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The Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter

our understanding of the modern world

Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.

Extraterrestrial Contacts 2


A wonderful and comprehensive survey of much that is mysterious in our

world today, which should interest both the casual reader and the devoted
specialist. Everyone who is interested in our possible contacts with extra-
terrestrials should read this book and then, having learned more of the real
evidence for themselves, see what they think.

Horace R. Drew, Ph.D., Caltech

That a piece of the Roswell UFO foil may have ended up in the hands of Dr.
Kroth, if only for a few moments and allowing his close inspection of that
material, I deem to be entirely within the realm of possibility. . . This book,
Extraterrestrial Contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs, and how they alter our
understanding of the modern world traces the history of the UFO Phenomenon
back to the very origins of mankind . . .In doing so, author Jerry Kroth, Ph.D.
helps to cultivate and nurture a growing societal awareness that there is much
more to the story of mankinds presence on Earth than our insipid, outdated, and
wholly incomplete contemporary belief systems are capable of and/or willing to
address. Read this book and give the information it conveys your most
thoughtful and open--minded consideration.

Richard OConnor, M.D.

Founder, The Jesse Marcel Library

Jerry Kroth reveals his resourcefulness and commitment to truth in this, his
latest book on the UFO subject. His research skills are unexcelled and his
Extraterrestrial Contacts 3

knowledge of the subject is far-ranging. He exhibits a balanced perspective on

many hot-button issues in the UFO field and is very thorough in his
examination of well-known and not-so-well-known cases. Dr. Kroths personal
experience with what may well be memory metal from the Roswell crash is of
special interest. I heartily recommend this superb book to anyone with interest in
the subject of extraterrestrial visitation.

Anthony Bragalia, UFO Researcher

If extraterrestrials have interacted with our species, this would be the most
significant event in all of human history. And a book that documents that
evidence and makes the case as overwhelmingly as Kroths does, deserves to
stand next to Darwin, Plato, and Einstein in terms of its
ultimate importance to humankind.

M.S. Forrest, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Santa Monica, California

Extraterrestrial Contacts 4


One time, years ago, I was at a social function with a family friend who was a
retired Air Force officer formerly based at Wright-Patt. In the course of our
conversation, I broached whether there were really UFOs and Little Men at the
base. He guffawed and looked at me like I was a little crazy to ask such a thing. I
apologized and said that I head heard this stuff all of my life and figured that if
anybody knew, he would (he was an aeronautical engineer). He then became
rather serious and told me that only upon three conditions would he say anything
about the matter: (1) I would never mention his name or rank (2) it was strictly
off the record, and (3) if anyone ever got back to him for confirmation, he would
deny he ever said it. I agreed to those terms.

Theyre there, he said.1


1 Tom Carey & Donald Schmitt, Inside the Real Area 51, New Jersey: New Page Books, 2013
Extraterrestrial Contacts 5

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

Carl Sagan, Astrophysicist, Cornell

Extraterrestrial Contacts 6

Table of contents

1. A simple piece of material. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

2. Experts and elephants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

3. From Roswell to Wanaque. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82

4. Congress and cavemen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165

Part II: How everything changes

5. Dissonance and denial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .186

6. Myths, memories, and mnemonics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .202

7. Pictographs and pyramids: an archeological journey. . . . 231

8. Evolutionary biology and the extraterrestrial . . . . . . . . . . . 291

9. Writing in the fields: a serious look at crop circles. . . . . . . 343

10. Epilogue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 433

About the author
Extraterrestrial Contacts 7

Book Jacket

This is perhaps the most encyclopedic text in history documenting the

hypothesis that extraterrestrials have interacted with humankind. Written by
Professor Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., and comprising 450 pages, 185 graphics and
photos, and 900 footnotes, it represents the most expansive and thorough
treatment of this subject anywhere to date.

Extaterrestrial Contacts: the Roswell foil, UFOs and how they alter our
understanding of the modern world begins in a very personal way. When Dr.
Kroth was teaching elementary school in 1965, a young girl came up to him with
a piece of material. It originally looked like aluminum foil; it was about 5 inches
square and paper-thin. She told him to crush it, he did. When he let loose his
grip, the material just magically returned to its former state, flat, unruffled, no
crinkles no creases. It couldnt be punctured. It couldnt be cut with three types
of scissors.

At the time he thought it was some kind of material NASA was developing, and
thought no more about it until 45 years later when he read Philip Corsos The
Day After Roswell. There it was again, a perfect description of what he held in
his hands more than four decades earlier. He slowly came to realize he never
ever seen this material again, anywhere, no applications, no commercial
development at all. What a wonderful crease-free shirt it would have made, or
what a superb paper thin coating on a car or a roof that would never scratch or

It didnt take long for him to ask if he was holding the Roswell foil, an
extraterrestrial alien artifact, in his own hands in 1965?

With the help of two private investigators, a valiant five-month search to find
this girl was started. She must be, by now, about 63 years of age.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 8

But he headed off on another inquiry too, entirely terrestrial and quite secular.
Forty materials scientists, physicists and chemists from MIT to Australia were
asked what they thought he was holding in 1965. They were never told about
Roswell, but simply asked what kind of material that was and why he hasnt
seen it since. Was it Mylar, Kevlar, Hytrel, Kaplonyou name it, he checked it

Nothing comes close.

That is where this book began, but then it proceeds beyond gumshoe inquiries
into a far more panoptic scholarship.

First it looks carefully at the Roswell event, and from there all the other most
highly corroborated UFO stories in the literature. That data, in turn, is weighed
against what skeptics, cynics, and debunkers have said. Over the course of two
chapters, fully immersed in detail, data, tables, and figures, an elegant and
meticulously crafted database emerges: over 460 people, astronauts, cosmonauts,
pilots, air traffic controllers, navigators, scientists, majors, captains, and 19
generals all affirm that UFOs exist, that they have encountered them, and that
extraterrestrial contacts have occurred and continue to this day.

