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I. Translate the following sentences (20 marks):

1. El locuieste in acest oras din 1989.
2. Doar ce am terminat de luat cina.
3. Avionul va decola la 8 p.m.
4. El vorbeste fluent doua limbi.
5. O sa varuiesc camera fiicei mele la primavara.
6. Este primul lucru pe care mi l-ai spus toata ziua.

II. Turn the sentences into indirect speech (20 marks):

1. Open the window!
2. Why did you change your job?
3. Why didnt you go to Marys party yesterday?
4. Where will you go tomorrow after the classes?
5. Are you going to her office?
6. Do you like living in the country?

III. Turn the sentences into the passive voice (20 marks):
1. They are building the bridge now.
2. He gave his mother a flower.
3. She brought the news to her friends.
4. They didnt inform us.
5. She looks after the children very well.

IV .Match the questions in column a-k with the answers in column 1-10 (10 marks).

a.Why didnt you come with us to see the exhibition 1.No,I didnt.
which was inaugurated yesterday? 2.Most are.I think.Why , do you want to join us?
b.I like detective stories very much. 3.Unfortunately, I had a lot of work to do and I had to
c.I cant stand when somebody shouts at me, can you? finish it on time.
d.What about having lunch elsewhere ?Dont you think 4.What a good idea!Ive never really liked this place.
it would be a better idea? 5.All right,but nothing too special.
e.Is everyone going to see that film? 6.So do I .I m glad we share the same opinion on this.
f.Have you ever been dissatisfied with your own work? 7.Yes, I most probably will.
g.Dont you find his reaction a bit too superficial for this 8.Not really.I think it is quite natural.
age? 9.Neither can I.
h.So you accepted the job offer after all. 10.I have.Many times , actually.
i. How was the party?
j.Going to the greengrocers?

V.Choose the correct verb tense (20 marks):

1.)They into their new house by the end of the year.
a.will move b.are going to move.
c.moving d.will have moved
2) my best friends party this Saturday.
a.will be going b.will be gone going d.will have gone
3) soon as I have received her first letter.
a.will let you know letting you know
c. let you know d.will have let you know