deployment of more teachers 316. The specialization requires of every professional
II. The implementation of 1:1 pupil textbook ratio teacher for him/her to be competent is in line with
III. The conduct of morning and afternoon sessions which pillar of learning?
a. I, II and III c. III only a. Learning to know
b. I and II d. II only b. Learning to be
309. The failure of independent study with most Filipino c. Learning to live together
students may be attributed to students? d. Learning to do
a. Unpreparedness for schooling 317. Widespread abuse of Mother Earth prompted schools
b. Ambivalence to teach sustainable development. Which one does
c. High degree of independence this prove about schools?
d. High degree of independence on authority a. The curricula of schools are centered on Mother
310. The following are characteristics of interdisciplinary b. Environment factors influence the school as
teaching except: an agent of change
a. Allows learners to see connectedness between c. Schools can easily integrate sustained
things development in their curriculum
b. Provides learning opportunities in a real-world d. Sustained development cannot be effectively
context taught in the classroom
c. Eliminates boundaries between content area 318. Which pillar of learning is aimed at the holistic
d. Discussion from a single perspective development of man and his complete fulfillment?
311. For more efficient and effective management of school a. Learning to live together
as agents of change, one proposal is for the DepEd to b. Learning to be
cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead
c. Learning to know
school head. Which factor has the strongest influence
d. Learning to do
on this proposal?
319. A father tells his daughter You are a woman. You are
a. Psychological c. Geographical
meant for the home and so for you, going to school is
b. Historical d. Social not necessary. Is the father correct?
312. What does the acronym EFA imply for schools?
a. It depends on the place where the daughter and
a. The acceptance of exclusive schools for boys the father live
and for girls
b. No, there is gender equality in education
c. Yes, women are meant to be a mother only
d. No, today women can take on the jobs of men I. Communication of objectives of the course to
320. Is there a legal basis for increasing the teachers II. Awareness of alternative instruction strategies.
starting salary to PHP18,000 a months? III. Selection of appropriate methods of instruction.
a. No, it is a gift to teachers from Congress a. I and III c. III only
b. Yes, R.A 7836 b. I, II and III d. II and III
c. Yes, the Philippine Constitution 328. To earn units for promotion, Teacher Flora pays her
d. No, it is simply an act of benevolence from fee but does not attend class at all. Does this
President GMA constitute professional growth?
321. As provided for the Educational Act of 1982, how are a. Not immediately but yes after promotion
the institutions of learning encouraged setting higher b. No, it is simply earning MA units for
standards of equality over the minimum standards promotion
required for state recognition? c. It depends on the school she is enrolled in
a. Voluntary accreditation d. Yes, just enrolling in an MA program is already
b. Continuing Professional Education professional growth
c. Granting of Special Permit 329. If Teacher Analiza asks more higher-order questions,
d. Academic freedom she has to ask more ________ questions.
a. fact c. convergent
322. Despite of opposition from some school official, b. close d. concept
DepEd has continuously enforced the no collection of 330. Misdemeanor has a ripple effect. This implies that as
fees policy during enrolment period in public schools. a classroom manager, a teacher:
In this policy in accordance with EFA goals? a. reinforces positive behavior
a. No, it violates the mandate of equality education b. responds to misbehavior promptly
b. Yes, it somewhat eliminates gender disparities c. is consistent in her classroom management
c. Yes, it supports equitable access to basic practice
education d. count 1 to 10 before she deals with a
d. No, it does not support parent of adult education misbehaving student
331. Based on Edgar Dales Cone of Experience, which
323. Specialization is knowing more and more about less activity is farthest from the real thing?
and less. Hence, it is better to be a generalist, claims a. Watching demo c. Video disc
Teacher Fonda. Which Philosophy does Teacher b. Attending exhibit d. Viewing images
Fonda subscribe to? 332. The students of Teacher Yue scan an electronic
a. Existentialism c. Essentialism encyclopedia, view a film on subject, or look at related
b. Perennialism d. Progressivism topics at the touch of a button right there in the
classroom. Which device/s does teacher Yues class
324. Mencius believed that all people are born good. This have?
thought on the innate goodness of people makes it a. Teaching machines
easier to ________ our pupils. b. CD
a. teach c. like c. Video disc
b. respect d. motivate d. Videotaped lesson
325. A student complains to you about his failing grade. 333. Which is an inappropriate way to manage off-task
When you recomputed you found out that you behavior?
committed an error in his grade computation. Your a. Redirect a childs attention to task and check his
decision is not to accept the erroneous computation progress to make sure he is continuing work
before the student and so leave the failing grade as is b. Stop your class activity to correct a child who
for fear that you may lose credibility. Is this morally is no longer on task
right? c. Make eye contact to communicate what you wish
a. No, the reason for not accepting the error before to communicate
the students is flimsy d. Move closer to the child to make him feel your
b. No, the end does not justify the means presence
c. Yes, the end justifies the means 334. When Teacher Pearl tries to elicit clarification on a
d. Yes, as a teacher you must maintain your student response or solicits additional information,
credibility which of these should be use?
326. Which violate(s) the principle of respect? a. Directing c. Structuring
I. Teacher Ana tells her students that what Teacher b. Probing d. Cross examining
Beth taught is wrong. 335. Which priority criterion should guide a teacher in the
II. To retaliate, Teacher Beth advises students not choice of instructional devices?
to enroll in Teacher Anas class. a. Novelty c. Attractiveness
III. Teacher Catherine secretly gives way to a special b. Cost d.
favor (e.g. add 2 points to grade) requested by Appropriateness
student Alex who is vying for honors. 336. Which learning activity is most appropriate if a
a. II and III c. I and II teachers focus is attitudinal change?
b. I, II and III d. I and III a. Fieldtrip c. Role play
327. Which is/are in accordance with the principle of b. Exhibit d. Game
pedagogical competence?
337. Teacher Hannah strives to draw participation of every b. Allow time for the students to socialize in
student into her classroom discussion. Which of these between activities
student needs is she trying to address? The need to c. Assign fewer exercise to fill the allotted time
_______. d. Wait for students who lag behind
a. feel significant and be part of a group 347. The task of setting up routine activities for effective
b. show ones oral abilities to the rest of the class classroom management is a task that a teacher
c. get everything and be part of a group should undertake:
d. be creative a. as soon as the students have adjusted to their
338. To be an effective classroom manager, a teacher must schedules
be friendly but must at the same time be _________. b. on the very first day of school
a. confident c. analytical c. every day at the start of the session
b. business-like d. buddy-buddy d. every homeroom day

339. Which software is needed when one wants to perform 348. What principle is violated by overusing the chalkboard,
automatic calculations on numerical data? as though it is the only education technology
a. Database available?
b. Spreadsheet Program a. Isolated use c. Variety
c. Microsoft Word b. Flexibility d. Uniformity
d. Microsoft Powerpoint
349. Teacher Sandra uses the low-profile classroom control
340. Which of the following questions must be considered technique most of the time. What does this imply?
in evaluating teacher-made materials? a. She is reactive in her disciplinary orientation
a. In the material new? b. She manages pupils personalities
b. Does the material simulate individualism? c. She reacts severely to a misbehaving student
c. Is the material expensive? d. She stops misbehaving without disrupting
d. Is the material cheap? lesson flow
341. Kounin claims that with-it-ness is one of the
characteristics of an effective classroom manager. 350. If curriculum is designed following the traditional
What is one sign of with-it-ness? approach, which feature(s) apply(ies)?
a. Giving attention to students who are having I. The aims of the curriculum are set by
difficulty with school work professionals and experts.
b. Aware of whats happening in all parts of the II. Interested groups (teachers, students,
classroom communities) are assumed to agree with the
c. Seeing only a portion of the class but intensively aims of the curriculum.
d. Knowing where instructional materials are kept III. Consensus building in not necessary.
a. III only c. I and II
342. Which of these is one of the ways by which the b. I, II and III d. I and III
internet enables people to browse documents
connected by hypertext links? 351. If you make use of the indirect instruction method, you
a. URL c. Welcome page begin your lesson with:
b. Browser d. World Wide Web a. Guided practice
343. Which characteristics must be primarily considered as b. A review of previous days work
a choice of instructional aides? c. Advance organizers that provide an overall
a. Stimulate and maintain students interests picture of the lesson
b. Suited to the lesson objectives d. Independent
c. Updated and relevant to Filipino setting
352. Ones approach to teaching is influenced by Howard
d. New and skillfully made
Gardners MI Theory. What is he/she challenged to
344. You can exhibit referent power on the first day of
school by __________.
I. To come up with 9 different ways of approaching
a. telling them the importance of good grades lesson to cater to the 9 multiple intelligence
b. giving your students a sense of II. To develop all students skill in all nine
belongingness and acceptance intelligences
c. making them feel you know what you are talking III. To provide worthwhile activities that acknowledge
about individual difference in children
d. reminding your students your authority over them a. I, II and III c. II only
again and again b. II and III d. III only
345. I would like to use a model to emphasize particular
part. Which of these would be most appropriate? 353. If my approach to my lesson is behaviorist, what
a. Regalia c. Stimulation features will dominate my lesson?
b. Audio recording d. Mock up I. Copying notes III. Lecturing
II. Reasoning IV. Demonstration
346. What must Teacher Luke do to ensure orderly a. III, IV c. I, II, III, IV
transitions between activities? b. I, III, IV d. II, III, IV
a. Have the materials ready at the start of the
354. You practice inclusive education. Which of these STUDENT: I dont know.
applies to you? Which questioning technique should be the teacher be
I. You accept every student as full and valued using?
member of the class and school community a. Clarification c. Prompting
II. Your special attention is on learners with specific b. Multiple response d. Concept review
learning or social needs
III. Your address the needs of the class as a whole 361. Here is the test item.
within the context of the learners with specific From the data presented in the table, form
learning or social needs generalizations that are supported by the data.
a. II only c. I only Under what type of question does this item fall?
b. I and II d. I and III a. Convergent c. Application
355. School curriculum reflects the worlds economic and b. Evaluative d. Divergent
political integration and industrialization. What does
these points in curriculum development? 362. I want to teach concepts, patterns and abstractions.
a. The trend towards the classical approach to Which method will be most appropriate?
curriculum development a. Discovery c. Direct
b. The trend towards the globalization and instruction
localization b. Indirect instruction d. Problem solving
c. The trend towards participatory curriculum
development 363. Teacher Atilla teaches English as a Second
d. The shift in the paradigm of curriculum Language. She uses vocabulary cards, fill-in-the-
development from a process-oriented to a blanks sentences, dialogues, dictation and writing
product-oriented one exercises in teaching a lesson about grocery
356. You choose cooperative learning as a teaching shopping. Based on this information, which of the
approach. What thought is impressed on your following is a valid conclusion?
students? a. The teacher wants to make her teaching easier
a. Interaction is a must, but not necessarily face to- by having less talk
face interaction b. The teacher emphasizing reading and writing
b. Students success depends on the success of skills
the group c. The teacher is applying Blooms hierarchy of
c. Students individuality evaluates how effectively cognitive learning
their group worked d. The teacher is teaching in a variety of ways
d. The accountability for learning is on the group not because not all students learn in the same
on the individual manner
357. Which statement applies correctly to Edgar Dales
Cone of Experience? 364. Teacher Georgina, an experienced teacher, does daily
a. The farther you are from the base, the more review of past lessons in order to:
direct the learning experience becomes a. introduce a new lesson
b. The farther you are from the bottom, the more b. reflect on how she presented the previous
direct the learning experience becomes lessons
c. The closer you are from the base, the more c. provide her pupils with a sense of continuity
indirect the learning experience becomes d. determine who among her pupils are studying
d. The closer you are from the base, the more
direct the learning experience becomes 365. I combined several subject areas in order to focus on
358. When more senses are stimulated, teaching and a single concept for interdisciplinary teaching. Which
learning become more effective. What is an strategy did I use?
application of this principle? a. Reading-writing activity
a. Appeal to students sense of imagination b. Thematic introduction
b. Use multisensory aids c. Unit method
c. Make your students touch the instructional d. Problem-centered learning
d. Use audiovisual aids because the eyes and the 366. To teach the democratic process to the pupils,
ears are the most important senses in learning Batongmalaki Elementary School decided that the
359. Which is a classroom application of the theory of election of class officers shall be patterned after local
operant conditioning? elections. There are qualifications set for candidates,
a. Help student see the connectedness of facts, limited period for campaign and rules for posting
concepts, and principles campaign materials, etc. Which of the following did the
b. Create a classroom atmosphere that elicits school use?
relaxation a. Symposium c. Pole playing
c. Reinforce a good behavior to increase the b. Simulation d. Philips 66
likelihood that the learner will repeat the 367. Which among the following are effective methods in
response teaching student critical reading skills?
d. Make students learn by operating manipulatively I. Interpret editorial
360. Read the following teacher-student situation. II. Read and interpret three different movie reviews
TEACHER: Why is the process called photosynthesis?
III. Read a position paper and deduce underlying b. Pavlovian conditioning
assumptions of the position papers c. Social learning theory
a. II and III c. I and II d. Attribution theory
b. I and III d. I, II and III 377. According to Freud, with which should one be
368. Here is a test item: concerned if he/she has to develop in the students a
The improvement of basic education should be the correct sense of right and wrong?
top priority of the Philippine government. Defend or I. Super-ego II. Ego III. Id
refute this position. a. I and II c. I
Under what type of question does this test item fall? b. II d. III
a. Low-level c. Analysis 378. When small children call animals dog, what process
b. Evaluative d. Convergent is illustrated on Piagets cognitive development
369. When I teach, I often engage in brainstorming. Which theory?
do I avoid? a. Reversion c. Accommodation
a. Break down barriers b. Assimilation d. Conservation
b. Selectively involves pupils 379. Researchers found that when a child is engaged in a
c. Increase creativity learning experience a number of areas of the brain are
d. Generate many ideas simultaneously activated. Which of the following is/are
370. Teacher Sammy teaches a lesson in which students implication/s of this research finding?
must recognize that is the same as 0.25. He use I. Make use of field trips and guest speakers
this relationship to determine that 0.15 and 0.20 are II. Do multicultural units of study
slightly less than . Which of the following concept/s III. Stick to the left brain and right brain approach
is/are being taught? a. I and III c. I and II
a. Numeration skills of decimals and b. I only d. II only
relationships between fractions and decimals 380. My problem is there are too many topics to cover and I
b. Numeration skills may not able to finish before classes end in March.
c. Place value of decimals Which approach when used can help solve my
d. Relationship between fraction and decimals problem?
371. What is the best way to develop math concept? a. Thematic c. Experimental approach
a. Solving problems using multiple approaches b. Constructive d. Direct instruction
b. Solving problems by looking for correct answer 381. You want your students to answer the questions at the
c. Learning math as applied to situations, such end of a reading lesson. What did I learn?, What still
as being a tool of science puzzles me?, What did I enjoy, hate and accomplish
d. Solving problems by applying learned formulas in the class today? and How did I learn from the
372. After the reading of a selection in the class, which of lesson?.Which of the following are you asking them to
these activities can enhance students creativity? do?
I. Readers theater a. Work on an assignment
II. Reading aloud b. Make journal entry
III. Silent reading c. Work on a drill
a. I and II c. I only d. Apply what they learned
b. II only d. III only 382. William Glassers control theory states that behavior is
373. Teacher Carlo, a Reading teacher, advised the class inspired by what satisfies a person want at any given
to read between the lines. What does she want his time. What then must a teacher do to motivate
pupils to do? students to learn?
a. Determine what is meant by what is stated a. Make schoolwork relevant to students basic
b. Make an educated guess human needs
c. Apply the information being read b. Make teaching-leaning interactive
d. Describe the characters in the story c. Avoid giving assignments
374. To nurture students creativity, which activity should a d. Organize a curriculum in a spiral manner
teacher avoid? 383. Nadia exhibit fear response to freely roaming dogs but
a. Ask What if questions does not show fear when a dog is on a leash or
b. Emphasize the need to give right answers confined to a pen. Which conditioning process is
c. Ask divergent thinking questions
a. Extinction c. Acquisition
d. Be open to out-of-this-world ideas
375. Teacher Rodel wants to develop his students b. Generalization d. Discrimination
creativity. Which type of questions will be most 384. Based on Freuds theory, which operate/s when a
appropriate? student strikes a classmate at the height of anger?
a. Synthesis questions a. Ego c. Id and Ego interact
b. Fact questions b. Id d. Superego
385. After reading an essay. Teacher Beatrice wants to
c. What if questions
help sharpen her students ability to interpret. Which of
d. Analysis questions
these activities will be most appropriate?
