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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Found Crying in Trump Towers

Caroline Sitter

NEW YORK -- Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were

found mutually crying in Trumps $100 million penthouse apartment in response to

recent criticisms made by the press, insiders said.

Anonymous sources said that Trump and Clinton were repulsed by the freedom

of the press, believing that it is too obscene and hurtful.

People like Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton work hard on their image and dont like

seeing these images thrusted out into the public, said insider P. H. Ony. They did not

anticipate the amount of publicity they received after announcing their presidential

candidacies last year.

Ony said Trump and Clinton believe that the press uses their platforms to create

lies for the general population to believe, and that these lies are only for self gain. Both

candidates are repulsed by these actions, as they are illusions established by the press

to gain popularity with misinformed American citizens, said Ony.

Trump and Clinton feel personally victimized by the freedom of the press, said

well established campaign manager Rorey Brewandowski. They always provide

American citizens with truth and authenticity, something the press continuously fails to


Brewandowski said that both candidates feel that the people of America have

been lied to for months and that it is time to put an end to all of the treachery. It is time

to stop using people for self gain through popularity, and for the press to follow the

steps of Trump and Hillary in providing this country with the truth, Brewandowski

Distant family member of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Belle C. Clinton, said Trump

and Hillary Clinton both highly value the minds of the American people and view the

press as a vindictive power seeking to establish a limited way of thinking based off of

their social expectations.

[The press] uses social establishments and ethical rhetoric to virtually guilt trip

the minds of the American people into following their commandments without critical

thought. They use the concept of freedom of the press to blame the presidential

candidates while redeeming their self image, Belle C. Clinton said.

Whether or not the press will respond to the recent turmoil presidential

candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are facing is currently unknown.

However, it is clear that both candidates will seek proper justice by making America

truthful and great again. For the freedom of the press can be really hurtful.