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ISSUE # 36


ISSUE # 1 week of august 14—18  sy1718

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2017 - 2018 school year at ISM. The Middle  G5 students will meet in the Advisory Class and
School years are an exciting adventure filled with change, attend the event from 2:00 - 2:20 p.m.
growing independence and, from time to time, a little bit of  G6 students will meet in Advisory at 2:15 and
drama! While we recognize that the Middle School journey is attend the event from 2:20 - 2:40 p.m.
different for every child, there are some crucial elements  G7 and G8 will meet in Advisory at 2:35 p.m. and
that all Middle Schoolers need as they navigate these critical attend the event from 2:40 - 3:00 p.m.
years. We like to refer to these as the 4 Ps!
Parents are welcome to stay for the full
Power: hour. However, due the number of MS students, we
 Students need an element of autonomy/power in need to stagger the times that the different grade
decisions that are made that impact their lives. levels attend. Students in G5 and G6 are not allowed
Praise: to leave school after they have visited the activity
 Students desire a sense of recognition for their fair as they will return to class.
efforts, actions and accomplishments.
Tuesday, August 15th:
 New Parent Coffee
 Middle Schoolers actively seek out meaningful
 Time: 7:45 - 9:00 a.m.
connections with others and what their peers
think is increasingly important.  Location: Little Theater
 Focus: PowerSchool, Curriculum Overview and
the 7 Dynamics of Change.
 Your child may seek greater levels of privacy and
ask that family members respects this desire.

Please remember that the MS team is here to support you

and your child move through the Middle School years. We
are a highly experienced, dedicated and approachable team

of educators and we are very much looking forward to work-
ing with you all over the course of this academic year.

Here’s to a wonderful school year filled with boundless
learning opportunities and lots of fun!

THIS WEEK: Superintendent’s Message 4
Monday, August 14th: MS Activities (Semester 1) 7
 MS Club Fair
The purpose of the MS Club fair is to show-
Campus Card Corner 8
case the different After School Activities op-
tions and provide students and parents with MS Drama Festival Club 8
the opportunity to ask clarifying questions
about the activity and meet the different Admissions & Advancement 9
activity leaders.
 Location: Lofthouse Athletics & Activities 12
 Time: 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
ISM Upcoming Events 13
connected to the internet, please be aware that
Wednesday, August 16th: we post a paper copy of the Parent Bulletin out-
 ES/MS Activity Sign Up System Opens side the MS Guidance Office.
 Sign-up system opens up at 4:00 p.m.
 Online  Grade Level Program Leader Letter:
 Tip - If you have both ES and MS children,  Today we sent out letters from each of our
Holly Chapman suggests that you sign Grade Level Program Leaders, introducing the
your ES child up first, followed by your grade level Advisory teachers and the grade level
MS child. Counselor. This is the first time we have sent
out letters like this and we hope all parents find
Saturday, August 19th: it helpful and informative.
 ES/MS Activity Sign Up System Closes  The G5, G6 and G7 letters came from the MS Of-
 Sign-up system closes at 4:00 p.m. fice email and the G8 email came from Katrina
 Online Baker.
 If you did not receive a letter, please contact
school to verify we have your correct email ad-
COMING UP SOON: dress or check your spam folder!
Monday, August 21st  Student Planner:
 No School!  All students should now have received their MS
 National holiday to celebrate Ninoy Aquino Day. Student Planner.
 Some students have already lost their planners,
Wednesday, August 23rd: so please check that your child has their name
 MS Open House inside so we can return it to them if they happen
 Location: FAT to lose it! We only have a few spare copies of
 Time: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. this document and we do charge students for an
 4:30 - 4:50 = Light refreshments for par- additional planner.
ents outside the FAT.  The first 30 pages are text heavy and provide
 4:50 - 5:00 = Bell rings and parents tran- detailed information about our Middle
sition into the FAT. School. This is intended as a reference section
 5:00 - 5:15 = Welcome from the MS Lead- for our MS community.
ership Team.  Teachers explain how students are expected to
 5:15 - 5:20 = Transition to the first class- use the planner to help them maximize this or-
room on your schedule. ganizational tool. We do have a coordinated ap-
 5:20 - 7:30 = Classroom visits. proach from G5 to G8 so please refrain from in-
troducing an alternative approach as it will con-
Please note that parents spend 10 minutes in each fuse our students.
classroom. There is a five-minute transition time
built into the schedule for parents to move from
class to class. We kindly ask that parents are re-
spectful of the schedule as class presentations can
be interrupted with parents who arrive late. We ap-
preciate that parents do not know their way around
school, so we will have our Student Ambassadors
helping parents find their way!

