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Wh'j ch'-iplahet. Indlc at^s,these. stars-

Zodiacal Sigris' 3
" The Zodiac ancS "the hwran bodv 9
'5> . Edehtifythe'.'Sic'hs to
B Find yj h et h e r 'Po s in ye or ha^ativa
'si g iv for'the House.'- 12

m W astern is pact'T 'deg ressi 19

Standar.d adopted bV various
i countries: a iid' years'" 20
m Vimshottari Dasa 21
10 Planel^N umber 22
rr Pjandts Day fords ' 23
i'z identify Thi SynihalsTar'The pJanets 24 !
13 the N odes. Rd hu; end. athu 30, .
,14'' Whom' lo pray'' - God &"Goddess 3^
rs'; Musicand.'Mfriy 34
IS j Syrhhois 30
\7 Pla nets- Favouratjle ' &: .Unf av'oura ble 44:-
IS Child'Birth 49'
BCT Ruirhg Planets 50;
| 20 i Houses and; "iheir'Sigriiiicance n

AsirolQ P.No
21 Aspects and Ayanamsa 54
22 Casting the Horoscope 55
23 Diseases 57
Abbreviations 58
25 Profession 64
26 Prayers 69 !
27 Domestic Environments 71
28 Indicate which planet signifies 72
these Gods
29 Astrological Terms 74
30 L.M.T 91
31 The Planets - how do they act 94
32 Apprx. level of exaltation of Planets 101
33 Sign & the diff. organs of the body 102
34 Signs and lucky numbers 104
35 Sign and lucky stones EES
36 Lucky days 108
37 Virgottama - Dwadesamsa 110
38 General Yogam & Correct hours 113
39 Balance of Dasas 118
40 Planets in 12 Signs 122
41 Identify The Rasi's from the Pictures 131
42 Answers 132
Find out the Answers ? Tick (A) or (B'

Q- 1
? I Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer


ISaeittarius Scorpio ] Libra


Pisces Aries * j Gemini

Aquarius Cancer


Sagittarius Scorpio


Astro IQ
Q - (3)

Pisces "'"s ?

Aquarius Cancer


v rBQ
Saijiiiarius Scorpio Libra '


Aries Taurus Gemini




Sagittarius Scorpio Libra

Q- (51

Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer


Sagittarius Scorpio Libra


Aries Gemini


Scorpio Libra


Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer

Capricorn I

Sagittarius ( Libra Virgo


Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer


Sagittarius Scorpio 9 Virgo

Q- (9)

Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer

Capricorn Leo

? Scorpio Libra Virpo


Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini

Aquarius Cancer

Sagittarius Scorpio Libra Virgo

Q-O 1}

? Aries Gemini

Aquarius Cancer


Sagittarius Scorpio Libra ^'r9Cl


Ar es TaiJriJS GEmini
Pisces '



V r90
I Sagittarius I Scorpio Libra '

Which Planet indicates these stars?

Write the answer as 'A' or 'B' in the box

13) Aries / Makam / Moolam

A) Mercury B) Kethu

14) Bharani, Pooram, Pooradam

A) Venus B) Moon

15) Krithika, Uthram, uthradam

A) Jupiter B) Sun

16) Rohini, Hastham, Sravana

A) Mars B) Moon

17) Mirgasira, Chittra, Danishta

A) Saturn B) Mars

18) Arudhra, Swathy, Sathabisha

A} Kethu B) Rahu

19) Poonarvasu, Visakam, Poorattathy

A} Jupiter B) Saturn

20) Pushyam, Anusham, Uthrattathy

A) Saturn B) Kethu

21) Aselesha, Jeshta, Revathy

A) Mercury B) Sun
2 Mesha, Vrichika
Aries Scorpio
A) Mars B) Moon

3) Mithuna Kanni

Gemini Virgo

A) Mercury B) Sun

41 Kadakam Makara

Cancer Capricorn

A) Moon B)Mars

5) Leo Mesha

Simha Aries

A) Sun B) Mars

6) Kanni Mithuna

Virgo Gemini

A} Mercury B) Sun
The Zodiac and the Human Body

27) Head
A) Aries B) Taurus

28) Neck
tA) Aries B} Taurus

29} Arms
A) Leo B) Gemini

30) Human Body and Organs tells about

A) Kabala Astrology
B) Medical Astrology

31) Birth details

A) Kabala Astrology
B) Natal Astrology

32) Number Astrology

A) Omens B) Horary Astrology
Identify the signs

Sign of Zodiac

A) Firey Sign B) Common Sign O

30 60

Sign ofZodiac

A) Earthy Sign B) Watery Sign O

Q 10

Sign of Zodiac

A) Earthy Sign B) Airy Sign

Sign of Zodiac
Find whether Positive sign or
Negative sign for the house?

ElW, 12

A) Positive Sign B) Common Sign D


What is the colour of the house?


A) Red B) Green '

Find the Rasi for the given degree

&5) 90"

A) Gemini B) Taurus
Mithuna Rishabha



A) Leo B}
B) Cancer
Simha Kataka D

Astro IQ
IQ 16
l8Q-2 O"
9) Find the sign lord?

N k

A) Aries B) Capricorn
Mesha Makara

>0) Find the Missing house?


A) IV B} 11
A) 0 B) 100

A) 24 B) 48


A) 0 B) 45


A) 0- 90 B) 120
A? 90 B) 120

A) 120 B) 72


A) 145 B) 135

A) 180 B) 150


A) 0 B) 180

19 A
60) USA
A) 1997 B) 1883

A) 1992 B) 1886

A) 1990 B) 1890

A) 1996 B) 1893

A) 2000 B) 1895


A) 1999 B) 1895

A) 2000 B) 1901


A) 2000 B) 1903


A) 1900 B) 1911

A) 1906 B) 1928

Tick the duration of each planet:

70) Sun
A) 6 years B) 12 years

71) Moon
A} 10 years B) 15 years

72) Mars
A) 6 years B) 7 years

73) Mercury
A) 17 years B) 10 years

74) Saturn
A) 10 years B) 19 years

75) Jupiter
A) 9 years B) 16 years

76) Rahu
A) 18 years B) 12 years

77} Kethu
A) 14 years B} 7 years

78) Sun
A) 01 B) 09

79) Moon
A) 02 B) 8

80) Jupiter
A) 01 B) 03
81) Rahu
A) 05 B) 04

82) Mercury
A) 06 B) 05

83} Venus
A) 06 B) 05

84} Kutu
A} 08 B) 07

85) Saturn
A) 08 B} 09

86) Mars
A) 08 B) 09


Mention the day denoted by each Planet

87} Sun
A} Sunday B) Monday

88} Moon
A} Monday B) Friday

89) Mars
A) Tuesday B) Wednesday

90) Mercury
A) WednesdayB) Friday

91) Jupiter
A) Thursday B) Friday

92) Venus
A) Friday B) Monday

93) Saturn
A) Saturday B) Friday
Identify the symbols for the Planets

A) Sun
B) Moon

A) Sun
B) Moon

A) Mars
B) Sun


A} Mercury
B) Mars
A) Mars I.
B) Jupiter 11

A) Venus
S) Jupiter

A) Saturn
B) Mars

A) Mars
B) Kethu

A} Sun
B) Rahu

A} Kethu
B] Uranus

A) Pluto
B) Sun

Astro I
A) Fortuna
B) Sun

A) Aries
B) Taurus

A) Taurus
B) Aries

A) Gemini
B) Aries

A) Cancer
B) Gemini

A) Aries
B) Leo

A) Leo
B) Virgo

A) Leo
B) Libra


A) Scorpio

TTV B) Leo


A) Sagittarius
B) Libra

116} i

1 A) Capricorn
1 B} Libra
\ &

A) Aquarius
B) Libra

29 Astro IQ


Write the correct answer 'A' or 'B'

119) Moon in ASW1NI known as:-

what planet?
A) Rahu B) Kethu

120} Moon in ARUDHRA known as :

what planet?
A) Rahu B) Kethu

121tMoon in MAKAM known as:-

what planet?
A) Rahu B) Kethu

122|Moon in SWATHY known as

what planet?
A) Rahu B) Kethu

123}Moon in MOOLA known as :

what planet?
A) Kethu B) Rahu

124)Moon in SATHAB1SHA known as:

what planet?
A) Rahu B) Kethu
125HVIonday between 7.30 a.m.&9.00 a.m
known as
A> Rahukalam B) Yamakandam

126) Friday 15 Hours to 16.30 Hours

known as"
A) Rahukalam B)Yamakandam

127) Saturday at 9.00 & 10.30 a.m.

known as ?
A) Rahukalam B)Yamakandam

1 28) Sunday 16.30 Hours to 18.00 hrs? >

A) Rahukalam B)Yamakahdam

129) Monday Hours 10.30 to 12.00 hrs ?

A)Yamakandam B) Rahukalam

130) IS 365 V4 solar days are equivalent

to 366 1/4 Sidereal days ?
A) Yes B) No

131) Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,Venus,

Sun - Find out the missing planet?
A) Saturn B) Sun

132) Lord Rama's Star - Find out.

A) Jupiter Star / Punarpoosam Star
B) Saturn / Arudhra Star

1 33) How much time 'the Sun' will take to

go round the Eclipse ?
A) Six month B) One Year

31 Astro I'

Write the correct answer in the box

134) Which planet indicates the God

Vishnu ?
A) Saturn B) Mars
C) Moon D) Mercury

135) Lord Suryanarayana is indicated by

which planet ?
A) Sun B) Mercury
C) Mars D) Rahu

136) Suppose a person is favourable with

Mercury and Moon to whom he has to
pray ?
A)Goddess Saraswathi B) Vishnu
C)Goddess Durga D) Rama

137) Favourable planets are Mars and

Mercury-Tell about the God's Name ?
A) Murugan B) Veera Raghava
C) Vishnu D) Krishna

138) Which planet indicates

'Lord Venkateswara'?
A) Mercury, Mars and Saturn
B) Moon C) Sun D) Rahu
139) If Mercury and Saturn are favourable^.
A) Murugan B) Ayyappan
C) Ramar D) Anjaneya

140) Which planet is favourable for Indran

A) Jupiter B) Venus
C) Saturn D) Sun

141) Mars and Jupiter indicates-which God?

