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V.B.S. 2010!

An Afternoon of Family Fun!
On Sunday, August 15th, we will have an afternoon of strikes and gutterballs at Valley Bowl on Business 83 in Mission! The cost will be just $5 for two hours of bowling, shoes, etc. Everyone is invited and encouraged to invite friends to come along. We would love to see everyone there! A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board at church, along with directions—please make sure to sign up so we have a good head count! See you there!!! Questions? Ask Heather M. or Gayle W.

St P&P Bowl-o-Rama!

Sunday, August 15th - 3pm

Valley Bowl-Mission, TX


St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


A Mighty Oak
I am writing this article under a big oak tree up at Camp Capers, our diocese’s summer camp. I am currently the dean (the guy in charge) of a session with 150 Junior High kids. And while this has been an awesome week, I am exhausted and I need a moment away from the insanity. So I took my computer and am sitting under an enormous oak tree down by the river. Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many huge oak trees at Camp Capers as there used to be. The whole camp used to be given shade by trees that had been there since the camp was founded 80 years ago. But now there are only a few of these big oak trees left. You see, Camp Capers has been fighting a losing battle with oak wilt for years. Oak wilt is a disease, a fungus actually, that kills trees over time and is extremely contagious to other oaks. If you came up to camp over the last decade, you could watch the disease spread across the camp decimating entire fields of oaks. Luckily, it seems the disease has run its course and they have planted a multitude of new trees that will provide shade for future generations, but I cannot help but be saddened by the big empty spaces where enormous oaks towered when I came to this camp as a camper. But somehow, this particular tree, which was one of the biggest and oldest on camp, seemed unaffected by the oak wilt. In fact, it looks stronger and healthier than ever. It makes me think of the first Psalm: “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.” (Psalm 1: 1-4) God wants us to thrive. God wants us to grow. God wants us to have strength to face the struggles of this life. God wants each of us to be like the huge oak tree, under whose shade I am sitting right now. In order to be like this oak tree, we have to walk with God. (I realize I mixed my metaphors; trees don’t walk, but as I told you I am pretty tired right now.) We will thrive if we drink from the Living Water (John 4:10). We will grow if we are fed by the Bread of Life (John 6:25). We will have strength if we find our strength in Him. The transforming love of God can make us like this mighty oak. Now I have to go back to 150 teenagers bouncing off the walls. May God give me the strength of this oak tree. I am sure I will need it.

In Christ, Father Michael

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


FAREWELL FROM THE HARRIS FAMILY: “We’re moving!” How can one small statement bring out so many emotions?
Confidence – through prayer, we have found that this is what we need to
be doing at this moment in our lives. Fear and anxiety – constant reminders to take it back to the one who is in charge. Sadness – leaving all that we know: friends, co-workers, schools and places. Seven years is time enough to forge many lasting relationships. Gratitude – for prayerful support; for loving words; for knowing that the people who have touched us have also been touched by us; for the support of loving grandparents Happiness – our little family will be all under one roof again.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the people of St. Peter & St. Paul for giving us such a warm and loving a church home and family. So many wonderful memories and friendships have been indelibly etching in our hearts and minds. God bless each one of you.



Building Fund Capital Campaign

Tucked in the hallway to the classrooms is a shelf of books. All books are available A big Thank You to for 50¢ each, with all everyone who has proceeds going to the contributed so gengeneral funds of the church. erously to help reThe book supply is running low, so we tire our Building would appreciate your contribution of Fund note. any of your unwanted books. You are Our balance as of August 1st is $8719.00. We're al- welcome to bring any type of book that you would like to donate. most there!! Praise God! When our supply overflows our Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and will get us demand, we will filter out the books to donate to the colonia or the library. closer to our goal!

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


10/10 STUDY & PRAY
The challenge has been made: Make a commitment to pray for 10 minutes and read the bible for 10 minutes every day. Prayer time can be flexible. Get a minute in while stopped at a red light. Knock out five minutes while waiting in a doctor's office. For the Bible study, it is best to set up a certain time everyday to read the Bible or some book dealing with the Bible. If you don't know where to begin, start with one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) or you can email Fr. Michael ( and he would be happy to offer some suggestions or lend you a book.

Men’s Group: Coffee With the Carpenter
Attention St. P&P Men: Coffee With the Carpenter is a men's group that gathers on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month from 7:00am to 8:00am. Come join “the guys” for morning prayer, breakfast, lots of coffee, and great discussion! This month’s Coffee with the

Carpenter will be postponed until August 12th. We will resume with our traditional 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month through 2010-2011.
For more information on Coffee with the Carpenter, contact Dan Miller at 519-0090.

