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8/10/2017 Fired Google memo writer draws jeers, cheers and a job offer

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memo writer draws Recently Viewed

jeers, cheers and a
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Reuters August 8, 2017

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By David Ingram and Jonathan Allen

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - The male Google engineer

fired for circulating a memo decrying the company's diversity hiring
program became the center of a heated debate on sexism, drawing
scorn, cheers and even a job offer on Tuesday from WikiLeaks
publisher Julian Assange.
Over half of Google employees polled say the
James Damore, 28, confirmed his dismissal from Alphabet Inc's web giant shouldn't have fired the engineer
Google on Monday, after he wrote a 10-page memo that said the behind the controversial memo
Business Insider
company was hostile to conservative viewpoints and shaped by a
flawed left-wing ideology.

The manifesto was quickly embraced by some, particularly on the

political right, branding him a brave truth-teller. Others found his views,
which argued that men in general may be biologically more suited to
coding jobs than women, offensive.

Assange, praised by some for exposing government secrets and

castigated by others as a nation security threat, offered Damore a job. These Defense Stocks Are Unstoppable
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"Censorship is for losers," Assange wrote on Twitter. "Women & men
deserve respect. That includes not firing them for politely expressing 1/4
8/10/2017 Fired Google memo writer draws jeers, cheers and a job offer

ideas but rather arguing back."

Legal and employment experts noted, however, that companies have

broad latitude to restrict the speech of employees and that First
Amendment protections do not apply in the workplace. Some argued
that Damore's views left Google little to no choice but to terminate his
Here's What Happens When You Ask Americans
employment, because he had effectively created a hostile work
to Locate North Korea on a Map
environment for women. Popsugar US

[Money Basics: What is a 401(k)?]

Damore said in an email on Monday that he was exploring a possible

legal challenge to his dismissal. His title at Google was software
engineer and he had worked at the company since December 2013,
according to a profile on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn page also says Damore received a PhD in systems

biology from Harvard University in 2013. Harvard said on Tuesday he Thunder center Steven Adams shaves
moustache and is unrecognizable
completed a master's degree in the subject, not a PhD. He could not Yahoo7
immediately be reached on Tuesday.

Silicon Valley tech companies have been under mounting criticism for
not doing enough to promote gender equality and stamp out sexual

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Fired Google engineer who wrote the anti-

diversity manifesto appears to have removed a
Ph.D. program from his LinkedIn page
Business Insider

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The U.S. Labor Department is investigating Google to see whether the
firm has unlawfully paid women less than men. Google denies that it

Industry experts note that in the early days of tech it was mostly
women who held the then-unglamorous jobs of coding. But as the
value of top-notch programming became clear, it became a mostly
male domain and the vast majority of programmers in the tech industry
are now men.
#AintNoCinderella: Woman who sparked viral
twitter campaign by Indian women 'vindicated'
Other tech companies on Tuesday were closely watching the after two men arrested
controversy at Google unfold, and grateful they were not the ones The Telegraph

caught in another debate over gender and diversity.

"Every large organization has a James Damore - but at tech

companies, they're more liberated to share their personal views," an
executive at one major Silicon Valley firm said, speaking on condition
of anonymity. 2/4
8/10/2017 Fired Google memo writer draws jeers, cheers and a job offer

Tech firms have an abundance of "smart, confident people who think

they have an obligation to share their wisdom with their coworkers," theWhat You Should Know About Basic Economy
executive said. Consumer Reports

Damore posted his memo on an internal Google message board that is

widely accessible within the company.

Some argued that although they may not agree with Damore, the
company had gone too far in firing him.

"Dear @Google, Stop teaching my girl that her path to financial

freedom lies not in coding but in complaining to HR. Thx in advance, A
dad," Eric Weinstein, managing director at California investment firm Wall Street reels under North Korea tensions,
tepid retail earnings
Thiel Capital, wrote on Twitter.

Bernice Ledbetter, who teaches leadership to business students at

Pepperdine University, praised Google for taking decisive action. She
said it would be a different matter if Damore were writing on a personal
blog rather than in a memo.

"He's walking dangerously between who he is personally and who he is

professionally," Ledbetter said in an interview.

Damore wrote in an email to Reuters on Monday that he was fired for

"perpetuating gender stereotypes." His memo had said that he sought
the opposite.

"I'm also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender
roles," Damore wrote in his memo. "I'm advocating for quite the
opposite: treat people as individuals, not as just another member of
their group (tribalism)."

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8/10/2017 Fired Google memo writer draws jeers, cheers and a job offer 4/4