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A Letter to

CHS Geometry Students

This Year in Math Class You will Learn To: Think Critically
Analyze Information ~ Make Connections ~ Be Precise
Envision Solutions ~ Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively
Explain and Justify ~ Use Mathematical Tools Appropriately

In this class Learning wont be easy.

and I will EXPECT you TO WORK HARD. You will solve problems.
You will struggle. You will try. You will
learn from your mistakes. You will try again. You wont give up.
You will PERSEVERE. You will be Mathematicians.

Leave your excuses at the door. Its okay not to know, but its
not okay not to try. If you dont understand an assignment,
ask for help. It is YOU who makes a commitment to learn.
The ultimate responsibility for learning is yours.
No one can do it for you. You get out of learning
exactly what you put into it... So Dare to be remarkable!!!

I am here to teach you, INSPIRE YOU and help you LEARN.

Ill Do MY PART, the rest is up to YOU

Have a Great Year.

Sincerely, The Cloverdale Math Team