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Item 6: PROOFS- various high crimes & treason.


It is a FACT verifiable by documents provided in the addendum that Barak Obama jrs father
was NEVER a US Citizen. When he was present in the United States, the INS had raised the
following issues:
A) He WAS married to Keiza Obama before he originally entered the United States and
continuously until his death.
B) IF he had attempted to continue in the United States in any process of naturalization
to become a citizen THEN the INS were going to investigate:
i) the legitimacy of any marriage to a US Citizen as a BIGAMIST(unlawful) marriage;
ii) the FACT that he had LIED to the INS when he stated that in Kenya all one had to do to be
divorced was state that they were divorced and it was so... this is patently absurd and totally
false the subsequent actions of Barak Obama Sr demonstrate this FACT is the basis of his
continuation for the purposes of accessing educational instruction in the U.S.- indications from
the INS file demonstrate that the current educational basis of his US presence was to be
terminated by the institution he was attending.

It is very possible these preliminary investigative overtures by the INS was the cause of his
return to Kenya and abandonment of his family. Regardless, the INS file demonstrates more
than one instance where Barak Obama Sr. had LIED to the INS regarding a fundamental
element directly related to his status in the United States. His removal would not have merely
been recommended as the file makes clear that REMOVAL WOULD HAVE OCCURRED as any
LIES to the INS constitute MORAL TURPITUDE, outside of the facts that such LIES adversely
affect the DUE PROCESS all individuals accessing naturalization paths rely upon as their basis
of standing in LAW viz-viz the United States CONSTITUTION, GOD Given RIGHTS, the justice
system, naturalization law, and the people.

It is also a FACT that regardless of whether his REAL mother is RUTH BEATRICE BAKER as I
and others believe or Ann DunhamBOTH were US Citizens at the time of Barak Obamas birth.
The importance of these facts above has been obscured by the BIRTHER ABORTION lawyers
trick. By focusing on an IMPROPER theory of the case: one in which a JUDGE would have to
ORDER the defendant to produce ALL of the evidence the prosecutor relies upon to make the
case; something NO JUDGE will ever do since it is his duty to PROTECT the innocent and
safeguard the GOD given RIGHT that NO ONE can be compelled to be a witness against their

The proper theory of the case is RUDIMENTARY based on the 100% verifiable facts stated above:
i) Barak Obama jr. IS a CITIZEN BY BIRTH of KENYA- via his father
ii) Barak Obama jr. IS a CITIZEN BY BIRTH of the United States- via his mother (RBB or AD)


No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time
of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any
Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and
been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States

This passage of the CONSTITUTION was NOT affected by any subsequent AMENDMENT- FACT.
Hence, it is a DIRECTIVE just as mandatory & prohibitive as the day it was first passed.
Analysis: This passage does NOT say CITIZEN, specifically there IS a differentiation between a
plain CITIZEN and a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. So, if the founders intended mere citizenship to
be the bar to POTUS then they would NOT have QUALIFIED CITIZEN and they would have
plainly stated:

No Person except a CITIZEN, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

They did NOT.

IF the founders had used the LOWER bar of a CITIZEN or a CITIZEN BY BIRTH then that
individual could have CITIZEN BY BIRTH OF TWO COUNTRIES. Hence, the requisite HOME
BIAS to be POTUS would be absent. Since the UNNATURAL hand of government is NOT
universal- that government hand cannot reach across the ocean and TERMINATE the
citizenship by birth of KENYA- a foreign country that Barak Obama Jr. continues to enjoy today,
and even if renounced again that would not be the NATURAL but UNNATURAL hand of the
JUDICIARY and/or man acting.

By utilizing the HIGHER BAR of a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, it is assured that multiple
citizenship is avoided since it is TRUTH that EVERY NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS a citizen by
birth however NOT every citizen by birth is a NATURAL BORN CITIZENagain a mere citizen by
birth, like a mere citizen CAN- LIKE Barak Obama jr. have citizenship by birth of multiple
countrieswhereas the HIGHER BAR NATURAL BORN CITIZEN being also a citizen by birth IS
ALWAYS and ONLY a citizen by birth of ONE COUNTRY, hence possesses as best as it can be
assured with all the other bars in conjunction to have the requisite HOME BIAS to be POTUS.
Therefore, it is DEMONSTRATED that Barak Obama being a CITIZEN BY BIRTH of the foreign
country Kenya AND of the United States is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of NEITHER COUNTRY
and under Article II Section I Cl. v NOT ELIGEBLE.

A further note, the birther abortion lawyers trick was a TACTIC that was successful yet
constitutes FRAUD as such any underlying malfeasance does NOT have its statute of limitations
indexed UNTIL AFTER THE FRAUD IS DISCOVERED8+ years and I am still being called a
conspiracy theorist for the generation of this factually based and TOTALLY TRUE: PROOF! But
even that is not all, for the birther abortion lawyers trick being implemented demonstrates
INTENT- the mens rea component of the criminal claim.
It also should be noted that these criminals work together. Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio are also
NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZENS and hence also NOT QUALIFIED. Cruz utilized a variation on
the birther abortion theme when in the debates he stated in proximate words to same
effect(defect): well according to your beliefs Donaldthen you wouldnt be qualified either
since your mother was born in Scotland