376. Floramay enjoyed the roller coaster when she and her
a. Drawing conclusions
family went to Disneyland. The mere sight of a roller
coaster gets her excited. Which theory explains b. Making inferences
Floramays behavior? c. Getting the main idea
a. Operant conditioning d. Listing facts separately from opinion
386. Read the following then answer the question. A man they would do. On whose theory is Teacher Inas
and his son are driving in a car. The car crashes into a technique based?
tree, killing the father and seriously injury his son. At a. Bandura c. Kohlberg
the hospital, the boy needs to have surgery. Looking b. Piaget d. Bruner
at the boy, the doctor says (telling the truth), I cannot 394. Teacher Violy is convinced that whenever a student
operate on him. He is my son. How can this be? performs a desired behavior, provide reinforcement
ANSWER: The doctor is the boys mother. and soon the student learns to perform the behavior
The above brain twister helps develop critical reading on his own. On which principle is Teacher Violys
skills. Which activity was used? conviction based?
a. Comparing c. Inferring meaning a. Environmentalism c. Cognitivism
b. Classifying d. Looking for cause and effect b. Behaviorism d. Constructivism
387. Research says that mastery experiences increase 395. In Banduras social learning theory, it states that
confidence and willingness to try similar or more children often imitate those who:
challenging tasks as reading. What does this imply for I. have substantial influence over their lives
childrens reading performance? II. belong their peer group
a. Children who have not mastered the basic skills III. belong to other race
are more likely to be motivated to read in order to IV. are successful and seem admired
gain mastery over basic skills a. IV only c. I and II
b. Children who have mastered basic skills are b. I and IV d. II and IV
more likely to be less motivated to read because 396. According to Erikson, what years are critical for the
they get fed up with too much reading development of self-confidence?
c. Children who have gained mastery over basic a. High school years
skills are more motivated to read b. Elementary school years
d. Children who have a high sense of self- c. College years
confidence are not necessarily those who can d. Preschool years
read 397. Which of the following does not describe the
388. The value that students put on reading is critical to development of children aged 11 to 13?
their success. In what way/s can teachers inculcate a. They exhibit increased objectivity in thinking
his value for reading? b. Sex difference in IQ become more evident
I. Sharing the excitement of read-aloud c. They shift from impulsivity to adaptive ability
II. Showing their passion for reading
d. They show abstract thinking and judgment
III. Being rewarded to demonstrate the value of
398. Teacher Henry begins a lesson on tumbling,
demonstrating front and back somersaults in slow
a. II and III c. I, II and III motion and physically guiding his students through the
b. I and II d. II only correct movements. As his students become more
389. Bruners theory on intellectual development moves skillful, he stands back from the man and gives verbal
from enactive to iconic and symbolic stages. Applying feedback about how to improve. With Vygotskys
Bruners theory. How would you teach? theory in mind, what did Teacher Henry do?
a. Be interactive in approach a. Apprenticeship c. Peer interaction
b. Begin with the abstract b. Guided participation d. Scaffolding
c. Begin with the concrete 399. What does Gagnes hierarchy theory propose for
d. Do direct instruction effective instruction?
390. A person who has painful experiences at the dentists a. Be concerned with the socio-emotional climate in
office may become fearful at the mere sight of the the classroom
dentists office building. Which theory can explain this? b. Sequence instruction
a. Generalization c. Teach beginning with the concrete
b. Operant Conditioning d. Reward good behavior
c. Attribution theory 400. Which appropriate teaching practice flows from this
d. Classical conditioning research finding on the brain: The brains emotional
391. Which is/are the basic assumption/s of behaviorists? center is tied into its ability to learn.
I. The mind of newborn child is a blank state a. Establish the discipline of being judgmental in
II. All behaviors are determined by environmental attitude
events b. Come up with highly competitive games where
III. The child has a certain degree of freedom not to winners will feel happy
allow himself to be shaped by his environment c. Create a learning environment that
a. III only c. II only encourages students to explore their
b. I and II d. I and III feeling and ideas freely
392. If a student is encourage to develop himself to the d. Tell the students to participate in class
fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the activities or else wont receive plus points in
highest needs to satisfy according to Maslow is class recitation
a. Psychological need c. Belongingness 401. Research on Piagetian tasks indicates that thinking
b. Self-actualization d. Safety needs becomes more logical and abstract as children
393. In a Social Studies class. Teacher Ina presents a reach the formal operation stage. What is an
morally ambiguous situation and asks student what educational implication of this finding?
a. Engage children in analogical reasoning as b. Performance test
early as preschool to train them for higher c. Essay test
order thinking skills (HOTS) d. Completion test
b. Learners who are not capable of logical
reasoning from ages 8 to 11 lag behind in their 409. Here is a test item:
cognitive development
c. Let children be children _________ is an example of a
d. Expect hypothetical reasoning for learners leafy vegetable.
between 12 to 15 years of age
Why is this test item poor?
402. Research says: People tend to attribute their I. The test item does not pose a problem
successes to internal causes and their failures to to the examinee
external causes. Based on this finding, what should II. There are variety of possible correct answer to
be taught to students for them to be genuinely this item
motivated to succeed? III. The language used in the question is not
a. Tell them the research finding when applied precise
will make them genuinely motivated IV. The blank is near the beginning of a sentence
b. Convince them that genuine motivation is the a. I and III c. I and IV
only factor that matters for a person to succeed b. II and IV d. I and II
c. Make them realize that failure is a part of
life 410. Joannes score is within x1 SD. To which of the
d. Make them realize that both success and following groups does she belong?
failure are more a function of internal causes a. Below average
b. Average
403. Which characterize/s a learning environment that c. Needs Improvement
promotes fairness among learners of various d. Above average
cultures, family background and gender? 411. Here is a test item:
I. Inclusive III. Gender-
sensitive What follows is a multiple choice type of
II. Exclusive test. Some test items _________.
a. I only c. I and III
b. III only d. II and III a. are too difficult
b. are objective
404. Which of the following steps should be completed c. are poorly constructed
first in planning an achievement test?
d. have multiple defensible answers
a. Define the instructional objective
b. Set up a table of specialization What makes the multiple choice type of test poor?
c. Select the types of test items to use a. The options are not grammatically connected
d. Decide on the length of the test to the stem
405. The computed r for scores in Math and Science is b. The stem fails to present a problem
0.92. What does this mean? c. There are grammatical clues
a. Math score is positive related to Science d. The options are not parallel
score 412. If Teacher Betty wants to measure her students
b. The higher the Math score, the lower the ability to discriminate, which of these is an
Science score appropriate type of test item as implied by the
c. Math score is not in any way related to direction?
Science score a. Outline the Chapter on The Cell.
d. Science score is slightly related to Math score b. Summarize the lesson yesterday.
c. Group the following items according to
406. Which types of test is most appropriate if Teacher shape.
Yanny wants to measure students ability to d. State a set of principle that can explain the
organize thoughts and ideas? following events.
a. Short answer type of test
b. Extended response essay 413. A test item has a difficult index of 0.89 and a
c. Modified alternative response discrimination index of 0.44. What should the
d. Limited response essay teacher do?
a. Reject the item
407. If I want to hone my students meta-cognitive ability, b. Revise the item
which is most fit? c. Make it a bonus item
a. Drill c. Brainstorming d. Make it a bonus item and reject it
b. Debate d. Journaling
414. Which form of assessment is consistent with the
408. I want to test students synthesizing skills. Which saying The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
has the highest diagnostic value? a. Contrived c. Traditional
a. Multiple choice test b. Authentic d. Indirect
b. She answered 75 items in the test correctly
415. Here is a test item: c. Her rating is 75
d. She answered 75% of the test items correctly
Who is best admired for outstanding 421. The criterion of success in Teacher Butchs
contribution to world peace? objective is that the pupils must be able to spell
90% of the words correctly. Student Dave and 24
a. Kissinger c. Kennedy others in the class spelled only 40 out of 50 words
b. Clinton d. Mother Teresa correctly while the rest scored 45 and above. This
means that Teacher Butch _____________.
a. attained his lesson objective
What is WRONG with this item? b. failed to attain his lesson objective as far as
a. Item is overly specific the 25 pupils are concerned
b. Content is trivial c. did not attain his lesson objective because of
c. Test item is option-based the pupils lack of attention
d. There is a cue to the right answer d. attained his lesson objective because of his
effective spelling drill
416. A students score were as follows: 82, 83, 84, 86, 422. Which of these can measure awareness of values?
88, 84, 83, 85. The score 84 is the: a. Sociogram
a. Mode c. Median b. Moral dilemmas
b. Average d. Mean c. Projective techniques
d. Rating scales
417. Which text form would you choose if you want to 423. Marking on a normative basis means that:
have a valid and reliable test based on the table a. the normal distribution curve should be
below? followed
b. some should fall
Test Form Validity Index Reliability Index
c. some get high marks
d. the grading is based on a present criteria
A .47 .68
424. Which process enhances the comparability of
B .87 .57
C .20 .86
a. Using a table specifications
D .40 .41
b. Determining the level of difficulty of the tests
E .63 .07
c. Giving more HOTS (higher order thinking
a. A only c. A and D
b. B only d. B and E
d. Constructing departmentalized exams for
each subject area.
418. A mathematicians test was given to all Grade V
425. If the scores of your test follow a negatively skewed
pupils to determine the contestants for the Math
score distribution, what should you do? Find out
Quiz Bee. Which statistical measure should be used
to identify the top 15?
a. why your items were easy
a. Mean percentage score
b. why most of the scores are high
b. Quartile Deviation
c. why most of the scores are low
c. Percentile Rank
d. why some pupils scored high
d. Percentage Score
426. Principal Gemma is talking about grading on the
419. Use the inbox below to answer the question that
curve in a faculty meeting. What does this
expression refers to?
Percentage Grades for Final Examination
a. A students mark compares his achievement to
his effort
b. A students grade or mark depends on how
40 70 80 90 his achievement compares with the
100 achievement of other students in a class
Which of the following statement is true about the c. A students grade determines whether or not
plot of grades above? a student attains a defined standard of
a. The median is a score of 80 and the range is
60 d. A students mark tells how closely he is
achieving to his potential
b. The median is a score of 70 and the range is
427. Which tests determine whether students accept
c. The median is a score of 80 and the range
responsibility for their own behavior or pass on
is 20
responsibility for their own behavior to other
d. The median is a score of 70 and the range is
a. Locus-of-control tests
420. Which can be said of Nina who obtained a score of
75 out of 100 items in a Grammar objective test? b. Thematic tests
a. She performed better than 25% of her c. Stylistic test
classmates d. Sentence-completion tests
428. Which of the following is a weakness of self- balls. How would you classify Teacher Junes visual
supporting personality checklists? aids?
a. Many personality measures have built-in lie a. Chart b. Replica c. Model d. Realia
b. They lack stability Situation 3. (#135-137)
c. They may not get true information because
individuals can hide or disguise feelings After reading and paraphrasing Robert
d. They have poor internal consistency Frosts Stopping by the Wood on a
Snowy Evening. Mr. Sales asked the
Situation 1. (#129-131)
class to share any insight derived from
In a faculty meeting, the principle told the poem.
his teacher: We need to improve our
school performance in the National
Achievement Test. What should we do?

The teacher gave varied answers as

follows: 435. The class was asked to share their insights about
the poem. The ability to come up with an insight
1. Lets give incentives and rewards to stems from the ability to:
students who get a rating of 85%. a. analyze the parts of a whole
b. evaluate the worthiness of a thing
2. Lets teach them to accept complete
c. relate and organize things and ideas
responsibility for their performance.
d. comprehend the subject that is being
3. Lets make the school environment studied
conducive for learning. 436. To ask the class any insight derived from the poem
4. Lets make use of the experimental is based on the theory of:
methods of teaching. a. Realism c. Conditioning
b. Behaviorism d. Constructivism
437. On which assumption about the learner is Mr.
429. Which response/s come/s from a behaviorist? Saless act of asking the class to share their insight
a. #2 and #4 c. #3 and #4 based?
b. #1 and #2 d. #1 and #3 a. Learners are like empty receptacles waiting to
be filled up
430. On which educational philosophy is response #1 b. Learners are meant to interact with one
anchored? another
a. Existentialism c. Progressivism c. Learners have multiple intelligence and varied
b. Essentialism d. Bahaviorism learning styles
d. Learners are producers of knowledge not
431. If you leaned toward a progressivist philosophy, with only passive recipients of information
which response would you agree?
a. #2 b. #3 c. #4 d. #1 Situation 4. (#138-140)
Situation 2. (#132-134) Principal Evelyn wants her teachers to
apply constructivism in teaching.
One principle in the utilization of
technology of the classroom is
appropriateness of material or activity. 438. On which assumption/s is the principals action
I. Students learn by personally
432. Teacher Wilson wants his students to master the constructing meaning of what is taught
concept of social justice. Which series of activities II. Students construct and reconstruct meaning
will be most effective? based on experiences
a. Pretest-teaching-posttest III. Students derive meaning from the meaning
b. Pretest-teaching-posttest-re-teaching for that the teacher gives
unlearned concepts-posttest a. II only c. I, II and III
c. Review-pretest-teaching-posttest b. I and II d. I only
d. Teaching-posttest
433. Teacher Raymund likes to show how the launching 439. Which materials will her teachers least prefers?
of spaceships takes place. Which of the following a. Controversial issues
materials available is most fit? b. Open-ended topics
a. Model b. Mock-up c. Replica d. Realia c. Unquestionable laws
434. Teacher June likes to concretize the abstract d. Problem or cases
concepts of an atom. He came up with a concrete 440. Which concept/s of the learner will Principal Evelyn
presentation of the atom by using wire and plastic not accept?
I. Empty vesse!
II. Tabula rasa
III. Candle to be lighted
a. III only c. II only
b. I only d. I and II

444. Which of this/these is/are essential in constructing a

scoring rubric?
I. Description of criteria to serve as
Situation 5. (#141-143) II. Clear descriptions of performance at each level
III. Levels of achievement (mastery)
Study the matching type of test then answer IV. Rating scheme
the 3 questions that follow: a. I, II and III c. I, II, III and IV
b. I and II d. I only
Column A Column B 445. Which statement is true of the rubric?
a. It is developmental
1. equilateral triangle A. With 3 equal b. It is analytical
sides c. It is both holistic and developmental
2. right triangle B. With 5 equal d. It is holistic
sides 446. Which is true of the scoring rubric?
3. octagon C. Has 90- degree I. It describes criteria of levels of
4. pentagon angle achievement
5. heptagon D. Means many II. It has a rating scheme
6. poly E. with 7 sides III. It limit itself to 4 levels of achievement
F. with 8 sides a. I and II c. II and III
b. I and III d. I, II and III
447. Which guidelines should you follow for behavior
modification to be effective?
