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A very good morning to our dear headmaster, En Mustapha Kamal bin Hj

Jamlus,dedicated senior assistants,caring teacher and my beloved pupils As we know
today is the beginning of the english month for our school. For your information,this
program will be held for one month starting from today until the end of april.Today, I
would like to talk about the activities that organised by the English Language Panel in
conjunction with English month.

As you can see from our poster, we had prepared a list of interesting
activities such as spelling competition, story telling competition, talent time and story
writing competition. First of all, we have story telling competition for year 4 and 5.
Anyone interested please give your name to your english teacher.

Whoever very good in spelling of English words can join the competition of
spelling bee. Please be well prepared because you need to spell a selection of
challenging words. Because of popular demand, we have brought back the talent
time competition.

Last, but not least, for those whose hobby is become an author, you can
come to join this story writing competition. You might need to think of some
creative storylines so as to win in this competition. Those who are interested in these
competitions, you need to register as fast as you could before the closing date as
stated on the poster.

.On behalf of the English Panel, I really hope that all of you will participate in
the activities that have been planned by us.