NOTICE that TED CRUZ who was a SCOTUS clerk is CONFLATING the citizenship identity of the
mother with the son. AGAIN A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN IS a citizen by birth of ONLY one
country, the type of US citizen of the parent isnt in question to meet the constitutional bar for
POTUS since it is the child not the parent accessing qualificationso as long as the parent is a
CITIZEN OF ANY TYPE of the United States when the child is born THEN the child is a citizen by
birth of ONLY THE US and hence a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and hence qualifiedIT IS THE
LACK OF US CITIZENSHIP of Obama Jrs father that makes Obama Jr. a citizen by birth of a
foreign country Kenya as well as the USin Trumps case BOTH his mother & father were US
citizens of any type when he was born and therefore Trump is a citizen by birth ONLY of the US
and hence not barred by Article II Section I Cl 5 regardless of if he is barred due to his financial
entanglements with the Oligarchs of Russia whom are also all ex-KGB and the Kazarian jewish

The fact that PROOF 1 demonstrates that Barack Obama jr. was NOT qualified and
implementing the lawyers trick of birther abortion demonstrates he knew and took actions to
prevent this from being revealed has resulted in TREASON becoming ESTABLISHED as the
order of the day in various ways, THREE of which I will take up here in PROOF 2.

The TWO SCOTUS appointees must be removed as they were appointed as fruit of the poison
tree- see above PROOF 1. In addition, they have continued the TREASONOUS acts of the
unqualified Obama jr. helping to REPLACE our proper foundation in three critical areas. The
last item I discuss in PROOF 2, is the most critical but involves a greater depth of the readers
focus & understanding so I will begin with the simple issue of GAY MARRIAGE. Something
everyone believes is somehow settled law.

A) First, the SCOTUS errors in the decision by holding that marriage is a RIGHT rather
than a privilege. It is too much here for me to wade into the theory of my own ORIGINAL
JURISDICTION case that in part addresses the missing canon of law that if existing then would
take up and settle these issues of what is a GOD given RIGHT and what are the PROPER LIMITS
of government power. I will however deconstruct the ESTABLISHED treason being entrenched
today at a fundamental level in this 2nd PROOF.

The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE is NOT merely a great writ, a quaint yet antiquated
political document or even the articulated causus belli of the American Revolutionit IS the
FOUNDATION- the AXIOMATIC first principle upon which the AMERICAN individual people, the
AMERICAN individual people in SOCIETY, the AMERICAN individual people as a CHURCH, the
AMERICAN individual people as STATES, and the AMERICAN individual people as a
UNIONstand uponit IS the TIE THAT BINDS US as ONE people UNITED as ONE.
We call this axiomatic because it cannot be PROVEN it can only be offered to be accepted or
rejected and once accepted verified to the extent that all things built upon it yield TRUTH
VALUE. The first thing the founders accomplished then was NOT a constitution of government,
because we do not live in a governmentthey laid a foundation:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are
instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That
whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of
the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its
foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall
seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness

We hold these truths to be self-evident...: To be self-evident is to be accepted as

AXIOMATIC so we ALL DECLARE our acceptance of this axiom as AMERICANS.

all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights:
In order to be equal then we all must have commonality that unites us as onean equal
STARTING LINE if we continue to allow the domestic traitors to entrench an opposite
foundation that divides usgay rights, womans rights, tree rights etc etc THEN WE WILL
CONTINUE TO REAP THE POISONOUS FRUIT of these divisions: competing rights = someone
having extinguished rights, non-equality in starting line AND hence impossible to attain equality
under the law as a finish line! By identifying the PROPER SOURCE of our RIGHTS, we achieve
commonality & true equality- GOD finds no favor or disfavor in those he CREATESall are
created hence equally ENDOWED at creation. We have commonality in this and an equal
starting linethis sets us up to succeed in achieving an equal finish line as wellnot
guaranteed for we must be faithful, rigorous, honest diligent etc but this way it IS possible to
achieve equality under the LAW since we are ALL the SAME in this, and hence, have EXACTLY

they are endowed certain unalienable Rights: This verbiage is important for a couple
of really important reasons. First IF society or SCOTUS or anyone/anything else is the SOURCE
of your RIGHTS then those rights can be extinguished/ withdrawn/limited. He who grants has
the power to revoke. Since GOD endowed you at your CREATIONas Michael would say:
WHO IS LIKE GOD. So, this SECURES everyones rights as a PART & PARCEL of their very
being as a created being of which ALL are CREATED BEINGS without exception! IF these are
also UNALIENABLEthis means that they cannot be made alien to you not by YOURSELF, not
by othershence your rights are secured at initio and THROUGHOUT to the end!

among these are Life: I do not want to make this longer than it needs to be so I will forgo
a complete analysis sufficient that here we see a simple TRUTH. ONE of the endowed GOD
given RIGHTS UNALIENABLE is the RIGHT TO LIFE. This makes complete sense in various
ways. One such way is that pragmatically without the RIGHT TO LIFE- there are NO OTHER
RIGHTSif that is not so NAME ONEstill waitingin addition, is anyone suggesting that GOD
is frivolous- his act of CREATING you is in error?!!? Even if you remove the biblical command
that one SHALT NOT KILL what GOD creates you by mistake or without full approval?!!?

