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English Language Arts 6 Course Syllabus 2017-2018

Instructor: Ms. Woodruff Room Number: C-5

Course Length: One year Contact Information: (303) 298-5458
Website: Email Address:

Course Description and Goals:

This course will provide students with Common Core standards-based instruction in English Language Arts.
Students will master grade level writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. At the end of this course,
students will be well-prepared for a successful experience in seventh grade English Language Arts and will be
confident, critical thinkers.
Student Objectives:
Improve as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners of English
Write daily, including a minimum of four essays
Participate in class and group discussions of literature
Develop organizational, time management, technological, and study skills
Read daily, including a minimum of three class novels and supplemental articles
Class Expectations and Requirements:
Students are expected to:
Come to class daily, on time, and prepared. This means that students are in their seats before the
teacher enters the classroom, materials out, and ready to begin their INs/warm-ups
Bring school materials to class every day. If the student cannot get materials, please see the instructor.
Turn in assignments completed and on time. Late assignments will receive a 5% deduction for each
day that the assignment is late. Assignments can be turned in up until the end of the current quarter
Participate positively in class and in groups or pairs
Treat other people with respect
Follow the posted classroom norms and expectations and accept the consequences
Be responsible for their own work. Any work missed during an absence must be collected, completed,
and turned in by the student. Ask for help if needed
Suggested Materials:
Pens and pencils
A two-pocket folder for keeping handouts, assignments, graphic organizers
A college-ruled composition notebook
A glue stick and scissors
Independent reading novel
Grading Policy:
Progress reports are given every four weeks and need to be signed by parents/guardians. The semester grade
is a final, cumulative grade. This grade reflects to what extent the student has mastered Common Core State
Standards. Grades may be accessed via Infinite Campus at all times, by both students and parents. Please
contact the Main Office or the ACMS website for more details:
The grade percentages are as follows:
70% -- Summative assignments: Essays, tests, quizzes and novel assessments
30% -- Formative assignments: Classwork, homework and class participation

Grading Scale (Percentages)

A=100-90 B=89-80 C=79-70 D=69-60 F=59 and below
Independent Reading:
Although some books will be read during class, students are expected to build reading into their daily learning
activities. Students will read independently in class and at home on a daily basis. There will be a weekly
reading logs turned in on Fridays to confirm that students are reading consistently. The goal for 6th grade is to
have every student gain at least one year (1 million words) of reading literacy growth over the course of this
school year.
6th grade students will choose their own independent novels to read partially in class, and partially outside of
class. They may be found at the local, school and classroom libraries. Students who fail to return a novel from
the classroom library will owe $10 in order to replace the book.

Vocabulary/Writing Program:
Students will be assigned content specific and high-frequency vocabulary words on a weekly basis. Vocabulary
quizzes will take place bi-weekly on Fridays. In addition to the vocabulary quizzes, students will complete in-
class writing assignments in order to build stamina and improve as writers.

Infinite Campus:
It is highly recommended that all parents register for Infinite Campus. With Infinite Campus, parents and
students are able to login and use the website to view student academic progress, including access
to attendance and grades.

Student Absences and Make-Up Assignments:

It is the student's responsibility to ask for and complete all work missed during an absence. The student is
responsible for his/ her own work. He/ she must collect all homework and handouts missed during absences
either before or after school. Tests and quizzes must be made up before school, after school, or during lunch.
Make-up tests must be scheduled with the teacher. Students have one day to make up homework missed
from a one-day absence in order to receive full credit. Ask for help if needed.

Teacher Availability:
Teacher is available before school and after school most days and during lunch upon occasion.

Parent Involvement and communication:

Set aside a regular time and quiet place for homework
Provide necessary materials and supplies
Ask your student if he/she has homework and ask to see the completed product
Make sure your student is reading consistently (recommended 30 minutes a day) from his/her independent
reading book
Register for and consistently check Infinite Campus
Contact me with any questions or concerns immediately via email at

Remind 101:
Parents can enroll to receive mobile updates about class through the program, Remind101. Should students
wish to enroll as well, they will need to include a parents e-mail address. Text: @7a7c23 to 81010
You will need to respond with your first and last name. Then, your phone will receive text message updates
from Ms. Woodruff.

I look forward to getting to know all of my students this year and helping each student to be successful in 6th
grade English Language Arts. I know that we are going to have a wonderful school year!

Please complete the information on this page and turn it in, signed by a parent or guardian, by Friday,
August 18th, 2017

We have read the information, and we understand and agree to follow the policies for this class.

____________________________________________ _______________
(Parent/Guardian signature) (Date)

____________________________________________ _______________
(Student name printed) (Date)

Please check the boxes below:

I am aware that I can I am aware that vocabulary and I am aware that students need independent
check student grades on writing quizzes will take place every novels to read in class and at home every night.
Infinite Campus other Friday, and that it is the students Reading logs are due each Friday.
responsibility to schedule a time to
I am aware that lost/stolen books will incur a
make-up any missed quizzes
$10 fee

Please add any information you would like me to know about your student: