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92nd YEAR
18th EDITION Todays high: 86 Details on A3

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50 CENTS serving blythe,california Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Official: Hospitals software a disaster

By Uriel Avendano
Times Editor Allscripts representatives taken to task by PVH staff, board report a complete finan-
cial balance sheet to the
board due to the issue.
Ongoing frustrations their last regular meet- Sandy Hudson. Were accounted for. Accord- Financial Officer Chris- My understanding
with the Allscripts ing March 22. looking at for assistance ing to Allscripts, the ta Rohde noted that the was, when this system
medical software sys- At the last board from (Allscripts) on that systems technical prob- hospital is currently un- was executed, that ev-
tem currently in use at meeting, we were in- because this is not time- lem has lied in the work- able to collect on billable erything would be tied
the resident Palo Verde formed that (there) ly; its dragged on way sheet balances not trans- funds and that the issue together, said Trina
Hospital (PVH) were were, at the minimum, too long and I dont see a ferring from the primary has been a problem since Sartin, a registered
brought to the forefront $800,000 in lost charges, timely resolution to it. to the secondary due to a the application went live nurse and PVH Health-
of the healthcare district noted PVH Healthcare Currently, the respec- yet determined reason. in May of 2016. Further- care District Board Pres-
board of directors at District Board Director tive lost charges are un- PVH Assistant Chief more, Rohde could not See software/A2

Blythes hunger PVUSD

for CHANGE outlines
Homeless Outreach Group moving goals
forward with goals, objectives
By Uriel Avendano The Blythe Homeless
Times Editor Outreach Groups first
meeting, which was held
The City of Blythes earlier in March, out-
ongoing effort to com- lined and established
bine arms with local and the collectives goals By Cathyleen Rice
regional agencies to ad- and objectives, as well as Times Reporter
dress the homelessness brainstormed an array
issue in resident neigh- of ideas. Palo Verde Unified
borhoods is continuing It went very well, School District held
to move forward, with said City of Blythe Coun- three Local Control Ac-
their second meeting cilmember Dale Reyn- Photo by Uriel Avendano/Palo Verde Valley Times countability Plan meet-
tentatively scheduled for olds, who has been for- Blythes Homeless Outreach Group is currently making headway into the collectives ings on March 20, 22 and
April 25, at 2 p.m., at City mally spearheading the goals, objectives and overall mission in their efforts to end homelessness in the city. Their next 23.
Hall on 235 N. Broadway. See change/A2 scheduled meeting is currently slated for April 25 at 2 p.m. at City Hall on 235 N. Broadway. The purpose of the
communitywide meet-
ings opened a portal

Teachers of the Year

for parents,
and the
tendent to
discuss plans
and actions for the next
school year.
Giving an overview of
student achievement or
the lack thereof in previ-
ous years, Lois Shaffer,
Director of Curriculum
and Instruction, along
with Superintendent
Charles Bush created a
cooperative ambience
to compile a mission
and goals list to better
student achievement,
student engagement, pa-
rental involvement and
course access.
As reported by Shaffer
in the schools report,
the district is seeing
chronic problems in sus-
pension, low mathemati-
cal scores, supplemented
by reading levels, lower
than they should be.
Looking at the report,
Photo by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Valley Times it seems that classes are
Five Palo Verde Unified School District teachers were named 2018 School Site Teachers of the Year Tuesday at the districts board meeting: (from left to right) Donna too large in elementary
Faubion, Jessica DeShazo, Genevieve Hann, Adelene Iwai and Debra Iriart. For more, see Page B2. See pvusd/A4

Palo Verde College celebrates National Womens History Month

By Cathyleen Rice neurs and women lead- the success of the fea-
Times Reporter ers of the community. tured powerful women.
Catering a formal Having a diverse panel
In 1987, Congress de- lunch of creamy, shrimp of women from different
clared March as National and chicken pasta, side ethnic, economic, politi-
Womens History Month, salad, garlic bread and cal and social walks of
as a call on gender par- cheesecake, women from life, each honoree shared
ity. all over the community how she made a mark in
Celebrating this day came out, along with a her field and gave audi-
in the valley, Palo Verde few gentlemen, to praise See history/A4
College held its first
Womens Day event on
Wednesday, March 22, Photo by Cathyleen Rice/Palo Verde Valley Times
to recognize the achieve- Palo Verde College celebrated its first Womens History
ments of local entrepre- program on Wednesday, March 22.