441. How can you make the items homogeneous? a. Subject yourself to group pressure
a. Increase the number of items in Column B b. Work on several behaviors at the time for a
b. All items should be on polygons significant change
c. Remove the word triangle in items #1 and #2 c. Never use negative reinforcement
in column A d. Work on one behavior at a time
d. The word gon must be included in column B 448. In which phases/s of change, according to Kurt
442. What is the main defect of this matching test? Lewin, do you feel the pain?
a. The matching type is an imperfect type a. Transition c. Refreezing
b. The items are NOT homogeneous b. Unfreezing d. Transition and freezing
c. The items quite easy 449. In the writing of performance objectives for mastery
d. An obvious pattern is followed in the answering learning, what is an acceptable standard of
443. Which should be done to improve the matching type performance called?
of test? a. Behavior c. SMART
a. Capitalize the items in Column A b. Condition d. Criterion measure
b. Items in Column A and B should be exchanged 450. Why learning activities should be carefully planned?
c. Drop #6 item in Column A a. The ability of the teacher to plan is tested
d. The item in Column A should be increased b. This is expected by pupils
c. The accomplishment of objectives is
dependent on the plan
Situation 6. (#144-146) d. This is required of a teacher

Below the template for Scoring Rubric. 451. Which statement on IQ and EQ is correct?
a. EQ has a greater contribution to
performance than IQ
b. IQ has a greater contribution to performance
5 - Demonstrate complete understanding of the problem. All than EQ
requirements of task are included in the response c. Blending of both IQ and EQ can make a
difference in performance
4 - Demonstrate considerable understanding of the problem. All d. The contribution of IQ and EQ to
requirements of task are included performance is dependent on factors like
age and gender
3 - Demonstrate partial understanding of the problem. Most
requirements of task are included
452. Teacher Nikko helped his students recall that b. Study of classics
stalagmites grow on the ground while stalactites c. Academic orientation
grow on the ceiling of a cave by associating G in d. Cognitive education
stalaGmites with ground and C in stalaCtites with 460. The workers rights to form unions or to strike can be
ceiling. What did Teacher Nikko make use of it? suppressed in times of national emergency. On what
a. Visual aid norm is this based?
b. Mnemonic device a. Higher law, inalienable rights before
c. Audio-visual aid b. Wider social order, the society before the
d. Meaning-maker device c. Clearer title, the certain before the title
453. Makabayan as a subject in the re-structured Basic d. Nobler person, God before man
Education Curriculum is the laboratory for life. What 461. Which skills should be taught if Teacher Joey wants to
does this mean? It is in this subject where the learner equip his students with the skill to organize information
____________. gathered?
a. Will be taught the Filipino strengths and a. Note-taking, outlining, using the library
weaknesses b. Outlining, summarizing, using the card
b. Will demonstrate practical knowledge catalogue
and skills gained in the other subjects c. Note-taking, outlining, summarizing
c. Will be taught the true concept of being d. Summarizing, note taking using the library
pagkamakabayan 462. Annual medical checkup required of teachers is done
d. The biographies of heroes who are in the interest of:
makabayan will be taught a. Filipino medical doctors
454. In the faculty room everyone is talking about a teacher b. Parents
who is torturing for a fee from her own pupil who is c. The state and of every teacher
vying for honors. What is the professional thing for the d. School administration
other teachers to do? 463. In a study conducted, the pupils were asked which
a. Talk to the parents of the tutee. Tell them nationality they preferred if given a choice. Majority of
what teachers doing is unprofessional the pupils wanted to be an American. In this case, in
b. Leave her alone, she might accuse you of which obligation relative to the state are schools
meddling in her personal life seemed to be failing? In their obligation to:
c. Correct her and remind her torturing a. Respect for all duly constituted authorities
ones own pupil for a fee is unethical b. Instill allegiance to the Constitution
d. As a group, report her to the principal c. Promote obedience to the laws of the state
455. When Teacher Demi presents a set of data then asks d. Promote national pride
the students to enter a conclusion, generalization or a 464. To be an effective classroom manager, teachers must
pattern of relationship which method does she use? be friendly but at the same time be:
a. Process approach a. Buddy-buddy
b. Type method b. Rigid
c. Business-like
c. Unit method d. Highly demanding
d. Inductive inquiry method 465. Which of the following field of Social Sciences below is
456. Which individualized teaching method makes use of more connected with the study of social traditions and
workbooks, teaching machines or computers? cultures?
a. Project method a. Theology
b. Psychology
b. Unit method c. Sociology
c. Programmed instruction d. Anthropology
d. Inductive inquiry method 466. When an individual or group adapts the culture of
457. I want to elicit more student responses. Which one others, practice them and become habitual, this is:
should I avoid? a. Culture change c. Culture shock
a. Creating an evaluative atmosphere b. Culture lag d. Culture
b. Using covert responses difference
c. Prompting to covert wrong answers to correct 467. Which appropriate teaching practice flows this
ones research finding on the brain: The brains emotional
d. Giving non-threatening comments center is tied into its ability to learn.
458. For practice to be effective, which guideline should a. Tell the students to participate in class
bear in mind? Practice should _______. activities or else wont receive plus points
a. Be done in an evaluative atmosphere b. Create a learning environment that
b. Be arranged to allow students to receive encourages students to explore their
feedback feelings and ideas
c. Take place over a long period of time c. Come up with highly competitive games
d. Be difficult enough for students to remember and where winners will feel happy
learn d. Establish the disciple of being judgmental in
459. Which of the following is a practice in progressive attitude
education? 468. Which statement holds true to grades? Grades
a. Open classroom _________.
a. are exact measure of IQ and achievement a. I must teach the child so he is assured of
b. are a measure of achievement heaven
c. are necessarily a measure of students IQ b. I must teach the child to develop his
d. are intrinsic motivation for learning mental powers to the fullest
469. Which practice does not fit in a classroom that c. I must teach the child that we can never
recognizes individual differences? have real knowledge of anything
a. Uniform requirements d. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill
b. Sharing from multiple perspective and value that needs for a better future
c. Accommodating students learning styles 478. A teacher put together the output of her colleagues in
d. Various modes of assessing learning one workshop and published it with her name as
470. Teacher Benny says: If it is billiard that brings author. Which is unprofessional about the teachers
students out of the classroom, let us bring it into the behavior?
classroom. Perhaps, I can use it to teach Math. To a. Failing to correct what appears to be
which philosophy does Teacher Benny adhere? unprofessional conduct
a. Progressivism c. Essentialism b. Giving due credit to others of their work
b. Existentialism d. c. Not giving due credit to others for their
Reconstructionism work
471. The greatest happiness lies in the contemplative use d. Holding inviolate all confidential information
of the mind, said Plato. Therefore, let us give more concerning associates
opportunities for our students to do __________. 479. In what way can teachers uphold the highest possible
a. Social interaction c. Role playing standards of the teaching profession?
b. Introspection d. Cooperative learning a. By pointing out the advantages of joining the
472. Why is it sound to encourage students to define terms teaching profession
in their own words? Because ____________. b. By good grooming to change peoples
a. Defining the terms in their own words helps perception of teacher
them memorize the definition faster c. By continuously improving themselves
b. Students remember information better personally and professionally
when they mentally process in some way d. None of the above
c. They ought to connect the terms that they 480. To reach out to clientele who cannot be in the
learn with other terms classroom for one reason or another, which of the
d. This is one opportunity to brush up with following was established?
other terms a. Special education (SPED)
473. Pavlov is to classical conditioning as ______ is to
operant conditioning. b. Informal education
a. A. Bandura c. J. Watson c. Alternative learning delivery system
b. J. Holt d. B.F. d. Pre-school education
Skinner 481. Teacher Neil discovered that his pupils are weak in
474. You arrange the rows of blocks in such a way that a comprehension. To further determine in which
row of 5 blocks is longer than a row of 7 blocks. If you particular skills his pupils are weak; which test should
ask which row has more, Grade 1 pupils will likely say Teacher Neil give?
that it is the row that makes the longer line. Based on a. Standard Test c. Diagnostic Test
Piagets cognitive development theory, what problem b. Placement Test d. Aptitude Test
is illustrated? 482. In the context of multiple intelligences, which one is
a. Conservation problem the weakness of the paper-pencil test?
b. Assimilation problem a. It put non-linguistically intelligent pupils
c. Egocentrism problem at a disadvantage
d. Accommodation problem b. It requires paper and printing and is so
475. Were teachers in the Philippines required of a expensive
professional license since the establishment of the c. It utilizes so much time
Philippine educational system? d. It lacks reliability
a. No, but the equivalent of a license required 483. Out of 3 distracters in a multiple choice test item,
was a certificate in teaching namely X, Y and Z, no pupil chose Z as an answer.
b. Yes, it was required since the Americans This implies that Z is ________.
established the educational system a. An effective distracter
c. No, it was only with the effectivity of R.A. b. A plausible distracter
7836 that professional license was c. A vague distracter
d. Yes, except for the Thomasites d. An ineffective distracter
476. The increase in the number of school children left by
OFW parents intensifies the teacher role as 484. The Thematic Appreciation Test is an example of a
______________. (an) __________.
a. Students friends a. Self-report technique
b. Guidance counselors b. Projective technique
c. Facilitator of learning c. Interest inventory
d. Substitute parents
477. As a teacher, you are a rationalist. Which among d. Socio-metric technique
these will be your guiding principle?
485. The following are features of the Restructure Basic b. Distinguishes teacher from students
Education Curriculum, except: c. Makes it easier to clean the room
a. Increased time for tasks to gain mastery of d. Enhances classroom interaction
b. Interdisciplinary modes of teaching 494. Each teacher said to be a trustee of cultural and
c. Greater emphasis on content, less on the educational heritage of the nation and under obligation
learning process to transmit to learners such heritage. Which practice
d. Stronger integration of competencies and makes him fulfill such obligation?
values, across the learning area a. Use of the latest instructional technology
b. Study of the life of Filipino heroes
486. The free public elementary and secondary education c. Use of interactive teaching strategies
in the country is in the line with the government effort d. Observing continuing professional education
to address educational problems of _______. 495. Writing an original essay is an example of which level
a. access and equity of objective in the cognitive domain?
a. Evaluation c. Analysis
b. relevance and quality b. Synthesis d. Application
c. effectiveness and efficiency
d. productivity 496. Which terms refers to a teacher helping a colleague
487. The task of setting up routine activities for effective grow professionally?
classroom management as a task that a teacher a. Technology transfer
should undertake ______. b. Independent study
a. on the very first day of school c. Facilitating
b. every day at the start of the session d. Peer mentoring
c. every homeroom day 497. Which terms refers to the collection of students
d. as soon as the students have adjusted on products and accomplishments for a period for
their schedule evaluation purposes?
488. Teacher Honey uses direct instruction strategy. Which a. Anecdotal record c. Diary
will she first do? b. Observation report d.
a. Independent practice Portfolio
b. Guided student practice 498. To develop reasoning and speaking ability, which
c. Review the previous days work should I use?
d. Presenting and structuring a. Debate c. Experiment
489. Teacher Janice observes cleanliness and order in her b. Storytelling d. Role-playing
classroom to create a conductive atmosphere for 499. Under which type of guidance service does the
learning. On which theory is her practice based? concern of schools to put students into their most
a. Behaviorism appropriate courses fall?
b. Psychoanalysis a. Individual inventory service
c. Gestalt psychology
d. Humanistic psychology b. Research service
490. Which activity is meant for kinesthetically intelligent c. Placement service
a. Independent study d. Information service
500. After having been humiliated by his teacher, a student
b. Individualized study evaluates that teacher very poorly, despite teachers
c. Pantomime excellent performance. Which trait is illustrated by the
d. Cooperative learning students behavior?
491. With which will the existentialist agree? The school is a. Particularism c. Personalism
a place where individuals _____. b. Rationalism d. Impersonalism
a. Listen and accept what the teacher say
b. Can meet to pursue dialogue and 501. Conducting follow up studies of graduates and drop
discussion about their lives and choices out is a guidance service that falls under:
c. Can observe by using their senses to the a. Placement services
maximum b. Research service
d. Can reflect on ideas
492. Which will be the most authentic assessment tool for c. Individual inventory services
an instructional objective on working with and relating d. Counseling service
to people?
a. Writing articles on working and relating to
people 502. Under which assumption is portfolio assessment
b. Organizing a community project based?
c. Home visitation a. Assessment should stress the reproduction
d. Conducting mock election of knowledge
b. An individual learner is adequately
493. Which physical arrangement of chairs contributes to characterized by a test score
effective classroom management? c. An individual learner is inadequately
a. Sticks to the traditional chair arrangement in characterized by a test score
the classroom
d. Portfolio assessment is dynamic a. Symposium c. Brainstorming
assessment b. Debate d. Panel discussion
503. Which program was adopted to provide universal 512. The criterion of success in Teacher Ednas objective is
access to basic education to eradicate illiteracy? that the pupils must be able to spell 90% of the words
a. Values educational framework correctly. Linda and other 24 students in the class
b. Education for all spelled only 40 out of 50 words correctly while the rest
c. Paaralan sa bawat barangay scored 45 and above. This means that Teacher Edna
d. Science and Education Development Plan ________.
504. Which schools are subject to supervision, regulation a. Did not attain her lesson objective because
and control by the state? of the pupils lack of attention
a. Public, Private sectarian and Non- b. Attained her lesson objective because of the
sectarian pupils lack of attention
b. Sectarian and non-sectarian school c. Attained her lesson objective
c. Private school d. Failed to attain her lesson objective as
d. Public schools far as the 25 pupils are concerned
505. Here is a score distribution: 98, 93, 93, 93, 90, 88, 87, 513. With assessment of affective learning in mind, which
85, 85, 85, 70, 51, 34, 34, 34, 20, 18, 15, 12, 9, 8, 6, 3, does not belong to the group?
1. What is the characteristic of the score distribution? a. Moral dilemma c. Diary entry
a. Bimodal b. Reflective writing d. Cloze test
b. Trimodal 514. Which is true when standard deviation is big?
c. Skewed to the right a. Scores are concentrated
d. No discernible pattern b. Scores are not extremes
506. What do the school campus expression promdi and c. Scores are spread apart
barriotic indicate? d. The bell curve shape is steep
a. The powerlessness of the poor 515. Jan, a grade 1 pupil, is happy when he wins a game
b. The power of the rich but skulks when he doesnt. Which concept does his
c. Low literacy rate of the country behavior indicate?
d. The prevalence of ethnocentrism a. Egotism c. Semi-logical reasoning
507. Why is babyhood referred to as a critical period in b. Egocentrism d. Rigidity of thought
personally development? Because _________. 516. The practice of non-graded instruction stems from
a. The foundation is laid upon in which the ________.
adult personally structure will be built a. Progressivism c. Existentialism
b. The baby is exposed to many physical and b. Reconstructionism d. Essentialism
psychological hazards 517. Theft of school equipment like TV, computer, etc. by
c. The brain grows and develops as such teenagers in the community itself is becoming a
accelerated rate during babyhood common phenomenon. What does this incident
d. Changes in the personality pattern take signify?
place a. Deprivation of Filipino schools
508. Billy, a grade 1 pupil is asked, Why do you pray every b. Inability of school to hire security guards
day? Billy answer. Mommy said so. Based on c. Prevalence of poverty in the community
Kohlbergs theory, in which moral development stage d. Communitys lack of sense of co-
is Billy? ownership
a. Pre-Conventional level 518. What does extreme authoritarianism in the home
b. Conventional level reinforce in learners?
c. Between conventional and post conventional a. Creativity in work
d. Post-Conventional level b. Ability to direct themselves
509. If you plan to develop a lesson on using s-verb with c. Doing things on their own initiative
the third person singular as subject deductively, what d. Dependence on others for direction
is the first step in your lesson development outline? 519. The main purpose of compulsory study of the
a. Give sentences using s-verb form constitution is to ________.
b. Ask the students about s-verb form and third a. Make constitutional experts of the students
person singular as subject b. Develop students into responsible,
c. State the rule on subject-verb agreement thinking citizens
for third person as subject c. Prepare students for law-making
d. Conduct appropriate sentence drill d. Acquaint students with the historical
510. For lesson clarity and effective retention, which one development of the Philippine Constitution
should a teacher observes, according to Bruners 520. Studies in the areas of neurosciences disclosed that
theory? the human brain has limitless capacity. What does this
a. Start at the concrete level and end there imply?