A) Lakshmi B) Krishna
C) Murugan D) Anjaneya

142) To pray Lord Krishna which planets

should be favourable ?
A) Jupitar-Satum B) Jupiter
C) Mercury D) Rahu

143) To Pray Lord Ganesh which planets

should be favourable?
A) Jupiter B) Venus
C) Sun D) Kethu
Write the correct answer in the box:

144) Which house indicates 'Music'?

A) First B) Second
C) Tenth D} Fifth

145) Which house indicates'Vocal'?

A) Second B) Seventh
C) Fifth D) Sixth '

146) Which sign indicates 'Flute'?

A) airy sign B) watery sign
C) earthy sign

147)Which sign indicates 'Nadhaswaram*?

A) firey sign B) watery sign
C} airy sign

148) Which sign and planet shows -

'Mirdangam' ?
A) Mercury-earthy sign
B) Mars - firey sigg
C) Moon- watery sign

149) 'Veena' indicates which sign and

with which planet ?
A) Mars and Moon connected with
Firey sign
B) Neptune and Venus connected

with Airy sign
C) Jupiter and Saturn connected with
Earthy sign

150) 'Jaladharangam; denotes which sign

of the Zodiac ?
A) earthy B) firey sign
C) watery sign D) airy

151) Tabala'denotes which sign of the

Zodiac ?
A) earthy sign B) airy sign
C) watery sign D) firey sign

152) To make a person 'Vocalist' ?

A) Mars B) Moon
C) Moon/Venus D) Saturn


Choose the correct symbols and write in the box

153) Find the Symbol of LEO from the following ?

n V_P A

154) Find the Symbol of VIRGO from the


155)Find the Symbol of LIBRA from the following?

156) Find the Symbol of SCORPIO from the



157) Find the Symbol of SAGITTARIUS from the

following ?

158) Find the Symbol of ARIES from the following?

159) Find the Symbol of TAURUS from the


160) Find the Symbol of GEMINI from the following?

U fl

161 )Find the Symbol of CANCER from the


162) Find the Symbol of CAPRICORN from the
following ?

163)Find the Symbol of AQUARIUS from the

following ?


164)Find the Symbol of PISCES from the



Astro 1
165) Find the Symbol of SUN from the following ?

166) Find the Symbol of MOON from the


5) v? y

167)Find the Symbol of MARS from the


0* * %

Astro I
168) Find the Symbol of MERCURY from the
following ?

d* si o

169}Find the Symbol of JUPITER from the


^ It- S


1 70)Find the Symbol of VENUS from the


41 Astro IQ
171) Find the Symbol of SATURN from the

I ?

172)Find the Symbol of RAHU from the following?

173)Find the Symbol of KETHU from the

174)Find the Symbol of URANUS from the


175)Find the Symbol of NEPTUNE from the



176) Find the Symbol of FORTUNA from the

following ?


A) B) C) D)

43 Astro IQ
Choose the correct answer from the following:

177) Person born in between April 15 to

May 14 or Aries sign which are the

(i) Favourable planets

A) Sun and Jupiter
B) Jupiter and Mars
C) Mercury and Rahu

(ii) Unfavourable planets ?

A) Mercury,Venus, Saturn, Kethu
B) Sun and Moon
C) Jupiter and Venus

178) Birth sign is Taurus which are the

(i) Favourable planets
A) Saturn and Sun
B) Moon and Mars
C) Mercury and Venus

(ii) Unfavourable planets ?

A) Saturn and Sun
(B) Jupiter, Venus and Moon
(C) Mars, Saturn and Rahu

179) Birth sign is Gemini : which are the
(i) Unfavourable planets
A) Saturn and Mars
B) Moon and Mercury
C) Mars,sun and Jupiter
(ii) Favourable planets ?
A) Mars and Moon
B) Venus or Sukra
C) Saturn and Rahu

180) Birth sign Cancer - which are the

(i) Unfavourable planets
A) Mars
B)Venus and Jupiter
C) Mercury, Saturn

(ii) Favourable planets

A) Mercury
B) Mars
C) Saturn, Sun and Moon

181) Leo - Borns..,. which are the

(i) Favourable planets
A) Jupiter
B) Mercury
C) Mars and Rahu

45 Asl
(ii) Unfavourable planets
A) Mars and Sun
B) Moon
C) Mercury, Saturn, Venus

182) Virgo - birth (lord Mercury)?which are the

(i) Unfavourable planets
A) Saturn
B) Moon, Jupiter and Mars
C) Sun

(ii) Favourable Planets

A) Moon and Mercury
B) Rahu
C) Venus

183) Born in Libra Sign which are the

(i) Favourable planets
A) Saturn and Mercury
B) Mars
C) Moon
(ii) Unfavourable planets?
A) Saturn and Sun
B) Sun and Jupiter
C) Mars and Moon

184) Born in Vrischika (or) Scorpio-sign

which are the
(i) Unfavourable planets
A) Sun

B) Jupiter
C) Mercury, Saturn
(ii) Favourable planets
A) Sun, Moon and Jupiter
B) Venus and Moon
C) Mars

185) Sagittarius born which are the

{>} Unfavourable planets
A) Venus
B) Moon
C) Jupiter
(ii) Favourable planets ?
A) Sun
B) Mercury
C) Saturn

186) Makara borns which are the

(i) Good planets
A) Venus
B) Sun
C) Moon
(ii) Bad planets
A) Mars
B) Jupiter
C) Rahu
1 87)
87) Aquarius borns.... which are the
(\) Evil
Evil planets
A) Mars
B) Moon
C) Jupiter
ii) Good planets
A) Saturn
B) Venus
C) Sun

188) Born in Pisces , which are the

0} Bad planets
A) Mars
B) Sun
C) Mercury
(ii) Good planets
A) Moon
B) Mars
C) Saturn


Astro IQ
IQ 48

189) For first Child birth - Which house

we should see ?
A) 2 B)5
C) 7 D)11

190) For second child - which house we

should see ?
A) 2 B) 6
C) 8 D) 7

191) For third Child - which house we

should see ?
A) 1 B)6
C) 9 D) 12

192) For fourth Child - which house we

should see ?
A)11 B) 7
C)6 D)4

193) For fifth Child - which house we

should see?
A) 3 B) 1


194} For sixth Child - which house we

should see ?
A) 4 B)6
C) 9 D) 3

49 &s
1 a
Tick the correct Answer : -

195) To find out Ruling Planets which is

thecorrect method- Select from the
following ?
A) Lagna-Sign lord/Star lord/Sub Lord
Moon-Sign lord/Star lord/Sub Lord
B) Dasa lord/Bhukthi lord/Anthra lord Gl

196) According to K.P. which is the most

important significator?
A) Occupant's constellations lords &
B) Owner in the constellation
C} Owner only O

197) To find out the significators which is the

correct procedure?
A) owner of house and its stars
B) Occupant in the constellation
C) Occupant
D) Owner
E) Owner in the constellation D

Tick the correct one : -

198)Which houses will relate to the Law suits-

Court case-2nd wife, Promissory notes, financial
status, wealth, Kudumba Vakkusthana?
A) First Q B) Third Q
C) Fifth D) Second

199)Which house will indicate the following-self,

one's temperament, his mind, dignity,
honourable living, enjoying or sufferings ?
A) Fourth O B) Tenth D
C)First ' D) Third

200)Which house will indicate about lottery & luck

neighbour, letters, correspondence, partition,
mental inclination, Mathematics, signature,
change of residence?
A) IMineth D B) Sixth D
C) Tenth D) Third

201)Mention the correct house which deals about

Father, House, landed Property, immovable

assets, car, treasure, education?
A) First B) Fourth
C) Tenth O D) Sixth Q

202)Select the house which deals with. Children,

speculation, racing, games & sports, music
and dance ?
A) Fifth O B) Eighth D
0} Seventh D D} Tenth Q

203)Pick out the correct house deals with

Disease, Service, Debt,difficult, pet animals,
cattle and tenant?
A) Fifth B) Tenth
C) Seventh D D) Sixth Q

204)Whicb house tells about marriage, law suit,

partner,recovery of lost property, life
A) Seventh C! B) Nineth D
C) Eighth Q D) Twelveth D

205)Mention the correct bhava which deals with-

Safety, Yoga, Mantra, Pooja, Long ioumey.
Church, Religion,Science, Further Education?
A) Nineth Dl B) Tenth O

C) Sixth D) First D

206}Select the bhava whiqh deals with King,

Ministers,business, lawyers, noble jobs, one's
profession, magistrates?
A) Second O B) Tenth G
C) Third D) Fourth

207)Pick out the aorrect bhava which deals with

friends, hopes, advisers, realisation of
ambition ?
A) Sixth B) Third
C} Second O D) Eleventh O

208)lVlention correct bhava which deals with trials

and tribulation.depression,friend imprisonment,
secret enemies deception and loss, away from
the native place ?
A) First G B) Twelveth Q

C) Second G D) Third Q

209)Which Bhava tells about ... Death, evil,

longivity,dowry, money, partner ?
A) Sixth Q B) Eighth G
C) Nineth G D) Tenth G

53 Astro IQ

Tick the correct answer : -

!10)Select the best aspect from the following

A) Trine O B} Vigintile D
C) Square D D) Semi-square D

1) Tell which planet is the lord (owner) for the

following stars-Rohini-Visakam-Punarvasu?
A) Moon B) Kethu
C) Venus D) Jupiter

212)To make a planet into Nirayana position from

Sayana what is the correct procedure ?
Example :
A) Sayana position- 26 41'
+ plus Ayanamsa 23- 32' |.
of the year 1
= Nirayana 490-73'
B) Sayana position- 26 41'
- Minus Ayanamsa 23- 32'
of the year
= Nirayana 30-09'

213)Which is the correct aspect and equal to

Dasa- Bhukthi-Anthra -Sookshama ?
A) House - Nakshatra-Pada-Sookshama
B) Star - Sub / Sub, Sub t Sub, Sub, sub


214)To find out L.M.T. which is the correct

method for Chennai?

