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The Adventurers Variety Cards, Version 1

When moving the boulder, roll When turning over cards to see There are no tiles on the lava
the dice as usual, and then add how far the walls move, turn pit.
one to the total for movement. over four cards instead of

Hey, that thing is going pretty Well looks like well have ta
fa- It is getting really cosy in here, go the long way round! Bill
Run! Martin Fletcher & Nicole no? Tatiana Bregovic Baker

The rive entrance is blocked The temple has already been The Glyph Clue tiles cannot be
nobody can use the river for cleaned out of treasures. looked at while in the Walls
this game. Remove the value 4 and 5 Room.
treasures from the decks
before playing.
Can you hear rushing water? This will take some
Vincent Gerondeau Were not the first to come guesswork... Mustafa Ibrahim
through here. Lea Rice

Each player only has one Take the value 5 treasure from Add the five-space corridor tile
adventurer for this game the Lava Room treasure pile, to the end of the temple,
once they are dead, you are out and add it to the alcove with making a longer corridor at the
of the game. the value 6 treasure. Both of exit.
these treasures can now be
picked up by whoever first
Did no-one else make it in? unlocks this alcove. You mean we have to go
Puccio Cortese further? Professor Trevor
My precccioussss! Markus
The Adventurers Variety Cards, Version 1

Any player making it out of the Remove the value 4 treasures The river is flowing very fast
temple alive rolls one dice for in the alcoves from the game, roll two extra dice when
each treasure they are carrying. replacing them with the value 5 attempting to jump out of the
On a 6, that treasure has been treasures from the Walls Room river at the waterfall.
stolen by their pack-handlers piles.
and does not count toward
their total.
Jackpot! Len Tso Yau Wheeeeeeee! Puccio Cortese
The robbing little-! Bill Baker

The river was recently flooded, When you roll a dice to Each treasure you collect is
washing it clean. There are no calculate the value of each box covered in mud. All treasures
treasures to be found in the you own at the end of the are kept face down and you can
river for this game. game, on a roll of 1, the box only turn them over and see
contains a poisonous snake that how much you have when you
bites and kills you. exit the temple.

Looks like were too late. Now, lets see whats in he-
Vincent Gerondeau aaaaaaaargh! Arely Tamay My boots are getting filthy!
Nicole Lagger

When not in the Lava Room or The dice keeper rolls one less It costs two action points to
the River, you have to use at dice for actions during the pick up treasures during the
least one action point to move whole game as you struggle to game as you have to search
a space on your turn as you slip fight your way through the around for them.
and slide around. You still move slime.
one space even if you have no
What is this stuff? Lea Rice Hey, look what I found under
Aaah! Just like home! Tatiana this rock! Len Tso Yau
The Adventurers Variety Cards, Version 1

Mischievous monkeys are At the beginning of the game The temple corridors are very
swapping treasures around. At each player is given a supplies narrow. A maximum of two
the end of the game, the player card that they have to carry characters are allowed on any
with the least treasures takes a throughout the game. This card one space. A third character
treasure at random from the counts as one treasure, but is cannot land on, or pass
player with the most treasures. not worth any points. through, a space with two
characters already on it.

Get down here, you horrible You mean we have to carry It looked an awful lot bigger
beasts! Markus Bassier this lot as well? Martin from the outside... Nicole
Fletcher Lagger

The exit is blocked by a heavy

There is a pit on the last space door with a complicated lock. Discard this card and draw two
just inside the exit. Each Each character must unlock this more cards from this deck to
character must jump across this door by rolling three-of-a-kind apply to the temple for this
pit using the same rules as on five dice, using the same game.
jumping out of the river. rules as picking an alcove lock
(characters with the
Lockpicking skill only need two- Ive got a baaad feeling about
One more jump, and were of-a-kind). this...! Martin Fletcher
home free! Vincent
Gerondeau Ah, I see. Just turn this section
three degrees left, and then...
Professor Trevor Griffith

A jungle tribe waits to search Value 5 and 6 treasures count

every survivor who makes it out as two treasures when
of the temple. If any character measuring how much you are
is carrying value 5 or 6 carrying.
treasures they are killed by the
tribe (the Linguistics skill
negates this penalty). Wow, these things are heavy!
Len Tso Yau
If only you knew the tribes as
well as I. Arely Tamay
The Adventurers Variety Cards, Version 1
The Adventurers Variety Cards, Version 1

The pit tile for the Final Challenge card.

(Thank you, Dungeonquest!)

Use this to block off the river if you drew the Blocked River card.
(Thank you, Descent!)

Add this to the end of the temple for

the Final Run card.