b. Begin teaching at the concrete level but a. Every child is a potential genius
go beyond it by reaching the abstract b. Pupils can possibly reach a point where they
c. End teaching with verbal symbol have learned everything
d. Use purely verbal symbols in teaching c. Some pupils are admitted not capable of
511. Which activity should a teacher have more for his learning
students if he wants them to develop logical-critical d. Every pupil has his its own native ability and
thinking? his learning is limited to this native ability
521. The principle of individual differences requires 530. Teacher Agot likes to show how the launching of
teachers to _____. spaceships takes place. Which of the following
a. Treat all learners alike while in the materials available is most fit?
classroom a. Mock-up c. Replica
b. Prepare modules for slow learners in class b. Realia d. Chart
c. Give greater attention to gifted learners
d. Provide for a variety of learning activities 531. Teacher Bonnie likes to concretize abstract concept of
522. Which assumption underlines the teachers use of the water molecule. She came up with a concrete
performance objectives? presentation by using wires and plastic balls. How
a. Performance objectives assure the learner would you classify Teacher Bonnies visual aid?
of learning a. Replica c. Realia
b. Learning is defined as a change in the b. Chart d. Mock-
learners observable performance up
c. The success of learners is based on teacher 532. Teacher Lenny demonstrated to the class how to
performance focus the microscope, after which the students were
d. Not every form of learning is observable asked to practice. Which teacher prompting is least
523. The following are used in writing performance intrusive? Teacher Lenny ________.
objective, except? a. Held the hand of a student and with her hand
a. Integrate c. Diagram holding the students hand adjusted the mirror
b. Delineate d. Comprehend b. Pointed to the mirror and made an adjusting
524. Which is/are sign/s of the student with Attention Deficit gesture with her hand
Disorder? c. Adjusted the mirror
a. Impatient while waiting for his/her turn d. Reminded the class to first adjust the mirror
during games
b. Completes work before shifting to another 533. A pupil who has developed a love for reading keeps in
c. Excessively quiet reading for his enjoyment. His motivation for reading
d. Cares for his/her personal things is:
525. You observe that pupils answer even when not called, a. Insufficient c. Extrinsic
shouts MAAM to get your attention, and laugh when b. Intrinsic d. Both intrinsic and extrinsic
someone commits mistakes. What should you do? 534. Which educational trend is occurring in all modern
a. Send the misbehaving pupils to the societies as a result of knowledge explosion and rapid
guidance counselor social, technological and economic changes?
b. Set the rules for the class to observe a. Nuclear education
c. Involve the whole class in setting rules of
conduct for the whole class b. International education
d. Make a report to the parents about their c. Lifelong learning
childrens misbehavior
526. Which is the final, indispensable component of a d. Team teaching
lesson plan?
a. Evaluation c. References 535. With the advent of multi-media resources and
b. Activity d. Assignments computers, which is the most favorable result of the
527. Carlo, a grade 2 pupil, plays with his classmates but optimal use of educational media technology?
cannot accept defeat. Based on Piagets theory on a. Interactive learning
cognitive development, in what development stage is b. Increase learning
Carlo? c. Speed learning
a. Formal operation c. Pre-
operational d. More interesting learning
b. Concrete operation d. Sensorimotor 536. Which refers to the Filipino trait of practicing conflicting
528. Which seating arrangement has been proven to be values in different venues and with different social
effective for learning? groups?
a. Flexible to suit varied activities a. Kanya-kanya mentality
b. Fixed arrangement to maximize instructional b. Procrastination
time c. Existential intelligence
c. Any seat arrangement to suit varied d. Crab mentality
learning styles 537. Which of these can measure awareness of values?
d. A combination of fixed and flexible a. Projective techniques
arrangement b. Rating scales
529. Which can run counter to the encouragement you give c. Moral dilemmas
to your students to ask questions? d. Sociogram
a. Eye to eye contact 538. Which test determines whether students accept
responsibility for their own behavior or pass on
b. An encouraging hand gesture responsibility for their own behavior to other people?
c. Radiant face a. Locus-of-control tests
d. Knitted eyebrows when a question is b. Sentence-completion tests
raised c. Thematic tests
d. Stylistic tests
539. Which process enhances the comparability of grades? d. Yes, it was his duty to strategies for his
a. Giving more Higher Order thinking skills candidate to win
b. Constructing departmentalized exam for 548. The teachers first task in the selection of media in
each subject area teaching is to determine the:
c. Determining the level of difficulty of the test a. Choice of the teacher
d. Using a table of specification b. Availability of the media
c. Technique to be used
540. Under which type of guidance service does the d. Choice of the students
concern of school to put students into their most 549. Which is the true foundation of the social order?
appropriate courses fall? a. Strong political leadership
a. Information service
b. The reciprocation of rights and duties
b. Placement service c. Equitable distribution of wealth
c. Individual inventory services d. Obedient citizen
d. Research services 550. All the examinees obtained scores below the mean.
541. The teachers role in the classroom according to A graphic representation of the score distribution
cognitive psychologist is to _______. will be:
a. Make the learning task easy for the learner a. Perfect normal curve
b. Dictate what to learn upon the learner b. Negatively skewed
c. Fill the minds of the learner with information c. Positively skewed
d. Help the learner connect what they know d. Leptokurtic
with new information from the teacher 551. In a normal distribution curve, a T-score of 70 is:
a. Two SDs above the mean
542. Which questioning technique would be appropriate for b. Two SDs below the mean
inductive lessons? c. One SD below the mean
a. Involve students actively in the d. One SD above the mean
questioning process 552. Which one stifles students initiative?
b. Expect participation only among the more a. Bahala na
motivated students b. Utang na loob
c. Use questions requiring only memory c. Rationalism
responses d. Extreme authoritarianism
d. As a teacher, you ask no questions 553. The following are trends in marking and reporting
543. Which statement is true in a bell-shaped curve? system, except:
a. There are more high scores than low scores a. Supplementing subject grades with checklist
b. Most scores are high on traits
c. The scores are normally distributed b. Conducting parent-teacher conferences as
d. The bell curve shape is steep. often as needed
544. Here is a test item: c. Raising the passing grade from 70 to 80
DISTANT : NEAR :: GENUINE : _______. d. Indicating strong points as well as those
This item is a/an _________. needing improvement
a. Analogy c. Metaphor 554. Which is a type of graph in which lines represent
b. Riddle d. each score or set of scores?
Completion a. Histogram
545. What refers to a single word or phrase that tells the b. Scatter gram
computer to do something with program or file? c. Scatter plot
a. Computer language c. d. Frequency polygon
Command 555. Which is an example of a perfect duty?
b. Computer program d. a. Paying the worker the wages agreed upon
Password b. Donating an amount for a noble project
546. Can an insane person be blamed for killing a c. Giving alms to the needy
stranger? d. Supporting a poor but deserving student to
a. Yes, because an insane person possesses school
a little degree of voluntariness 556. In what way can instructional aides enhance
b. Yes, because an insane person is not totally learning?
ignorant a. Entertain student
c. No, because of his ignorance and lack of
voluntariness b. Hold students in the classroom
d. No, because the one killed is a stranger, not c. Reinforce learning
in any way related to him d. Take the place of the teacher
547. A political boss builds a school in a distant barrio in 557. The study on types of reading exercises gives
order to get the votes for an unworthy and corrupt practice in:
candidate. Is the action of the political boss moral? a. All sorts of study methods
a. No, the candidate is undeserving b. Reading skills needed in other project
b. No, his move was not meant for good c. Recognizing the precise meaning of words
effect d. Picking out the man ideas
c. Yes, the votes were exchange for the school
558. How students learn may be more important than d. Increase imagination due to expanding
what they learn. From this principle, which of the knowledge and emotional range
following is particularly important? 569. Teacher Joel taught a lesson denoting ownership
a. Knowing how to solve a problem by means of possessives. He first introduced the
b. Solving a problem within time allotted rule, then gave examples, followed by class
c. Getting the right answer to a word problem exercise, then back to the rule before he moved it
d. Determining the given the second rule. Which presenting technique did he
559. Kiko is very attached to his mother and Sharon to use?
her father. In what developmental stage are they a. Sequential c. Comparative
according to Freudians psychological theory? b. Combinational d. Whole-Part-Whole
a. Phallic stage c. Oedipal stage 570. For which may you use the direct instruction
b. Latent stage d. Anal stage method?
560. A student dislikes Math due to traumatic experience a. Use a microscope properly
in the past. Which law explains this? b. Distinguish war from aggression
a. Partial activity c. Vividness c. Appreciate Miltons Paradise Lost
b. Analogy d. Disposition/Mind set d. Become aware of the pollutants around us
571. By what name is indirect instruction or Socratic
561. Which illustrates vicarious punishment? methods also known?
a. We feel so bad to a classmate who is punished a. Questioning method
for being tardy so we convince him go to b. Morrison method
school on time c. Indirect method
b. Out of comparison, we volunteer to get d. Mastery learning
punished in place of a friend 572. Which does not belong to the group of alternative
c. We charge to experience our being punished learning systems?
d. See someone get punished for habitual a. Multi-age grouping
tardiness. In effect, we are less likely to be
tardy b. Multi-grade grouping
562. In instructional planning, it is necessary that the c. Non-graded grouping
parts of the plan from the first to the last have: d. Graded education
a. Symmetry c. Conciseness 573. Student Ben was asked to report to the Guidance
b. Coherence d. Clarity Office. Student Ben and his classmates at once
563. If Teacher Judith has to ask more higher-order remarked. Whats wrong? What does this imply?
questions, she has to ask more ________ a. Reporting to a Guidance Office is often
questions. associated with misbehavior
a. convergent c. fact b. Student Ben is a problem student
b. closed d. divergent c. Guidance counselors are perceived to be
564. For maximum interaction, a teacher ought to avoid almighty and omniscient
______ questions d. The parents of Students Ben must be of the
a. rhetorical c. divergent delinquent type
b. leading d. informational 574. A teacher combined several subject areas in order
565. The military training requirements among students to focus on a single concept for interdisciplinary
in the secondary and tertiary levels can be traced teaching. Which strategy/method did he use?
as a strong influence of the: a. Unit method
a. Greeks c. Chinese b. Thematic instruction
b. Romans d. Athenians c. Problem entered learning
566. Teacher Marissa wants to review and check on the d. Reading-writing method
lesson of the previous day? Which one will be most 575. Which is a major advantage of curriculum-based
reliable? assessment?
a. Having students correct each others work a. It tends to focus on anecdotal information on
b. Having students identify difficult homework students progress
problems b. It is based on a norm referenced measurement
c. Explicitly reviewing the task relevant model
information for the days lesson c. It is informal in nature
d. Sampling the understanding of a few students d. It connects testing with teaching
567. To promote effective practice, which guideline 576. A school Division Superintendent was
should you bear in mind? Practice should be ____. enthusiastically lecturing on the Accreditation
a. Difficult for students to learn a lesson Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES),
b. Arranged to allow students to receive its benefits and demands. Thinking of its many
feedback demands, most of the school heads were not very
c. Done in an evaluative atmosphere happy about it and the older one were whispering
d. Take place over a long period of time we have very reason to retire soon.
568. Which is one role of play in the pre-school and early What does this tell about the change process?
childhood years? a. People resist change for no reason
a. Separates reality from fantasy b. People tend to resist change
b. Develops the upper and lower limbs c. Resistance to change is insurmountable
c. Develop competitive spirit
d. Leadership can affect the desired change in a. All full time or part time public and private
persons despite opposition from the school teacher and administrator
persons themselves. b. Teachers of academic, vocational, special,
577. In the problem solving method of teaching, which is technical or non-formal institution
the primary role of the teacher? c. Teacher in the tertiary level
a. Clarifier c. Observer d. Teacher in all educational institutions at all
b. Judge d. Director levels
578. To educate the child for freedom is to educate 587. Which of the UNESCOs four pillars of education is
him/her to: most related to peace education?
I. Respond to others a. Learning to do
II. Respond to himself/herself b. Learning to know
III. Do as he/she pleases c. Learning to live
IV. Live as he/she desires d. Learning to be
a. II and III c. I and II
b. I and III d. I and IV 588. The failure of independent study with most Filipino
579. I want to engage my students in small group students may be attributed to students ______.
discussion. Which topic lends itself to a lively a. high degree of independence
discussion? b. ambiance
a. The meaning of the law of supply and demand c. unpreparedness for schooling
b. Rules on subject-verb agreement d. high degree of dependence on authority
c. The law of inertia 589. When you use the overhead projector for topic
d. The exclusion of Pluto as a planet presentation, point to the ______.
580. In which of the following would programmed a. OHP slide c. OHP screen
learning to be most likely to be found? b. OHP light d. Projection wall
a. In a class divided into small groups 590. Where do you make the correction of your notes
b. Independent study while using the overhead projector?
c. In dyadic groups a. On the slide
d. In a class where teacher tries to b. On the overhead projector
individualized instruction c. On the projector wall
581. A master teacher, the resource speaker in an in- d. On the screen
service training, presented the situated learning
theory and encouraged her colleagues to apply the 591. Authority comes from God and is meant to:
same in class. Which did she not encourage her a. Help those given the authority to do their
colleagues to do? task
a. Apprenticeship b. Distinguish those with authority from those
b. Learning as it normally occurs without
c. Authentic problem solving c. Be lorded over others
d. Decontextualized teaching d. Make the subjects of authority recognize their
582. Which is the ultimate aim of classroom superiors
management? 592. For a discussion of a topic from various
a. To set up condition that brings about perspectives, it is best to hold a/an ______.
effective teaching and learning a. Brainstorming c. Debate
b. To secure conformity to rules with ease b. Symposium d. Panel
c. To make children realize that they cannot do discussion
everything they want
d. To remove the physical condition in the room 593. A Principal tells her teacher that training in the
583. Under which teaching strategy does a Schools humanities is most important. To which educational
division practice of assigning a Girl Scout to serve philosophy does he adhere?
as Superintendent of the Day or Mayor of the Day a. Perennialism c. Essentialism
for leadership training fall? b. Existentialism d. Progressivism
a. Panel discussion 594. Jonna, a principal, shares this thought with her
b. Symposium teachers. Subject matter should help students
c. Simulation understand and appreciate themselves as unique
d. Dramatization individuals who accept complete responsibility for
584. Which approach makes you think of your thinking? their thoughts, feelings and action. From which
a. Constructivist c. Cognitive philosophy is this though based?
b. Metacognitive d. Integrative a. Essentialism c. Progressivism
585. The grades make valid indicators of students b. Perennialism d. Existentialism
achievements. Which process should be observed? 595. Who stressed the idea that students cannot learn if
a. Explaining the meaning of marks and grades their basic needs are not first met?
b. Defining the course objective as intended a. Maslow c. Wertheimer
learning outcomes b. Miller d. Thorndike
c. Adopting letter grades such as A, B, C and D 596. A person, who has had painful experiences at the
d. Giving objective type of tests dentists office, may become fearful at the mere
586. Who are not covered by the Code of Ethics of sight of the dentists office building. Which theory
Professional Teachers? can explain this?
a. Classical conditioning
b. Generalization
c. Operant conditioning 607. The authoritarian setting in the Filipino home is
d. Attribution theory reinforced by a classroom teacher who:
597. One strength of an autobiography as a technique a. Is open to suggestions
for personality appraisal is that ________. b. Encourage pupils to ask questions
a. It may be read by unauthorized people c. Prescribes what pupils should do
b. It can replace data obtained from other data- d. Ask open ended questions
gathering technique
c. It makes possible the presentation of 608. Who among the following believes that learning
intimate experiences requires disciplined attention, regular homework, and
d. It gives complete data about the author respect for legitimate authority?