A}C!ock time given in 1,8.7.(3.35 p.m.) or

15.35 Hrs [
Indian Standard Time -- East longitudinal
difference = L.M.T

Meridian E. Long = 82 " 30'

Chennai E. Long = 80- 17'

A)LMT 2.13'
East Longitudinal different =

1ST 15 35 00
0 8 52
LMT 15 26 08

B) Clocktime + East Longitudinal

difference called = L.M.T. ? Q

fj 15} How to find out 'Fortuna' Select the
correct method from the following?

A)Asc, Long + Moon's Long

= Sun's Long

B) Sun's Long + Moon's Long

= Asc. Long D




ISBN No: 81-88082-05-8


Krishman & Co.,
804, Anna Salai,
(opp: to LIC Building)
Ph: 28520078,52141289

Tick the correct one from the following

216} If Saturn afflicting Sun what will be

the disease

A) Low B.P.

B) Haemorrhage

C) High B.P.
217)lf Mars afflicting Sun what will happen ?
A) High B.P.

B) Operation
C} Haemorrhage

218)lf Jupiter afflicting Sun-result is what ?

A) Low B.P.

B) High B.P.

G) Operation

219)To see ones diseases from which house

you have to see?

A) II House.

B) VI House

C)IV House


220.) Expand the following Abbreviations:

1. G.M.T

2. LM.T.

5. D

6. Sid. T.

8. L.S.T.

9. R.

10. N.L.

11. Node:

12. C.T.

13. B.T.

14. E.T.

15. N.S.T.

16. ASC

17. M

18. CT

19. I.S.T

20. L.ST.

21. C.S.M,

22. Lat'

23. Long

24. Z.

221} I. Name the plan'

A) Mars U

II. Name the pla


A) Venus
FIG 1 fig a

PIG 4-

Indicate the zodiac of each figure,

{e.g.) Fig . 1 Stands for Aries

Fig 2 Stands for 1

Fig 3 Stands for 7

Fig 4 Stands for 7

61 Al
pi & 7
P'G 8

Indicate the zodiac of each figure.

Fig. 5 Stands for - ?

Fig, 6 Stands for ?

Fig. 7 Stands for ?

Fig. 8 Stands for ?



e,G tz

Indicate the zodiac of each figure,

Fig , 9 Stands for ?

Fig. 10 Stands for ?

Fig.11 Stands for ?

Fig. 12 Stands for ?

63 Astro IQ
Answer whether you agree or not?

225} Aries Lord of Mars. If
If the other t w o planets

are lord of the Sub and the Constellation Lord

were to be :
A) Both Sun Lord of Sub and Lord of the
Constellation then Government D

B) Both sun Lord of Sub and Lord of the

Constellation then Businessmen Lu

226) A) Sun & Moon : is either Sun or Moon is the

Sub lord and the other is the lord of the
constellation, where the Sub lord of the Meridian
was, then Navy Boiler Feed. Steam Engineer,
Nurse in the Surgical Wards LJ
B) Saturn & Mars : is either Saturn or Mars is
the Sub lord and the other is the lord of the
constellation, where the Sub lord of the Meridian
was, then Navy Boiler Feed. Steam Engineer,
Nurse in the Surgical Wards II

227) A) Sun St Mars : One who goes to the front

during war, Military, Sun & Mars connected

with Jupiter, Law and Order, Police connected
with Venus also Traffic Police. Iu

Astro IQ
IO 64
B) Saturn & Mars ; One who goes to the front
during war. Military, Saturn & Mars connected
with Jupiter, Law and Order, Police connected
with Venus also Traffic Police.

228) A) Sun and Mercury : Postal, Communication,

Telegraph, Telephone; if Jupiter is connected.
Press and Publicity^ Journalism. If venus is also
connected Radio Mechanical engineering
works and Housing..
B) Saturn and Moon: Postal Communication,
Telegram Telephone; if Jupiter is connected
Press and Publicity, Journalism. If venus is also
connected Radio, Mechanical engineering
works and Housing..

229) A) Sun and Jupiter : Education Department,

even in Military, Military School, Law
Department,Judge, Religious Endowment
Board, Finance Department Nationalised Banks,
Reserve Bank. O
B) Saturn and Venus : Education Department,
even in Military, Military School, Law
Department, Judge, Religious Endowment
Board, Finance Department Nationalised Banks,
Reserve Bank,

65 Astro !
30) A)Sun and Venus : Transport, Airforce, Music,
Medicine, Chemist, Veternary Department, if
Saturn is connected Leather Industry or Family
planning Department.If Jupiter is connected
Animal Husbandry.
BISaturn and Jupiter: Transport, Airforce, Music
Medicine, Chemical, Veternary Department, if
Saturn is connected Leather Industry or Birth
control. If Jupiter is connected Animal
Husbandry. O

31 )A) Sun & Saturn: Mines, metals. Coil,Minerals

Tailors, Sextons, Grave Diggers, Watchman,
Night Duty. D
B) Sun & Venus : Mines, metals, Coil, Minerals
Tailors, Sextons, Grave Diggers, Watchman,
Night Duty, D

32) A)Moon and Mars : Navy, Sailors, Dealing in

Petroleum Products.. O
B) Mercury & Saturn : Navy, Sailors, Dealing in
Petroleum Products.. D

33)A)Moon and Mercury : Secretaries,Marine,

Interpreters, Engineers, Messengers. O
B)Sun and Venus : Secretaries, Marine,
Interpreters, Engineers, Messengers. ED

234)A)Moon and Jupiter: Physicians, Overseas
Bank Foreign Exchange. O
B) Mars and Sun : Physics, Overseas Bank
Foreign Exchange. O

235)AJ Moon & Venus : Painter, Milk Dairy Farms,

Plumbers, Silk Merchants, Tailors for women,
Nurses, Butlers, Cooks
B) Saturn & Mars : Painter, Milk Dairy Farms,
Tailet Makers, Silk Merchants, Tailors for
women, Nurses, Butlers, Cooks

236)A) Moon and Saturn:Excavation of Wells,Rein

forcing the bund of the lakes, geologists. Petrol
Dealers, Oil Pump sets etc. C
B| Mars and Sun : Excavation of Wells,
Reinforcing the bund of the lakes, geologists.
Petrol Dealers, Oil pump sets etc. D

237)A) Mercury and Jupiter:Counci!ors,Clergymen,

Advertising, Agents Press, accountants in
Finance in bank. C]

B)Venus and Moon : Councilors, Clergymen,

Advertising, Agents, Press, Accountants in
Finance in bank. D

238)A) Mercury and Saturn: Handwriting Experts,
Thumb impression Experts, Mine Engineers,
Geologists. n
BJ Moon and Saturn : Handwriting Experts,Thumb
impression Experts, Mine'Engineers,Geologists.

239) A) Jupiter & Venus: Income tax, Sales Tax,

Commerical Tax, Judges Law court, Food
Department. [H
B) Mars & Mercury : Income tax. Safes Tax,
Commerical Tax, Judges Law court. Food

240} A) Jupiter and Saturn: Philosophy Department,

Politician, Trustees, Especially for the Money of
the Deceased. O
B) Mars and Mercury : Philosophy Department,
Politician, Trustees, Especially for the Money of
the Deceased. O

241 )A) Venus & Saturn : Leathers, skin and Hides,

Slaughter House, Lethal Chamber etc. O
B) Moon & Sun : Leathers, skin and Hides,
Slaughter House, Lethal Chamber etc O

Astro I 68

To ward off the Evil indicated by Mars and

to enj'oy beneficial results one should pray to
the following Gods : Indicate which planet
will bring result on worship of these Gods?

242} If is not connected with any

Planets then Lord Murugan/Subramania
A.) Mars B.JMoon}

243) If connected with-

(Veerabhadra/Suriya Namaskaram)
AJSun B.) Moon

244) If Connected with

A.) Moon B) Mars

245) If connected with (Narasimha/

A.) Mercury B.) Jupiter

246.) If connected with -

(Lakshmi Narasimha}
A) Mars/Saturn B) Mercury & Venus

247)If connected with- (Lord Anjaneya}

A) Mars/Moon B) Mercury & Saturn
!48| If connected with-
A) Mars / Moon B) Jupiter

i49| If connected with {Mahalakshmi}

A) Mars / Moon B] Mercury & Saturn

i50) If connected with (Karuppannan,

Madura! Veeran)
A) Mars / Moon B} Saturn

J51) If connected with

A) Moon / Mars
B) Saturn, Rahu &Mercury

152) If connected with- (Lord Ayyappan)

A) Mars / Mercury B) Saturn & Rahu

153) If connected with (Lord Hyagriva)

A) Mars / Saturn B) Mercury & Mars

154) If connected with- (Lord Ganesh)

A) Mars / Mercury B) Kethu

155) If connected with

(Vallabha Ganapathy)
A) Mars / Moon B) Venus / Kethu

155Hf connected with (Lord Uchishta

Maha Ganapathy)
A) Saturn / Moon
B) Mars, Venus and Kethu

Astro IQ 70

Write the Suitable Zodiacal Signs for Domestic


257) People born in iove their house and

family. They will always try to be in the
midst of their family members. They try to
keep the house neat.They are excellent hosts
and keep good company.
A) Aries B)Taurus
C) Gemini D) Cancer O

258) For domestic environment and happiness,

which Zodiac sign will suit ?
Mars born in are good providers and
the women are good Home makers. There
will be happy and harmless life. They have
comfort, rest and peace of home. They like
their native land. Scenary will attract them;
peace, pleasure, property, popularityand
A) Aries B) Taurus _
C) Gemini D) Cancer l_l

258)A)One wants to propitiate God and if

theperson has the following combination in
his horoscope, if the planet ? has any
connection with other planets occupying their
sign he has to make a judicious choice and
to cultivate steady habits, concentrate and
meditate, properly, as Mercury denotes
vacilation and lack of concentration.
A) Moon B) Mercury) D
Indicate Which Planet Signifies the
Propitiation of These Gods?

