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Atlantas Smart City transformation

We are a Smart City when we collectively leverage

a strategic and data-centric approach to:

Understand/solve urban
Enhance citizen well-being
Foster economic growth
Enable the business
Ensure equity
Strengthen resiliency

Data, transformed into

actionable information, will
fundamentally transform
how we run our city, serve
our citizens, and support the
business community
North Avenue Smart Corridor

A public demonstration and living lab for

Internet of Things (IoT) deployment, data
collection/analytics, autonomous vehicles,
and partnerships
North Avenue Smart Corridor
Project Location

Northside Drive to Freedom Parkway

North Avenue Smart Corridor
100+ IoT sensors at 18 signalized intersections
Connected & coordinated traffic signals with adaptive
signal timing
Repave and ADA upgrades from Piedmont Ave to
Freedom Pkwy & restripe entire corridor
Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) with
pedestrian refuge islands
Myrtle St
Penn Ave
Bonaventure Ave
Autonomous vehicle demonstrations
Smart street lighting
Smart trash receptacles
Deploy smart city data platform, demo open APIs,
advanced analytics & data visualization tech
Ribbon Cutting: September 2017
North Avenue
Traffic Control
Combines artificial
intelligence with traffic Responds to real-time events
theory on demand
Real-time optimization of
Not a fixed timing plan,
instead traffic control that complex, dynamic traffic flows
adapts to actual urban for all mobility
traffic in real-time Expected results:
Specific for urban road lower travel times for all users
networks of multiple Fewer stops
competing dominant flows
that shift dynamically Less time idling
through the day lower emissions
North Avenue City of Atlanta

Connected to
Emergency vehicle
preemption, signals
change to green for
faster response times
Infrastructure connected
to vehicles/phone
Travel Safely App
North Avenue Smart Corridor
Repaving & Restriping
North Avenue Smart Corridor

Install Rectangular Rapid

Flashing Beacons with
pedestrian refuge islands
Myrtle St
Penn Ave
Bonaventure Ave
North Ave Smart Corridor
Smart Street Lighting
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