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NO. 1
1. Complete the following sentences by putting the verbs into the correct tense:

1. Jane cant come to the phone because she .. (wash) her hair. She (wash) her
hair every day.
2. The children (do) their homework at the moment.
3. Light .(travel) at 186.000 miles per second.
4. Jack . (have) a small cottage in the country.
5. I .. (not be) to a party since Christmas.
6. We . (plan) to have a barbecue party when it suddenly (start) to rain.
7. The children .. (dance) at the party when the lights .. (go out).
8. He .. (sit) on the bank of the river when he .. (see) a rare bird.
9. I . (know) Jane for a long time and we (be) good friends.
10. Anna (not go) to a concert since she .. (be) twenty.
2. Choose the correct word or phrase:
1. Tom has .
2. Martha stays / is staying with Ann for the time being.
3. This perfume is smelling / smells awful.
4. Martin hasnt seen / didnt see his daughter since Christmas.
5. I have looked / looked for my cat for days but I never found it.
3. Find and correct the mistake in the sentences:
1. Tom has been missing the bus so hell be late. __________
2. My brother dont have a job right now. __________
3. My friend isnt liking her house. __________
4. Our neighbour was always complained about the loud music. __________
5. The house has belonged to the family from 1920. __________
6. Ive been typing three letters so far this morning. __________
7. Her eyes are red because she has cried. __________
4. Complete each sentence with two to five words including the words in bold:
1. It was raining heavily. We stayed in.
so It was raining . we stayed in.
2. We had a great time because the people at the hotel were very friendly.
such They were people at the hotel that we had a great time.
3. There was a lot of noise last night and I couldnt sleep.
such There was . last night that I couldnt sleep.
4. Kate doesnt pay much attention to the way she dresses. She looks untidy.
so Kate pays the way she dresses that she looks untidy.