Monday, August 28th:
 No School!
 Philippine Holiday - National Heroes Day

Tuesday, August 29th:
 Start of ES/MS After School Activities


 Parent Bulletin:
 The MS Parent Bulletin is our primary avenue of
communication with parents. It would be greatly
appreciated if you could take the time to set
aside some time to read this bulletin so you are
up to date on Middle School news and events. If
you have any questions or need clarification,
please feel free to contact the Middle School
Office. If you have just moved and are not yet
 Student Daily Announcements: card to pay for food in the Kantina.
 Each day, at the start of the 3rd period (or 2nd  The Campus Card payment system can be pre-
period on a Wednesday), we display and read out loaded online or at one of the ‘loading kiosks’ on
the MS Student Daily Announcements. The an- campus. These are located outside the canteen
nouncement system shares key events and mes- and in the cashier area.
sages so students have a clear understanding of  Students who forget their ID card will need to go
what is happening at school. to the Security Office or MS Office for a special
 Students also receive the Daily Announcements pass that will allow them to purchase food with
via Google Drive so they can access them if they cash.
need to reread or review them.  Parents can monitor their child/children’s pur-
 The Student Announcements and Parent Bulletin chasing history online.
are aligned so everyone should be on the same  ID Card (Campus Card) Loading & Pay-
page regarding communication. ment Guide
 Basic Campus Card System Information
 ISM Hard Copy Calendar:  A Guide to CAMPUS CARD SYSTEM
 Each family at ISM receives one copy of the ISM If you have any other concerns about the ISM Campus
hard copy calendar. This is sent home via the Card system, please send an email to cam-
youngest child and, by now, all families should
have received it.
 If you have not yet received it, please check in  Bearcat Cafe:
with the office of your youngest child (ES Office  The Bearcat Cafe is our campus coffee shop that
or MS Office.) sells, coffee, tea, sodas, ice-cream and lots
 If you arrived at school on Thursday or Friday, more!
there is a chance that your child will receive it  In order to help encourage our MS students to
next week. make healthy choices, they are not allowed in
the Bearcat Cafe until after 3:00 p.m.
 If they want to purchase a soda and/or an ice-
cream after 3:00 p.m. they are welcome to do
 We politely request that parents help support
this initiative and not purchase coffee, soda and
ice-cream for their children before 3:00 p.m.

As this is the first Parent Bulletin of the school year, there is
a lot of information to digest. We promise all bulletins are
not this long…

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kind regards,
Rachel Harrington & Amanda Pekin

 Parent Community Association:
At ISM, each division has a Parent Representative
Group (PRG). This group meets with the divisional STUDENT
Leadership Team once a month so that we can main-
tain high levels of communication and collaboration ATTENDANCE
between different stakeholder groups. Below you
can find the names of the MS parent representatives:
On those days when a student needs to be ab-
 MS Executive Officer = Amanda Van Etten sent from school, we ask that a parent inform
 Grade 5 = Ritu Baweja & Jacqueline Teo-Melton the Middle School Office via:
 Grade 6 = Sabina Sura & Sandra Lucci
 Grade 7 = Melissa Nichols & Dowa Manaloto
 Grade 8 = Patricia Breuhaus & Asha Mirpuri Email:
Later this month, our reps will be contacting all the
Phone: 840-8550 / 840-8553
parents in each grade level with information about
how to join our grade level Facebook and Viber It is the responsibility of the student to com-
groups, should you wish to do so. municate with their teacher when they return to
school to make up for work missed as a result of
 Campus i-Card: any absences.
 Please remember that ISM is a cash-free campus
for students. All students must use their ISM ID
ISSUE # 36