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their
just powers from the consent of the governed: ALL GOVERNMENT POWER is derived from
the individual people and that power is maintained through CONSENT

The rest of the DECLARATIVE AXIOM as I term this demonstrates that it IS the GOD Given
RIGHT of the individual people to OVERTHROW the government when it becomes opposed to
these fundamental principles its whole purpose in being established being to SECURE THESE

This is not exhaustive of my analysis of the meaning and proper weight our FOUNDATION must
have in law and be acknowledged BY EVERY SINGLE AMERICANit is however sufficient for

In the gay marriage case, we saw a woman thrown in jail for contempt of court for UPHOLDING

- When she was hired as a county administrator in Kentucky, the LAW was: that marriage is a
union between ONE MAN & ONE WOMAN. There are four statutes duly passed by the people
through their state legislature to that end AND the state also passed a STATE CONSTITUTIONAL
AMENDMENT Kentucky Commonwealth of Con Sec 233A: which received 74% of the vote in the
- When the people left their state where gay marriage was not so denied and specifically travelled
to Kentucky & that office to get their permit- the LAW still had NOT changed.
- The law even today has NOT changed.
- The reduction rationale of her contempt charge & the case being brought to SCOTUS is based
i) There is no Casper the gay friendly federal law that contradicts the las of Kentucky or of these
other states that have also by majority passed a state constitutional amendment affirming one
man & one woman- union. Tennessee Art XI Sec 18: 80% of the vote affirming; Michigan Art I
Sec 25: 59% of the vote affirming; Ohio Art XV sec 11: 62% of the vote affirming.
ii) Other than the PROPER reduction rationale based in LAW that SHOULD have been the basis
of this case SCOTUS instead entertained this case based on the ERROR that marriage is a
RIGHT and not properly that marriage is in fact a privilege!

As we have seen above: GOD endows EACH INDIVIDUAL with certain self-evident &
UNALIENABLE rights. It should be clear immediately that marriage is a relationship involving
TWO individuals AND you are NOT born married. Hence, it is absurd to suggest that marriage is
one of these certain rights endowed at EACH INDIVIDUALS creation. However, our foundation is
mostly DENIED by almost all the people in the judicial branch from the cop on the beat to the
SCOTUS justices. So, that is not where I will leave this argument despite that being sufficient a
PROOF that marriage is NOT a GOD given RIGHT. Instead I will explain ONE key difference
between a RIGHT and a PRIVILEDGE.

I cannot simply whack a woman over her head and drag her back to the cave in order to be
marriedIf I could THEN maybe these people could say marriage is a RIGHTthough certainly
that could not be a GOD given one considering the immorality of the whole process. That is
NOT the case however, the WOMAN HAS A RIGHT TO SAY NO- I argue that it IS a GOD given
RIGHT to decide what if any relationships you shall have with other people no relationship can
be FORCEDanother reason why government exercises and maintains the powers given to it by
CONSENT. So, the woman can say NOif that is true & it is then how can marriage be a
RIGHT? It is true that my GOD given RIGHT to DUE Process of LAW has been DENIED for 24+
years but that doesnt mean my right is dependent on other people- it means criminality &
treason has become established. My GOD given RIGHT to DUE Process exists whether others
acknowledge or DENY it. Different story with marriagesomeone else holds the key to my being
married- the womanand yet that still is NOT ALL! The Priest can say no to BOTH of us- even if
the woman CONSENTS, the Bishop can also say NO, as can the Cardinal, and the Popein fact
ANYONE in the congregation including a stranger can say NO

Is there any reason why these two should not be married? Speak now or forever hold
your peace

That is a whole lot of people able to LAWFULLY and CORECTLY say NO to your supposed
RIGHT. So, what is being revealed is a fundamental differentiation between a RIGHT and a

A real RIGHT is not contingent on any one elses agreement- whether people acknowledge your
RIGHT it still exists and SHOULD BE ENFORCEABLE.

A PRIVILEDGE is contingent upon you and another, or you and another body of others in an
agreement or contract.

The government should be LIMITED in ALL ways- that looks at any individual as a party in a
RELATIONSHIP with another, if so, then government would truly SEPARATE itself from Church
and these problems wouldnt occur in the first place and this would also be consistent with the
prohibitive & mandatory directive that the GOVERNMENT shall not work to impair the

So, marriage is a PRIVILEDGE NOT a RIGHT and the SCOTUS is NOT the source of RIGHTSin
addition the 14th amendment is totally NOT applicable again because there doesnt even exist
casper the gay friendly federal law to hang that IN ERROR proposition upon. It is REAL to
throw a woman in jail for contempt of law FOR UPHOLDING THE LAWbut totally an
apparition when you ask someone to cite such a lawit then becomes a ghost.
One of the justices Obama appointed actually stated: if we give/grant (you) this right
It is obvious that such an intrusion by the SCOTUS on the PROPER state powers to establish
state legislative enactments & state constitutional amendments is a subversion & overthrow of
DEMOCRACYagain here are the numbers:

Tennessee Art XI Sec 18: 80%

Kentucky Commonwealth of Con Sec 233A: 74%
Ohio Art XV sec 11: 62%
Michigan Art. I Sec 25: 59%

Those are clear majorities and absent an actual federal law the SCOTUS should have DENIED
any such gay marriage case as DENIED AS IMPROVIDENTLY GRANTED (D.I.G.), that is without
all of the above being controlling in such a case if in error it is heard!

So, the gay marriage decision is an example of the unqualified Barack Obamas agenda and
appointees establishing an ANTI-FOUNDATION in our law:

1. That RIGHTS come from SCOTUS not GOD; and

2. That marriage is a RIGHT rather than a privilege

B) The government take-over of the health insurance industry.

Where in the Constitution is the government granted the power to take over AN INDUSTRY. If
there is even an untenable reduction rationale then it rests on an EXPANSION of the Commerce
Clause to INFINITYone might well ask what is the reason of having a COMMERCE CLAUSE in
the first place if it can be so extended. That is a very germane question and again demonstrates
the insidious nature of the unqualified Obama and his appointees supporting this unlawful
intrusion. So, now I turn to the examination of our CONSTITUTION as differentiated from our
DECLARATIVE AXIOMATIC FOUNDATION expressed in our declaration of independence. Again,
the first thing the founders did was NOT establish a constitution of government- because we do
NOT live in a government and our government IS NOT what makes us American OR what
UNITES US as ONE PEOPLE. The Constitution IS a constitution of government: NOT a
constitution of OUR RIGHTS, of SOCIETY, or of the CHURCH. It is in fact a RELATIONSHIP
rather than an actual thinga relationship between us as individual people, as us as
individuals assembled in STATES and as that relationship of states with each other- ONE
WHOLE UNITED. Losing sight of this fundamental identity arising from RELATIONSHIP rather
than genus & differentia has caused a great deal of misunderstanding error and even the
horrific akadema* that was our civil war!

