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WATERFRONT CENTER C om pe t it ion R e gula t ions


PROMOTER OF THE COMPETITION The actual contractual conditions for the development COMPETITION SCHEDULE
of the main design will not be determined before the
The Promoter of the competition is the City of selection of the winner of the project competition. 18.02.2011.
Belgrade represented by the Agency for Investment The Promoter will be in charge of the dialogue and Competition announcement and registration start
and Housing and the Urban Planning Institute. The negotiation. date
Agency and the Institute will be responsible for the
organization of the competition. In the event of failing within two weeks from the 25.02.2011.
announcement of the competition results, for Competition documents available for download
SCOPE OF THE COMPETITION reasons on the part of the winner of the best entry,
to conclude negotiations of terms of the contract as 25.03.2011.
Subject of the competition single source procurement, new proceeding and Registration deadline and last day to download
The subject of the architectural competition is the negotiations without a public notice for a public competition documents | 15.00h - GMT+1
preparation of the Preliminary Architectural Design procurement shall be conducted, taking into account
for the new building: Beton Hala Waterfront Center the Authors awarded the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the 01.04.2011.
and the surrounding area near the Sava Port. competition. Last day to submit questions

Purpose of the Competition TYPE OF COMPETITION 08.04.2011.

The purpose of the architectural competition is to Questions and answers posted on the Competition
choose, on the basis of a comparison of designs The Competition is announced as an open web site
submitted, the best entry by a participant capable international anonymous one stage competition.
of creating the most suitable design in fulfillment of 28.04.2011.
the promoters requirements as laid down in these COMPETITION LANGUAGE AND SYSTEM OF Submission of designs | 15.00h - GMT+1
Terms, Program and Relevant Documents. MEASUREMENT
The ambition of competition is to identify proposals The language of the competition is English. Use of Assessment of proposals and selection by the Jury
that successfully address the requirements of the the metric scale is mandatory.
Beton Hala Waterfront Center and the surrounding 13.05.2011.
site. Announcement of winners

Terms and conditions of the public procurement 17.06.2011.

for services Exhibition opening date
The winner of the best entry shall conclude a
contract and collaborate with an authorized
architects/architectural team from Republic of
Serbia on all development phases of a project. The
Promoter will select the authorized architects and
engineers from the Republic of Serbia (according
to Public procurement law article 2 paragraph 9) in
collaboration with the winner.


ELIGIBILITY AND ADMISSION TO THE Competitors may not receive direct or indirect Competition Secretariat
COMPETITION assistance related to the competition from persons The Competition Secretariat will work and can be
mentioned above. reached at the following address:
Meeting professional requirements
Architects (architectural teams) may participate ORGANIZATION AND CO-ORGANIZATION OF Address:
in the competition, if they meet the following THE COMPETITION URBAN PLANNING INSTITUTE
requirements: Palmoticeva 30
Architects participating in the competition shall Professional and Technical Advisor Belgrade
be licensed / certified / registered / authorized in a The Professional and Technical Advisor will ensure Serbia
professional body in their country, that the competition schedule is respected, he/she
Architectural teams participating in the competition will supervise the registration of competitors, the E-mail:
shall have at least one licensed/certified/registered/ reception of questions, and the dispatching of the
authorized architect who will be the team leader. promoters replies to all competitors on the web site,
supervise the reception of competition entries and Web site:
At the time of registration, competitors shall prove respect, at all times, the competitors anonymity.
their professional competence by submitting copy She/he will control the work of the Technical
of a formal document on their license /registration / Committee, assist the Jury and be present during ANONYMITY
certification/ authorization. adjudication.
Designs will be presented anonymously with an
Should a winner of the competition not meet the set Technical Committee identification code chosen by the competitor and
forth professional prerequisites (or should he/she A Technical Committee will be appointed by the made up of a six-digit number followed by two letters,
give false data in his/her portfolio), the commission Promoter or promoters representative and will work 10mm high. Therefore, no part of a competition
shall discuss with the next ranked competitor. At under the control of the Professional and Technical design shall contain a signature, password or any
that stage the competitors will provide duly certified Advisor. The Committee will ensure that entries fulfill other graphical mark which could lead to breach
copies of required documents. the requirements. of anonymity. The only exception is the content of
the sealed and opaque envelope with inscription
Persons excluded from the competition The Technical Committee will take no part in the Identification.
The following persons will not be admitted to take adjudication process, nor may it eliminate any entry.
part in the competition: It will point out to the Jury any deviation from the On receipt of the submissions, the Technical
- Jurors and reserve jurors; program or regulations, also with regard to the Committee will mask the competitors identification
- Persons related to the Promoter of the competition deadlines established for the Competition. codes by a serial number to be used throughout the
or participated directly in the preparation of jury meeting. A register containing the identification
the competition assignment and in competition codes and the corresponding serial numbers will
announcement; be logged with the lawyer/notary until the jury has
- The families of the above persons, as well as made its decision.
persons belonging to any organization with which
the above mentioned are associated as heads, When anonymity has been lifted after the jury has
officials or advisors. This stipulation also applies to declared the winning entries, all the envelopes will
members of local government and administrative be opened.
authorities including the promoter.