Dear Parents,

Greetings and welcome to the school year 2017-18 Interna- American flavors visit NY Express and for local foodstuffs vis-
tional School Manila. I hope that these weeks of summer va- it Selections by Sodexo. For a taste of Italian, go for Prego by
cation have given you the opportunity to enjoy some family L’Opera. Asian Express offers a variety of Asian cuisine and if
time together. As I realized myself when my son and daugh- you are into healthy options don’t miss Yogi Chef. For those
ter went off to university – children grow up far too quickly! in a hurry, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches are available
at Good Eats.
I want to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the
support services and campus procedures to ensure an orderly And if you are looking for coffee, feel at home in the Bearcat
and efficient school start. I hope you understand that, in Café, located beside the Fine Arts Theater.
such a large community, it is essential for us to establish cer-
tain agreements in order to make things easier for everyone. Bearcat Kantina’s operating hours are from 6:30a.m. to
School Office hours: Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm. Note that
the Cashier’s Office will close at 3:15pm to allow for the dai- ISM goes Full Debit System
ly bookkeeping.
Concessionaires do not accept cash payments during the
Uniform Shop school day except for Parents, Guests and Outsourced Staff.
The details of our full range of uniform items, along with
prices, can be viewed on the ISM website and are available Students who forget or lose their campus cards must proceed
for inspection and purchase at the ISM Uniform Shop on the to their division secretary (ES, MS and HS) to pick up a tem-
Plaza Level. For those students needing to try items on or porary slip. If the card is lost, it must be replaced immedi-
requiring measurements for alterations a fitting room will be ately through the Security Office.
in operation in the Fine Arts Theatre changing room 1123
until September 1st. The Uniform Shop hours of operation New students will be provided a slip by the Security Office in
are detailed below: lieu of the campus card while ID processing is still in process.
The slip will have a validity date.
Extended days from July 24 to September 1
Monday – Friday, 7 am to 4 pm Selections by Sodexo and Yogi Chef will serve the ES Canteen
through the full debit system. Please check the Elementary
Regular hours start the week of September 4 School Cafeteria page for more information.
Tuesdays and Fridays, 7 am to 4 pm
If you have any concerns regarding the campus card, please
Smartcards (IDs) send an email to
All students will be provided with a Smartcard ID, which con-
tains a smart chip. This ID can be loaded with cash through Bearcat Den
the on-site kiosks located in front of the canteen and near We invite you to visit the Bearcat Den where you will find
the ATM, online or at the main cashier located in the Busi- school souvenir items and clothing. The Den will be open
ness Office. Guidelines for loading are online at from Monday – Friday from 7am - 4pm. The Den will accept under Student Services. cash and smartcard ID (debit card) as modes of payment. We
apologize but the Den does not process tax exemptions; all
The smart cards can be used for making purchases in the those eligible must themselves process documents through
Canteen, Bearcat Den, copy and print in the library, purchas- the BIR.
ing tickets for school performances and for accessing MS/HS
lockers, therefore it is important that students carry their Bus Service
IDs at all times. For this year, the regular school bus fare have been fixed at
the 2015/16 rates. Due to increased operational costs the
Parents may obtain a Smartcard ID through the Security Of- transport provider was unable to maintain the 2% discount
fice at a charge of Php 250.00. provided last year. Discounts for early payment and multiple
siblings will still be offered.
Bearcat Kantina has a wide array of food choices. If you are
craving Mexican you should try Chihuahua, for the traditional
During the last school year, a new Bus Management System Treasury Department. Take note of the corresponding bank
known as “busRun” was successfully introduced. This system
ISSUE # 36
charges by each bank for wire transfers and over the counter
has been specifically developed by the supplier to address transactions. Contact Treasury Office at 840-8506 if you
the needs of ISM and utilizes iPad tablets to monitor stu- have questions.
dents’ use of the school bus service. This is a safe and secure
system that allows the school staff and our transport opera- Operations and Security
tor to track the pick-up and drop-off of each student and the Access and parking within the campus are important security
movement of our buses whilst in transit. The deployment of and safety issues. For the well-being of all members of the
our School Marshals on all regular bus routes will continue. ISM community, those entering the school campus are re-
quested to take note of the information and procedures out-
During our discussions with T Shuttle Services we stressed lined below.
the importance of making the bus service an attractive op-
tion for travel between home and school for as many stu- Parent IDs
dents as possible. Over the past six years they have demon- The parent IDs issued since SY 2013/14 (black) will continue
strated a willingness to explore ways in which they can, to be valid for the new school year. Standard parent cards
within the constraints of running an efficient and practical will be issued free of charge. Parents may, however, elect
service for the majority of riders, provide a viable transport to apply for a smartcard ID which will be usable with the
solution for those who are interested in using the school bus cashless payment system introduced into the school for SY
service. 2013-14. There will be a fee of P250.00 for a smartcard.