259)Lord Narasimha/Veera Raghava

A) Mercury B)Mars
C) Saturn

260) Lord Bhathrinarayana

A) Mercury B) Jupiter
Q Saturn

261) Lord Laxmi Narayana

A) Mercury B) Venus
C) Saturn I

262) Lord Anjaneya

A)Mercury B) Saturn
C) Sun

263) Lord Krishna

A) Mercury B) Saturn
C) Venus D) Sun

264) Lakhsmi Narasimha

A) Mercury BJVenus
C) Mars D) Saturn

Astro I
265) Lord Ranganatha
A) Mercury B) Moon
C) Saturn D) Sun

266) Rama
A) Mercury B) Moon
C) Jupiter D) Saturn

267) Geeta Parayana

A) Mercury B) Moon
C) Saturn D) Sun

268) Lord Ga'-nesa

A) Rahu B) Kethu


Write the answer in the box 'A' or *B':

1269) Adverse aspects between planets or between

a planet and a Cusp (House) planets getting
debilated or conjoined with evils are also said
to be ?
A) Affliction B) Application

270) House, 1, 4, 7 and 10 are said to be the

angular houses, Hindus call them as
A) Angles B) Trine

271) Sub Division of Bhukthis in each Dasa in

Vimshottari Dasa System is called
A) Anthras B) Bhukthi D

272) The Part that rises in the East at the time of

birth of a Child or commencement of an Event.
i It is also called LAGNA?
A)1 Ascendant B) 12th House D

273) Every Planet has its own orbit, that area in

the .orbit which is farthest from the Sun is
J called?
A) Aphelion B) Perhelion

274) The approach of one planet to another planet
to the exact form as aspect of the approach
of the planet to the Cusp of a house is called?
A) Application B) Affliction O

275) The distance measured along a circle is

A) Arc B) Aspects D

276) Long and Short through each sign is 306 yet

this term is used to show that some signs
take long duration to the east?
A) Ascensions B) Angles D

277) Angular distance between planets and Cusp

between planets themselves?
A) Aspects B) Arc O

278) Gemini, Leo and Virgo indicates whether/

A) Barren signs B) Airy signs C

279) Jupiter, Venus, Waxing Moon and Unafflicted

A) Benefics B) Malefics CD

280) The exact moment when the whole body of

the child gets separated from, the mother is
A) Birth time B) After birth D

75 A;
281) The relative position of two planets or any
planet in 44 degrees from the Cusp of a
House is called....
A) Favourable aspect
B) Unfavourable aspect D

282) Sub Division of Vimshottari Dasa is called

A) Bukthi B) Dasa D

283) House, 3, 6, 9 and 12 are called houses,

generally, the planets here become weak?
A) Cadent B) Bukthi O

284} Aries Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are called

signs, the Sun's declination gets changed,
therefore seasons also changed?
A) Cardinal Signs
B) Aspects D

285) Any planet which is within 8o-30; of the Sun

is said to be It is considered as a
detrimental configuration?
A) Combust B) Aphelion D

286}Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius and Pisces, mention

the signs
A) Common Signs B) Uncommon Signs O

287} If the degree of Longitude or Two planets
happens to be the same, they are called?
A} Conjuntion B) Cusp D

288} Means a star covering 13 20' the Zodiac is

divided into 27 Equal parts called Stars or
A) Constellation B} Aspects O

289} If exact degree and minute of the beginning

of a house and the end of the previous house
is called?
A} Cusp B) Arc D

290} A certain year is allotted to each

planet.Vimshottari Dasa System. Total
period of all the 9 planets in 120 years is
called ?
A) Dasa B) Sub D

291} A planet which is very weak in certain sign,

just opposite to exaltation sign is called?
A} Debilitation B) Semi Quintile Q

292) Which is called as Semi Quintile 36 aspect

slightly good?
A) Decile B) Dasa Q

77 ftstrp IQ
93) The Zodiac (360) is divided into 12 Equal
Parts of 30 each, A degree contain 60 and
every minute contains 60 seconds of
A) Degree B) Day

94) The exact part that sets at the time of birth

7th Cusp beginning is called ?
A) Decendant B) Degree

95) A Planet in the sign opposite to the one

which it rules is called?
A) Detriment B) Decile O

96)The Node Rahu is otherwise called Dragon's

head Caput Dragons of Moon's North Node,
called as?
A) Dragon's Head B) Dragon's Tail

97) Most powerful position of a planet is called.,

A) Exaltation B) Debilitation Q

98) Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are called..

A) Earthy sign B) Double bodied sign

99} An almanac wherein you can find the position

of a planet, mutual aspect and sidereal time
for a particular year to erect a horoscope is

A) Ephemeris B) Tables of Houses

300} The apparent line that is drawn in the centre

of the earth which divides it as the
Northern and Southern Hemispheres?
A} Equator B) Equinox

301) Equal Night and Day are called

A) Equinox B) Equator Q

302} Neptune, Venus and Moon are called.,..

A) Feminine Planets
B) Masculine Planets

303} Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are called

A} Fiery signs B) Earthy signs

304} Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

and Pisces are called
A) Feminine Signs Bj Masculine Signs O

305) Houses, 2, 5, 8, 11 are called

A) Fixed houses B} Movable houses

306} Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius?

A) Fixed signs B) Movable signs O

307) All astrological aspects are related to the
Earth is called?
A) Geocentric B) Helico Centric

308) This is a branch of Astrology which answers

to any important question with the help of a
chart erected at the time of query?
A) Horary B) Natal

309) A term meaning a planet which has no

aspect or parallel with another
A) Inconjunct B) Conjunct Q

310} When a planet clears the Sun's beams till it

reaches the opposition it will ?
A) Increase in fight
B) Decrease in light

311) Usual speed is called?

A) Motion B) Stand still O

312) The distance of planet or star which is

A) Celestial B) Latitude O

313} The distance of the places on Earth North

and South of Ecliptic ?
A) Terrestrial Latitude
B) longitude

314} North or South of Ecliptic is called ?
A} Latitude B) Longitude

315} Sun and Moon they are also named to

Luminaries because of ?
A} Light B) Darkness D

316) Degrees from the starting -Aries 0 is called?

A) Longitude B) Latitude O

317) The distance of a place East or West to

Greenwhich is called?
A) Terrestrial longitude
B) Terrestrial Latitude D

318) The period taken by Moon to complete a

circle i.e.27 days 7 hours 43 minutes is called
A) Lunation B} Celestial

319) Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Waxing

Moon and afflicted Mercury are said to be
evil planets offering undesirable results?
A) Malefics B) Benefics O

320) Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and

Aquarius are which signs
A} Masculine signsB) Feminine signs

81 Astro I1
321) Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun are
A)Masculine Planets B)
B) Feminine Planets LJ

322) Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are

A) Movable Signs B)B) Fixed LJ

323) A branch of the Science which deals nature
are called...
A) Mundane B) Progression LJ

324) Ecilipses, increases great conjunctions, or

c o m e t s , effects which indicates the
affections to nations or community?
A) Astrology B)
B) Psychology LJ

325) Rahu and Kethu are t w o nodes of moon
generally the point of the Zodiac, where Sun
or Moon crosses from the South to North
latitude is the ascending node and the point
of the Zodiac where the Luminaries crosses
from the North Latitude to South Latitude is
called the descending node. Each planet has
got its o w n ascending and desecending nodes
except the Sun.?
A) Nodes B) Powerful planet LJ
326) 180
180 apart an adverse aspect diametrically
is called...
A) Opposition Aspect
B) Trine aspect LJ

Astro IQ
IQ 82
327} The distance in Longitude within which the
influence of a planet or aspect will operate
(generally it is 8) ?

328} Equal distance from the Equator planets

having the same declination either South or
North are parallel. The results will be similar
to conjunction, This aspect will be strong of
both planets are in the same sign or both
either in South or North declination?
A) Parallel B) ORB

329) The sensitive point which is equal distance

from the lagna as the Moon is from the Sun
in Longitude?
A) Pars-fortuna B) Platic D
330) The hours of the days are ruled by planets
in their order from Saturn onward to the
A) Planetary hours B] Parallel D
331}This is an aspect not exact as to the degrees
but within the orb of influence?
A) Platic B) Pre-natal Epoch D

332)The Astrological moment of conception about

9 solar months of 10 Lunar months before
birth and not the moment of physical union.
The Moon's place or its opposite, on epoch
day becomes either the ascending or
descending sign and degree of birth?

83 Astro IQ
A) Pre-natal epoch B] Platic

33) Planet that which upholds life?

A) Prorogator B) Planetary O

:34)The four quarters in a chart or the four

season of the year or Zodiac?
A) Quadrants B) Quartile D

35) The adverse square aspect of ninety

A) Quartile B) Quincunx O

36) 150 apart slightly adverse aspect it gives

the effects of sixth house results?
A) Quincunx B) Quintile

37) 24 aspect which is slightly good

A) Quincile B) Quincunx D

38) 72 aspect slightly good aspect it gives the

results similar to 5th house matters.
A) Quintile B) Quincile O

39) The natal chart is called?

A) Radical B) Rays O

40) A method of correcting the time of birth is

A) Rectification of Horoscope

B) Casting Horoscope

341) Sometimes pianets appear to have backward

motion mainly in consequence of the relative
position and motion of the earth. What is the
motion called ?
A) Retrograde B) Direct O

342) Sun's return, a chart made for sun's return

to the EXACT position which is occupied at
the time of birth or even known as?
A) Revolution B) Rising sign

343) Measurements made along with equator

from the beginning of Aries 0 this is
represented by what ?
A) Right Ascension B) Revolution

344) The sign which rises at the time of birth

(The Cusp of first house on Eastern Horizon)
and place for which a chart is prepared. It is
also termed as ascendent?
A) Rising sign
B) Right Ascension

345) An attendant body revolving about a larger

one, its primary, what is it called?
A) Satellite B) Semi-Decile D

Astro I
346} 18 aspect otherwise called vigintile-slightly
A) Semi-Decile B) Semi quintile D

347). 36 aspect otherwise termed as Decile as

Minor good aspects?
A) Semi quintile B) Semi Decile

348) 135 aspects slightly adverse aspect ?

