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Dear Sir/ Madam,

Basically, my skills background is in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) field.

Some of my experience is working in Coal Mining Industries, Oil and Gas Driling Contractor,
Telecommunication & Internet Services Provider, and Power Plant. With technical expertise in Computer
Systems, Hardware and Networks, and in Electronics field. I Having knowledge also about the PLC
programming, DCS (Distributed Control System) and HMI (Human Machine Inteface). Good knowledge
to use Electronic and Electrical Testers, Good communication skills and excellent knowledge of safe
work practice.

By this cover letter, allow me to applying and attach my CV's to your company as your consideration.

Some of position I would like to apply when vacancies are open among others, are as follows :
As an ICT Specialist/ Network Engineer/ Network Technician/ IT Technical Support, Computer
Technician, Desktop TechnicianSpecialist/ Desktop Engineer/ Mine Technology Technician/ Dispatch ICT
Specialist/ Entry Level Electronics Technician I

I hope someday in your company or at one of in your client, there's a chance that corresponds to one of
the positions that fit my skills above.

I would appreciate an opportunity which will be given to me in the future. I feel that as a motivated
individual, I can learn a lot of in your company especially for the position which I am applied. I am willing
also to be placed anywhere to take care the assigned task.

The attached summary duties & responsibilities of mine will provide you with more information about
my work experience.

I can reached on my personal email thru at for further notice.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to receive a great news from your
company immediately after submission my application.

Faithfully Yours,
Barata, Iwan