Non-prize winning participants, who wish to maintain For international competitors information For the competitors from Serbia information
anonymity during the public exhibition of projects, regarding the payment is as follows: regarding the payment is as follows:
should indicate this wish in separate declaration in
the identification envelope. PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS Payer:
Name, Surname, Address
Purpose of payment:
Requests to enter the Competition shall be submitted FIELD 32A: VALUE DATE EUR AMOUNT Otkup tenderske dokumentacije
by e-mail and reach the Competition Secretariat not
later than 25.03.2011. FIELD 50K: ORDERING CUSTOMER Payee:
Budet grada Beograda
Requests shall indicate: FIELD56A: DEUTDEFFXXX
- the individual competitor or team representatives (INTERMEDIARY) Account number: 840-742341843-24
full name and nationality Payment code (ifra plaanja)
- full contact details including telephone and fax FIELD57A: /DE20500700100935930800 153 (za gotovinske uplate)
numbers, e-mail address (ACC.WITH BANK) NBSRRSBGXXX 253 (za bezgotovinsko plaanje)
- copy of license/certificate of membership in Poziv na broj po modelu 97 i u nastavku
professional association proving the individual FIELD59: /RS35908500100000030069 se upisuje 76-501-24
competitors or team representatives right to practice (BENEFICIARY) GRAD BEOGRAD
the profession in his/her country of residence DRAGOSLAVA JOVANOVICA 2 The payment of 200.00 euros to be made in dinar
- copy of the bank transfer showing that the BEOGRAD counter value at the official exchange rate of the
registration fee has been paid. NBS valid on the day of payment.
Registration fee Bank transfer charges to be paid by competitors.
The competitors must pay 200 Euro to the promoter Bank transfer charges to be paid by competitors. Payment for the purchase of the tender
of the competition for the purchase of the tender Payment for the purchase of the tender documentation is non-reimbursable.
documentation on the following bank account: documentation is non-reimbursable.
It is essential that the name of the individual
It is essential that the name of the individual competitor or team representative registered for
competitor or team representative registered for the competition is the same as the one on the
the competition is the same as the one on the bank transfer. Bank charges shall be paid by the
bank transfer. Bank charges shall be paid by the competitor.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Deputies jury: Quality of functional, layout and operational
Any competitor wishing to obtain further information 1. Dejan Vasovic, Deputy Mayor, City architect,
may send questions exclusively by e-mail to the Belgrade, Serbia Assessment of the proposed solution against
Competition Secretariat. All such queries received 2. Dr Ana Miljacki, architect, Boston, USA the required construction deadlines and phase
within the given deadlines will be answered and construction.
available on the competition website. It will then be ADJUDICATION CRITERIA
considered to be an integral part of the competition The winning proposal has to be innovative and
brief. The questions and answers document will Deliberations of the jury original, to possess the quality of a new landmark
also be sent to the jury members. At its first session, the jury will elect its President. and represent a state of-the-art architectural
THE JURY MEMBERS; DEPUTY MEMBERS The decisions of the jury shall be taken by a majority
vote, with a separate vote on each design submitted. The floor areas will be measured in connection with
The Jury will be composed of seven members. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have the assessment.
Deputy members will attend all jury sessions the casting vote.
without having the right to vote, unless called upon The winner should be prepared to enter into an
to replace a voting member. The jury will decide about the invitation of other intense dialogue with the competition promoter
experts if and when necessary. about the build-ability of the project, the principles
Tasks and responsibilities of the jury: proposed and the costs of the solutions.
The jury shall consider the criteria set by the promoter Evaluation criteria
and establish its criteria for assessing the projects, The winners of the design competition will be Reasons for elimination from the competition
and examine all entries. Decisions of the jury shall selected on the basis of the following criteria, which The jury shall eliminate from the competition all
be taken by a majority vote, with a separate vote on are not listed in any order of priority: those designs that:
each entry. In the event of a tied vote, the President do not comply with content requirements of the
shall have the casting vote. Decisions taken by the Overall architectural, aesthetic, functional and announced Competition Regulation and Competition
jury are final. technical assessment of the response to the Program,
requirements set out in the competition brief. do not comply with the anonymity requirements
The jury panel is expected to comprise: of the Competition Regulation and Competition
The use of integrated design, including integration, Program,
1. Josep Acebillo, architect, Barcelona, Spain synergy, sustainable measures and cohesion of the were not delivered within the required deadlines.
2. Dr Kurt Puchinger, architect, Wien, Austria architectural concept.
3. Dr Darko Radovic, architect, Tokyo, Japan The Jury is obliged to eliminate from regular
4. Roberto Simon, architect, Brazil Cost estimate, including the proposed designs evaluation all those competition designs that do not
5. Dragan Djilas, Mayor, City of Belgrade, Serbia robustness in terms of compliance with the comply with the prescribed conditions included in
6. Vladimir Lojanica, architect, Belgrade, Serbia budgetary framework. A specific assessment will the presented regulations.
7. Milica Grozdanic, architect, Belgrade, Serbia be made of the way in which integrated design has
been used from a point of view of construction costs Report of the competition jury: discussions
and building technology. and decisions
The report covering sessions and meetings of the
jury and their results shall contain in particular:


