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Packexe Sharpswrap is an extra-strong self-adhesive high visibility film for rapid application to hazardous
projections, points and edges in rescue situations. It is supplied in a compact roll 100mm wide and 30m long
fitted to a re-usable lightweight applicator. The rescuer can apply it quickly to potentially hazardous sharp
points and edges, making them safe and visible in seconds.

Packexe Sharpswrap was successfully field-tested by rescue teams from all over the world at the 2012
World Rescue Challenge. At the 2013 FDIC international rescue exhibition in Indianapolis, USA, rescue
operators welcomed this new product with great enthusiasm.

Packexe Sharpwraps are ideal for...

Use in any rescue situation

Effective cover for sharp edges and points
Reduces injury risk
Protects casualties and rescuers 4 rolls of Sharpswrap film (100mm x 30metre)
Covers metal and glass 1 Sharpswrap Dispenser
Quick and easy to apply
Up to 50 applications per 30m roll
High-visibility yellow

Packexe Sharpswrap can be neatly stored in rescue equipment bags, haversacks or belt-pouches for instant
availability when needed and does away with the need for heavy mats or blankets.

Dangerous projections or sharp Window frames after glass is

Cut or broken metal vehicle posts
metal edges in wrecked vehicles removed or broken

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