So, again an attack upon our foundations is in play conjoint with the obvious errors of the
COTUS in crafting such legislation driven by the unqualified POTUS and having the results not
struck down by a SCOTUS with TWO unqualified appointees (See PROOF 1 above) involved in
the take-over of the insurance industry by government.

i) The fundamental sedition is the REPLACEMENT of GOD given RIGHTS by the LIE that there
are CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. When we look to the constitution we look to DEFINE and most
importantly as far as RIGHTS are concerned: LIMIT those government POWERS. In other words,
the CONSTITUTION does NOT define & LIMIT our GOD given RIGHTS which are: self-evident
(axiomatic); endowed (hence A PRIORI); UNALIENABLE (shall NOT be INFRINGED- let alone
denied & disparaged in summa!)! So, for instance, the 2nd amendment DOES NOT define our
* Akadema- a field of blood. From scripture: Judas, the Iscariot, bought a parcel of land with the silver he received for betraying
JESUS- he died on this land: hence his inheritance was an ALKEDAMA: A FIELD OF BLOOD.
The founders NEVER envisioned the government considering an armed individual a threat to
government or anotherat least not a threat the government was equipped to deal
withspecifically and RELATIVE TO THE POWER GRANTED GOVERNMENTthe founders
sought to LIMIT the government from infringing upon the organization of armed individuals into
militias as the government had great reason to consider that a threat: THAT IS HOW WE
EMPIRE! Hence the ONLY rights even articulated in the CONSTITUTION are there with a set
purpose and that has consequences:

a) First the only rights articulated are NOT necessarily the most important or even most
fundamental- like the RIGHT to LIFE without which there are NO OTHER RIGHTS possible, the
constitution is a constitution of government POWERS & their LIMITS not a shopping list of our
rights: HENCE WE KNOW OF AT LEAST ONE most fundamental& important GOD ENDOWED
RIGHT NOT articulated in the Constitution: the RIGHT TO LIFE. This is because the founders
would have found it absurd that anyone would suggest there wasnt one AND because it is
ARTICULATED in our DECLARATIVE AXIOM. So, the BASIS or CAUSE of any right being written
down in the CONSTITUTION is NOT fundamental or most importantit is RELATIONAL! IF
Government is given a POWER than government MUST have a LIMIT so it does NOT EXPAND
past that LIMIT and even INFRINGE a GOD given RIGHT let alone ablate it in summa. So, the
government powers provided IS the cause of a right being written downAND

b) as such the RIGHT IS NOT articulated as an IDENTITY- it is articulated relative to the

government power to an extent that will LIMIT that powerin other words: there are more
elements to our GOD given rights IDENTITY UNIVERSE than are articulated within the
constitutional schema my good fellow American Horatios.
It would seem obvious then that a DOCUMENT that seeks to DEFINE AND LIMIT government
power could in any way allow for an INFINITE EXANSION of any of its components.

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with
the Indian Tribes

Now the debates over the limit of this clause revolve mostly around what is COMMERCE
however one of the main impetus for the government to expand this clause to infinity is the
JURISDICTION Article III powers. IF individuals could lay suit against the Federal Government
& ANY of the states due to INFRINGEMENT of GOD given RIGHTS then these cases would
constitute what I term the MISSING CANON of law that would DEFINE our GOD Given RIGHTS
and the necessary LIMITS on government power at any level.

ii) So, lets address the next fundamental sedition attendant to this take-over of an INDUSTRY
through expansion of the commerce clause to infinity by examining the LIE of STATES RIGHTS.

I can PROVE- that states dont have RIGHTS, and that what they DO HAVE IS POWERS. There
is a reason for the traitors who have taken over to want me marginalized and my case to NEVER
be heard. One reason is the following argument that would be a fundamental element of my


PROOF: States DO NOT have RIGHTS and that they DO HAVE POWERS.

a) If you take the 9th amendment and the 10th amendment TOGETHER:

Amendment IX:
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny
or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it
to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

then it is obvious that THERE ARE TWO SEPARATE AMENDMENTS- One, the ninth dealing
with RIGHTS and the other, the tenth dealing with POWERS. In addition, you will observe that
the ninth is about the people, and the tenth is about BOTH the States and the people- FACT!
So, the founders DID NOT run out of inkIF the States had RIGHTS THEN the founders would
have written to the States or to the people, in the ninth amendment as they did in
the tenth. In addition, the founders were NOT FRIVOLOUS, making extra work for themselves:
IF the states had RIGHTS, THEN the founders would NOT have written TWO amendments but
would have written one thusly:

certain rights and The powers as well as by the people andto the States

They did not, instead what we have is ONE Amendment dealing with RIGHTS about the people
and another amendment about POWERS dealing with BOTH the states AND the people. Hence it
is demonstrable that the states have POWERS DERIVED FROM THE PEOPLE but that the
people have BOTH RIGHTS AND POWERSand this is entirely consistent with our declarative
LAW instead of treasonously OVERTHROWING and REOPLACING it with an ANTI-

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their
just powers from the consent of the governed