598. Which Millennium Development Goal (MDG) goal is a. Essentialist c. Progressivist
related to the states goal for quality education? b. Perennialist d. Reconstructionist
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 609. The Constitutional provision on language has the
599. All of the following describe the development of following aim, except:
children aged eleven to thirteen, except: a. To make Filipino the sole medium of
a. Sex differences in IQ become more evident instruction
b. They exhibit increased objectivity in thinking b. To make the regional dialect as auxiliary
c. They shift from impulsivity to adaptive ability media of instructions in regional school
d. They show abstract thinking and judgment c. To maintain English as a second language
600. One learns Math by building on the Math concepts d. To make Filipino the national Language and
previously learned. This is an application of: medium of instruction and communication
a. Constructivist c. Physiological 610. The tendency to emphasize so much on school
b. Humanist d. S-R beautification to the detriment of pupils performance
illustrates the:
601. The singing of the National Anthem in schools is an a. Filipinos lack of seriousness
offshoot of the philosophy of: b. Filipinos love for porma
a. Nationalism c. Naturalism c. Filipinos lack of reflection
b. Pragmatism d. Socialism d. Filipinos sense of humor

602. The environment in order to facilitate learning must be 611. In order to avoid disgrace, a pregnant, unmarried
interactive. Which of the following best typifies this woman takes drugs to induce abortion. Is she morally
kind of environment? justified to do that?
a. The child listens to a lecture on fossils given a. Yes, it can save her and child from disgrace
by the teacher when he grows up
b. The child goes out and discovers for b. No, the act of inducing abortion is bad in
himself some rock or fossil itself
c. The child summarize the section on fossils c. No, the unborn child cannot be made to
in his science textbook suffer the consequences of the sins of
d. The child copies a list of facts concerning his parents
fossils on the blackboard d. No, it is better to prevent the child from
603. Social development means the acquisition of the coming into the world who will suffer very
ability to behave in accordance with: much due to the absence of a father
a. Stereotyped behavior 612. In which way does heredity affect the development of
b. Social expectation the learner?
c. Social insight a. By placing limits beyond which the
d. Universal norms learner cannot develop
b. By providing equal potential to all
604. When an adolescent combines ability to use deductive c. By compensating for what environment fails
and inductive reasoning in constructing realistic rules to develop
that he can respect and live by, how does he perceive d. By blocking the influence of environment
his environment? 613. The cultivation of reflective and meditative skills in
a. He views the world from his own perspective teaching is an influence of:
b. He sees the world and himself through the a. Taoism c. Confucianism
eyes of other people b. Shintoism d. Zed Buddhism
c. He interprets events form a limited views
d. He sees events apart from himself and 614. A child refuse to obey orders or displays negativism as
other people a development trait. How may you best handle him?
605. Who introduced the technique of using the drawing of a. Detain him after office hours for him do to
a man as a measure of intelligence? what he has been ordered to do
a. Aristotle c. Goodenough b. Take every opportunity to praise him for
b. Herbert d. Binet every positive attitude display
c. Insist on compliance to the same degree
606. Which Republic Act provides government assistance required of pupils
to students and teachers in private education? d. Avoid giving him orders if you do and he
a. RA 7784 c. RA 7836 objects take back the order
b. RA 6728 d. RA 6675
615. Which term refers to the collection of students a. Bring food for you and your children, but
products and accomplishment for a period of always make it a point to buy in the
evaluation purposes? school canteen
a. Portfolio c. Anecdotal b. Buy all your food in the school canteen but
record request for a discount
b. Observation report d. Diary c. Bring food enough for you and your children
but do not eat in the canteen
616. For comparing and contrasting which graphic d. Buy all your food from the school canteen
organizers is most appropriate? even if you cannot afford to do every day
a. Cycle c. Story map 624. How can you help a habitual borrower of money get
b. Web d. Venn Diagram rid of his habit?
a. Let him do something for you in return for
617. Laging UMUUKILKIL sa isipan ng ama ang nasirang the money you lent him
pangako ng anak. b. Direct him to others
a. Sumasagi c. Bumubuhay c. Do not lend him anymore
b. Gumugulo d. Sumasapi d. Ask for a collateral for the cash he is loaning
618. Huwag kang maniniwala sa bulaklak ng kanyang 625. Periodic checks on student seatwork with a smile and
matamis na dila: pat on the shoulder effectively reinforce good study
a. Itoy panunukso habit is an example of:
a. Discrimination reinforcement
b. Itoy pambobola b. Variable-ratio schedule
c. Itoy pagbibiro c. Continuous reinforcement
d. Itoy pagsisinungaling d. Fixed interval and variable-interval schedule
626. A person strives to work at a given task because of a
619. If a resilient child with superior intelligence is reared in need. Which of the following situations can make a
a poor environment the probable outcome would be: person strive to meet his needs?
a. No change in IQ because environment a. Minimize the unpleasant consequences
deprivation has nothing to do with of student involvement
intelligence b. Utilize your own opinion as teacher in
b. Mental retardation since he is culturally making final decisions in the classroom
deprived c. Use unfamiliar materials as examples in
c. Slight change in IQ although he can order to initially arouse their curiosity
overcome frustration and obstacle d. Ask pupils to submit test questions or
d. Great change in IQ because he is culturally reactions which you can select topics
deprived 627. Which is not a characteristic of a democratic
620. Which of the following is usually considered the most discipline?
important factor in a childs observable classroom a. Child has opportunity to expense his/her
behavior? opinion
a. Intelligence c. Self concept b. Childs given punishment is related to the
b. Heredity d. Cultural background misdeed
c. Child understands the meaning of rules
621. Section 5, Article XIV, of the Constitution states that d. Child obeys blindly
academic freedom shall be enjoyed in: 628. Who among the following stressed the processes of
a. Public assemblies experience and problem solving?
a. Dewey c. Hegel
b. All institution of higher learning b. Aristotle d. Plato
c. State colleges and universities 629. Which of the following reasons of measuring student
d. All levels of learning achievement is not valid?
a. To prepare feedback on the effectiveness of
622. A teacher who subscribes to the pragmatic philosophy the learning process
of education believes that experience should follow b. To certify that students have attained a level
learning in her teaching, she therefore exerts effort in: of competence in a subject area
a. Encouraging learners to memorize factual c. To discourage students from cheating
knowledge during test and getting high scores
b. Providing learners opportunities to apply d. To motivate students to learn and master
theories and principles the materials they think will be covered by
c. Equipping learners with the basic abilities the achievement test
and skills 630. Which characterizes the perfectionist type of
d. Requiring learners full mastery of the lesson students?
a. Does not volunteer or initiate
623. As a parent and at the same time a teacher, which of b. Give up easily
the following will you do to show your cooperation to a c. Rarely complete tasks
PTA project in your school to be financed with the d. Often anxious, fearful or frustrated about
proceeds of the sales of the school canteen where quality of work
food prices are little bit higher? 631. When a school decides to work on a thematic
curriculum which should be out of the picture?
a. Peer collaboration b. Analysis d. Moral development

b. Integration 642. Which interactive teaching should be avoided?

c. Team teaching a. Using multiple response strategy
d. Competition b. Using put down strategy
632. Teacher Mary wants to teach her pupils the technique c. Asking more divergent questions
on reading for information. Which technique should be d. Asking more evaluative questions
a. Text structure c. Story map 643. Rights which cannot be renounced or transferred
b. Prior knowledge d. SQ3R because they are necessary for the fulfillment of mans
633. In instructional planning, which among these three: primordial obligations are called:
unit plan, course plan, lesson plan is (are) most a. Alienable rights c. Inalienable
specific? _________ plans. rights
a. Course and lesson c. Lesson b. Perfect rights d. Acquired rights
b. Course d. Unit 644. Which is in line with equitable access to education but
634. The use of drills in the classroom is rooted on runs counter to quality?
Thorndikes law of: a. Selective retention of students
a. Readiness c. Effect b. Deregulated tuition fee hike
b. Exercise d. Belongingness c. Open admission
635. Positive interdependence as an element of d. Program accreditation
collaborative learning means that the students must: 645. A negative discrimination index means that:
a. Learn to depend on each other to achieve a. The items could not discriminate between
a goal the lower and upper group
b. Depend on the diligent students b. More from the lower group answered the
c. Help one another in the individual test for test items correctly
everyone to pass c. More from the upper group answered the
d. Be grouped heterogeneously test item correctly
d. Less from the lower group got the test item
636. Which computer seems to have the most potential for correctly
the classroom?
a. Mainframe computer 646. Your teacher is of the opinion that the world and
b. Minicomputer everything in it are ever changing and so teaches you
c. Microcomputer the skill to cope with the changes. What is his
d. LPC governing philosophy?
a. Experimentation c. Realism
637. A teacher notices glaring wrong pronunciation of b. Existentialism d. Idealism
vowel sounds among her students necessitating more
practice. Which of the following activities would be 647. For brainstorming to be effective which one should be
most helpful? out?
a. Dictionary use c. Assignments a. Making use of the others ideas shared
b. Review d. Drill b. Teachers judge mental attitude
c. Non-threatening atmosphere
638. What storage device is significantly more efficient in d. Openness to idea
holding information?
a. Hard disk c. Floppy disk 648. Which statement on spaced and massed learning is
b. Software d. Audio cassette correct?
639. The Filipino tendency to resort to the easy way out a. Massed learning is better than spaced
from a term paper as a course requirement by hiring a learning
ghost writer or by passing a photocopied term paper b. Massed learning is as effective as spaced
provide which Filipino traits? learning
a. Anticipation c. Pakikisama c. Spaced learning is better than massed
b. Ambivalence d. Lack of learning
discipline d. Both massed learning and spaced learning
640. No pain, no gain. This means that: are not effective
a. One should be penitent every Friday by
carrying his cross 649. Which of the following measures should a teacher do
b. Only those willing to carry the crosses to a principal whom she would like to file a case of
imposed can share the joy of life sexual harassment without violating the relationship of
c. The more suffering in this life, the more one the teacher and her superiors?
is assured of heaven a. Write an anonymous letter to a higher
d. One should look for suffering to save school official to denounce the superior
himself/herself b. Present the case before a competent
641. Which trust on value formation is meant to help the authority and prepare to prove the
students make use of their thinking and scientific charge
investigation to decide on topics and questions above c. Call a parent-teacher meeting and denounce
values? the superior
a. Value inculcation c. Value clarification
d. Encourage the other teachers and students c. Provide the academic background
to hold a demonstration to oust the superior prerequisite to learning
d. Define the goals and set the direction for
650. Pick out the situation that illustrates the duty of a new which education is to strive
teacher to the state: 657. Which technique/s enable/s a teacher to identify and
a. Take a long vacation which she firmly eventually assists students with interpersonal
believes she deserves after four years of difficulties?
diligent study before taking the examination a. Anecdotal record c. Cumulative
for teachers record
b. Take the licensure examination for b. Personal inventory d. Sociogram
teacher and an oath to do her best to 658. Teachers and students can participate in levels of
help carry out the policies of the state computer use. Give the order of computer use from
c. Apply for teaching job where eligibility is not simplest to complex?
required to gain teaching experience before a. Computer competency, computer literacy,
taking the teachers board examination competency expertise
d. Prepare for the wedding she and her b. Computer literacy, computer
boyfriend have long planned to able to raise competency, computer expertise
a family with children which they plan to rear c. Computer literacy, computer expertise,
as good citizen of our country computer competency
651. Parents are up in arms on the telephone bills that pay d. Computer competency, computer expertise,
for sex calls. What is the solution to this problem? computer literacy
a. The telephone company is to blame for this 659. Which one is considered the Brain of the
b. Parents, school and students should microcomputer?
discuss this openly a. CPU c. Video
c. The government restriction have no teeth Screen
d. Parents allow this to make their children b. Software d. Keyboard
660. A group activity wherein one group representative
652. Cooperative is encouraged in as many groups as presents the output to the bigger group rather than
possible. What agency controls the different individual pupils presenting the output is known as:
cooperatives? a. Consensus decision c. Jury
a. Security and Exchange Commission trial
b. Department of Local Government b. Composite report d.
c. Commission on Audit Agenda
d. Bureau of Cooperative
661. In the formulation of classroom regulations, which of
653. Society and media know drinking starts off drug the following should a teacher refrain from doing?
addiction. What should be discussed in schools? a. State classroom regulation as clearly as
a. Nobody drinks at home except father possible
b. Drug addiction has been traced to b. Teacher and the class should make as
drinking wine many regulations as possible
c. TV ads show drinking is a source of c. Enlist student aid in the formation of
fellowship classroom regulation
d. High taxes on liquor will be deterrent to d. Enforce classroom regulations consistently
eventual drug use and fairly
654. Cooperatives have branched out to consumers
cooperative. Schools have included the concepts of 662. Zero standard deviation means that:
cooperatives. Where is it practiced? a. The students scores are the same
a. School book stores b. 50% of the scores obtained is zero
c. More than 50% of the score obtained is zero
b. Schools uniform purchases d. Less than 50% of the scores obtained is
c. School canteen zero
d. Class stores
663. Which is the least authentic mode of assessment?
655. A student collapsed in her social studies class. It was a. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary
found out that he did not eat her lunch. What principle b. Oral performance to assess students
is shown in the situation? spoken communication skills
a. Psychological need c. Experiments in science to assess skill in the
use of scientific methods
b. Physiological need d. Artist production for music or art subject
c. Psychosomatic
d. Safety need 664. In what period of a child is physical growth fastest?
656. The main function of a philosophy of education is to: a. Prenatal period
a. Aid the learner to build his own personal
philosophy b. Early adolescence
b. Reconsider existing educational goals in the c. Early childhood
light of societys needs d. Prenatal and early adolescence
d. Shows spontaneity, variety and other signs
665. How does fear affect the voluntariness of an act? of credibility
a. Makes the act involuntary 673. Which statement applies when scores distribution is
b. No effect at all negatively skewed?
c. Increases voluntariness a. The mode corresponds to a lower value
d. Lessens but not destroy voluntariness b. The median is higher that the mode
c. The mode and median are equal
666. A group of people asserts that their culture is superior d. The mean corresponds to a high value
to another. This exemplifies: 674. The use of the process approach gives the student the
a. Cultural gap opportunity to:
a. Learn to their own
b. Ethnocentrism
c. Cultural conflict b. Apply the scientific method
d. Norm conflict c. Make use of laboratory apparatuses
d. Learn how to learn
667. A test consists of a graph showing the relationship 675. A comprehension skill of higher level which may be
between age and population. Follow a series of true- inferred or implied from reading is:
false items based on the graph. Which type of test a. Picking out the main idea
does this illustrate?
a. Laboratory exercise b. Drawing conclusion
c. Nothing specific details
b. Interpretative d. Following direction
c. Problem solving
d. Performance 676. In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of Professional
668. Which curricular move served to strengthen spiritual Teachers, which is not mention about teachers?
and ethical values? a. Dully licensed professionals
a. Integration of creative thinking in all subject
b. Introduction of Value Education as a b. Posses dignity and reputation
separate subject area c. LET passers
c. Reducing the number of subject areas into d. With high moral values
the skill subject 677. What does a skewed score distribution mean?
d. Re-introducing Science as all subject in a. The scores are concentrated more at one
Grade 1 end or the other end
669. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the b. The mode, the mean and the median are
development of the youth. Which practice is not equal
keeping with his role as facilitator? c. The mean and median are equal
a. Considers the multiple intelligences of d. The scores are normally distributed
b. Humiliates misbehaving pupils 678. What is implied by a negatively skewed score
c. Dialogs with parents and with other distribution?
members of the community a. The scores are evenly distributed from the
d. Keeps himself abreast with educational left to the right
trends b. Most pupils are underachieves
670. Which one indicates a teachers genuine enthusiasm c. Most of the scores are high
and pride in teaching? d. Most of the scores are low
a. Sticking to teaching for the moment that
there are no better offers 679. A teacher discovers that a product of a certain bottling
b. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for company brings about damage to teeth. Much as he
there was no other choice then wants to share the products of his research, he could
c. Engaging himself in continuing not because of harassment from all sides. Which
professional education teachers right is violated?
d. Belittling the remuneration one gets from a. Right to property
teaching b. Academic freedom
671. In writing performance objective which word is not
acceptable? c. Right to ones honor
a. Manipulate c. Delineate d. Right to make a livelihood
b. Integrate d. Comprehend 680. Why can the calculator do arithmetic? Because:
672. When is giving praise ineffective? When it? a. A computer inside the calculator tells it
a. Uses the accomplishment of peers as the how
context for describing a students b. A watch inside direct it
present accomplishment c. A typewriter inside does it
b. Provides information to students about their d. A TV inside shows it
competence and the value of their 681. On which constitutional provision is the full or partial
accomplishment integration of capable deaf and blind students in the
c. Focuses students attention on her own task classroom based? The provision on:
relevant behavior a. Protecting and promoting the right of all
citizen to qualify education
b. Providing citizenship and vocational training a. Composite report
to adult citizen
c. Academic freedom b. Consensus decision making
d. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving c. Symposium
students d. Agenda
682. Teaching in the cognitive, psychomotor and effective
domains is based on the concept that the learner is a: 691. What term applies to the search for related literature
a. Moral and feeling being by computing access of databases of discs kept in
b. Maternal and an acting being libraries?
c. Thinking, feeling and acting being a. Compact discs computer research
d. Spiritual and maternal being b. On line research
683. Both Muslim and Christian value marriage but the
Muslim practices polygamous marriage while the c. Manual research
Christian practices monogamous marriage. What is d. Computer research
this called?
a. Cultural relativism c. Ethical relativism 692. What best indicates the effectiveness of classroom
b. Acculturation d. Enculturation activities?