Of course, there will always be certain locations or needs Applications for parent IDs can be processed through the Se-
that cannot be provided for, but if the offered bus service curity Office.
does not at first appear to address a particular need, in re-
gard to location or routing, parents are encouraged to dis- Student IDs
cuss this with the Transport Office staff. All students will be issued with new ID cards at the beginning
of the new school year. The cards will be compatible with
I urge all parents to consider making use of the ISM Bus Ser- the cashless payment system. There will be no need for re-
vice for their students. Should parents wish to discuss in turning students to visit the Security Office as we will be uti-
more detail the school busing arrangements for the new lizing the photographs taken for the yearbooks.
school year, or they have any particular concerns or needs
they can contact the Transport Office at 840-8540 or Ms. School Passes
Cynthia Opulencia at 840-8529 or email Cynthia at Opulen- School passes issued to parents’ employees and representa- tives need to be replaced for this school year. As of August
31, 2017 the light green-bordered passes will be invalid.

Billing The security office is now accepting applications for new
Billing statements are available for online viewing on the school passes. These passes will not be compatible with the
School website to facilitate access. A user ID and password cashless payment system.
have already been provided to existing parents and are avail-
able for every new parent. Parents are advised to maintain Each family will be given two free school passes. Additional
an up-to-date email address for billing information and to school passes may be obtained after paying a processing fee
view the online billing at least monthly for up to date charg- of Php100.00 each to the Cashier’s Office.
es. Please read carefully the School Fees and Payment
Schedule on the web. As was the case last school year, there Visitors’ Passes
will be no re-enrollment deposit. Instead, we expect all de- All visitors must secure a pass from the guardhouse at Gate
parting families to complete the WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION 3. Before entry will be allowed, a telephone check will be
FORM on or before May 11, 2018. Failure to do so will lead to made with the relevant office to confirm the visitor’s busi-
a deduction of $1,000.00 from the Facilities Upgrade Depos- ness within the school. Visitors will need to surrender a pho-
it. to-ID upon entry to campus.

