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Could you please share papers on the impact of

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The LDMF Foundation, The Netherlands
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value statistical data in the developing
Does exist "psychic-reading" skills ? Is "psychic-reading" addictive ? countries?

Can "empathy" and "intuition" evolve into addiction ? New Be the first to answer

Does exist "psychic-reading" skills ? Is "psychic-reading" addictive ? Can "empathy"

and "intuition" evolve into addiction ? Are "psychic skills" traits of a serious illness ?
Which is the social and cultural impact of their practice ? How life of individuals that
engage into "psychic-reading" practices change?

Addiction has been studied from several perspectives.

Recently a student of mine did a reference to what he called "psychic reading" and
mentioned it as a type of human skill, related to empathy.

I am not familiar with the idea of a psychic or reading skills; so i did ask questions
and came to he conclusion that the behavior of individuals that practice that type of
skill are very similar to that of individual under severe addiction. Question followers (1)

I wonder if there is any serious study on those individuals brain activity, neurology
and physiology, also behavior, perceptions and ability for strategic thinking, decision
making and project management.

Apparently for the most "advanced psychic readers" the practice of the skill
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becomes the most important aspect of their lives, dePnes them, and any thing they
do perceive "have to be real" or would be explained as real or "from another
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dimension of reality".
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I think there is a great amount of self-deception and emotional, psychological
confusion, associated to the practice of those skills that have apparently become
so popular eventually because the new age movement.

What did profoundly surprised me is that the "movement of psychic readers"

develops something similar to a culture. One of their cultural agreements is that
there is no need to meet physically, that they can read mind, emotions, life of each
other from any corner of the world, and that is how society should evolve" in other
words, their "perceptions" (misperceptions, delusion, imagination, projections, and
in many cases psychosis, hysteria, paranoia, dissociations, fears,... ) will never be
conPrmed in reality.

The impact of their words apparently affect healthy individuals in their

subconscious mind, fear, and instead of inspiring enquire and research, do create
fear, belief, and blind trust. No wonder that the movement have become so relevant.

In certain manner it may be even related to spiritism, channeling, and other type of
beliefs in paranormal, out of body or other strange related phenomena that have in
reality very little of real and more of collective hypnosis.

My students was very kin of sharing his insight on "psychic reading" suggesting the
combination of it with NLP, and possibility of long distance NLP Practice. Which
sounds very much like a science Pction movie to me.

Along the training program i have provided i observed how through the interest he
has on "psychic reading" this student did developed less and less interest into
tangible reality and critical thinking, and became more and more delusional, to
Pnally feel compelled to share and practice his "new skills of psychic reading" to
every one.

I have asked him about himself, how his life changed since involved into the
"psychic'-thing" and he explained that his life changed a lot and he "shifted".
Meaning that why he did lost his job, had to move from house, lost his wife and
family, left his profession, cut ties with friends and community, and mostly invested
money, wealth and time in the "psychic thing" have helped him to "evolve" to a
"higher state of consciousness", to "know reality and other dimensions" and to
"evolve as human, upgrade". Yet, despite his explanations and passion, self-
conPdence, i have found in him only addiction signs. I can not imagine "the psychic
thing" to be the future ow human evolution, society or family, nor to be integrated to
professional activity like national defense, governance, medicine, technology
innovation, social management, coaching, strategic management or scientiPc

Intrigued about this case i have researched in more cases.

In particular focussing on those that apparently are so deeply hooked by the

experience of psychic reading to the point of developing an addict behavior, with the
cognitive, behavioral, emotional, traits of addition. Signs of physiological traits may
be confusing as could also be self induced.

The apparent common justiPcation of the intense practice of "psychic reading " is
that for them is "reality" what they intent to Pnd through it, truth. A truth in
opposition to what is naturally perceived and veriPed. Second, to reinforce their
perception, their collective agreement becomes so important. To the extreme of
inducing phenomena or creating events that "verify" or apparently explain
phenomena in such a way that their perceptions are conPrmed.

Yet, most of the explanations given belong to perceptions they decided to belief,
and not to facts or reality, nor to knowledge or studies of nature, but just to their
interpretation of what they claim have "perceived"

Given the fact that addiction is a topic of interest to me, i have suggested in a
publication that several modern and ancient culture practice are and have been
addictive, like: religion, yoga, meditation, performing arts, martial arts, x-treme
sports, sex, money-making, and others. I did Pnd relevant to give little attention to
this type of modern culture interest that have captured the attention of so many

From my perspective, actually, have mostly distracted them from their real life,
studied, social skills, relationships, wealth generation abilities and personal
development, as a escape from tensions, drama, stress and frustration. as It would
have become for them more easy to reject reality through creating a new one,
justiPed by the practice of "psychic reading".

I think this phenomena is relevant and must be studied. I am certain i am not the
only one that have noticed it. So i wonder if there is any study on the Peld,
conclusions, treatment and maybe any contribution to the assessment and
perceptions i have developed.

In particular, i am interested to know, how "psychic-skills" Pnd a niche to evolve in

the modern global culture, how have been seeded and implanted in individuals with
such a deep effect into their lives. How the sellers of it have integrated NLP and
hypnosis to he marketing and selling process. Knowing that there is data from
ancient cultures, religions, mystics, and modern drug-practice movements,
spirituality, new age, and psychics from all around the world and the industry it has
become sold to leisure consumers.

Presentation: Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Daily Life

and The Matrix 9+
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
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