When we look at the Declaration of Independence, as I say it MUST be viewed, as housing the
DECLARATIVE AXIOMATIC FOUNDATIONS of all: the first principle upon which the AMERICAN
individual people; the AMERICAN individual people in SOCIETY; the AMERICAN individual
people as a CHURCH; the AMERICAN individual people as STATES; and the AMERICAN
individual people as a UNION; stand uponit IS the TIE THAT BINDS US as ONE people
UNITED as ONE and as having FULL WEIGHT in the LAW with everything resting upon it
being consistent with this foundation or having to be discarded THEN a CANONICAL approach
can be taken and we see that the founders were entirely consistent with this foundation AND AT
UNITY WITH IT in the constitution of government and the articulation of the LIMITS of that
properly placed power ceded by the people at constitution of the government. Again:

deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

All just powers are DERIVED FROM the people and maintained AND exercised by the CONSENT
of the peopleanything else would be an UNJUST power- FACT!
So, this canonical approach demonstrates that the SOURCE of our RIGHTS is GOD but the
SOURCE of ALL government POWER is the people and hence reserved to them is the ability &
facility to overthrow the government when it opposes the very purpose of its existenceand
raison detre for it being granted LIMITED POWERS:

That to secure these rights

So, if it is so easy to PROVE states DO NOT have RIGHTS and DO HAVE POWERS how come
every SCOTUS judge acknowledges in some form or fashion states rights?!!?

The anti-foundation LIE that IS states rights serves to support an otherwise untenable ANTI-

Sovereign Immunity.

Again, I do not want to turn this series of PROOFS into my ORIGINALJURISDICTION CASE-
BRIEF IN THE MAIN, however, without such anti-foundations & anti-doctrines being entrenched
by the domestic traitors that have taken over our government, society, church and whom
exercise an unlimited abusive power over the individual people; there is no way to demonstrate
the main points of these PROOFS:

I. That TREASON has indeed, become the ESTABLISHED ORDER; and

II. These TRUTHS are the reason I an INNOCENT MAN continue to be abused and
punished/treated as a criminal while the criminals continue to be rewarded/treated as the
victims for the crimes they commit against me 24+ years ongoing as of this missive.

IF the SCOTUS recognized the LIMIT on government power, the whole exercise being geared to
AVOID expansion THROUGH LIMITATION and that neither the states nor the federal
government have any SOVERIEGN IMMUNITY resting upon the LIE of any government at any
level having RIGHTS rather than PROPERLY GRANTED JUST powers that are DERIVED AND
maintained/exercised through CONSENT- then these PROOFS would NOT exist as the
TREASONOUS acts they detail would not be possible and supported/perpetuated. So, it is the
FAILURE to recognize the LIMIT and ABSOLUTE INABILITY to EXPAND government powers by
definition in their mandatory & prohibitive directives and articulated RIGHT LIMITATIONS that
has even allowed the entertainment of the idea of a government take-over of an industry to begin
with, however the above argument also demonstrates that a VACUUM has been established
through FAILURE to define PROPERLY the JUST POWERS of government in the context of the
operative LIES of states rights & sovereign immunity that has also allowed this infinite
expansion of the commerce clause to take place. Any legal source or individual knowledgeable in
the current body of law & the Commerce Clause can affirm that there is a CLEAR ABSENCE of
any articulable DEMARCATION LINE: between state power & federal power as well as individual
power & right viz-viz these same indefinite strands of state & federal exercise of power in the
history and current stare decis regarding the commerce clause AND there is simply NO
definition of substance on ANY LIMIT to the commerce clause scope of applicationthis vacuum
is similar in nature to the missing canon of law regarding GOD given RIGHTS AND IN TRUTH
has the EXACT SAME SOURCE: failure of SCOTUS to acknowledge its PROPER ARTICLE III
ORIGINAL JURISDICTION AUTHORITIES. The LIE of States rights and sovereign immunity has
been made an ABSOLUTE in our body of LAW wholly treasonous & corrupt that it is through the
seditious actions of the individuals in power in the states in the wake of the PROPER decision by
entrenchment of the LIES through the 11th amendment passed lawfully but with an unlawful
result represents the UNLAWFUL: ABDICATION by the SCOTUS of its proper ARTICLE III CO-
EQUAL BRANCH powers AND the UNLAWFUL: USURPATION by the States & COTUS of those
CO-EQUAL BRANCH POWERS. That full analysis is too much for these PROOFS and is a major
element of my case if that case should ever be heard.

The two elements of PROOF 2 above demonstrate directly that Barak Obama and his TWO
appointees have engaged in DIRECT TREASON and the establishment of TREASON as the order
of the day. This final element simple involves the perpetuation of long established TREASON like
the LIES of states rights and sovereign immunity without a specific manifestation implemented
as a part of Obamas agenda like the take-over of an industry above. This is an element that will
require much focus & understanding of the reader. It involves the perpetuation of the
UNCONSTITUTIONAL monetary policy that is at the root of the ESTABLISHMENT OF TREASON
as the order of the day.


Where in the constitution does it grant powers to coin the currency out of debt? Where in the
constitution does it grant power to engage in an incestuous relationship with foreign bodies via
the coining of an international currency? Where in the constitution does it grant power for the
government to issue a debt bearing instrument?

