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[20 Marks]

Choose and circle the correct speech marks to complete

the sentences.

1 _______________ encouraging the little girl.

A. She
B. Theyre
C. My
D. He

2 _________________ helping her classmate.

A. Shes
B. She
C. He
D. Them

3 ________________ taking care of his brother.

A. Our
B. Hell
C. His
D. Hes

4 _______________ jogging with our friends.

A. Shell
B. Im
C. Were
D. We

5 __________________ hurting your friend.

A. Youre
B. I
C. Well
D. Us
Choose and circle the most suitable idiom .

6 Thinesh was sad because his kitten was lost.

Idiom : __________________________________

A. Feeling blue
B. On cloud nine
C. All ears
D. A piece of cake

Choose and circle the best answer for each blank.

My study habit is listening to ______(7)_______ when I study.

I also use ___________(8)____________ maps to study. Other than
that, I do pay attention in the class when my teacher is

7 A. television
B. music
C. book
D. computer

8 A. route
B. camping
C. drawing
D. thinking

9 A. watching
B. dancing
C. teaching
D. correcting

Choose and circle the correct WH-question that has the

answer for the underlined word.

10 There are three main characters found in Chapter 1 of the

short story A very boring holiday.

A. How many
B. Who are
C. When is
D. What are
Choose and circle the sentence with correct adverb used.

11 A. The polite boy stood up.

B. The teacher is near for a meeting.
C. Before school, Jamil walks home.
D. Mrs. Lim took the naughty pupil inside the classroom.

Look at the picture, choose and circle the best answer.

Dear Mum,

We are sorry that we leave our clothes and toys

_______(12)_______. We also dirty the table ________(13)________
we eat. You always clean up after us and keep the house tidy. We
realize that we have taken you for granted. We are
________(14)_______. We promise to help you with the housework
from today.
Please get well soon. We love you.

Your _____(15)______,
Li Ming & Ai Mei
12 A. everywhere
B. nowhere
C. somewhere
D. forever

13 A. whoever
B. however
C. whenever
D. nowhere

14 A. happy
B. sorry
C. expecting
D. neglecting
15 A. cousin
B. niece
C. nephew
D. children

Question 16-20
Read the dialogue carefully and answer the questions

Rasegah : Hi, Thinesh! How are you?

Thinesh : Im fine. Rasegah , this is my latest phone.
Rasegah : Wow, Its really nice.
Nevetha : How did you manage to buy the phone, Thinesh?
Darshini : He must have borrowed money from his parents.
Thinesh : Youre right, Darshini. I used my fathers credit
Rasegah : Credit card? Could you explain it please.
Thinesh : Its like borrowing money from bank. You use the card
to buy things
first and then pay back to the bank later.
Nevetha : Thats great. We still afford to buy things using
cards, right?
Thinesh : Yes, youre absolutely right!
Darshini : But remember to use the card responsibly.
Rasegah : Yes, thats true. Or else we have to sell our
possessions to repay the

16 How many characters participated in the dialogue?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

17 The word latest refers to _____________

A. Oldest
B. Newest
C. Fastest
D. Fascinated

18 What is the benefit of using a credit card?

A. buy things first and then pay back to the bank later.
B. buy things and pay whenever we want
C. sell things to the bank
D. sell things first and pay to the bank later

19 When using a credit card, we should remember to


A. use the credit card whenever we have limited cash

B. use the credit card responsibly
C. use the credit card with parents permission
D. use the credit card without permission

20 From the passage, we know that Thinesh is a

____________________ son.

A. stingy
B. bad
C. responsible
D. opportunist

For questions 21(A, B & C) circle the most suitable


21: A)
A. Excuse me?
B. Yes, but you must be at
home by six oclock.
C. Who are your friends?
D. Please, help me.

21 B)
A. Im sorry to hear that.
B. Oh, thats great!
C. Hurray!
D. Please, help me.
21 C) A. Its my pleasure.
B. Oh, my god!
C. I know.
D. Thanks. I take good care
of them

For questions 22 (A, B & C) write the most suitable


Strawberry jam
Strawberry juice


Rose family
22 A) This is _______________________ fruit.

22 B) This fruit can be found in _______________________,


22 C) _____________ and juice can be made from strawberry.

For questions 23 (A, B & C) write the most suitable

23 A)
This is a school ______________________.

23 B) A ______________ is holding a bowl of porridge.

23 C) Two girls are ___________________ in the school canteen.

For questions 24 (A, B & C) complete the verbs by adding


24 A) bake : ____________________
24 B) ignore : _____________________
24 C) win : _____________________

For questions 25 (A, B & C) write the suitable answers.

Study habits

Listening to
Lies on bed Study in group
music while
while studying with friends
25 A) List down three study habits given in the chart above.

i. ___________________________________________________
ii. ___________________________________________________
iii. ___________________________________________________

25 B) What is your study habit?

My study habit is


25 C) In your opinion which is the best study habit? Give reason

for your answer.
I think

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