a. The minutes of jurys meeting, including the DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE The sheets shall be submitted in an opaque and
results of all votes, COMPETITORS solid sealed package/tube.
b. Decisions as to the elimination of a design from
the competition, Site drawings An identification code, to be chosen by the
c. A list of all the accepted competition designs, 1. General layout plan of the area in scale 1: 1000 competitor, comprising a six-digit number followed
d. A brief evaluation of all the awarded designs, (traffic serviceability, accesses, massing plan, traffic by two letters, 10 mm high, will be located on the
e. The decision as to the granting of prizes and organization schemes). bottom left-hand corner on each sheet. On the
awards, including justification thereof, bottom right-hand corner, there will be a separated
f. Attendance lists for jury members and experts. The Architectural design of the new Beton Hala frame 30 x 30 mm designated for the number of the
Waterfront Center: drawing. The Title: Beton Hala Waterfront Center
LIST OF DOCUMENTS TO BE PROVIDED BY 1. Site plan of the entire Beton Hala Waterfront should appear on each sheet.
THE PROMOTER Center complex in 1:500,
2. Two cross sections of the entire Beton Hala Descriptive report including tables
In addition to the Competition brief the competition Waterfront Center complex in 1:500, A general report shall include downsized posters
material comprises the following Annexes: 3. For each individual building, floor plans of all summarizing the graphical part and a brief and clear
floors in scale 1: 200 with schematic explanation of the basic principles of the design with
List of documents provided by the Promoter: representation of interior and description of particular emphasis on:
summaries of functional areas, - General urban concept for the site,
Geodetic survey of the site and site limits 4. Cross sections illustrating basic principles of a - Communication schemes: public, road, bicycle
(*.dwg) structural design of the building/buildings and pedestrian paths and connections,
Geodetic survey of the site indicating buildings in scale 1:200, - General concept of the architectural design of the
designated for demolition (*.pdf) 5. All elevations in scale 1:200, Beton Hala Waterfront Center,
Section of the site and the existing Beton Hala 6. Details in appropriate scale, - Simple description of operational and spatial
(*.dwg) 7. Perspective views of a general architectural relations inside the building,
Valorization map (*.pdf) design of the New Building only introduced - Brief technical description of the structural design
Aerial photograph with viewpoints of the 3 into 3 photographs marked F1, F2 and F3 and materials used,
mandatory perspectives (*.jpg) in A3 formats. - Calculation of areas using the sample table,
Pictures F1, F2, F3 selected for rendering the - Estimated costs of the Project execution based on
mandatory perspectives (*.jpg) Competitors are free to choose any technique they evaluation of the proposed m2.
Photographic documentation of the building site want to, provided that the building proposed and
(*.jpg) the surrounding buildings and urban furniture are The report shall not exceed three A3 pages using font
Tables to be filled with summaries of surfaces of illustrated in correct proportions in relation to each size 12, bearing the ID code. The report including
the submitted design (*.xls) other. It is up to each entrant to choose a graphic the required text and the tables and reduced plans
Historic overview of the planning activities style. shall be submitted in nine printed copies. The report
concerning the Belgrade Fortress (*.pdf) will be also stored on 2 CD carriers together with the
Plans shall be submitted on a maximum of 8 separate plans. All that shall be included, together with the
Competition brief will be available to all participants sheets, format A1 (594x841mm) landscape position. plans, in a solid and opaque sealed package.
at the time of the registration period. Plans shall be also submitted on 2 CD carriers in pdf
The relevant documents will be sent by e-mail to format (A3 format).
each registered competitor.