A) Sesqui quardrate B) Semj quintile

349) 45 aspect otherwise termed as semi

quadrate slightly adverse ?
A) Semi square B) Semi decile Q

350) 30 aspect Minor benefit aspect ?

A) Semi sextile B) Semi square

351} Moving away from the planet or aspect?

A) Separation B) Application D

352) 60 aspect slightly good?

A) Sextile B) Semi sextile O

353) Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn?

A) Short B) Sextile CH

354} Aquarius and Pisces are the short ascension

signs in Southern Hemisphere long and short

signs must be'reversed?
A) Ascension signs B) long signs

355) Right ascention of the Meridian as Mean Noon

Birth Time has to be converted in Sidereal
time to fix up Cusp of houses for the latitude
of birth ?
A)Sidereal time B) Significator O

356) When a fast moving planet is approaching

the planet which is in slow motion and
applies to some aspect, it is termed as ....
A) Sinister aspect B) Significator

357) The Planet which rules the ascendant in natal

astrology, called
A) Significator B) Sinister aspect O

358) When a planet moves slowly that its mean

motion it is called....
A) slow in course B) star O

359) Cancer and Capricorn which in contra

distinction to equanotical signs have the
longest summer days and longest winter
A) Solistial signs B) Slow in course

360) 90 aspect strong, malefic aspect called as

87 Astro IQ
A) Square B) semi-square

361| Libra, Scorpio, Saggittarius, Capricorn,

Aquarius and Pisces, Sun has south
declination while in these six signs called...
A) Southern Signs B) Square O

362) When a planet is in its station

apparently,standing without any movement
between retrograde and direct motions it is
only an appearance due to the relative motion
to the Earth and the position of planets?
A) Stationery B) Direct D

363) Constellation Zodiac divided into 27 equal

parts, each part consists of 13o-20' and
called as nakshatras or asterisms. All the
27 are given different names i.e.Aswini to
A) Star B)Planets

364) 2,5, 8 and 11 houses are called

A)Succedent house B) Stars House O

365) Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and

Mars have their orbit line beyond that of the
earth from the Sun.They are known as?
A) Superior Planets B) Average Planets D
366) Division of each star in the proportion as
the Sub division of Vimshodhart Dasa is done
which is called?
A) Sub B} Ruting planet D

367) When a planet moves faster than its mean

A) Swift in motion
B) Slow in motion D

368) Time consumed by Moon after leaving the

Sun till she joins again in 29 days 12 hours
44 minutes and 3 seconds?
A) Synodical Lunation
B) Swift in motion D

369) A ready reckoner with which we can fix up

the Cusp of houses for each latitude of birth
its accordance with sidereal time at birth? -
A) Tables of houses B) Ephemeris

370) The passage of a planet by Ephemeris motion

known as?
A) Transit B) Sub

371) 120 a major good aspect ?

A) Trine B) Affliction D

372) An equilateral triangle at the points of which

are signs of the motion. Thus there are four
triplicities which represents elements of fire.

earth, air and water?
At Triplicities Trigon B) Tropical sigp CH

373( Cancer and Capricorn are called

A)Tropicai signs B) Firey signs O

374t Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are called

AtWatery signs B) Firey signs O

375) Indian Standard time was advanced by 1 hour

between 1-9-1940 and 15-10-1945 both
calender days inclusive?
A) War time B) Regular time 1ZI

376) Actually, it is the point direct over head, of

ten incorrectly referred to as the.Mid Haaven
note that the Mid heaven in South of its
points at the ecliptic
A) Zenith B) Nadir

377)A belt around the heavens which is 15 to

18 wide this is divided into 12 equal parts
called signs through which the planets move,
each in an orbit of its own
A) Zodiac B) Zenith d

378) Aspect in the Zodiac measured by sign and

degree are called
A) Zodiac Aspect B) Zenith d

L.M.T. |

4 minutes correction per degree for places

beyond and below 82-32'
820-32' per degree longitude
and Latitude of various places :

379) Adoni(A.P.)MSec
Adoni (A.P.) M Sec

15.38 N 77.19
77.19 E
A) +20.44 B)+
Bf + 29.56

380) Ami
Ami (Tamil Nadu)
12.40 N 79.19
79.19 E
A) +12.44 B) + 12.58
381) Asansol (W.B.)
23.42N 87.01 E
A) +18.40 B
B )> +
+ 19.04

382) Mumbai
18.55 N 72.54
72.54 E
A) +38.24 B) + 40.22
383) Bargeyadi (Mysore)
16.33 N 76.05 E
A) +0.25.40 B) + 0.26.70
384) BhopaMM.P.)
23.16 N 77.36
77.36 E
A) +0.19.36 B)
B) +0.20.32

91 Astro 1Q
385) Calcutta (W.Bengal)
22.34 N 88,24
88.24 E

A) +23.36 B) + 33.32
386) Calicut (Kerala)
11.15 N 75.49 E
A)+0.26.44 B)+0.27.42
387) Coimbatore
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

1 1,00 N 77.00
77.00 E

A) +0.22.00 B)
B) + 0.24.00

388) Dholpur (Raj)

26.42 N 77.53 E
A) +0.18.18 B } + 0.19.26
389) Dum
Dum Dum
Dum (W.B.)

22.38 N 88.28
88.28 E

A) +0.23.52 B) +0.26.22
390) Durgapur (Bangladesh)
25.00 N 90.50 E
A) +0.33.20 B)
B) + 0.45.10

391) Delhi
28.38 N 77.12
77.12 E

A) +21.12 B)
B) + 21.28

Astro IQ
IQ 92
392) Ernakufem (Kerala)
10.00 N 76.15 E
A) +0.25.00 B) + 0.38.00

393) ElurutA.P.)
16.43 N 81.09 E
A) +0.05.24 B) 4-0.10.28

394) Ellora (Mumbai)

20.02 N 16.43 E
A) +0.29.08 B) + 0.36.09

395) Erode (Tamil Nadu)

13.14 N 80.22 E
A) + 0.8.32 B) + 0.9.52

396) Faridabad (Punjab)

28.25 N 77.22 E
A) +0.20.32 B) + 0.30.36
f The Planets - How do they act^)

Say 'Yes' or 'No'

397.)For a birth according to birth time, according

to longitude and latitude of a place, Lagna is
formed. The lagna thus formed is taken as
first house, the other houses are calculated
and the planetary positions are fixed in the
Rasi chart. Then the prediction is made on
the characteristics of the 12 houses and the
planets connected with them
i) The 1 st house tells about the Native himself.
A) Yes B) No
ii) The 2nd house about his dhana, speech,
A) Yes B) No
Hi) 3rd house about younger brother
A) Yes B) No
iv) 4th house about mother, education, vehicle
A) Yes B) No O
v) 5th house about children
A) Yes B) No
vi) 6th house about Debt, disease.

Astro IQ 94
A) Yes B) No
vii) 7th house about life partner
A) Yes B) No

398) Moon, Star lord of Rohini is lord of 12th to

Simha lagna, thereby a Vryadhipathi. Unless,
Moon occupies favourable houses 2-10-11 or
in the stars of lords of 2-10-11, Moon will
compel Venus to give the results of its 12th
house, only to result in total destruction.
A) Yes B) No _

399) In the same manner. Mars is star lord of

Mrigasira, Mars is badhakadhipathi (lord of 9)
for Simha lagna. Mars too, if he is an occupant
of 5-8-12 or in the stars of lords of 5-8-12.
Venus will not only destroy the profession,
but also cause danger to the very life.
A) Yes B) No _

400) On the predictive side, without making a deep

analysis, expressing several views contrary
to each other, has weakened astrology, a
superbscience, resulting in the spread of a
false notion that Astrology is only
A) Yes B) No

-01) When Rishaba Rasi matters as 10th house
and relevant to Venus in the 10th in his own
house, to foretell that Venus will give a very
favourable profession with very good profits,
whereby the Native will lead a prosperous life
is not at all an intelligent approach to the
Predictive Astrology is hereby well explained.
A) Yes B) No

-02) As explained above when the 10th house

falls in Mesha- Venus star-Venus sub area,
depending on the nature of Lagna lord the
profession indicated will be connected with
four wheeler motors, hotel, cotton or yarn
trade etc.
A) Yes B) No _

03) If the 10th Sub area is saturn - the profession

is set to handle sales of once used iron or
similar to it. Saturn indicates old materials.
Once used, second hand materials all
related to iron. Therefore, any house, that
falls as 10th house as explained above,, to
the level of sub only a profession will be set.
A) Yes B) No

04) If the 10th sub area is Mars - profession is

set to be Building construction. Engineering
A) Yes B) No

405} If the 10th sub area is Moon - Profession is

set to dealer in oil, ghee, petrol bunk
A) Yes B) No

406) For example - for Mesha Lagna, Mercury

lord of 6th say stationed in 6th. Saturn,
lord of 10-11 stationed in Dhanus aspects
this Mercury by its 10th aspect, or stationed
in Cancer aspects this Mercury by 3rd aspect,
during Saturn Dasa Mercury bukthi or
Mercury Dasa Saturn bukthi or Mars Dasa
Saturn bukthi, Mercury anthara this Native
will face imprisonment or face harassment
in any manner from the Government.The same
Mercury, if it had the aspect of Jupiter, inspite
of Jupiter being a Vryadhipathi,situations like
imprisonment, harassment etc,can never
A} Yes B) No

407} About Rahu/Kethu, details are explained

separately. Similarly, aspect from Uranus is
considered to be good whereas aspect from
Neptune is considered to be harmful. But,
Jupiter the mighty benefic, when
reckoned from Lagna, if it is lord of houses
6-8-12 or deposited in the stars of lords
6-8-12, during that respective Dasa/bukthi,
Jupiter loses its benefic qualities and others
only harmful results as a full fledged
malefic. The same is true for other benefics
like waxing Moon, Venus and Mercury.
A) Yes Bj No

