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The weather was fine when we set out in our speedboat at 4 oclock evening on

Sunday. There were three of us. It was Hilmi, Hamid and I. Our destination was just three
kilometres down the river bank, Shaan;s house.

We cruised along the river, bobbing up and down with the waves of the river. The
wind blews into our faces. Suddenly the sky looked darkened and rain clouds loomed in the

Better go back, I urged. Furthermore, I did not know how to swim. Its okay. Just
half kilometres more we be there, Hamid said. Barely had he finished speaking when strong
winds began to blow.

A huge log came hurtling towards us over the stormy waters and banged into our
speedboat. Before we knew it, speedboat developed engine trouble and sprang a leak.
Unexpectly, the boat drifted with the choppy waters of the river. Besides, we quickly put on
our life jackets.

One huge wave washed over us and the boat capsized. Rain clouds starts to leave
water drops heavily. We bobbed up and down in the water. Then three of us tried to drifted
further and further from one another. Each time we came up, we looked out for the help.
The sight of the bright of the orange jackets were reassuring. We drank mouthful of water.

Help! I shouted but my voice was drowned by the roaring of the waves. I noticed,
caught sight of children at a jetty. I waved my arms wildly and was relieved when the ran off.

In that heavy rain, i could hear the motor of a boat. When I was surfaced again, a
man was stretching out his hand towards me. At the same time, I tried to grab his hand but
missed. The boat came nearer . i was losing my strength. I was fading into
unconsciousness, a strong hand look hold of me and pulled me on board. My legs and
hands were scratched and covered with wounds.

Two more, I whispered, too exhausted to speak. The men spotted the orange
jackets and went in that direction. Soon my friends were with me. The rescue was successful
but the situation remains. It makes me to worried about the people out there. We pushed to
face the music. Time melting like ice cubes.

Finally, I felt so relieved when the strong wind and the heavy rain began to stop and
the condition was back to normal.