The answers to all three of course, is nowhere. Each is an UNLAWFUL act, hopefully all of the
above has made it clear at this juncture that UNLESS there is a DIRECT grant of POWER
by CONSENT THEN that power is an UNJUST one regardless of whether SCOTUS, COTUS,
POTUS and every soul on earth agrees to its legalitythis is the reason we live in a REPUBLIC
and NOT a democracy. Without REPUBLIC democracy doesnt exist- it is anarchy & mob rule.
Without full and unfettered democratic manifestations REPUBLIC quickly devolves, as it has
today- into police state & empire.

i) The easiest to demonstrate UNLAWFUL currency issue, currently being engaged in

today, of the three referenced above is the coining of currency out of debt by banks. BANKS were
NEVER given the power to coin the currency at allthe treasury Department is NOT A
BANKthat is the reason it is called the TREASURY DEPARTMENT and NOT the first bank of
the United States. The real AMERICAN system involves the issuance of an HONEST currency
that is indexed to population & real pricing and may be facilitated through 100% reserve
currency commodity based banking. There is absolutely NOTHING lawful in banks coining the
currency out of debt. So, was Ben Franklin correct OR are the british-jew bankers who have
reclaimed America as its colonies today overthrowing the real American system with a RETURN
to the BRITISH-JEW system we through off in 1776- 1783 correct?

This is an easy question to answer if any of the following are true:

1. You are a TRUE American who believes in what the founders ESTABLISHED; or
2. You are a MORAL and ETHICAL person; OR
3. You believe in the SCIENTIFIC METHOD as the approach to guiding discovery, solving
problems and creating/implementing/regulating things.

Was there ever a time when those THREE comprised ALL people? Certainly, the immoral, the
ignorant, and the seditious have always been aroundwhen did they become the MAJORITY,
and when did they assume control & power.

The current state of affairs is due to the fact that the THREE characteristics of the American are
no longer the overwhelming number of the populous some of us would suggest that EVERY
person should not merely fall into ONE of these groups but that EVERYONE should belong to

So much for imposing OUR WAY on people. Let no man boast if he not belong to at least one of
these, and truly you are an impoverished soul, if you never obtain and/or ascribe to all three.

The IMMORALITY & UNSUSTAINABILITY of banks coining the currency out of debt could suffice
but when did we stop rejecting things that were exercises of power NOT CONSTITUTIONAL and
hence UNJUST by definition. I will not go into great detail here but merely take the most efficient
path to demonstrating the folly of utilizing any of the THREE unlawful currencies at work today.

When banks coin currency out of DEBT it results in an UNSUSTAINABLE system- this violates
#3. the scientific method, mentioned above. This also establishes an unethical system violating
#2. Being moral & ethical in your actions. Anyone who knows of Franklins COLONIAL SCRIPT
and the history of currency knows that this violates #1.

So, lets focus on #2 & #3 as we reveal the PROPER FRANKLIN established real American System
for this demonstration.

The bank creates a currency out of debt AND the result is the following:

If you are at a grade 1 level you should recognize the problem immediately- for if the currency
coined equals the principle and yet the debt is equal to the principle PLUS the interest where is
the currency to pay the interest? As an aggregate, this generates an UNSUSTAINABLE and an
UNETHICAL system. The first holders of the new currency will buy at the OLD prices and the
last holders will buy at the INFLATED new prices which is already unethical because the
inflation is essentially providing an UNEQUAL STARTING LINE and GENERATING THE
INFLATION that is disproportionately felt, this inflationary CYCLE is an unsustainable one.
What really makes this system UNETHICAL though is that the system is a CRIMINAL WEALTH
TRANSFER SCHEME. The fact that there simply is NO currency available for interest payments
means that ABSOLUTELY individuals will FAIL to acquire the PRINCIPLE AND another portion
of principle (currency) to pay the interestgenerally this is the last holder class- hence their
property is converted and transferred to the first holders.

In Franklins system, there is NO inflation of deflation. If you start with $1/person and there are
1,000 people then when the population double sand you issue a total of $2 000- you still have
$1/person AND the currency is available for everyone. Population increases mean an increase in
productivity which ensures that prosperity is the result of the population growth and issuance of
more currency under these conditions but that is not the whole story on the PROPER and lawful
AMERICAN SYSTEM issuance of currency. We see good and sustainable & ethical reasons to
INDEX the currency to population, however that is NOT the actual basis of the coining of the
currency- it IS an index and not the sole one- REAL PRICING must also be incorporated to keep
the system SUSTAINABLE & ETHICAL as Franklin established. The currency is coined SOLEY
on the basis of and through CAPITAL GOOD FORMATION! When a road is built or a bridgethe
productivity of the populous will INCREASE as the movement of raw materials and finished
goods as well as the consumers themselves is facilitated and increasing capacity generated.
Hence when currency is created through CAPITAL GOOD FORMATION you have REAL
CAPITALSM- as opposed to the british-jew criminal wealth transfer schemes of corporofacism.
Hence if the currency is coined this way AND indexed to population there is the potential for an
exponential growth in opportunity, access to exploit opportunity, and greater prosperityan
EQUAL STARTING LINE IS ESTABLISHED! How though is this maintained, in the harsh
NATURAL world sometimes the typical result of a cause is not made manifest- the locus come to
eat the crop after all the work is done and the hurricane strikeswhat then?!!? The FINAL
element to the real American System as created & established by Ben Franklin was the
extinguishing f currency in ONLY one way: through PROPER TAXATION. If this is the complete
method of creating & maintaining the currency along with the twin indices of population & real
pricing then you achieve SUSTAINABILITY, and MORALITY.

ii) Special Drawing Rights is the name of the international currency that is UNLAWFUL
although the arguments that it is a process rather than a currency etc. make this TREASONOUS
instrument seem NOT IN DIRECT VIOLATION of the Constitution. The following is an excerpt
regarding the relevant Congressional powers of the government.