08) But Saturn, Mars, Sun as we know of them

as malefics,Saturn except for Chara Rasi
lagna borns - that' is Mesha - Karkata - Thula
and Makara - in all other 8 signs if stationed
in 2-3-10-11 houses or depeated in the stars
of lords of 2-3-10-11 houses, and also
running the respective Dasa/bukthi, this Saturn
is transformed as a benefic and others
A) Yes B) No

09)Therefore, in terms of planetary aspects,

Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mercury will always
be known as benefics. Likewise Saturn, Mars,
Sun will always be known as malefics in terms
or aspects.
A) Yes B) No

10) For third house matters, the sublord of the

third should be connected to houses as shown,
i) To run newspaper etc 3-11-10
A) No B) Yes
ii) To be a broker 3-10-6-11
A) No B) Yes
iii) For journey 3-12-1
A) Yes B} No
iv) From light to heavy vehicles 3-12-11-1
A) No B) Yes
v) To make contracts, agreements 3-1-11-7
A) No B) Yes
vi) For a succeesful negotiation 3-11 Sub
lord should be Mercury or Jupiter.
A) Yes B) No
vii) Appointments or to meet a person 1-3-9-
A) No B) Yes
viii) For purchase of Radio or TV or other
electrical goods 3-12-5-1
A) Yes B) No

411) Sun, Moon are always on direct motion.

Never retrograde.
A) No B) Yes

412) Now we must analyse to find out what results

would have taken place on the above dasa/
bukthi.AII planets signify houses 4 and 9 ,
4th means lower level and 9th means higher
level education. So the Native must have had
a higher level education upto his youth age.
But the native could not continue his studies

beyond SSLC. Even in SStC, his rank and
merit was far below.
A) Yes B) No

4131 (i) Sun Dasa -'6 years

A) Yes B) No
(ii) Moon Dasa -10 Years
A) Yes B} No
(iii) Mars Dasa- 7 Years
At Yes B) No
(iv) Rahu Dasa-18 Years
At Yes B) No
(v) Saturn Dasa-19 Years
A) Yes B} No
414) If Rasi lords are same, if the Rasi lords are
friends, or 7th to 7th is a Samasapthama
Rasi, the Rajju, Rasi etc. doshas are cleared
and the marriage can be conducted.
A) Yes B) No
415) To say of exaltation, ownership or
debilitation,simply on the entering of a Rasi
(Sign) is not correct. In a sign, in a particular
star, in a particular degree-minute only, as
the planet moves should be reckoned for
exaltation or debilitation. Without giving due
consideration but simply expressing in a
blanket manner,that Jupiter is exalted in
Karkata wherever it is in Cancer is totally
A) Yes B) No

Approximate levels of Exaltation

of Planets

416) i) Sun :-Mesha Rasi, Exalted in Aswini Star

3rd Pada i.e. in Mars sign 10
A) Yes B) No

ii) Moon Rishaba Rasi - Exalted in Krithika star

2nd pada i.e. Taurus sign 3
A) Yes B) No

in) Mars :-Makara Rasi - Exalted in its own star

Dhanishta 2nd pada i.e. Capricorn sign 28
A) Yes B) No

iv) Mercury Kanya Rasi - Exalted in Hastha star

2nd pada i.e. Virgo sign 15
A) Yes B) No _

v) Jupiter Karkata Rasi - Exalted in Pushya star

1st pada i.e. Cancer sign 5
A) Yes B) No

vi) Venus Meena Rasi - Exalted in Revathy star

4th pada i.e. Pisces sign 27
A) Yes B) No

vii) Saturn :-Thula Rasi - Exalted in Vishaka star

1 st pada i.e. Libra sign 20
A) Yes B) No

101 Astro IQ

421) Leo
A)Knees B) Belly
QNeck D) Arms

422) Virgo
A) Waist B) Buttocks
C) Heart D) Arms

423) Libra
A) Chest B) Reins and Loins

Astro IQ 102
C) lower belly D) Face

424) Scorpio
A) Thighs B) Sexual organ
C) Belly D) Face

425) Saggitarius
A) Thighs B) Face
C) Neck D) Breast

426) Capricorn
A) Feet B) Neck
CHegs and ankles D) Waist

427) Aquarius
A) Feet B) Neck
Olegs and ankl es D) Waist

428) Pisces
A) Sex organs B) Neck
C) Head D) Feet and toes

Write the correct answer:

429)For Aries born

which is the lucky number?
A) 9 B)4 0)5
0)8 E)6 F)3

430)Taurus born...
which is the lucky number ?
A) 6 B}5 0)8
D)9 E)2 F)3

431) Gemini born

which is the lucky number?
A) 5 B) 3 0)14
D) 12 E) 20 F) 1

432) Cancer born

which is the lucky number?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 7
D) 9 E) 10 F) 4

433) Leo born

which is the lucky number?
A) 1 B) 4 C) 5
D) 9 E)_6 F) 2

434) Virgo born

which is the lucky number?
A) 2 B) 7 C) 5

Q 104
D) 8 E) 4 F) 9

435) Libra born

which is, the lucky number?
A) 1 B) 3 C) 4
D) 2 E)_8 F) 9

436) Scorpio born

which is the lucky number?
A) 5 B) 6 C)8
D) 3 E)_9

437) Saggitarius born

which is the lucky number?
A) 2 B) 7 C) 6
D) 9 E)_3

438) Capricorn born

which is the lucky number?
A) 3 B) 4 C) 5
D) 6 E)_9

439) Aquarius born

which is the lucky number?
A) 3 B) 9 C) 2
D) 1 E)_4

440) Pisces born....

which is the lucky number?
A) 1 B) 4 C)8
D) 5 E) 6S

105 Astro IQ
I 1

441) For Aries born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Diamond B) Blue
C) Topaz D) Green

442) For Taurus born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Diamond B) Emerald
C) Sapphaire D) Blue
E) Green

443) For Gemini born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Emerald B) Yellow
C) Blue D) White
E) Green

444)For Cancer born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Diamond B) Pearl
C) Ruby D) Blue
E) Sapphaire

445) For Leo born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Ruby B) Emerald
C) Blue D) Green D

446}For Virgo born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Emerald B) Blue
C) Pearl D) Topaz
E) Silver

Astro IQ 106
447) For Libra born which is the lucky stone ?
A) Orange B) White
C) Red D) Pearl
E) Topaz F) Silver D

448) For Scorpio born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Yellow B) Red
C) White D) Blue
E) Black

449)For Sagittarius bom which is the lucky stone?

A) White B) Green
C) Red D) Pearl
E) Blue F} Black

450) For Capricorn born which is the lucky stone?

A) Yellow B) Red
C) Blue D) White
E) Brown Q

451) For Aquarius born which is the lucky stone?

A) Green B) Blue
C) Orange D) Red
E) White O

452)For Pisces born which is the lucky stone ?

A) Red B) Blue
C) Green D) Cream

Tick the correct day

453) For Aries born

A) Tuesday B) Saturday
C) Friday D)Sunday
E) Wednesday

454 )For Taurus born

A)Thursday , B) Monday
OTuesday D) Wednesday
E) Friday

455) For Gemini born

A) Friday B) Saturday
C) Wednesday

456) For Cancer born

A)Friday BJTuesday
OWednesday D)Monday

457) For Leo born

AJSaturday B)Tuesday
OFriday D)Sunday

458) For Virgo born

A) Wednesday B)Tuesday
C) Friday D)Sunday
E) Saturday FJMonday
459) For Libra born
E) Friday

460) For Scorpio born

A) Sunday BjMonday
C)Thursday D)Tuesday

461) For Saggitarius born

A)Sunday BJSaturday
OWednesday D)Friday

462) For Capricorn bom

A)Thursday B)Monday
QSunday D)Friday

463) For Aquarius born


464).For Pisces born


109 Astro 1Q

465) In movable sign which Navamsa is called

A) First B) Fifth

466) Fifth Navamsa is called Vargottama for which

AJCommon B) Fixed
C)Moveab!e O

467) Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius and Pisces - which

Navamsa is called Vargottama?
A) First B)Nineth
0} Fifth

468) In Dwadamsa - how many degrees it contains/

A)21/20 B)5

469) The Sun is at the centre for other planets

and the Earth moves round the Sun. What is
that system? Choose the correct one?
AJGeocentrlc System
B) Heliocentric System

470) Earth is the centre and other planets including

Sun moves round the Earth - What is that

Astro IQ 110
system? Select the correct one?
AJGeocentric System
6}Heliocentric System

471) How many Ghatikas in 24 hours?

A}24 B)21/2=

472} For one hour - how many Ghatikas?

A)1 6)21/2

473) In 1 second how many liptens are there?

AM B) 1 1/4
C) 2 1/2

474) For Mesha Lagna . Who is the lagnathipathi?

A) Moon B)Sun
OSaturn D)Venus

475) Person bom in Kumba Rasi..,. who is the

AJJupiter B)Mars
OMercury DUVIoon

476) For Cancer Rasi .... tell the lagnathipathi?

AJJupiter B)Mars
OMercury D)Mars O

477)Gem!ni boms who is the Ashtamadhipathi?

A) Saturn B)Moon
OMercury D)Mars
478) Virgo borns who is the Ashtamadipathi?
AJJupiter BJMars
C)Moon D)Sun

479) Scorpio borns who is the Ashtamadhipathi?

A)lVlercury B)IVloon
C)Sun D)Mars

480) Leo borns who is the Dhanathipathi?

AtMercury B)Sun
CJMars DJRahu D

481) Saggitarius borns,...who is the Dhanathipathi?

A)Sun B)Mars
C)Rahu D)Saturn O

482) Capricorn borns.... who is the Dhanathipathi?

A)Saturn B)Mars
C)Venus D)Jupiter

483) Pisces borns.... who is the Sapthamathipahi?