Payments may be in cash, check or through wire transfer in Car Stickers
any BPI and BDO branch (except for dollar check deposits to The car stickers for school year 2017-2018 are available from
BDO, which will only be accepted in their BDO University the security office.
Parkway branch). Payments can also be made through the
on-line banking facilities of BPI (peso only) and BDO (peso Starting last school year 2015-16, parents are no longer re-
and dollar). Also, please note that Citibank Philippines dol- quired to submit copies of the registration documents of
lar checks are considered as collection checks and are sub- their vehicles. They are instead asked to confirm through
ject to additional bank fees. Collection checks usually take a the application form that the vehicle has minimum Third
minimum of 3 weeks to clear and to be credited to ISM's ac- (3rd) Party Insurance, is legally registered and is fully com-
counts. pliant for operation on the roads under Philippine Laws. For
those vehicles not registered in a parent’s name a letter of
Please make sure that the student ID number and the name assignment will still be needed.
of the student for whom the payment is being made is indi-
cated on the deposit slip, check, or in the bank instruction Each ISM family will be issued one vehicle sticker free of
for wire transfer to ensure proper recording, and provide a charge. Any additional stickers will be issued following pay-
copy of the validated deposit slip / confirmation receipt to ment of P100 to the cashier’s office.
In order to facilitate the easy recognition of authorized cars Vehicle Checks
at the gates, the stickers should be affixed to the top right The practice of inspecting vehicles will continue.
# 36 off-
corner of the windshield. ISM stickers issued in previous years peak hours, all vehicles will be checked beforeSY1617
they are al-
must be removed. lowed to enter the campus.
Vehicles not displaying a current car sticker will not be al- During peak hours (drop off and pick-up times), all vehicles
lowed regular access from August 31, 2017. without valid stickers and randomly selected vehicles with
stickers will be asked to undergo an examination.
Vehicular Access
During drop-off and pick-up times, vehicles may enter the Whether an examination is conducted or not, it is important
campus through Gates 2 and 3. Those entering through Gate that the security staff at the gates are able to identify the
2 should proceed to the drop off area and, once the student occupants of vehicles entering the campus; therefore IDs
has alighted or boarded, they should exit via Gate 1. Those must be clearly displayed. Vehicles with tinted windows
vehicles entering through Gate 3 must turn into the covered must roll down windows to allow a clear view of the interior
parking area and use the designated drop-off areas. All vehi- of the vehicle.
cles must exit through Gate 1.
Drivers, Helpers and Bodyguards
Please note that Gate 2 may only be used by those drivers Drivers, helpers and bodyguards should not wait on campus
and passengers who have an ISM ID card and who are in a for students throughout the school day. After dropping off
vehicle displaying a valid ISM vehicle sticker. students they should exit the school grounds and not return
earlier than 30 minutes before dismissal time. Those who
Alternatively, vehicles entering through Gate 3 may park in repeatedly fail to comply with the regulation will have their
the covered car park. The spaces reserved for parent-driven access privilege suspended.
cars should only be used by those vehicles which are driven
by parents themselves. Vehicles in which parents are travel- Only those vehicles carrying parents or other people with
ing, but which are driven by a driver, should not use these business within the school will be allowed to return to the
spaces. Rather, they should park elsewhere in the covered campus before the scheduled pick-up time.
car park or make use of the outside spaces next to the power
center. There are designated areas for unaccompanied drivers,
yayas, helpers and security escorts to wait for parents and
Visitors to ISM must enter through Gate 3. There is an area students. Unless specifically authorized, they may not enter
for short-stay visitor parking near Gate 1. any other area. In the interest of security, and to prevent
congestion at the pedestrian entrances to the covered park-
The Pedestrian Gate ing area, parents are requested to emphasize to their em-
The pedestrian gate is located in the perimeter fence mid- ployees the importance of cooperating with the security staff
way between Gate 1 and Gate 2. There is a paved area be- and remaining in the appropriate areas.
tween the road and the perimeter fence, allowing easy ac-
cess to the gate. The pedestrian gate is solely for the entry Firearms
of members of the ISM Community at the beginning of the All members of the ISM community are reminded that it is
school day. It will only be open between 7:00 am and 7:45 strictly forbidden for firearms to be brought onto the cam-
am (8:00 am to 8:45 am on Wednesdays). pus. This includes concealed weapons carried by bodyguards
for close protection. Any person arriving at the school with a
Due to parking restrictions, and in the interests of security, firearm should inform the gate guard, and arrangements will
it will not be open in the afternoon for pick-ups. During the be made for the weapon to be safely and securely stored
time it is open, it will be under the supervision of members during the visitor’s stay.
of the ISM Guard Force.
Security Staff Directions
Drivers should stop adjacent to the paved area and students Our security team is endeavoring to make the school as safe
should alight from the right side of their vehicle. The driver and secure an environment as possible for all members of our
should then move off, clearing the space for other vehicles community.
dropping off students. Under no circumstances should a stu-
dent be dropped off from the middle lane. This is dangerous We ask that everybody cooperate with us in this important
as the student would need to walk in front of another vehi- task. In particular, all those entering our campus are re-
cle. Drivers are reminded that traffic regulations forbid quested to comply with any directions given to them by
parking on the roads around ISM. Therefore, vehicles should members of our guard force.
only be stopping for the brief time it takes for a student to
alight. Drivers must not wait for anybody to return to the If you are confused or unclear as to the purpose of such in-
vehicle. structions, please seek clarification from the security office.
Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to advise
Drop Off/Pick Up Passes their staff accordingly.
For non-regular drivers without ISM identification who enter-
ing school to drop off or collect visitors or members of our Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to
community, but who do not intend to park within the cam- another great year at International School Manila.
pus, a drop off pass will be issued. Our regular checks to con-
firm the identity of a driver and their purpose for entering Best wishes,
the campus will continue to be made, but we will not retain
a photo-ID in return for the issued pass. The use of these
new passes will avoid delays at the Gate 1 exit and reduce
traffic congestion at busy times. DAVID TOZE
ISSUE # 36

