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Oreoluwa Obiri

June 21, 2017

Engaged learning paper
UNIV 392

Process Recording
On day one of orientation number two my group and I were all sitting down
to eat lunch, meeting and getting to know each other but there were two people in
my group who would not say anything or when they did their answers were very
short winded and not very conducive in promoting good conversation and the
development of community. So for the first part of the day which is mainly getting to
know your group whenever we would walk around I made it my mission to talk to
these students one on one and see if they were more comfortable with that instead
of a big group interaction. The students opened up a little bit during the one on ones
but I struggle a bit with consistency with them throughout the day I knew it was
important to understand the different personalities that are present and forcing
them to be what the werent was just not going to work for either party involved.
Thinking back I just remember thinking is this a reflection of my leadership that I
cannot get these two students to come together and join the rest of the group or
sometimes the silences are getting far too awkward and I need to fill it with words
or something along those lines to loosen these people up. Many things were going
through my mind on how to engage these students and get them to enjoy their time
here on campus with their peers at orientation. I was allowing this to consume my
mind so much to the point where I lost focus on developing the relationships with
other students and contributing to their great experience at orientation. My sole
concern was to make sure these two students were not drowned out by the other
personalities in the group and by doing that I unconsciously gave more attention to
them than I did the others. But we all know that hindsight is 20/20 and looking back
I would not have pushed so hard for the students to engage. Of course I would have
strongly encouraged it but understanding that only so much is within my control in
terms of the interactions I have/make with people and then it is up to them on they
respond. I also realize that I kissed out on opportunities to reach out to my other
students because my focus wasnt on them and I missed the opportunity to develop
relationships with them. I now understand that the different personalities within a
group make up the group in a special way. Without the different personalities we
would have similar people with similar characteristics that often clash or overpower
each other. And understanding that each personality has its strengths and
weaknesses and you cannot force people into a category that they are not in no
matter how hard you try. I believe this relates to personality aspect of this class and
realizing that yes the type of personality you have plays a role in the type of leader
you are, but also realizing this is the same for those who follow as well.