AlMercury B)Moon
CJMars DJSauturn

484)Taurus borns who is theSapthamathipathi?

A)Saggitarius B)Scorpio
CJLeo D) Virgo D

485) Libra borns.. who is the Sapthamathipathi?

A)Pisces B)Aries
C)Leo D)Cancer

Astro I
General Yogam

486} Which is the best yogam out of the following

A)Amirthayogam B}Maranayogam
QSiddhayogam DJPrabalarishtayogamn

487) Which is the worst yogam and auspicious

AJSiddhayogam B)Maranayogam

Correct Hours

488) For one Ghatika how many minutes?

Tickthe correct one
A) 10 minutes B) 24 minutes
C)45 minutes D)60 minutes O

489) For one hour how many Ghatikas?Select

the correct one?
A)one B)Two and a half
CjThree D)Five D

490) How many Ghatikas in 24 hours?

A) 30 B)60
C)90 D) 120
491) Which is Feminine?Select the correct one.
AJMoon BfMercury
C)Sun D)Mars
EjVenus D

492) Which planet is masculine?Tick the

correct one from the four?
A)Sun B)Venus
OMoon D)Rahu

493) Which house Saggitarius belongs to .... Tick

the correct one?
A)6 B)7
OS D)10

494) Aquarius belongs to which house?

A)12 B)7
C)4 0)11

495) Cancer indicates which house in the Zodiac?

A)3 B)5
C)2 D)4

496) Libra indicates which house in the Zodiac?

A)3 B>4
C)5 D]7

497) Capricorn indicates which house? Select the
correct one.

498) Aries indicates which house?

A)1 B)9
C)10 D)7

499) For Wednesday which time is Rahukaiam?

A)7.30 a.m to 9.00 a.m
B)9.00a.mto 10.30 a.m
C)12 Noon to 1.30 p.m
0)4.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m

500) On Friday which time is Rahukaiam? tick

the correct one?
A)9.QQ am to 10.30 a.m
B) 10.30 am to 12 Noon
C)12 Noon to 1.30 p.m
0)4.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m Q

501) For Tuesday which is the time meant for

Rahukaiam? Tick the correct one.
A)7.30 a.m to 9.00 a.m
B}1.30 p.m to 3.00 p.m
C)3.00 p.m to 4.30 p.m

115 \Q
D)4,30 p.m to 6.00 p.m

502}0n Monday which is time is called

A) 12 Noon to 1.30 p.m
B)1.30 p.m to 3.00 p.m
0)3.00 p.m to 4.30
D)4.30 p.m to 6.00 p.m

503} On Saturday which time, is called

A}1.30 p.m to 3.00 p.m
B)12 Noon to 1.30 p.m
C) 10.30 a.m to 12 Noon
D)9.00 a.m to 10.30 a.m

504} On Thursday which time is called

A}9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m
B)6.00 a.m to 7^30 a.m
0)3.00 p.m. to 4.3Q,p.m
0)10.30 am to 12.Noon

505} Which Planet is calfed the "Father"?

A}Sun B)IVloon
OMercury DJRahu C

506} Which Planet is called the "Mother"?

A)Mars B)Mercury

C)Jupiter D)Moon O

507} Which Planet indicates "Uncle"?

A}Moon B)Kethu
C)Rahu D)Mercury D

508) Which Planet for "Children Puthrakaraka"?

AJJupiter BlVenus
C}Rahu D)Sun EH

509) Who is the Karma Karaka planet?

A)Sun B)Venus
C)Kethu D)Mars

510) To maintain Servant which planet will

A}Pluto BIFortuna
OSaturn D)Hersleal O

511) Which planet will indicate about 'Brothers"?

A)Sun B)Moon
OMercury D)Mars D


Balance of Dasas
(Vimshottari Dasa System)

Choose the correct one:

512) 2 in Mesha Rasi - what is the balance of

A)5y 11m 12d B)1y 4m 6d
C)8y 1m 6d D)14y9m18d

513) If it is 6 Rishaba Rasi - who's lord and balance

of dasa?
A)Moon 10 y B)Mars 1 year
QSun 1y 9m 18d

514) If it is 110 in Dhanus Rasi- who's lord and

balance of dasa?
A)Moon 6y 3m Od B)Ke 1y 2m 21d
C) 18 years Rahu

515) If it is 25 in Stmha Rasi - who's lord and

balance of dasa?
AJVenus 2y 6m Od BJMars 5y 0m 27d
OMercury 8y 6m Od O

516)lf It is 28 in Kanya Rasi - who's lord and

balance of dasa?
A) Sun 5y 4m 24d B) Mars 4y 6m 18d
C) Rahu 9 y 0 M 0 d

517)lf it is 7 in Makara rasi - who's lord and
balance of dasa?
AJMoon lOy Om Od
B)Kethu 3y 6m Od
C)Sun 1y 4m 6d D

518) If it is 13-20' in Gemini Rasi- who's lord and

balance of dasa?
AJRahu 9y Om Od
B)Saturn 5y 2m 21d
OJupiter Oy 5m 3d O

519) If it is 1 in Meena Rasi - who's lord and

balance of dasa?
A)Mercury Oy 10m 60d
BJSaturn 9y 6m Od
OJupiter 2y 9m 18d O

520) if it is 210 in Libra rasi - who's lord and balance

of dasa?
A) Jupiter 14y 9m 18d
8) Jupiter 12y Om Od
OJupiter lOy Om Od ED

521) If it is 9 in Cancer Rasi - who's lord and

balance of dasa?
A)Saturn lOy 11m 3d
B)Saturn 2y 4m 15d

QJupiter 8 years

522) If it is 17 in Aquarius (Kumbha) Rasi who's

lord and balance of dasa?
A)Rahu 4y Om 1 8d

BJRahu 5y 4m 24d
QSaturn Oy 11m 12d

523) If it is 29c,-40' in Scorpio rasi who's the dasa

lord and balance of dasa?
A)iV!ars 7 years
BJMoon 10 years
OMercury Oy 5m 3d

524) Which planet has got 10 years out of 120

years of Vimshottari Dasa System?
A)Kethu BJMoon
CtSun D)Rahu

525) Which planet has got 18 years?

A)Rahu B)Sun
C|Mercury D)Moon O

526) Which is having 17 years?

A}Venus BJMars
OMercury D)Sun D

527) 6 years in Vimshottari Dasa for which planet

A)Mars B)Jupiter
OMoon D)Sun

528) Which planet has 20 years the major period

IQ 120
in Vimshottari Dasa?
A)Jupiter B)Venus
QSun D)Moon
529) Which planet has got 16 years?
A)Jupiter BJKethu
C}Sun DfVenus
530)19 years for a familiar planet which is that?
A)Mars B)Sun
C) Saturn D)Moon
531) Select the benefic planets from the following?
A)Jupiter B)Rahu
C)Venus C
532) Which are all the malefic planets?
AJSaturn B)Mars
533)Tell how many years in the Vimshottari Dasa
System in a circle?
A560 years B)75 years
C)90 years D)120 years D
534)Ther6 are only 4 stars are the best out of 27
stars to celebrate the marriage even without
seeing the Ten Porutham? What are they?
Select from the following?
A) Mirgasire B) Anusham
C) Makam D) Jyesta
E) Swathi F) Visakam
G) Poorattathi H) Revathi
I) Aswihi
2 Astro IQ

Pick out which is the correct one ?

535) Sun in ARIES ( Mesha)

A)Smart( Famous, Wealth, courageous,
fortunate,victory over enemies, army or in
medical field.
B)Unknown, Poor, ever misfortunate. School
Master Q

536) Sun in Taurus { Rishabha)

A)Weak, agree with others, Loss, Work in
mines, railways
B)Strong, bold, proud, gain without pain,
merchantile, argumentative with others

537) Sun in Gemini ( Mithuna)

A)Education, intelligence, loyal, noble, good
astronomer, astrologer, good memory
B) uneducated, laziness, liar, cunning
minded O

538) Sun in Cancer: ( Kataka)

A)Bright strong, rich, always nice to move
with others, politicians
B) Sick person, poor, travelling, angry with
others Cl
539) Sun in Leo : { Simha)
A)Pleasures through pressure,, hills, desert,
forest, honest, courageous, strong
B)Poor, weak no pleasure, sage, O

540) Sun in Virgo : ( Kanni)

A)Genius, always look ugly, cruel, cunning,
B)Ingenious, scientific, writer, poet, cheerful,
noble clever, ambitious, agree with others

541) Sun in Libra : ( Thula)

A)Luxurious, liberal, always travelling, dealer
in liquor, chemical, goldsmith, tailor
BJordinary, stay in one place, watchman, deals
with iron and steel, carpenter.

542) Sun in Scorpio ( Vrichika)

A}Inventor, user of weapons, good fortunate,
profit, police, poison, adverturous, traveller,
engineer, medicine, chemistry
B) Misfortunate, loss. Engineering, oil, broker,
carpenter D

543) Sun in Sagittarius { Dhanus)

AJAIways loss, misfortune, harsh, liar, angry
with others
BJGenerous, noble,polite, carpenter, rich, bold.

123 Astro IQ
victory over enemies

544) Sun in Capricorn { Makara)

A) Ignorant, fast in action, wealth, dealing In
restricted articles, enjoying with others
B)Own earning, slow in action, knowing
things, cruel, poor, angry with others EH

545) Sun in Aquarious ( Kumbha)

AIRich, joint, trouble, sick, polite,strong
believer of God,-
B)Separation( poor, pride, ambition, admirer,
astrologer, inventor, travelling D

546) Sun in Pisces ( Meena)

A)Harmful nature, chemical, iron, dieting
policeman, self earnings
B) harmless, fortunate, noble, priest, feasting
pleasure, enjoy with others money D

547) Moon in Aries :

A)Long journey, passionate, calm bold
courted by women and men, proud, unsteady,
BfStable, short, misfortunes, steady,
talkative EH

548) Moon in Taurus:

A)Dishonest, cruet, rash. dull, in action

Astro IQ 124
BIHandsome, intelligence, liberal, good
relationship with others, gentle, boble and
honest. O

549) Moon in Gemini :

A)Learned, intelligence, poor, pious, human
nature,handsome, musician, gambler
B)live in lonely place always tell [ie.carpernter,
oil, car, uneducated D

550) Moon in Cancer :

AlAstrologer, landlord, friendly, shipping, oil,
liquid, fortunate, gardener, amenable to
pleasing words
B)Always rough, strict, angry, wood, iron and
steel, driver enginer D

551) Moon in Leo :

Alpatinet, bold, many children, argumentative,
friendship, chemical engineer, dependent.
BJInpatient, poor, weak, few children,
obedient, love with women, independent.