Please note if PLDT is your home server many have witnessed
trouble accessing the activities websites. Therefore please find
direct access to all necessary links below.

Semester One
August 29 – December 13, 2017

Please take the time with your child to look at the ACTIVITY OF-
FERINGS and DESCRIPTIONS of the activities. Activities run PER
SEMESTER (except for Seasonal Sports Activities).

Online Sign-Up Dates
Please ensure you have read the Registration and Activities
Guidelines. Registration opens Aug 16th at 4pm.

Registration is of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS (time-
stamped) and will close on August 19th at 4pm.

Helpful Information:
 No log-in required. You will need to give the student’s details. You will need to provide your contact infor-
mation (phone and email).
 You will need to sign up with the expectation that your child is attending all days of the particular activity.
We will only accept single day changes when all enrollments are completed.

Opens 4pm 16th August

List of confirmed students will be emailed per activity on August 25th.
Thank you,
Holly Chapman
ES/MS Activities Coordinator
ISSUE # 36


Login: If your child is interested in the Drama Fes-
Ways to log in to your account?
tival Club, we wanted to make sure you
 → Select Student Services → Cam- knew they could choose to be involved
pus Card System; Click the link (‘here’) to log in. in one or BOTH of the following activities :
Scenes from Shakespeare (Wed) &
What are your login details?
Log in to your account using your child’s ID number as Musical Theatre Devising (Thurs)
the username and password. E.g. Student ID Number is
112233. They need to sign up and then on the
first Wednesday and Thursday they can
Username: 112233 meet us in 1149 to confirm which day or
Password: 112233 days they want.
Once logged in, we recommend that you change the
password. The activity will culminate in an MS Drama
Festival on Wednesday 6th December. Each
group will perform their work.
You can top up the account online for a minimal fee. If you
happen to be on campus, you can also top up at the kiosk or
We look forward to working with your
through the cashier. child!

For more information, visit: Regards, Ms. Grev & Ms. Rankin
Dance and Drama
For questions/concerns, email:
ISSUE # 36

PowerSchool is opening on August 22, Tuesday. We encourage all families to check their demographic in-
formation and make necessary updates. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to do this. Please con-
tact your School Office for PowerSchool log-in information.