To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the
Indian Tribes;
To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of
Weights and Measures
To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the
foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of
the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof

Extracting the critical portions, we have the following:

To borrow Money on the credit of the United States

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States

To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin

To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the
foregoing Powers

The regulation of the value of coined money & of foreign nations coin along with make all laws
necessary, borrowing money on US credit & the regulation of commerce would all be invoked to
justify the SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS. That is in error. The whole point of a CONSTITUTION of
the United States is that it is LIMITED to the United States and sanctions no INDEPENDENT
INTERNATIONAL POWERS. The borrowing of money is NOT the creation of a NEW CURRENCY.
The coining AND the regulation of the valuation of US CURRENCY and the VALUATION of
FOREIGN COIN- involves setting par an exchange rate NOT CREATING A NEW FOREIGN
APPLICABLE CURRENCY. The very fact that the coining & valuation of US CURRENCY
contrasted to JUST the valuation of foreign coin is DEFINITIVE in this regard! Finally- sure
make all laws but those laws are to carry into manifestation JUST powers given by the people
TO the GOVERNMENT. The people of the United States have NO POWER over foreign nation-
states to give and certainly do not vote and NEVER should vote on these so-called world leaders
and world bodies, hence give no consent. So, such UNLAWFUL power is neither DERIVED nor
maintained & exercised by the individual peoples CONSENT! The special drawing rights are a
fiction and only came about after the traitors got ahold of the monetary policy & began the
criminal wealth transfer schemesan inherently UNSUSTAINABLE system the system is driven
to develop NEW SOURCES of debt created currency around the world to put off for yet one more
day its inevitable collapse.

iii) Thomas Edison once stated that if the government can issue a DEBT-BEARING instrument
THEN it can issue a DEBT-FREE instrument after all before a thing can have debt made
fungible to it had to first BE- without such burdensome accoutrements & entanglements
parasitically attaching- so the Potomac two-step of bond issuance to BUY the currency
immersed in fungible debt is NOT the treasury BORROWING or the treasury COINING
currencyit is a weak attempt to make obscure the UNLAWFUL ABDICATION of the power to
coin the currency & regulate its valuation and set its par relative to setting the US valuation of
pre-existing independent foreign currency and the USURPATION of the powers of utilizing all
laws necessary to carry a coining of LAWFUL CURRENCY into being applied to this unlawful
instrument. The british-jew bankers have a PRINTING PRESS upon which they print paper and
everyone else has to pay the DEBT. This is a RETURN to the conditions PRIOR to 1776 & the
revolutionary war- it is a return to colonization, debt slavery and the british-jew system: it is
NOT the real American system; it is NOT real capitalism-IT IS TREASON ESTABLISHED AS THE
ORDER OF THE DAY. The unqualified obama and his appointees are fully on board with this
treason and parlaying it into an economic ruination of the United States with takeovers of the
health insurance industry & the unlimited expansion of the commerce clause into INFINITY.

The bottom line is one of American common sense & practicality: the BEST way to keep prices
DOWN and quality up is to have a DEMOCRATIC MANIFESTATION of the individual taking his
dollars from provider A and telling them to go pound sand and then giving those dollars to
provider B government takeover of the health insurance industry is people making BAD
decisions about YOUR LIFE. When people make decisions about their own life typically those are
GOOD decisions but when they make decisions about other peoples lives including their own
children their decisions are not good at all. An individual in government making decisions about
your health care BOTH removes the BEST check on the system to keep costs down and quality
up as well as ensures decision making will NOT be as GOOD. If the government took over the
hotel industry & housed refugees in Mar-a Lago, Trump would flip out. Yet the take-over of
hotels only risks ruining your vacation, taking over the health insurance industry is as invasive
an intrusion as is possible for government to engage in and can result in your great harm, great
detriment to quality of life, and greatest of all harms: you very death. These are not decisions
that should be taken from the individual people and given to another regardless of all of the

In closing of PROOF 2, it should also be mentioned that without the RIGHT to LIFE there are no
other rights as if the one who is ENDOWED with RIGHTS is extinguished THEN all RIGHTS
endowed are extinguished with them. Hence the take-over of the health insurance industry by
government also includes the continuation of the DENIAL of the RIGHT to LIFE and worse the
grinding of fetus into powder to make medicines that are consumed. If you consume a human
being dead or alive as a chunk of steak cooked on a BBQ or ground into dust and turned into a
pill then you are a cannibal. This is the state of affairs that we sink to when we turn our back
on government POWERS! These errors are all other manifestations of the criminal wealth
transfer scheme of the unlawful monetary policy for it is through this means that the treason I
herein prove has been ESTABLISHED, is perpetuated, and is maintained.


The 2 PROOFS above allowed me to revisit what is supposed to be our PROPER FOUNDATION
of the CONSTITUTION as a constitution of LIMITED government not of society etc. Thus, we
acknowledge the CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINT on government power always and its

This prepares us for PROOF 3 because IF the American people are going to FAIL to uphold our
own foundation and deny rights to ourselves while supporting UNLIMITED government
intrusions to the point where we are defacto physically living in a government (surveillance
police state) THEN how is it even possible to get the American people to agree to acknowledge
EVERYONES GOD given RIGHTS- even the foreigner abroad & the foreign aliens residing here
simply put currently the American people have acquiesced to treason at home to such an extent
that there is NO acknowledgement at all that anyone foreign here or abroad has any rights at
all. This is the obvious & overt sedition that is clear for the observation of every TRUE American
that is faithful to our real American System. We do not find it burdensome to FOLLOW OUR
OWN LAWS- inclusive of the Supreme Law of the Land and our PROPER FOUNDATION always
operative: the DECLARATIVE AXIOM, hence when the government acts it is NOT a burden to do
so within the penumbrae of these constitutional restraints on government power, rather the
opposite: I argue that there is NO FUNCTIONALITY ABSENT that acknowledged circumscription.