552) Moon in Virgo :

A)uneducated, sorrow, chemical, oil, seeds,
BJMusic and dance, Cinema, truthful, sincere,
learned luxurious arts, happy

125 Astro IQ
553) Moon in Libra :
A)lntelligent, overseas, business, traveller,
wealth and good health

B)Sickly person, stable uneducated, honest,

submissive with women

554) Moon in Scorpio

A)sick, politician, agriculturalist, cruel honest,
away from home.
B)dishonest, loyal, angry, mechanical stay
with parents O

555) Moon in Sagittarius :

A)dull, sick jealousy, chemical pious,
B)inte!ligent, learned, good knowledge of fine
arts, poetic, lawyer fortuante D

556) Moon in Capricorn:

AJAffection with kith and kin, idle traveller,
electrical research scholar, astrologer,
astronomy, good memory
B)dull in action, unsettled, stiff good ears

557) Moon in Aquarius :

A)deaf, dull, intelligent, ignorance of things,

B) enjoy with other women, single, sincere,
wealthy, book seller, good eyes, pilot,
astrologer, inventor of new things

558) Moon in Pisces :

AlHducated, cloth merchants, handsome,
sincere, good thinking, friendship
B)uneducated, electrician, ugly, liar steady,
cunning, argumentative, sensitive, traveller

559) Mars in Aries :

A)travelling, mind and disposition, gaining,
clever merchant, pleasure
B)poor, sick, loss, uneducated, stable.

560} Mars in Taurus :

AJSocial, stable, ordinary, cunning, music,
submissive to women
BJunsociai, travelling, luxurious, timid, victory
over enemies

561) Mars in Gemini :

AJMore children, clever, rich, educated
B)unsocial, travelling, luxirous, timind, victory
over enemies D

562) Mars in Cancer:

A)independent, poor, uncivilized, orthodox,
BHntelligent, learned, rich voyage, cruel,
shipping, subordinate, trader

563) Mars in Leo

A)Poor, sportsman, travelling in forest, desert,
Government agriculturist
B)Rtch, stable, chemical engineer D

564} Mars in Virgo :

A)Political, many enemies, journey, clever,
cinema, photography
B)Arts, music, poor, sincere, moody

565) Mars in Libra :

Alfriendly, chemical, industrialist, vocalist,
B}arugument with friends, unsocial
blackmarket artist, musician, producer

566) Mars in Scorpio :

A) royal, fame, clever, merchantile, rich
race geer, sexual pleasure, life with wife
BJpoor, cruel, always fight with others

567) Mars in Sagittarius :

A) many enemies, jovial, few children,
politician, professor
B)more friends, more children, industries, mine

Astro I
568) Mars in Capricorn :
Alunkonwn, no children, fear, poor, sick,
B) wealthy person, more children, bold, good
status. Astrologer

569} Mars in Aquarius :

A} poor, liar, merciful, good habit, cruel,
B)rich, sincere, honest, bad habit, intelligent

570) Mars in Pisces :

A}enemies, jovial, few children politican,
BJfirendly, many children,business man

571) Mercury deposited in Aries ( Mesha)

A)gamb!ing, sports, active, untruthful, sorrow,
debts, undesireable wife, poor
B)educative, clever, honest, truthful, rich,
happy inventor O

572} Mercury in Rishaba or Taurus

AJteacher, many children, rich charitable,
truthful, honest, man of many arts
B}uneducated, poor, no children untrusty

573} Mercury in Gemini or Mithuna
AJdishonest, cruel, cunning, chemical, poor
wealth, poor memory, stable
B)iayal( sincere truthful, honest, clever,
astrologer, book keeping, book sellers,
lawyers, rich, intelligence D

574) Mercury in Cancer or Kataka

A)shipping, wealthy, more relation, stable,
and steady, argumentative, honest
BJdishonest, adjustment, auditing,
Government servants D

575) Mercury in Leo

A)dislikes women, rich, slow, untruthful,
stable, stay in one place
B)fond of women, poor, hasty, sincere,
travelling, sufferings

576) Mercury in Virgo :

AHearned, respectful, noble, pleasure, good
Bfuneducated, cruel hardworker, astrologer


Astro IQ 130
577 Identify the Rasi's from their

V /
fa j>^

~ 5
dyi\ cfqt

(A,3)= ? 0,1 =

(8,2)= .? 0,2 =


B__I4 28

A 15 29

B 30

B I?

B 18


B 21

B 23 37

B 24 38

B 25 39

B _26

56. A

43. A 57. A 71. A

44. B 58. B 72. B

45. A 59. A 73. A

46. A 60. B 74. B

47. A 61. B 75. B

48. B 62. B 76.

77. B

50. B 64. B 78. A

65 79


67 81

68 82.



09. A 113,


87. A 101. B 115.

A 102. B 116.

B 117.

90 A A 118.

91 A A ||9.

92 A 120,


94 A


96 A


Astro IQ


14 C 155

128 A 142. A 156

29 143. D 157. A

130 A 144. D 158. B

131 A 145. A 159. B

132 A 146. 160.

133 A 161 A

D 162. B

35 149. B 163. C

136 A 150. C 164.

137 A 165. A

A 152. B 166. A

153. D 167. B


168. ii) B

C ii) B
188. i) B,C
7 ! ir) B

c ii) A,B,
189. B
172. ii) C

182. i) B 190. D
191. G
ii) C
18 3. i) A 192. A
ii) B 193. C
184.1.) C 194. D
177. i)
ii) A 195. A

185. i) A 196. A

ii) A 197. B

186, i) A 198. D

B 199. C

200. A 214. A 223. i) Leo

201, B 215. B ii) Virgo

202. A 216. C iii)Libra



ii) Capricorn

220.See Next iii) Aquarius

page tor
iv) Pisces

225. A



iii) Gemini

iv) Cancer

220. ) Expand the following Abbreviations?
1. Greenwich mean Time
2. Local Mean Time
3. Table of houses
4. Standard Time
5. Degree (S}
6. Siderial Time
7. Direct Motion
8. Local Standard Time
9. Retrograde
10. Nirayana Longitudes
11. Raghu & Ketu
12. Central Time
13. British Time
14. Eastern Time
15. National Standard Time
16. Ascendent
17. Minute
18. Central Time
19. Indian Standard Time
20. Local Standard Time
21. Central Standard Meridian
22. Latitude
23. Longitude
24. Zero Hour

Q 138
244. B

A 245. B _258

246. B 258


236 A



270. A 284. A 298. A

271. A 285. A 299. A

272. A 2SC). A 300.. A

A 287. A A

274, A 288. A 302. A

275. A 289. A 303. A

276. A 290. A 304, A .

277. A 291. A 305. A

278. A 292. A 306. A

279. A

280. A

281. A 295. A 309. A

282. A 296. A 310. A

283. A 297. A 311. A

Astro IQ 140

326. A

.327. A ;

328. A ,

329. A
330. A

331 A

332. A A

-^ ^ A

334. A A

335. A
336. A

337. A A

338. A A

339. A B

Astro 1Q

354, A 368, A

355. A 369, A

356. A 370. A

357. A 371, A

358. A

359. A

360. A

361. A

362. A

363. A

364. A

365. A

366, A

367. B

397(i). A 408. A 416.(t) A

ii. A - i A
409 A
i A iii B
iv A iv B
410.(i) B
i B
vi A \i A
iii A
vii A vii B
iv B
398. A 417. A
\i A
399. A vii B 418. D
viii A
400. A 419. D
411, B
40! A 420 B /

402. B 421. B
413.(3) A
403. A i A 422. A

iii A
404. A 423. B
iv A

405. A V A 424. B

406. A 414. A 425. A

143 Astro (u
426. C 440. A, B 454. A, B, E

427. 441. B 455. C

428. D 442. B.E 456 A. B

429. A. D. E 443 B, C 457. B. E

430. A. B.C 444. A.C 458. A. C

43 !. A. B. C, D 445. B,C 459. A, B

432. B. C. D 446. A, C 460 A.B

433. A, B. CJ> 447. B, C 461 C. D

434. A. B.C 448. B 462. D. E

435. C D 449. B 463. A. B

436. D. E 450. B.C 64. A. B

437. C. E 451. D.E 465.

438. D.E 452. A 466. B

439. A.B.C 453. B.C 467. B

Astro IQ 144
(Lanswers J
468. A 496. D
482. A

469. B mm
483. A

470. A 49S. A
484. A

471. C 499. C
485 A

472. B 500. B
486. A

473. C 501. C

474, A 502 C

475 C 503. A

476. D 504. B

477. A 505. A

478. B 506 D
492 A

479. A 507 D
49 3

480 A 508. A
49 4

481 D
495. D I 509. B

145 As

510 524. B 538. B

511. D 525. 539.

512. A 526. C 540. B

C 527. D 541. A

.514, B 528. B 542 A

515. A 529. A 543.- B

516. B 530. C

517. C 531. A, C.

518. A 532. A. B

519. C 533. D

520. A 534, A. B. C.E

521. A 535. A.

522. A 536. B

C 537.

552, B 566. A

567, A

568 3

555, B 569, A

556, A 570 A

557, B 571 A

572 A

573, B

574. A

575, B

576, A

577 (A? 3) Mithuna

(B, 2) Simha
(CJ) Tluila
D,2) Kumbha

147 Astro I