Instructions for Demographic Update

ISSUE # 36

ISSUE # 36

ISSUE # 36

A BIG welcome back to all returning families and a special For ES and MS soccer players who are scheduled to use the
welcome to all our new ISM families and faculty. roof top tennis courts tryoout or practice sessions please
The ATAC (Athletics & Activities) Department hopes you will make sure you bring PE shoes, shinguards and your soccer
all have a successful start to the school year. cleats to each session. It is best to have both types of
shoes in case there is a venue change due to inclement
ISM is hosting IASAS Tennis in January and IASAS Golf and weather. Soccer cleats cannot be worn on the tennis
Track & Field in 3rd season mid April. All of these IASAS court surface.
events will be fantastic to host and we look forward to our
community support to cheer on our Bearcats teams and to Information on our ES/MS Activities program is available on
host our visiting IASAS athletes. the ES and MS Activities blogs. Links to these blogs are on the
helpful shortcuts menu on the home page of the ATAC blog
This week we have been excited to have the halls buzzing or accessible via the ISM website.
with children and our have our athletics program starting
strong for another school year with tryouts for our all year For our Sailfish swim team program please check information
round teams and season 1 sports teams. Schedules are post- about tryouts at Sailfish blog
ed on notice boards around the school and on the schedules For gymnastics team information please check Gymnastics
page of the ATAC (Athletics) blog and provided in links be- blog for returning and new gymnasts Look for Coach Jas or
low. Coach Ramon at the MS gym when attending training ses-
Please take the time to navigate the ATAC blog as it is our
one stop shop for all information related to the competitive Please note the practice times for ATAC programs for SY 17-
ISM sports program. 18 are as follows:
 All year round team team training sessions are – 3:15-
Tryouts for S1 MS/HS sports: (Soccer/Volleyball/Cross 4:30. See schedule for our All year round
Country) have concluded as of today. Our S1(season 1) teams program here…
practice schedule will begin from Mon Aug 14 until Oct  See Sailfish blog for swim squad start and finish times
13th. See schedule links below for season 1 teams and for after the tryouts period has concluded and squads have
our all year round teams. been finalised.
 Gymnastics team training is 3:10-4:50pm every M,W,F
1st season 17-18-Practice sched
All season sports sched 17-18.xls – 17-18 All HS seasonal teams practice from 3:05- 4:50pm.
MS seasonal teams practice 3:15-4:40pm.
Upcoming Events: In order to clear the campus prior to 5pm all after school
 Aug 13 HS Var boys soccer vs Xavier at home 9am programs will conclude by 4:50pm or earlier. The last bus
 Aug 18 Friday night lights #1 vs Faith(Soccer and is 4:55pm this is due to the ever increasing traffic concerns
Volleyball) from 4pm at Gyms and Fields. Come in our area.
along to support your Bearcats in the season
opener FNL! Parents and students please take some time to peruse the
 Aug 19 Aspirants B Soccer vs FEU away/VGirls ATAC blog it has a wide variety of information and links to
soccer vs Assumption at home 8am/JV girls soc- our sports and activities program. If you have any questions
cer vs San Beda at home 10am/MS A1 soccer vs regarding the competitive program of sports at ISM after
DBTI at home 12noon. reading the information on the blog please send an email
to and I will assist you as best I can.
 Aug 19 XCountry race #1 at Faith Academy MS&
HS runners Bearcat Den- drop by our fantastic spirit store. There is a a
 August 9 10, 11- ES Rifa Soccer registration/ range of new products and items to purchase including items
tryouts have been ongoing this week and teams from our service partners.
will be finalized over the weekend and an-
nounced on he link below next week. RIFA soc- Bearcat Den hours of operation- 7am-4pm Mon-Fri.
cer is a competitive soccer program for season 1
open to Grade 1-4 students. More detailed infor- GO BEARCATS…in 2017-18!
mation on the Rifa festival soccer program can
be found at ES Rifa Festival information Regards,
Mark Pekin
Director of Athletics & Activities
ISSUE # 36