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Spinal Decompression Exercise

Excellent for Athletic Performance, Preventive Care & Pain Relief !

This position has greatest eect at the L5/S1 disc level. Great for pain relief & postural normalization
that benefits all body systems. To simplify- lay on the ground with your feet up a wall and follow the
arrows. Pull the toes towards you & rotate legs inward, push heels away, push tailbone & lower back flat,
tuck chin and lengthen neck, externally rotate arms and reach! Find out how to modify it for YOU.
NOW HOLD IT FOR ONE MINUTE building up to 100% and let go gently!

This position will need to be modified for each

individual, but the general idea is the same.
The precise posture is held for Pseudo inversion of the feet and internal
approximately 1 minute and creates rotation of the hip to lock the joint and
separative forces that give space in the create myofascial tension lines to facilitate
joint & allow the disc to rehydrate. This is ACTIVE the specific targeted decompression forces
for the lowest, most compressed part of farther up the chain. (Rotate your legs
the back, but it also normalizes all fascia. inward.)
Normalization of
The deep back muscles are Your Whole Spine!
strengthened over time to maintain
the new disc height and hold the joint The point of separative forces
in place preventing further creating a postural normalization
compression. of the vertebral joint, rehydrating
the disc and relieving compression
of sensitive structures. Make sure
you are hydrated!
Keep shoulder blades
pressing into the
ground and down and Wall
dont lower arms below
where the shoulder
blades come o the Ground The ELDOA are postural
ground. normalization exercises, each
targeted at a specific spinal
level. There is also an ELDOA
Arms are externally rotated (palms You may need to start with
your glutes a little farther
for every spinal joint & other
rotate to face ground) to lock the
scapula therefore pulling all the away from the wall if your joints too! Call for more info!
connective tissue attachments from hamstrings are tight and you More info click here.
the hip up through the arm to initiate are unable to flatten your
the separative, expansive forces in lower back and keep knees
that direction. straight.


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