684. Teacher wants to compare 2 concepts. With which a. The laughter and enjoyment of students
technique can accomplish this best? b. The application of concept learned in
a. K-W-L technique c. Spider web daily life
b. Venn diagram d. Histogram c. The utilization of varied techniques and
685. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth what approaches
should be done? d. The variety of instructional materials used
a. Re-study our history and stress on our
achievements as a people 693. The main purpose of the compulsory study of the
b. Set aside the study of local history Constitution in Philippine schools is to:
c. Re-study our history from the perspective of a. Develop the students into responsible
our colonizers thinking citizens
d. Replace the study of folklores and myths b. Acquaint students with the historical
with technical subjects development of the Philippine Constitution
686. When necessary conditions are present, the use of c. Prepare students for law making
inductive method is preferred because: d. Make constitutional experts of the students
a. It gives the teacher more time to rest 694. Some students who are high in the scholastic aptitude
b. There is greater active participation on test have failed in college. Some who are below the
the part of the pupils standards set for admission but who for various
c. It needs only few instruction materials reasons were admitted, attained satisfactory
d. Academic time is used wisely standings. This proves that:
a. Human beings are certainly predictable
687. Which is the best reason why teacher begins a lesson b. Admission tests are not accurate, hence
in Math by checking and reviewing on the previous should not be used
days assignment and provides practice and drills? c. Aptitude tests do not measure all factors
a. Check if parents guide their children in the important for success
making of assignment d. Aptitude test can be perfectly relied on
b. Make sure that the students understand 695. If the teachers pattern in questioning consists of
the pre-requisite skills of the lesson calling on a student then asking the question:
c. Prepare the students for the mastery test a. All students may be encouraged to
d. Make learning interesting and enjoyable for participate
students b. The student called to answer may be able to
think well of his answer
688. Which is a selective reading technique meant at c. The rest of the class may just dictate the
getting at important facts very fast? answer
a. Skim reading c. Oral reading d. The rest of the class may not engage
b. Scanning d. Silent reading themselves in thinking of the answer
689. For counseling to be successful which assumption 696. Freud expounded that there is a period when young
must be avoided? girls experience rivalry with their mother for their
a. The environment must provide assurance of fathers affection. This is called:
confidentiality a. Electra complex
b. The counselor tells the student what to b. Oedipus complex
c. The student is willing to participate in the c. Achilles syndrome
d. The counselor must be able to relate to the d. Cassandra syndrome
student 697. Education is a lifelong process. This simply means
that education:
690. Which technique is most appropriate when a teacher a. May take place formally or informally to
wants a group to agree on a plan of action? enable the individual to grow
b. May take place anywhere and anytime the 705. In testing which of the following is referred to as
individual so desires cultural bias?
c. Is a continuous process of experiencing a. Some culture do better on test than others
and reorganizing experiences b. Test items are more familiar with some
d. Take place in the school where the culture
individual is exposed, self contained c. Test will show who is more cultured
experiences d. Cultured people do better on tests
698. The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the 706. Which is the most obvious and familiar way of
early childhood stage. Teachers should therefore be reporting variability?
very good: a. Standard deviation
a. Counselors c. Disciplinarians b. Range between highest with some culture
b. Role models d. Facilitators of learning c. Standard error of the mean
699. How is Values Education offered in the National d. Distribution of raw scores
Secondary Education Curriculum? 707. The theory of identical elements in learning holds
a. Emphasized in Science and Technology that transfer is facilitated when the:
b. Integrated in all subject areas a. Teacher uses different teaching devices
c. As a separate subject b. Learner has a memory of specific responses
d. Integrated with Technology and Home c. Development task is easily identified
Economics d. Experience is similar to the application
700. The NSEC orients secondary education to: situation
a. The teaching of the national symbols
b. Health values development 708. If this need is not met, the adolescent tends to be
c. The development of competencies and critical and always tries to find fault. This is the
values for social living need:
d. National development requirement and reflects a. For adventure
search based direction b. For recognition
701. The child cannot distinguish abstracts during the c. To belong
sensory motor of development. Which of these d. For material security
techniques should a teacher apply to accommodate 709. The way a child talks and walks manifest gestures
learning? that have been learned from models he had been
a. Make use of individualize instruction exposed. This explains what influence?
b. Explain the lesson very well a. Affective c. Social
c. Utilize concrete objects to clarify concept b. Insight d. Cognitive
d. Provide variety of educational toys
702. Which of these systems of learning includes ways 710. Audio-visual aids are used in classroom teaching to
and methods which are used in preserving and __________.
building certain within cultural communities? a. Help make learning more permanent
a. Non-formal learning b. All of these
b. Multi-level learning c. Help clarify important concept
c. Cultural learning d. Arouse and sustain students interest
d. Indigenous learning 711. Which of the following is the most important
purpose for using achievement test? To measure
703. Which of the following statement is true in the use of the _________.
experiments and demonstrations in teaching a. Quality and quantity of previous learning
Science: b. Quality and quantity of previous teaching
a. It is valuable if used in the context of a c. Educational and vocational aptitude
lesson that related observation to other d. Capacity for future learning
information 712. Which of the different types of test covers a wide
b. It should be encouraged in elementary school variety of objectives?
since the concept the encompass are difficult a. True-false c. Matching
for your children b. Multiple choice d. Essay
c. It is as valuable as teaching by lecturing 713. In a multiple choice test, keeping the options brief
d. It is less valuable than teaching through inquiry indicates ____________.
and discussion a. Inclusion in the item irrelevant clues such as
the use in the correct answer
704. Identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. b. Non inclusion of option that mean the same
Which of the following statement principle supported c. Plausibility and attractiveness of the item
by this? d. Inclusion in the item any word that must
a. Environment affects both fraternal and identical otherwise repeated in each response
twins 714. Which of these criteria is the most important in test
b. Intelligence hinges in physical structure constructions?
c. Heredity has a part in determining a. The stem should contain the central problem
intelligence b. Items should be congruent with the
d. Intelligence is determined partly by pre-natal objectives
nutrition c. A table of specification should be prepared
d. Options should be of almost the same length
715. Which of these philosophers is reflective of that of d. Project method
Deweys which stresses the development of an
individual capable of reflective thinking specifically 722. The best way the teacher can be of the
that of being able to solve the problem be faces appropriateness of an instructional materials is to:
individually or collectively? a. Try it out before using it in class
a. Disciplinarianism c. b. Consider its technical quality
Experimentation c. Consider its availability
b. Developmentalism d. Rationalism d. Consider its cost
716. Which of the following abilities is stressed by
humanistic education? 723. Tasks analysis involves the breaking down of a
a. Learn the different philosophies of education learning task into subtasks or sub skills. Given a
b. Develop man into a thinking individual task to retell a story, which of the following skills is
c. Enjoy the great works of man such as the not needed?
classics a. To disseminate information
d. Make man distinctly civilized, educated and b. To outline a selection
refined c. To identify topic sentences
717. An appreciation lesson is one that is designed to
lead the class to conduct and enjoy something. d. To arranged events in sequence
Which of the following statements closely
approximate the meaning of the above? 724. You are assigned to teach students with varied
a. An appreciation lesson should be a lesson in abilities. You want to teach a more homogenous
values grouping. Which type of grouping will tend to benefit
b. Appreciation lessons help pupils weigh and your students?
clarify values a. Mixed ability grouping
c. One cannot fully appreciate what one does b. Low ability group
not understand or enjoy c. Within class ability grouping
d. A teacher should plan lessons that will d. High ability grouping
guide children to appreciate what is
beautiful 725. Which of the following examples illustrate the use of
718. Which of the following is the best time for a teacher questions to focus pupils attention on the key points
to set up routine activities that will contribute to of the lesson?
effective classroom management? a. What is Rizal Park known for?
a. As soon as the students have established b. Why are machine made goods cheaper than
b. Daily at the start of the session those made by hand?
c. During his homeroom days c. Have you ever enjoyed watching the clouds
on a bright day?
d. On the every first day of school d. Who came while I was writing on the
719. In large classes where little of the work pupils can
be individualized, the most effective and practical 726. The new teacher entered a noisy classroom. She
ways to individualize instruction is to: shouted immediately at the students desperately
a. Devise group activities which afford every trying to get order and discipline. Since then the
pupils an opportunity to work at his own teacher has not controlled the class. Which is the
b. Give the pupils freedom to launch individual most probable cause of the teachers failure?
projects a. The students reaction to the teacher is the
c. Assign homework and check it regularly consequence of her behavior
d. Assigned program material for out-of-class b. Rules are not defined and procedures to
hours sustain order is not put into place
c. The new teacher wants to show the class
720. Which of these is the most important principle that a who is authority
teacher should follow in initiating a program with d. The class wants to test the ability and
positive reinforcement? patience of the teacher
a. Make sure the reward comes immediately
after the appropriate behavior 727. The educational implementation of research
b. Punish negative behavior and reward positive findings relative to the ability of dull learners and
behavior bright learners to organize and generalize is for
c. Provide regular opportunity for socially teacher:
acceptable behavior a. To make the bright learners guide the dull ones
d. Consider peer approval and recognition in learning to generalize
b. To make the bright learners to generalize and
721. The trend of focusing attention on the childs the dull ones to memorize
interests, abilities and needs and on the c. To give the dull learners to more concrete
improvement of community living necessitate the experiences to serve as basis for generalizing
use of the: d. To give both the dull and bright learners
a. Discovery approach concrete and abstract experiences to serve
b. Conceptual technique as basis for generalizing
c. Integrative approach
728. Which of the following will do the first to establish 737. Which of the following will you recommended to a
good class management? senior high school scholar who is impregnated by a
a. Discuss the required rules for proper class fellow student?
behavior a. Tell her parent about her condition
b. Discuss the work plan for the year b. Stop schooling until after she gives birth
c. Prepare a seat plan c. Direct her to an abortion clinic
d. Train the class in the distribution of material d. Force her boyfriend to marry her
738. The government prescribes a higher percentage on
729. A student was diagnosed to have a high IQ but is the administration of educational institution to
failing in his academic subject. What should the Filipino citizens in order to:
teacher do to help him? a. Minimize the unemployment problem
a. Talk to his parents b. Produce globally competitive graduates
b. Examine his study habits c. Protect the rights of the citizen
c. Talk the student and find out his problem d. Ensure the teaching of Filipino
d. Refer him to the guidance counselor 739. Teacher should bear in mind that the period of
greatest mental development is from:
730. Which is the true foundation of the social order? a. 9 to 12 years c. 6 to 9 years
a. Strong, political leadership b. 12 to 15 years d. 3 to 6 years
b. The reciprocation of rights and duties 740. Which of the following is the best situation wherein
c. Equitable distribution of wealth you can balance responsibility and accountability?
d. Obedient citizenry a. A teacher paid on an hour basis, takes her
731. When do test, inventories and career information time with the subject matter until the end of the
become effective for counseling services? period
a. When the data generated are interpreted on b. A teacher paid on an hour basis, teaches as
time by professionally competent person much as she could for the duration of the
b. The psychological test result are still valid and period
reliable c. A teacher paid on an hour basis, spends most
c. When the records are updated of the time on the latest gossips in showbiz
d. When the records are kept for ready reference d. A teacher paid on an hour basis, entertain her
when needed students with stories until the end of the period
732. Which of the following is a major advantage in using 741. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty and
arithmetic mean? aggressive that he is a burden to the entire
a. It is more commonly used than other measures members of the class. How would you remedy this
b. It is simple to compute problem?
c. It discriminates between the lowest and the a. Talk to him seriously
lowest b. Call the parents for dialogue
d. It is more than stable than the median c. Report the case to the principal
733. When I am engaged in an external criticism in a d. Reprimand him always
historical research, what am I occupied with? The 742. What should a teacher do before constructing items
_______ of the document. for a particular test?
a. Author c. Source a. Prepare a table specifications
b. Authenticity d. Accuracy b. Review the previous lessons
734. Learners often find it much easier to fit into a new c. Determine the length of time for answering it
social situation when given encouragement and d. Announce to students the scope of the test
support. How can this be done? 743. Under which of the multiple choice type of test can
a. By discovering his new interest this question be classified? Which of the following
b. By giving him room responsibility statement expresses this concept in different
c. By assigning peers or Buddies to him forms?
d. By giving him special help a. Association c. Difference
735. Who expounded on the need to study the child b. Definition d. Cause
carefully for individualized instruction? 744. Of the following types of test which is the most
a. Da Feltre c. Boccacio subjective in scoring?
b. Erasmus d. Ascham a. Matching type c. Multiple choice
736. Which of the following should a teacher do if she b. Simple recall d. Essay
cannot pay the monthly installment of an appliance 745. In which of these research methods can the
she got from a department store in their town? researcher control certain variable?
a. Reject any notice of demand for payment to a. Experimental c. Descriptive
make the impression that she did not receive b. Ex post facto d. Historical
b. Move to another neighborhood to escape 746. During the first grading period, a student obtained
payment failing marks in five academic subjects. Which of the
c. Inform the manager of the store personally following tests would best explain his performance?
and make a satisfactory arrangement of a. Mental ability c. Attitude
payment on or before the due date of b. Personality d. Aptitude
payment 747. Measuring the work done by gravitational force is a
d. Offer the return of the used appliance to the learning task. At what level of cognition is it?
store on the condition that she will be refunded a. Application c. Evaluation
on the monthly installment she paid b. Knowledge d. Comprehension
748. Setting up criteria for scoring test is meant to c. Range
increase their ________. d. Inter quartile range
a. Objectively c. Validity 758. A child who is cold towards that people among him
b. Reliability d. Usability might have failed to attain what basic goal based on
749. Which of the following you will do to an examinee Ericksons theory on psychological development?
you caught cheating and who offered a certain sum a. Autonomy c. Initiative
of money to keep quiet? b. Trust d. Mistrust
a. Confiscate his test paper and report him to 759. Under the learning to do, which of the following
the examination supervisor instruments must be acquired so that a person can
b. Motion him to keep quiet and watch for him perform his work effectively?
after the examination a. Competence c. Compromise
c. Announce to all examinees the name of the b. Insights d. Communication
cheater 760. What do you think would be the actions of a teacher
d. Ignore him but let him feel you saw him who found out and has proven that his principal is
750. Which of the following is the best situation wherein involved in the malversation of funds of their school?
you can balance rights and authority? a. Malign him trough an anonymous letter
a. Allow all their only daughters suitor to come b. Present the charge to a complete authority
and go as she pleases c. Ignore what the teacher has discovered about
b. Caution their only daughters choice of a this action of the principal
boyfriend d. Circulate this issue and let it become a gossip
c. Censor all their only daughters suitor 761. Standard deviation is to measure of variations as
d. Choose a life-partner for their only daughter ______ is to measure of central tendency.