If courts are to regard the Constitution, and the Constitution is superior to any
ordinary act of the legislature, the Constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern
the case to which they both apply.

U.S. Supreme Court Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. [1 Cranch] 137 (1803)

Whenever anyone lynch's someone they are committing the crime of murder...everyone is
innocent until proven guilty in a fair & impartial hearing with the full ability to raise a defense
and full acknowledgement of their GOD given RIGHTS and with the full force & effect of the
mandatory & prohibitive directives that establish the constitutional restraint on government
powers. Yet, for eight years, Barak Obama jr. the unqualified DRONE-LYNCHED innocent black
people all over the world- everyday: where was black lives matters then; where was anyone?!!?
No one did anything, and in fact, aided & abetted that mass murder spree of the innocent by
continuing to support and/or by remaining silent. Today this policy most foreign continues
under Trump. When POTUS orders a DRONE-LYNCHING of targeted people it is not merely the
innocent men targeted who are murdered, bystanders randomly in the area are also murdered
and no one suggests they are guilty of anything- physical presence is not a crime: the RIGHT to
LIFE is the PRIMARY and most FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT without which there are no other rights.
We call these innocent people that have been murdered: COLLATERAL and pay no heed to what
we have done. Please read my PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS which is SMOKING GUN PROOF that
the muslims DID NOT do REICHSTAG911. The contradictory war on terror is unlawful in every
way something can be unlawful including the FAILURE to ever offer a valid causus belli AND the
unlawful funding through supplementals as a result:

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a
longer Term than two Years ART. I SEC. 8 S.S. xii US Constitution

GOD endowed everyone with GOD given RIGHTS that are AXIOMATIC and UNALIENABLE- that
shall not be infringed...One of these is the GOD given RIGHT to DUE PROCESS of LAW- we do
not look to the Constitution to define our a priori GOD given RIGHTS but rather to DEFINE and
MOST IMPOERTANTLY-LIMIT the powers of government- hence the rights articulated in the
constitution are not fully expressed-not are they exhausted canonically:

There are more GOD endowed self-evident and unalienable rights, as well as individual privileges,
under heaven than can be found within the constitutional schema my dear American Horatio's

It is playing with infinity to even consider attempting to define the compass of any one, or the
entire canon of GOD endowed self-evident and unalienable RIGHTS hence we must always call
to mind the debate between two of our great founders: Madison & Mason...we must recognize
that the rights expressed were not a shopping list of our rights or even the most fundamental or
important. The rights articulated are only those & only to the extent that they act as a
DEFINITIVE LIMITING LOCII of the government powers ceded properly by the people at
constitution of government: we live in a society, we dont live in a government...hence the rights
that are expressed were done so with one supreme guiding firm & absolute purpose: to act as a
firewall against the ever-present threat of government engorging itself upon existing powers and
of establishing for itself powers never intended to be wielded by the few over the many...therefore
my fellow Americans-let us again rededicate ourselves to this certain proposition & say amen to
what the founders so ably set down & passed down to us as our proper is no
burden for us to follow our own created rules & laws & to do so operating faithfully within the
penumbrae of the founding & fundamental supreme law of the land...GOD endowed everyone-so
when the government acts- it must do so fully adhering to DUE PROCESS pf LAW &never in
violation of it- the executive must exercise its discretion in the execution of all its proper powers
in accord with the mandatory & prohibitive directives of the law not abusing its discretion and
violating the individual people's GOD endowed self-evident & unalienable rights. So, let us all
regardless of party & political affiliation say amen to everyone's god given rights, the
constitutional restraint on Government powers & the right to DUE PROCESS of LAW for citizen
& alien alike: Lynching people is wrong whether it is done with a rope or a drone if it is done by
a black man or a white man whether the victim(s) is (are) muslim or other...this earth & your
like upon it are FINITE...JESUS will judge you at the resurrection and there will only be one line
drawn: DID you say amen or did you not... everyone came into being through GOD's word- GOD
said amen to while you live will you do the same for others as GOD did for you & you would have done for yourself?

You wouldn't want to be lynched- you would want your right to have a fair & impartial trial
upheld & you certainly wouldn't want to be murdered simply because you were in the area by
chance when a DRONE-LYNCHING strike occurred-would you?!!?

Muslim Travel Ban is unlawful for the following reasons:

1. The constitution is silent regarding immigration except in ART I SECTION 8 CL iV

Hence the co-equal branches of power- the exec judic must give due deference to this plenary
power of the legisl branch Congress

Any exec order is an unlawful intrusion on that Plenary power & is equivalent to legisl from the
Oval Office no less constitu offensive than legisl from the bench

for this SAME reason Oblivious exec order refusing to execute the law was no different a
violation than trumps order

2. The order violates the man & prohib language found within the ART I SECTION 8 CL iV

"...uniform rule..." for two years trumph as raised a 'nativist' populist movement to condemn
islam for the crimes the jews committed on REICHSTAG911 there is NO QUESTION the INTENT
& RECORD are clear: he is targeting muslims- FACT! This is exactly the reason for the founders
giving the sole powers over immigration & naturalization to the DELIBERATIVE body & not the
executive body.

3 Finally because of all of the above and more: a myriad of DUE PROCESS violations arise.
CONGRESS when exercising its PLENARY POWERS since March 4, 1789 until TODAY has
acknowledged that even the alien has a GOD given right to DUE PROCESS of LAW. GOD is not
just for AMERICANS he created everyone & endowed them with all of their rights...when
government acts it must do so fully acknowledging our rules that we created- this is not a


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