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A8 PALO VERDE VALLeY TIMES, Wednesday, May 17, 2017

PVHS Black Tie Prom

Twin Palms High School granted students and alumni of TPHS its first ever Black Tie prom. The girls wore long elegant dresses, the boys were all
well groomed and everyone was so happy piling inside the photo booth to take silly pictures or capturing memorable moments snapping group selfies. The
enchanting night included a chic dinner, a hip disc jockey, and prom photos taken by TPHSs very own, Jennifer D. A lot of great memories were created be-
tween friends, faculty and staff, commemorating their years together as a family, since many students will be graduating in the days ahead. Pictured below
are happy couples and TPHSs staff having fun.

LEFT: Angelica Correa and Joseph Diaz were a stunning couple,

taking a moment to capture this special moment under the
chandelier. ABOVE: Isabelle Dorame and Eric Flores came
matching in all things elegant and beautiful. Their smiles reflect
genuine happiness, just simply being together. RIGHT: Roses
are red, violets are blue, Melina Santos and Treshaun Edmond
were beyond cute. BELOW LEFT: Jessica DeShazo, Rachel
Angel, Genevieve Hann, Juanita Grady, Jeremy Nichols and Bob
Grady got all dressed up and enjoyed a delightful evening at
Twin Palms first black tie event. BELOW RIGHT: Jasmyn and
Alejandro Rascon had stars of love in their eyes, gazing at each
other, as if nothing else in the world mattered.

LEFT: Senior student Maria Lind and her date had a quiet evening spending time together at Twin
Palms first prom. BELOW: Two dates in one night, and he didnt have to double book.