Volunteer Policies & Procedures 2010-2011

Before You Arrive:
• Lesson plans will be e-mailed to you weekly. Please read them before you arrive so you are prepared.

• • Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to your volunteer hour. Locate and look through the supplies that have been provided for the lesson.

• • • Check-in will begin 10 minutes prior to each service hour Two unrelated adults must be in the room before check-in can begin. At NO TIME should a care provider be alone with a child. At NO TIME should a child be alone in a room. Families will check-in at the kiosks located at each KiDS COR entrance. Once families have checked in at the kiosks, three adhesive stickers will print in the classroom. The nametag sticker is to be placed on the child, the attendance sticker in the attendance notebook, and the parent pick-up receipt is handed to the parent/guardian for use during checkout. Allergy Alerts, parent emergency numbers, and other important information is printed on the attendance sticker when necessary. Please read these during the check-in process. Check-in questions can be resolved at the information booth or by speaking with a KiDS COR staff member. Check-Out: Parents/Guardian will present a child pick up receipt at the door. Collect this receipt, call the child’s name, and then remove the child’s nametag. Verify that the pick-up receipt and child’s nametag match. Place the child’s nametag and parent pick-up receipts together in the section of the attendance roster notebook labeled “Matched Receipts”. Release the child to the parent/guardian Please follow the correct procedure with everyone. Others may question the value of the procedure if we are inconsistent. The receipt stickers provide security for the child-ensuring that he/she is released to an authorized person, usually a parent. If a parent or authorized adult arrives to check out a child without a pick-up receipt: o o o Ask for a photo ID, even if you know the parent Release the child only if identification is confirmed without a question in your mind Make sure to check for special comments (i.e. custodial information) on the child’s attendance sticker. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide this information which should be noted in the computer system.

• • • • • • • • • •

o o o

Please note that the ID was checked on the child’s nametag and place in attendance notebook. If you are not confident about releasing the child, speak with a KiDS COR staff member. Make sure all pages are together for that date in the attendance notebook before you leave

Discipline Guidelines: Appropriate Discipline • • • • Praising Specific Behaviors you want to see in your group (good listening, thank you for waiting) A firm gentle voice addressing and redirecting the behavior (you are running; walk please) Confidential parental discussion when necessary. Age appropriate “time outs” or withdrawal from activity. Inappropriate Discipline • • • Corporal Punishment of any kind Any words or tone that would cause a child to think he/she is a “problem”, rather than a specific behavior being addressed. (screaming at a child) Any word that would cause feelings of condemnation or shame about any aspect of their person…including degrading references to anything physical, emotional, mental, or position/station in life, such as saying, “Are you a strong boy? Strong boys don’t cry.” Or “Shame on you.”

Physical Contact Guidelines: Appropriate Contact: • Physical contact of: non-demanding, gentle touch of shoulders, hands, head, or back; sitting on leg (appropriate only at preschool or kindergarten level) high-fives, or shaking hands. Inappropriate Contact: • Physical contact of: kissing; demanding hugs and kisses; touching chest, genital region, upper legs, buttocks, waist, stomach; sitting child in center of your lap; sitting child between legs; sitting child above the age of 6 on one or both legs; opposite sex piggy back rides; seductiveness or suggestive contact. Physical contact of any kind which is done for the pleasure or satisfaction of care providers. Any touching used to express power or control over a child.

Bathroom Procedure: At any age it is inappropriate to be alone with a child, especially in the bathroom. Infant: • • Appropriate-Diapering should be done in the nursery by a parent/legal guardian or by a paid staff person. Inappropriate: Diapering in a secluded area or without the presence of other care providers; bathroom doors closed.

Toddler-Potty Training: • Appropriate-If a toddler has an “accident” in underwear/clothing, only the parent/legal guardian or a KiDS COR Staff member may change the clothing (a child must be accident free for 3 consecutive weeks prior to wearing underwear in Nursery Care). Inappropriate-Volunteer changing underwear/clothing after an “accident”.

2-5 year old: • Appropriate-Permission granted to use facility unless special help is required. After the care provider has ensured that the bathroom is clear, the care provider should wait outside the bathroom door, which will remain slightly open. Child may require some assistance. Inappropriate-Closed door situation with a child. “Helping” without a request for assistance from the child.

Kindergarten age or older: • Appropriate-Permission granted to use facility; unless special help (temporary physical limitation, i.e. broken arm, crutches, etc.) is required. After the care provider has ensured that the bathroom is clear, the care provider should wait outside the bathroom door, which will remain slightly open. Inappropriate-Closed door situation with a child; accompanying child inside the bathroom when special help is not needed.

In Case Of Emergency: • • Listen for directions over the loud speaker or wait from directions from a KiDS COR staff member. If directed to evacuate, grab your attendance binder and red notebook and follow the evacuation procedures posted in your classroom. Once you have successfully evacuated, verify that all children are with you using your attendance binder. Further instructions will be given as needed by the Resurrection Staff. Additional detailed emergency procedures are available on a flip chart in each classroom and also on our web site. Should you require assistance while in your classroom locate a KiDS COR staff member. If the staff member is not available: Push the white button on the wall near the doorway. You will hear a paging signal. You must wait to have your call returned from the office phone. You will hear another signal when you are being called back, and the calling party will talk to you over the speaker located on the ceiling. IF you do not receive a response, call the cell phone number listed on the wall below the white button.

• • • • • •