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B2 PALO VERDE VALLeY TIMES, Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jacket track & field shows up against Southwest

Photos by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Valley Times

RIGHT: Palo Verde Track and Field athletes take a water break after the mens 800m run. LEFT: Competitors pump their way to the finish line during the 800-meter sprint.
By Richard N. Deyo
Guest Columnist Better showing in field events; Terry Daniels shines again although there were
individual good perfor-
mances, that this was
Except for High School Yellow Once again, Terry shot put with Michael shot put with a distance not sufficient to over-
the perfor- Jackets were unable to Daniels took first in Crawford taking second. of 305 and a first in come the strength of the
mance of strongly contest South- the high jump and long Frazier also picked up a the discus. Anika Clark defending league cham-
Terry Dan- west High School in jump achieving a per- third in the discus. also took a first in the pions.
iels first the running events last sonal best in the long In addition, the girls high jump and placed The Yellow Jackets
place finish Thursday, April 6. jump with a 21-feet burn, performed well in the third in the long jump. next compete at home
in the mens 200-meter But, it was a different while Michael Frazier field events with Ty Dan- Coach Tim Jorgen- on April 27 against Impe-
dash, the Palo Verde story in the field events. took a first place in the iels taking a first in the son acknowledged that, rial High School.

Jacket golfers keep title hopes alive

By Randy Peterson fourth at 501.
Guest Columnist Central and
Holtville Palo Verde High
The Palo Verde High
School Yellow Jacket golf
team tied with Southwest
the team
scores with
Sports Schedule
for the top spot in the fifth 543 and 553 respectively. April 12
of the six Imperial Valley Each team gets a point Varsity Boys Baseball v. Marantha Christian; 3-5 p.m.
League golf meets to keep for showing up for a
their title hopes alive league meet and another
with just the final league point for each team they didnt have the luxury Sanchez carded an 88 to
competition set for Las beat in each meet. of a throwout score but finished third individu-
Barancas Golf Course in Brawley had a two- the locals each turned ally, while Juarez shot a
Yuma later this month. point edge over South- in their league best this 91 and tied for fifth.
The Yellow Jackets and west and led the Jackets time out to keep them in Nick Cusick tied for
the Eagles each shot 478 by two and a half before the hunt. 18th with a round of 103
totals to get to within a last weeks match. The Palo Verdes Cyrus while Clay Pierce shot a
point of league-leading Wildcats still lead the Ea- Jimenez strengthened 114 and finished 27th on
Brawley and those three gles by half a point while his hold as the league top the day.
squads are the only ones the Jackets are just one individual as he claimed Current team stand-
that have a chance for the point back of the league medalist honors for the ings and their points:
league team crown. leaders. day with a round of 82 Brawley, 25; Southwest,
Brawley finished The Jackets took just while Michael Sanchez 24 1/2; Palo Verde, 24; Im-
in third with a 493 to- five players too last and Daniel Juarez also perial, 15 1/2; Central, 11;
tal while Imperial was weeks meet and again finished in the top five. and Holtville, 6.

Phoenix slips in natl ranking for solar energy capacity

By JOSEPH GUZMAN users at time when other the total amount of and residential solar, Photo by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Valley Times;
Cronkite News cities surged ahead with energy generated if all a said Bret Fanshaw, solar Japanese cucumbers growing in Felix J. Applebys school
new installation. citys solar panels were program coordinator for garden.
WASHINGTON That was the finding of operating at 100 percent Environment America.
Phoenix fell from third
to fifth place among cit-
ies for total installed
the annual Shining Cit-
ies report by Environ-
ment America, which
The report, released
Tuesday, said that states
It makes me nervous
and disappointed that
theres conversations
Aprils harvest of the
solar capacity last year,
slowed by charges im-
posed on Arizona solar
ranks the 20 cities with
the largest installed pho-
tovoltaic solar capacity
like California, with net
metering policies and a
50 percent renewable en-
going on to roll back
some of those policies
that would help more
month: Cucumbers
ergy commitment, saw Arizonans and Phoenix By Cathyleen Rice its cousins squash/zuc-
significant growth in residents to go solar, Times Reporter chini.
solar capacity last year. Fanshaw said. Thats In contrast, slicing
Phoenix, meanwhile, the ongoing discussion This months featured cucumbers are larger
experienced demand and thats whats being fruit by the California and have a thicker skin,
charges and changes to implemented right now Women for Agriculture while pickling cucum-
its net metering rules. in Arizona so, over time, is the cucumber. bers are smaller.
Net metering allows people are going to get Did you know that 96 According to Worlds
solar system owners to less credit back for that percent of a cucumbers Healthiest Foods, cu-
get credits at the retail amount of solar that weight is actually water cumbers are an excellent
rate for excess electric- they put out. and that there are two water source, compacted
ity they put back on the Phoenix still saw gains categories in which cu- with Vitamin A, B1, C,
grid a strong incen- in its solar capacity last cumbers are identified: K, biotin, magnesium
tive for solar, advocates year, going from 147 pickling and slicing? and potassium.
say. Reductions to net megawatts of installed More often than not, In addition, they can
metering in states like photovoltaic capacity at people are introduced to be used topically for var-
Arizona is the main the end of 2015 to a total cucumbers in the form ious types of skin prob-
policy that drops rooftop of 165 megawatts by the of a pickle, whether its lems, including swelling
end of 2016, enough ca- sweet, dill or bread and under the eyes and sun-
pacity to power about butter. burn.
24,000 homes. Cucumbers can be For planting and care
But that 12 percent found in a variety of tips, Bonnie Plants says,
increase lagged well be- dishes, whether served Cucumbers grow fast
hind the growth of 56 raw in a salad or pickled and dont demand a lot
percent nationally. The in a side dish. of care. Just keep the
report said U.S. installed The bumpy texture of a soil consistently moist
capacity went from 27 cucumber is what makes with an inch of water per
gigawatts to 42 gigawatts this fruit simply unique week. They can be kept
over the same period. and easy to identify from harvested in the refrig-
erator for 7 to 10 days.
However, the best
taste of a cucumber
comes from eating it af-
ter freshly picked.
To enjoy a quick and
easy snack that is sure
to curb your hunger and
feed your appetite, try
scraping off the cucum-
bers skin, cut the melon
into medium slices, toss
into a bowl, add vinegar,
a dash of salt and a dash
of pepper.
Then bon appetit.

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