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UX Research Plan for Yogis Anonymous

Yogis Anonymous Web-Streaming Site

by Elaine Kim,
Stakeholders: Ally Hamilton (Owner)
Last Updated: July 14, 2017

Yogis Anonymous (YA) is currently a yoga studio that offers web-streaming
classes. As of July 31,2011, the physical studio will close, and the stakeholder
will focus the YA website exclusively on the web-streaming service. In the
process of revamping the site to reflect the change, she would like to assess
what measures could be taken to boost engagement with the web-streaming
feature, as that will now be the companys sole source of revenue.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the sections of YAs website related
to its web-streaming service. and present opportunities for growth.

Research Questions
1. Why do yogis who stream classes choose that option?
2. What is the brand perception of YA and what makes subscribers
choose it over other web-streaming services?
3. How do people engage with the YA website?
4. What is the learning curve of new YA users when they start choosing
classes from YAs course offerings?
5. What are the essential pieces of information that users need to make
their decision to try the service?
6. How much of an incentive is a free trial, and what causes hesitation?
7. What are the most common things that users have trouble finding or
overlook as they navigate the site?

A survey will be held with 50 participants who practice yoga at least 2-3
times a month on average and use web-streaming at least half the time.
Questions will hone in on factors leading to them to choose web-streaming
over in-person classes on those occasions.

Usability studies will be held with 3-5 participants who practice yoga (at least
occasionally) but have not interacted with the YA website. Each participant
session will last 60 minutes and will include a short briefing, an interview, a
task performance with YAs site and a debriefing. Among the tasks: click on
area in the navigation that leads to yoga classes, find meditation classes,
search classes by teacher, search classes based on mood, find pricing
information, decide on the class that is right for their needs.

User interviews will be held with 3-5 participants who are subscribers to YAs
web-streaming service. Each participant session will last 60 minutes. Among
the questions: why do users stream, how do they feel about YA, what initially
drew them to try YAs streaming service, what factors make them choose YAs
streaming service over others, do they have feedback that could make the
experience better?

A click test will be held with 10 participants, asking them to click on the area
of YAs site that lets them find classes.

These are the primary characteristics of the studys participants:
Age 18 or over,
Practices yoga at least 2-3 times per month,
Stream yoga classes at least half the time (survey),
Stream yoga classes at YA (interview),
Have not interacted with YAs website (usability study)

Recruiting: Begins immediately
Usability study: July 24, 2017
Results delivery: July 31, 2017