751. Classical conditioning theory is always attributed to a. Quartile deviations c. Mean deviation
him for his experiment involving the dogs salivation as b. Range d. Mode
a reaction to the sound of the buzzer. 762. Which statement is/are true in constructing matching
a. Skinner c. Bandura type of test?
b. Lewin d. Pavlov I. The option and descriptions not necessarily
752. The singing of national anthem is an offshoot of the homogenous
philosophical ideas of: II. Description in Column A and options in Column B
a. Naturalism c. Socialism
III.The options must be greater than the description
b. Nationalism d. Pragmatism
753. An adolescent combines his ability to use deductive IV. The directions must state the basis of matching
and inductive reasoning in realistic rules that he can a. I, II, and III c. I, II, and IV
respect and live by. When he does this, how does he b. II, III, and IV d. I, II, III, and IV
perceive his environment? 763. Which of the following should be AVOIDED in
a. He sees the world through the eyes of the people constructing true or false test?
b. He interprets events from a limited point of view I. Verbal clues and specific determiner
c. He sees events apart for himself and other
people II. Terms denoting definite degree of amount
d. He views the world from his own perspective
754. Which of the following statement is the main reason III. Taking elements directly from the book
why should negative words be avoided in constructing
multiple choices tests? IV. Keep true and false statement the same in length
a. Might be overlooked
b. Stems tends to be longer a. I and III only c. I, II, and IV
c. More difficult to construct option b. I, II and III d. II and IV only
d. Increase the difficulty of the test item 764. The discriminating index number 15 is 0.44 this means
755. Student David was asked to report to the guidance that:
office. Student David and his classmates at once a. Equal number of student got the correct answer
remark: Whats wrong? what does this mean? b. More students from the upper group got the
a. Guidance counselor are perceived to be item correctly
almighty and omniscient c. More students from the lower group got the item
b. The parents of student Jay must be of the correctly
delinquent type d. The test item is very easy
c. Reporting to a Guidance Office is often 765. Some children go through a period of intense appetite
associated with misbehavior when they eat or chew on all sorts of inedible
d. Student Jay is a problem student substances. This is called:
756. Which of the following assessment techniques best a. Pica c. Encopresis
assess the objective plans and designs an b. Enuresis d. Anorexia
experiment to be performed 766. What is the main advantage of using table of
a. Rating scale c. specification when constructing periodic test?
Checklist a. It reduces the scoring time
b. Paper and pencil test d. Essay b. It improves the sampling of content areas
757. What type of measure of variation easily affected by c. It makes test construction earlier
the extreme scores? d. It increase the reliability of the test result
a. Quartile deviation 767. If a teacher is an advocate of banking concept in
b. Standard deviation Education he or she viewed student as?
a. Clear account to be filled up by the teacher c. Assign leadership roles to the children of the
b. Dormant account to be activated by the teacher upper social class
c. Wobble account to be balanced by the teacher d. Avail the influence of mass media for children of
d. All of the above all classes
768. Teacher Maechelle is a neophyte teacher. One time a 775. The freedom constitution which provided the present
mother of one of her students confronted and philosophy of education was the contribution of the
maligned her in front of her colleagues. How should Aquino administration. Which of this statement is NOT
conduct Teacher Myla react on this kind of situation? consistent with our education philosophy?
a. Walk away and ignore the mother a. Restore Ethical and moral values
b. Answer back the mother and malign her too b. Appreciate the roles of foreigners on the
c. Wait until the emotion of the mother subsides historical saga of the country
and invite her to discuss the concern with the c. Foster nationalism and patriotism
principal or guidance counselor d. Introduce vocational and scientific efficiency
d. Allow the mother to keep on maligning her until 776. In the preamble of the Code of Ethics for Professional
its her turn to do the same Teachers, which of the following teacher descriptions
769. Ms. Teodora is always guarded by the principle that is included in the Code of Ethics of the Professional
she has a foremost responsibility as a teacher. Given Teachers?
the following which do you think is the main a. With satisfactory teaching performance
responsibility of Ms. Sanchez? b. Duly licensed professional
a. Ask the challenging question c. Persons of dignity and reputation
b. Guides students in learning process d. Passed the Licensure Exams for teacher
c. Shares responsibility in counseling 777. A number of researchers found the effects of maternal
d. Inspires student to interesting lessons employment on childrens achievement are:
770. Which of the following would best describe the role of a. Fully establish c. Positive and negative
the schools? b. Negative d. Hardly establish
a. To educate the citizens 778. Babyhood is often referred to as a critical period in
b. To educate the citizens to change the society the development of personality because:
c. To fit the citizens into the society a. Changes in the personality pattern take place
d. All of the above b. At this time the foundations are laid upon
771. Manual aesthetic activities involving attitudes and which the adult personality structure we built
feelings are primarily expressive of emotions and c. The brain grows and develops at such an
values not thoughts. An example of this motor skills is: accelerated rate during babyhood
a. Baking a cake with background music d. At the time the baby is exposed to many hazards
b. Saving a board for the wall of a book cabinet both physical and psychological
c. Dancing and playing musical instruments 779. Research established that complete coordination of
d. Manipulating a bowling ball to achieve a strike motor activities is attained at:
772. Parents and teachers are considered as authorities a. Childhood stage c. Pre-natal stage
and models by children at the early childhood stage. b. Infanc d. Adolescence
What does this statement imply? stage
a. Parent Teacher conference should always be an 780. Which of these theories holds that human activity is
activity in school based on the interaction of stimuli and responses?
b. Parents should enforce strict discipline at home a. Vector c. Association
and teachers in school b. Social learning d. Cognitive field
c. Teachers and Parents should serve as role 781. It is the process by which an organism inherent the
models at all times characteristics traits of the patients:
d. Teachers should demand complete obedience a. Fertilization c. Maturation
from the learners in school b. Heredity d. Development
773. Which of these statements regarding professionals 782. When the daughter is completing with the father for
teachers is the major difference in the the fathers attention, the daughter is said to be
professionalization of teachers and teaching as experiencing:
promulgated in Presidential Decree 1006 and in a. Sexual deviation c. Identity crisis
Republic Act 7836? b. Electra complex d. Oedipus complex
a. Assigned at the tertiary level in both private 783. If children are cooperatively engaged with the teacher
and state colleges and universities in a group project the children will discipline
b. Assigned at the elementary and secondary levels themselves as each member of the group exercises:
in both public and private schools a. Special interest
c. Holder of valid professional license and certificate b. Moral compulsion
of registration c. Obedience to the teacher
d. Appointed on full-time basis and on permanent d. Peer influence
status 784. Operation Return to the basic was launched by the
774. Social stratification is greatly developed in the department of education, Culture and sports not only
classroom. Which of these activities would be an to upgrade pupil achievement but also to:
effective way of avoiding or minimizing this? a. Emphasize the importance of the 3Rs
a. Encourage higher education aspirations b. Develop thinking skills
among the less privileged pupils c. Encourage pupils to study
b. Provide limited experience to children of less d. Serve as the basis for learning continuum
privileged classes
785. Which of the following embodies the operation return 794. During the class reunion of teacher, Eric learned that
to the Basics? most of his classmates are successful in their fields.
a. National Secondary Achievement Test Also, he found out that most of them are wealthy
b. New Elementary School Curriculum because they have chosen a lucrative profession.
c. New Secondary Education Curriculum Confronted with this situation, how should teacher Eric
d. National Elementary Achievement Test react?
786. In a classroom it is possible to see the teacher doing a. Hide to those asked his real profession
the following to faci9litate learning. b. Tell with pride that he is a teacher by
I. The class reads a workbook on the profession
characteristics of animals c. Leave the event so as to avoid being asked about
II. The class copies the characteristics of animals his profession
d. Answer not their question concerning his
from books
III. The class goes out to the zoo to observe the 795. Teachers being the trustee of the cultural and
animals educational heritage of the nation are under obligation
IV. The teacher shows posters of animals to:
Which of these teachers activities reflects an a. Promote obedience to the laws of the state
interactive environment? b. Promote national pride, cultivate love of country &
a. III and IV c. I and IV instill allegiance to the constitution
b. I and II d. III only c. Transmit to learners such heritage and elevate
787. As provider for the education act of 1982, how much national morality
are the institutions of learning encouraged to set d. All of the above
higher standards of quality over and above the 796. The principal is very much interested in a quality
minimum required for state recognition? professional development program of her teachers.
a. Formal education Which of the following should she consider to realize
b. Academic freedom this?
c. Voluntary accreditation a. Prescribe by top educational teachers
d. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) b. Required for renewal of professional license
788. The following is TRUE in the development of c. Responsive to identified teachers needs
understanding in early childhood except: d. Dependent on the availability of funds
a. Sensory experiences 797. Ms. Soriano wants to help in ending Ms. Del Mundos
act of immorality but doesnt have to encourage
b. Abilities to reason & to see relationship confronting her. What she did was to write and
c. Ability to ask questions secretly distribute copies of anonymous letter to her
d. Ability to explore their environment colleagues. What should have been done instead?
789. The first kindergarten also known as a garden where a. Secretly give anonymous letter only to the people
children could grow was the product of research by: concerned
a. Froebel c. Pestalozzi b. If the charge is valid; present such charge
b. Herbart d. Rousseau under oath before her school head
790. Values development is integrated in all subjects in the c. Ask a third party to write the anonymous letter to
NSEC while values education is: prevent her from being involved
a. Emphasized in science and technology d. Talk to the married man with whom Ms. Del
b. Offered as a separate subject Mundo is having an illicit affair
c. Emphasize for creativity and productivity 798. The principal ask his good teacher to write modular
d. Integrated with technology and home economics lesson in Filipino, then he had them published with his
791. Which of the following is a mark of a good teacher? name printed as author. Which is unethical in this
a. Has the habit of preparing for visual aids case?
b. Has the mastery of the lesson a. He burdened the teachers with work not related
c. Has the control of the class to teaching
d. Has the capability to implement corporal b. He got the merit which was due for his
punishment teacher-writer
792. The main function of a philosophy of education is to: c. He had the modular lessons published when they
a. Aid the learner to build his own personal worth publishing
philosophy d. He wants to exclusive beneficiary of the royalty
b. Define the goals and set the direction for from the modules
which education is to strive 799. Teacher Vincent, a teacher for thirty two years,
c. Provide the academic background prerequisite to refuses to attend seminars. He claims that his thirty
learning two years of teaching is more than all the seminars he
d. Reconsider existing education goals in the light of is asked to attend. Are his actuation and thinking in
societys needs accordance with the code of Ethics for professional
793. The control and the administration of all educational teachers?
institutions shall be vested in the citizens of the a. Yes, provided he has an excellent performance
Philippines is stipulated in: rating
a. P.D.1006 c. 1987 Constitution b. No, non attendance to seminars would mean no
b. P.D. 6-A d. P.D. 176 increase in salary
c. No, a professional teacher, regardless of 808. Teacher Vincent bought a hamster in the class during
teaching experience, ought to go through the lecture about mammals. The hamster is a device
CPE commonly known as a REALIA. Teacher can bring
d. Yes, because he taught for thirty two years and realia only when:
may have mastered the traded a. Workable c. Feasible
800. Education is a continuous process of experiencing and b. Available d. Affordable
visiting or reorganizing experiences according to a 809. When asked, students of teacher Eric described him
Progressivist. What does it mean? as someone who knows what he is talking about.
a. Education takes place anytime and anywhere Teacher Eric therefore exhibits a power known as:
b. Education goes on throughout life a. Expert power c. Referent power
c. Education happens formally or informally b. Reward power d. Legitimate power
d. Education begins and ends in school 810. When choosing an instructional aide or device, the
801. The main contribution of the Arroyo Administration in primary consideration of the teacher would be:
education is Republic Act No. 9155. This provision: a. Suitability c. Availability
a. Started the national scholarship program b. Cost d. Efficiency
b. Renamed the DECS to DepEd 811. To show disapproval to the misbehavior of the
c. Conceptualized the K-12 Education Program student, Teacher Paul clears his throat and looks
d. Established the study now-pay later system intently at the erring. This classroom management
802. The main Purpose of compulsory education of the style is commonly known as:
constitution is to: a. Direct appeal c. Dropping of name
a. Prepare students to be lawyer b. Proximity control d. Signal interference
b. Develop students with into responsible 812. Which of the computer-based instructional tool can
thinking citizen help you revise written work such as short stories and
c. Acquaint students with the historical development essays?
of the constitution a. Spreadsheets c. Desktop
d. Make students constitutional expert publishin
803. Which of the following situations which violate the b. Database d. Word processing
principle of respect? 813. Ms. Agatep wants to show to her class a magnified
a. Teacher B is giving special favor to students to picture of the Mt. Pinatubos crater fixed on a bond
please so that she can get a remarkable result in paper. Which of the following tools can she use?
the evaluation a. Slides c. Overhead Projector
b. Teacher A tells her student that what teacher B b. Filmstrip d. Opaque Projector
taught is wrong 814. As a teacher employing the project-based multimedia
c. Teacher B, upon learning what teacher A did, learning (PBML) strategy, what are some limitations
asked the students not to attend her class teachers expect from the encounter?
d. All of the above I. There is a need for extending the to use several
804. If a teacher states that specialization knows more and media
more about less and less, hence it is better to be II. The presentation of the product is not an easy
generalist. What kind of philosophy does he uphold? task
a. Positivism c. Progressivism III. The technology skills to produce a product maybe
b. Essentialism d. Existentialism lacking
805. Teacher Paul is an inspiration to almost all of the a. I, II, III c. I only
students. His efficiency and effectiveness in the b. III only d. II only
profession is truly outstanding. Which of the following 815. B.F. skinner is a known psychologist and the one who
describes this attitude towards him? first to describe operant conditioning. Which of the
a. Naturalism c. Idealism techniques is an application of operant conditioning?
b. Progressivism d. Perennialism a. Master learning
806. Teacher finds teaching in a multi cultural classes very b. Process approach
challenging. Which among the following choices will
alleviate the difficulty of addressing these challenges? c. Project method
a. She must embody a curriculum rather than d. Computer assisted instruction
perspective 816. Which of the following choices is considered as social
b. She must nurture diversity rather than force that affects the school and the curriculum?
practicing domination and oppression a. Nature of knowledge
c. She must consider stereo typing rather than
cultural identities and biased attitudes b. Learners characteristics
d. She must welcome one sided view rather than c. Learners style
the recognition of biases d. Changes in gender roles
807. Ms. Janina is the most admired pre-school teacher in 817. Which of the following is an expression of childs
her school. Which among the following can best interest in his body?
