Imperfect flawlessness Mangum

Plot line:

(Working Title)

By: S. Rainey

Rainey first believes she was created by an employee of “the supreme being” whom she has never met, but is completely aware that he is a selfish, controlling, coldhearted man. The employee “Eddy” who first created the Supreme Being is fed up with his job as the head minion and chief of human being creations that he builds another supreme being to over power his original design. When his creations are finished they are awaken on an empty subway platform then are sent on their way to the real world by subway. Rainey tries hard to blend in but the real world is full of nothing but normal people and those who are abnormal are banished to “odd ones” camps and are not to fraternize with the outside world. Being perfect and prettier than other female humans she is forced to relocate to camps. (The supreme beings way of making sure odd people cannot wreak havek on his utopia and so everyone will worship him without ever knowing that he is using them for power, which the “odd ones” understand.) That’s when things started to happen. Rainey starts to have dreams that she has 3 different personalities. (Renesmee Cullen, the overly depressed robot Marvin, and a kitten) she also believes she has many superpowers, and she believes she was made for a purpose but doesn’t know her purpose. Eddy knowing he will be punished for creating another supreme being decides to hop on the express of the subway train to escape the horrible torture. The subway conductor spots Eddy on the train and with rumors spreading about his creations he reports this to the Supreme Being who accepts the challenge. But with Eddy on the run and nobody creating beings anymore an epidemic starts and people believe more people are dying than being brought to the world so more jobs were open and knowing that it would probably cause a lot of damage the odd ones were released and are forced to get jobs, quick. Rainey works as a model for a high in fashion magazine. Eddy saw a billboard and contacted her .Eddy and Rainey catch the first flight to France where the first Supreme Being is staying for the time. But before they confront the Supreme Being Eddy meets up with some of his friends. Taloolabell a British fashion designer ( who grew all the plants of second earth), Joe an artist from Africa ( made the buildings of second earth),salmon shot an Australian hunter,( who created all the monsters and fears), serenity a German biologists (who created the sun, rain, and dirt), phoebe a photographer from Mexico (who created mountains and valleys), Eva and Susan Siamese twins who work as chefs from Tokyo (created imagination and color), Mary a singer from Canada (the creator of sound and wind), Tony a movie critic in holly wood (the creator of metal and rock), Angelica a reporter from Chicago (the creator of emotions and textures), summer an actress and talk show host and magazine editor of star explosion (who is constantly busy) from brazil (the creator of sky, space, and ozone),Clara a hair stylist and musician in a rock band from Russia (the creator of beauty, energy, and time.) But Rainey’s identity has to be protected from Eddy’s friends because they still have direct line telepathy to the Supreme Being (which eddy has already disconnected.)They all come to New York to have a party where Rainey is not invited. She feels so neglected by angelicas emotion to whoever wasn’t invited she goes strolling through the city of New York. Where she gets into trouble with police she went to a bookstore and with her super powers learned everything in every book, she went to a store and with her power was able to remember everything those creators created. She was becoming way too powerful and with using up all her energy Clara was able to make her tired and make her fall asleep. She had multiple dreams and many nightmares and even though she was asleep she was playing games with the creator’s powers and they too could sense her presence with their telepathy they warned the supreme being of Rainey’s aura and he brought her to his kingdom. When Rainey woke up she finally met this Supreme Being, Roy (working name) and they had a battle because he wanted to destroy her but didn’t know how. They both were exhausted at the end of their battle so he gave her a place to sleep that night. She couldn’t help but to like him even though he was very rude to her he liked her too. They fell in love, when Eddy found out about this he was furious with Rainey and he flew to France with all his friends. He witnessed their embrace during a battle (odd) and stormed into Roy’s castle and finally told the truth to Rainey and Roy. “You two are both barking mad and you two are my slaves not the other way around.” When Roy heard that Rainey was here to over thrown him

he was both shocked and angry with her and eddy and he was starting to feel normal and Rainey too starting to understand that they were only human and they were on the first earth and so did the creators who were at the side of eddy they too stated to feel human and everything they thought was real and true was a huge lie by eddy. The creators were enraged and wanted to kill eddy, but Roy and Rainey were delighted to know that they were normal that they spared eddy’s life and were happy that he had told them the truth. Eddy was well very confused by their response that he just walked slowly out of the castle and said “oy! What is wrong with me?” And finish. (Because during the entire book all the characters thought they were outcasts and wrong and different and odd but at the same time perfect and had no problems.)

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