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Date: _____________________


THIS IS TO AUTHORIZE Mr. RENESES T. SEERES, a Real Estate Broker with PRC licensed
No.24476, with office address at #475 Col. Bonny Serrano Avenue, Murphy, Quezon City, of legal
age, to do the following act:

TO SELL the real estate property of __________________________________________________, situated at

______________________________________________________________________________ . more particularly
described as follows:

CCT No. _________________

Floor Area: ________________

That the asking price or selling price will be______________________________________________________

(Php ________________).

That Mr. Reneses T. Seeres shall receive his commission equivalent to (_____%) _________ percent
of whatever gross selling price of the sale.

That Mr. Seeres shall registered his buyer to the seller, this authority to sell is covered by a hold
over clause.

SELLER: I/We will shoulder the brokers fee.

The capital gain tax ,transfer tax, registration fees and other expense will be shoulder by either the
buyer or the seller depends on the agreement of both party .

This authority shall become ineffective only after 180 days from receipt of either party of a written
notice terminating such authority.

_____________________________ RENESES T. SEERES

SELLER Real Estate Broker
PRC Licensed No.24476

_______________ _____________