explain her being a good teacher? a. Comparing themselves with others
a. She endorses all the projects of the school for her b. Looking at themselves in the mirror
students c. Commenting on various parts o the body
b. She manages to instill control to her students d. Looking the picture of adult men and women
c. She gives easy exams to her students 818. Motor development is satisfied by a particular child
d. She adheres to the want of the parents for their who;
children a. Recognize the different sizes of toys given to him
b. Learns how to walk, run, steer and jump b. Facilitating learning with emphasis on
c. Has playmates within the neighborhood & is individual differences
popular among kids c. Reward as a potential means of increasing the
d. Known how to control his emotions because he participation
could not ride the motor cycle d. Allowing the student to be exposed to various
819. Which among the following drugs is commonly used teaching techniques
for children with ADHD? 829. All of the following shows respect for individual
a. Valium c. Retalin differences except:
b. Haldol d. Thorazine a. Give greater attention to gifted learners
820. What is the main reason why children with ADHD b. Treat all learners alike while the classroom
have limited learning skills? c. Provide for a variety of learning activities
a. Act on impulse and cannot concentrate d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class
b. Must take stimulants which shorten attention 830. Students who are disobedient and display negative
span attitudes towards others are best handled by teacher
c. Are given sedatives which make them listen who will:
d. Are mildly retarded a. Detain him after office hours for him to do what
821. Many concerned parents commonly make the mistake he has been ordered to
of: b. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and the
a. Deliberately creating high levels of stress for their objects take back the order
child c. Take every opportunity to praise him for every
b. Unintentionally rewarding their children for positive attitude displays
creating stress d. Insist on compliance to the same degree required
c. Attempting to protect their children from all of pupils
stress 831. Which of the following develops critical thinking skills
d. Unintentionally creating high levels of stress for among the students?
their child a. Asking convergent question
822. Stuttering is commonly caused by: b. Blind obedience to authority
a. Problem with physical origin c. A willingness to suspend judgment
b. Psychological consequence of permissive d. Asking low level questions
parenting 832. A child who always fights with his/her classmates, who
c. Side effects of authoritarian parenting has a very short attention span, and who has frequent
d. Result of fixation caused by conflicts during toilet tantrums is believed to be suffering from:
training a. Mental retardation
823. How can parents foster initiative and independence in b. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
children? c. Down syndrome
a. Mastering psychomotor skills d. Learning disability
b. Encouragement from parents when a child plans 833. Teacher Elaine has been lecturing for more than an
carries out a task hour and she notice that students are not anymore
c. Identity versus role confusion able to absorb additional information. This
d. None of the above phenomenon is known as:
824. Which stage considers teachers, peers and adults a. Stagnation c. Boredom
outside the home important in shaping attitude toward
oneself? b. Procrastination d. Plateau of learning
a. Initiative versus guilt 834. Planned ignoring, signal interference and proximity
b. Industry versus inferiority control are techniques used in:
c. Trust versus mistrust a. Operant conditioning
d. Integrity versus despair b. Managing surface behavior
825. When a child manifest mutism, self-destructive c. Managing temper tantrums
behavior and echolalia, the child might be showing the d. Life space interviewing
symptoms of: 835. A foreigner who is studying here in the Philippines was
a. Anorexia nervosa c. Dyslexia turned off by the Filipinos way of eating Balut and
b. Childhood autism d. ADHD Frogs:
826. When a persons moral choices are determined by the a. Xenocentrism c. Colonial mentality
direct consequences of actions. He is most like in the b. Ethnocentrismd d. Culture shock
stage of: 836. Who among the following claimed that children are
a. Conventional c. Post natural learners and therefore must be taught in
conventional natural settings?
b. Concrete d. Pre conventional a. Kohlberg c. Montessori
827. What is the motivation of the person who paints for the b. Piaget d. Froebel
sheer enjoyment of creating artwork? 837. The concept that learning to read or write does not
a. Insufficient c. Extrinsic happen quickly but is build upon many small steps that
b. Intrinsic d. Intrinsic & Extrinsic occur over the course of the childs early childhood.
828. Providing variety of learning activities to students is a a. Innate literacy
characteristics of a teacher who understands the b. Emergent literacy
principle of: c. Functional literacy
a. Proactive teaching as a modem technique of d. Academic Literacy
838. A boy is closer to his mother and a girl is close to her a. 295 B.C. - schools were elementary only
father. These instances are under: b. A.D. 100 - A.D. 175 - government increased its
a. Latent stage c. Phallic stage subsidy for education
b. Oedipal Complex d. Pre-genital stage c. 132 B.C. - A.D. 100 - Latin literature and
839. Laughing at two year old child who uttered a bad word grammar were perfected
is not a proper thing to do because in this stage of the d. A.D. 274-259 - government establish a monopoly
childs life, the child is: on education
a. Considering the views of others 849. Whose philosophy influences the present emphasis on
b. Distinguishing right from wrong character education and values education in our
c. Distinguishing sex differences school system?
d. Socializing a. Tagore c. Confucius
840. The school director emphasizes the necessity of clean b. Gandhi d. Bonifacio
and green environment to contribute to effective 850. During the distribution of the report card, which of
teaching and learning. This is an example of: the following must be the foremost concern of
a. Establish rapport between teachers and pupils teacher?
b. Providing an atmosphere conductive to a. Discuss the projects of the school
learning b. Discuss the unsettled bill of the students
c. Providing adequate physical facilities c. Discuss the progress as well as the
d. Utilize educational technology deficiencies of the stu7dent
841. The teachers are facilitators of learning. Which of the d. Discuss the complaints of other teachers and
following negates this principle? classmates of the students
a. Performs not only classrooms roles but 851. After listening to the homily of the priest about
community involvement as well fidelity, Catherine has a moment of reflection. Her
b. Focus background of the students understanding of the value of fidelity has become
c. Familiar with the latest innovations in teaching deeper as she related this to her past experience.
d. Uses pro-active discipline method This typifies what kind of philosophy?
842. Which of these philosophies is reflective of the a. Constructivism c. Humanism
Deweys which s\tresses the development of an b. Reconstructivism d. Existentialism
individual capable of reflecting thinking specially that 852. Teacher Vincent is a new teacher. He realizes that
of being able to solve the problem he faces handling his students misbehavior is a very
individually or collectively? demanding aspect of classroom management. In
a. Disciplinism c. this regard he thought of giving up teaching. What
Experimentation advice can you give him?
b. Developmentalism d. Rationalism a. Report every students misbehavior to the
843. The present military training in our school curriculum is principal
an influence of: b. Agree with the class on what rules to follow
a. Sparta c. Greece c. Set the ground rules for the whole class
b. Rome d. Athens d. None of the above
844. Basic education includes secondary education. Which 853. Which of the following is a result of compressing a
of the following contributed to the establishment of file?
secondary schools? a. The file size is smaller
a. Reformation c. Realistic b. The file deleted
b. Rationalism d. Human c. The three character extension is hidden
Education d. All file properties
845. The nearest to the real thing according to Edgar 854. Mrs. Anita Kusing was not accepted by a certain
Dales Cone of Experience is: company because of her age. This discrimination
a. Watching demo based on age is called
b. Viewing images a. Gerontism c. Agelism
c. Attending Exhibit b. Autism d. Senilism
d. Hearing and listening 855. Vincent parents do not want their child with ADHD
846. This is pre-planned collection of sample of student to undergo drug treatment, their better alternative
works, assessed results and other output produced by would be
the students: a. Behavior modification or behavior
a. Anecdotal report c. Portfolio management
b. Diary d. Observation b. Psychotherapy
image c. Punishment
847. Which of the following statements is one of the d. Progressive inhibition
strength of an autobiography as a technique for 856. Ripple effect can also be seen in misdemeanor. The
personality appraisal? teacher should therefore:
a. It can replace data obtain from other data a. Reinforce positive behavior
techniques b. Immediately responds to misbehavior
b. It may be read by unauthorized people c. Be consistent in classroom management
c. It gives complete data about the author d. Count 1 to 10 before she gets angry
d. It makes possible presentation of intimate 857. Metacognition is primarily characterized by:
experiences a. Recalling the past lesson
848. The present Philippine Teachers professionalization b. Thinking about their thinking
Act had its beginning on what period of roman history? c. Visualizing in advance
d. Formulating hypothesis c. Enjoy the relationship while it last
858. A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make d. Defer the relationship until they are already to
people laugh possesses: admit it
a. Interpersonal intelligence 867. The following is TRUE in the development of
b. Naturalistic intelligence understanding in early childhood, except:
c. Spatial intelligence a. Abilities to reason and to see relationship
d. Intrapersonal intelligence b. Sensory experiences
859. Which of the following is an example of norm- c. Ability to explore their environment
referenced interpretation? d. Ability to ask questions
a. Joshs test score is higher that 89% of the 868. Teacher Eric would like to compare and contrast
class plant cell vs. animal cell. He would most likely use:
b. Francis set up his laboratory equipment in 2 a. Fishbone diagram c. Tree Diagram
minutes b. Venn Diagram d. KWL chart
c. RJ solve five problems correctly out of thirty 869. Which of the following are the basic components of
words curriculum design?
d. Bea must spell twenty five words correctly out a. Assessment, teaching strategies and textbooks
of thirty words b. Content, structure and deliver
860. A type of error committed in grading the c. Philosophy, goals and objectives
performance of the students by the rater who avoids d. Standards, learning competencies, and
both extremes of the scale and tends to rate evaluation
everyone as revenge 870. The following are examples of learning centered
a. Severity error design except:
b. Central tendency error a. Child centered design
c. Generosity error b. Life situation design
d. Logical error c. Humanistic centered design
861. Which of the following test items can be effectively d. Experience centered design
measure higher order of cognitive learning 871. Which of the following statements about computer
objectives? viruses are TRUE?
a. Achievement test a. Text files are the only files to be corrupted by
b. Extended essay test b. Files damaged by computer viruses can be
c. Completion test cured
d. Objective test c. Files are always permanently damage by
862. A student finding it hard to read. When the guidance viruses
counselor traced the childs history, the counselor d. Compressed files can never be damaged by
was able to find out the student came from a viruses
dysfunctional family, aside from that the child was 872. The students of Teacher Corazon feels that their
abused and neglected. What could have caused the teacher has an eye behind her head this
students reading disability? characteristics of the teacher is known as:
a. Poor teaching a. Referent Power c. Pygmalion Effect
b. Emotional factors b. Withitness d. Rosenthal Effect
c. Neurological factors 873. After studying the Principle of identity, teaching
d. Immunity Beng ask her students to determine which among
863. The best example Operant conditioning among the the given set of problems conforms to the said
following is: identity. This shows that teacher beng upholds this
a. Fostering conductive learning environment kind of philosophy?
a. Perennialism c. Essentialism
b. Connecting facts and concept b. Progressivism d. Naturalism
c. Using reinforcement 874. How will you classify the purpose of the school as it
d. Using manipulative device concerns with the training and preparation of
864. The failure in the test of independence among citizens for the world of work?
Filipino students can be attributed to a. Political Purpose c. Economic
a. Lack of skills Purpose
b. High degree of dependence to authority b. Cognitive Purpose d. Social Purpose
c. Strong family ties 875. A child submitted a poor written report but package
d. All of the above with boringly colored paper cover. This
865. Mrs. Soriano is admitted for being an effective showcase____.
classroom manager. She is not only friendly but at a. Art over academics
the same time be_______ b. porma over substance
a. Confident c. Analytical c. Substance over porma
b. Business-like d. Buddy-buddy d. Art over science
866. Which of the following would be the most fitting 876. Clearance has inherent skills in taking care of
action for the teacher who is having a relationship plants. It is highly possible that she has ________
with his/her student? intelligence.
a. Deny the relationship a. Intrapersonal intelligence
b. Continue the relationship and exercise b. Naturalistic intelligence
utmost professional discretion about this c. Spatial intelligence
d. Existential intelligence a. Ethical internet use policy
877. According to Erickson, a child who is cold towards b. Classroom rules
that people among him might have failed to attain c. Acceptable use policy
what basic goal based on psychosocial d. Fair use
development? 887. Which of the following are the rationales behind
a. Autonomy c. Initiative using technology in the classrooms?
b. Trust d. Mistrust I. Motivational
878. What is most likely characteristic of children aged 3 II. Unique instructional capabilities
to 5 according to Erickson? III. Increase Teachers Productivity
a. Mischievous c. Lazy
a. I only c. II and III only
b. Egocentric d. Altruistic
b. I and II only d. I, II, and III
879. Mrs. Cruz dreams to organize a seminar with a
888. Using Blooms Taxonomy, the highest among the
known poet from another country but she cannot
following is:
afford to spend for a transportation of the said poet.
a. Critical Comprehension
Which of the following can she use so she wont
b. Critical evaluation
need to spend much?
c. Integration
a. Distant communication
d. Literal comprehension
b. Instant messaging
889. Among the following educators, who proposed the
placement of children in a prepared environment?
c. Video conferencing
a. Thorndike c. Kilpatrick
d. Podcasting
b. Montessori d. Froebel
880. Teacher Lally wants her students to express their
890. To improve comprehension and retention among
opinions regarding a certain government issue.
the students, the teachers best option would be use
Which of the following can she use to do this?
a. Six thing hats
a. Forum c. Email
b. SQ3R
b. Blog d. Group messaging system
c. Contextual Clues
881. Which is the first step in planning periodic test?
d. Autodidactic Activities
a. Select the type of test to be used
891. Who among the philosophers considered habits and
b. Construct a table specification
reasons as equally important Forces to be cultivated
c. Go back to the instructional objectives
in education?
d. Determine the group of whom the test is
a. Avicenna c. Jerome Bruner
b. Aristotle d. Maria Montessori
882. Below is a list of methods used to establish the
892. What practice(s) will demonstrate the teachers
reliability of a test, which method is questionable
genuine concern on the learning of students?
due to practice and familiarity?
a. Confer progress of students to their parent
a. Split half c. Kuder
b. Guides students to meet their learning goals
c. Validates if learning goals were met
b. Equivalent form d. Test retest
d. All of the above
883. What is meaning of TOS in the parlance of test
893. Which of the following is the most important
component of educational reform?
a. Table of specifics
a. Allowing the students to participate more in
b. Table of specification
extra-curricular activities
c. Table of specific test
b. Implementing a better curriculum for
d. Table of subject
884. Ms. Soriano will be absent for two days because of
c. Hiring only the excellent teachers
a national conference. She wants her student to
d. Involving parents in the dedication for the
work on a certain module. What is the fastest way of
sending the module to her students while she is
894. To increase the difficulty of a multiple choice test
item, which of the following should be done?
a. Share it to all her students in her live account
a. Make the options equal in length
b. Email a module to her students
b. Make the options homogeneous
c. Send the module through group instant
c. Make it grammatically correct
d. Make the stem
d. Message each of the students on a social
895. Teacher Anna set 85% accuracy in a test on
networking site
predicting the kind of weather given 5 different
885. Teacher Vincent is assigned to handle a multiple
atmospheric conditions. May obtain a score of 82%
grade class. What instructional material must be
can be interpreted as:
used to provide the need of each grade?
a. She is 3% short of the set percentile score
a. Differentiated materials to cater to different
b. She did not meet the set standards by 3%
c. She obtained 82% percentile score
b. Multisensory materials
d. She is higher than 82% of the group
c. Colorful, useful and durable materials
896. Teacher Vincent wants to establish the reality of test
d. Materials of high level thinking skills
in biology. Which of the following will he
886. A document publishes by a school district that
identifies rules of behavior that must be followed by
I. Administer a parallel test
anyone using the school districts computers,
network, or internet connection.
II. Split the test 900. Which is implied by a positively skewed score
III. Construct a variety of items a. The mean, The median and the moderate are
IV. Administer the same test twice b. Most of the scores are low
c. Most of the scores are high
a. I, III, IV c. I, II d. The mode is high
b. I, II, IV d. I, IV
897. Teacher Vilma constructed a matching type test
item. IN her column of descriptions are
combinations presidents, current issues, and sports.
Which of the constructing a matching type test items
was NOT followed?
a. The descriptions must be homogenous
b. The options must be greater than the
c. The descriptions must be heterogeneous
d. Arrange the options according the orders
898. Which of the following does not belong to the group
when we talk about projective personality test?
a. Sentence completion test
b. Word association test
c. Interview
d. Thematic Apperception test
899. Which of the following is the main purpose of
administering a pre test and post test to the
a. Measure the value of the materials used
b. Accustom the students in frequent testing
c. Measure gain in learning
d. Measure the effectiveness of instruction