An envelope with the inscription Identification MENTIONS
shall contain names, addresses and signatures of The results of the competition will be announced
authors, co-authors and the above mentioned 2 A total amount of 70.000 EUROS will be available for on 13.05.2011. The Promoter reserves the right to
CD carriers with plans in .pdf format (A3 format) as prizes and honorable mentions. It will be distributed publish all winning entries.
well as the report in .doc or .xls (in case of tables) as follows:
I prize 30.000,00 OF DESIGNS
The chosen code will be on the front side of the II prize 20.000,00
envelope. III prize 10.000,00 Copyrights of competitors
2 Honorable Mentions, 5.000,00 each. Copyright to an entry will always remain with the
It shall be sealed, completely opaque and placed entrant.
together with the plans in a solid package. The Promoter undertakes to pay the prize money
within 50 days of the announcement of the The promoter is entitled to publish the submitted
SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES competition results. entries. The name of the entrant will be stated in
connection with such publication.
Competitors must ensure that their entries arrive If for a reason due to the Promoter decision, no
at the Competition Secretariat on or before: contract for carrying out the project has been signed Permission to use authorial works for the
28.04.2011. within twenty four months of the announcement of purposes of this competition
the jurys award, the first prize winner shall receive Designs that have been awarded a prize or an
Entries shall be sent to the following address: as compensation a further sum equal to the amount honorable mention become the ownership of the
Urban Planning Institute of the first prize. promoter. Their authors grant their consent to the
Palmoticeva 30 promoter for the use of their submissions for the
11000 Belgrade In so compensating the first prize winner the purposes of this competition.
Serbia promoter takes on the obligation to carry on the
project development in collaboration with the However, any use of their authorial works for other
Those packages sent from foreign countries must author. purposes than the ones set forth herein requires
be packed so as to facilitate customs inspection, authorization by the authors.
where required. The winning entry / entries will be incorporated in
the city planning documents as far as possible, in All drawings and plans, with the exception of those
In order to preserve anonymity, the Competition their entirety or in parts. which have been awarded prizes or honorable
Secretariat will discard packages and wrapping mentions, will be returned to the authors on request
materials on reception. INSURANCE OF ENTRIES and at their expense or destroyed after closing of
the public exhibition.
Competitors, who hand-in their entries, will Entries will not be insured, as the Promoter assumes
be provided with a receipt by the competition that entrants keep the originals of the submitted Exhibition of competition designs
secretariat. materials. The promoter commits to organize a public exhibition
of all competition designs within two months
after announcement of the competition results.
Competitors who do wish that their own competition


designs are exhibited without the authors name

shall express this wish in a separate declaration in
the identification envelope.

By submission of a competition design, a competitor

agrees with free reproduction and exhibition of his/
her competition design for the promotion of the
competition and its results.

Notification and announcement of competition

The promoter shall inform competitors about the
competition results. After the final decision of the
Jury, the promoter shall announce the competition
results in the same manner as the competition itself
was announced.



By submission of a competition design, a competitor

agrees with the Competition Terms and Conditions
and commits him/herself to follow and observe
these regulations.