Every month, we will use this space to reflect the ‘culinary side’ of St Peter & St Paul. We can’t wait to try your favorite recipes! Send to This month’s recipe comes all the way from Tennessee, courtesy of Fern Fisher:

Terry's Taters for a crowd 5# Red Potatoes Large Sour Cream Salt & Pepper Bunch of green Onions Large cheese Mix 1 lb of Bacon 2 bottles of Ranch Dressing

Boil Potatoes with Peeling on. Put in a casserole cover with Ranch Dressing & Cheese mix . Crumble Bacon over the top cover with foil bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. This is very good hope you all will enjoy -Fern

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


New Greeter Ministry
“HELLO and WELCOME” to St. Peter and St. Paul!! Our Greeter Ministry Team has been hard at work at St. Peter & St. Paul and the new Greeter Program is now underway! We are focusing on how guests are welcomed from the moment they get out of their car until they are back at their homes. If you are interested in working on this team, please email JB Townsend at


The Garden of Eatin’ Garden Outreach Program!
A new ministry of St. Peter and St. Paul!
An exciting new outreach has begun that (for the time being, until a better name is suggested) is called The Garden of Eatin’. We are going to create a 1.5 acre garden on the land to the north of the church. In the garden we are going to grow vegetables and perhaps flowers if someone shows an interest in overseeing that aspect of the garden. During the winter, we will sell our produce two times a week from the porch of the church. Whatever we sell, the proceeds will go to feeding the hungry. Whatever we do not sell, we will give away to feed the hungry. Through the generosity of companies and farms in the area, our cost will be minimal, which gives us great potential to generate funds to feed those who are hungry. Jed Murray is the point person for this ministry, and he is fired up and already hard at work. There will be opportunities for people (including people from outside the church) to volunteer as the garden progresses. We will keep you in the loop. If this idea is exciting to you, talk to Jed or Father Michael about ways you can get involved.

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


It is that time of year... The bad (or good) news is you have to go back to school. The good news is it is time for Pulse to return from its summer break! Pulse is a St. Peter and St. Paul’s ministry for youth 5th-12th grade and is held on the first Sunday of the month from 5pm to 6:30pm. Since the first Sunday of September falls on a holiday weekend, we will have Pulse a week earlier—Sunday August 29th. There will be food, silliness, and Jesus! So be there and bring a friend! Questions about Pulse? Contact Father Michael!

Altar Flowers
Did you know that anyone can request them? Altar flowers are a wonderful way to honor a loved one for a special occasion ,such as a birthday, or an anniversary. Flowers can also be given in thanksgiving for what we are thankful for, or in honor of a loved one that is no longer with us. OR, you may simply order them because you love flowers!! The normal donation is $25.00. Please call the office in advance at 585-5005 or sign up on the sheet provided at the church.

Children's Church
Children are very important to the life of our church, and we are blessed to have an abundance of awesome youngsters. The purpose of Children's Church is to bring the word of God to a kid’s level of understanding. We are happy to offer this for children from 4 years through High School. The young ones will meet every week, and the Jr. High and High School group will have class twice a month. Contact Father Michael or Amy Hoffman if you have any questions or wish to volunteer for this very important ministry.

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


Every now and then, we all need our spiritual batteries recharged… Cursillo retreats are an awesome and fun way to revive yourself in the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ. Lots of folks at St Peter & Paul have been on a Cursillo weekend and many of us continue to serve on teams. Cursillo—A funny word meaning “a short course in Christianity”— is designed to deepen your faith and strengthen your Christian walk. Ask anyone wearing a colorful cross on the third Sunday of the month what their Cursillo meant to them and you’ll get a different answer and a huge smile. The next Cursillo weekend with open spots will be October 14-17, 2010 at beautiful Mustang Island, outside of Corpus Christi.

Contact Heather Marks at 802-3822 or via email at for more information. You can also find out more on the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas website:

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


Have some info for the next newsletter?? Got a story about why you love St P&P? Want to share your favorite recipe??

Caregivers Support Group
by Vicki Knipp

Our goal for this newsletter is that it reflects who we are and what we do at St Peter & St Paul. We are constantly looking for ways to stay informed and connected via this newsletter and our website. If you have a gift for this or if you have any suggestions, please contact Heather Marks.
Send to:

Many of us at St. Peter and Paul have (or someday will) find ourselves in the role of caregiver. When I was going through this with my mom, I decided to initiate a group where folks can come together to get idea's, share experiences and walk together with our Lord through this difficult stage of life. Who should come? This group is appropriate for any folks currently in the caregiver role, preparing for this role, still grieving or recovering from their recent experience. It may also be appropriate for those who feel they have something to offer others from their past. There will be no experts with perfect answers. This will be a true Support Group where we will walk hand-in-hand, trusting that Jesus will guide us in this emotional--yet inevitable, part of life. Monthly meetings begin with a simple dinner followed by a short Bible Study. (you are encouraged to bring a notebook and a Bible). Our meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month and you are welcome to bring a friend or relative!

Got musical talents? Play guitar or sing? Want to make a joyful noise unto the Lord? Consider using your Godgiven talent as part of our music team!
CONTACT: Arlyn Olson (687-7334) or any choir member for more info!

St. Peter & St. Paul Episcopal Church


2310 N Stewart Road Mission, Texas 78574 Phone: 956-585-5005
Empowered by God, we are a community committed to sharing Christ’s love through service and worship.

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