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Author :Dwi Nugroho Juanda

Department : Faculty of Dentistry

Institution : Trisakti University

Address :Jl. Gajahmada no 174. Apartemen Mediterania Gajahmada A0219

City : Jakarta Barat
Country :Indonesia
Postal code :11130
Phone/fax :082155196218

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Title : Epithelial cells immune response against candida

fungal infection
Background : Candida albicans is the most common commensal
organism of the oral cavity that causing infections.
Local and systemic factors related to the host conditions,
C. albicans become virulent and responsible of oral
diseases known as oral candidiasis.
Objectives : It is important to understand how epithelial cells
regulate and manipulate fungal pathogens, as the first
line of defense in the oral cavity
Discussion : In this literature review, will be discussed epithelial
activation by C. albicans hyphae induces innate and
adaptive immune responses, and the ability of the
epithelial to recognize C. albicans as a pathogen.
Conclusion : This review highlights diversity of innate and adaptive
immune response by C. albicans because of variety of
PAMPs and antigens recognised by various host cells.

Keywords : immunity, oral epithelium, candida albicans