Once we begin to take in how staggering is this insight, the book seizes us with
another shock which threatens to further shatter our comfort levels. If
extraterrestrials interacted with humankind, how does that change mythology,
archeology, biology, history, ancient history, and science in general?

Is it possible that what we have considered fable and folkloreor flights of the
primitive, superstitious archaic human imaginationmight have been real
events that actually happened?

Kroth takes us on an exciting journey which reviews the awe-inspiring stone-

cutting, dressing, and transport technologies in Egypt, Baalbek, and Perusites
over 7,000 miles distant from one another. We visit the White Pyramid of China,
ancient Vedic tomes, the Voynich textsaid to be the most mysterious
Extraterrestrial Contacts 9

manuscript in the world and we pore over profiles the maps of Pyri Reis of
Antarctica 300 years before it was discovered.

The sojourn into mythology takes us through Indian, Eskimo, Iranian, pharonic
and biblical accounts that describe sky-gods who descend to the earth and then
fly off into the heavenssixty-one all told.

In the chapter which reviews biological evidence, the precipitant rise of human
achievements, written language, and technology is so extraordinary, so recent,
and simultaneously so dissimilar to the behavioral profiles of Neanderthal and
Homo erectus, it deserves far closer scrutiny.

Certainly there are mutagenic possibilities which might explain our rapid
cultural big bang, but, in geological time, they seem to happen in the blink of an
eye. The idea that extraterrestrial influences (the gods) may have impacted the
efflorescence in human cognitive capacities and culturean idea prolifically
recorded in the mythologies of China, Japan, Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Israel, and
Mesoamericashould not stir up such a kerfuffle that it couldnt stand a
thorough and unbiased review inside rather than outside the hallowed colloquia
of the academy.

The journey is interdisciplinary and encyclopedic, but gradually we slowly

realize how deeply politically incorrect it is too.

Undaunted by that contemporary zeitgeist, Kroth makes a final foray into one
more scandalous hypothesis, crop circles. Most people believe they are hoaxes,
but to think pranksters and vandals out for a laugh made them with boards and
PVC pipe in the middle of the night is becoming more and more far-fetched.
Two stunning circles recently were decoded and the results published in peer
reviewed scientific journals. One pictorially represented pi at 10 digits to
infinity, and another set of twelve circles encoded a completely undiscovered,
unpublished, and valid, Euclidian theorem. As one scholar said, if hoaxers
made those circles, they deserve a Nobel Prize! 1
Extraterrestrial Contacts 10

Chapter after chapter, and with scholarly deliberation, Kroth helps the reader
separate out the bizarre and tabloid from the inexplicable and uncanny. A
genuine fascination gradually takes root, and it is a feeling one can trust. This
text is decidedly not Geraldo. The data under review is neither kooky
sensationalism nor run-of-the-mill New Age hype. What we find instead are
rational and reasonable conclusions that are mysterious, baffling, and, at the
same time, absolutely compelling.

Sample Chapter


A simple piece of material

My name is Jerry Kroth. Im a psychology professor from California and Ive

written 13 books, mostly academic third person stuff, so I decided this
investigative piece will stay upfront, real, and personal as much as possible.

Far back in 1965, and long before my doctorate, I was teaching the 5th grade in
Wayne, Michigan near Ann Arbor when a girl brought a mysterious material to

My daddy said I should show you this. she said, handing me a silvery-gray,
slightly elastic 5 by 5-inch sheet of material that looked like aluminum foil.

Turns out it wasnt foil. It was magic.

Extraterrestrial Contacts 11

If you tried to cut this material with scissors, nothing would happen. If you tried
to jam a ball point pen or a metal tip into it, you simply couldnt puncture
it,,even though it was as thin as a piece of stationery.

If you rolled it into a ball and then let go, it immediately unfolded and resumed
its shape with no dents or creases, regardless of how many times you squeezed
and crushed it.

The phenomenon is called shape memory, and I believe only one substance then
had that quality, Nitinol. However, shape memory only happens when Nitinol is
heated. So-called superelastic nitinol can allegedly show shape memory at
room temperature, but that variation wasnt invented until the 1970s.2 A
materials science expert in Australia confirmed this timeline for me.

So, what was this weird substance?

What was I holding?

In reading the literature on

UFOs, I discovered 21
people who signed affidavits
saying they witnessed a
similar silvery-gray foil
from the alleged crash site
of an alien spacecraft at
Roswell, New Mexico in
1947.3 Either someone
showed the material to
them, or they picked it up
and handled it themselves.

One witness, Lt. Walter Haut, talked about the crash, the craft, and the
mysterious foil, but at his request, the 2002 affidavit wasnt made public until
after he died three years later.4 An even more dramatic deathbed confession
came from Homer Rowlette
Rowlettes daughter said just before her father died, he
confirmed the Roswell UFO incident. (Youtube video
may be accessed under the title Roswell confessions.
Sgt. Homer Rowlette; or at the following link,
Extraterrestrial Contacts 12

Jr. While laying on a gurney about to go into an operating room, he whispered to

his daughter: I was at Roswell when they recovered the spaceship in 1947. I
was involved. I saw it. Its all true.5 Rowlette did not survive the operation.

Another deathbed confession comes from Marion Magruder, who was sworn to
secrecy after handling the Roswell material in 1947 when it was transferred to
Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He said it behaved like metal
that could be folded in your hands and then return to its original shape. He kept
silent about seeing the UFO wreckage, bodies, and alien material for 50 years,
before finally revealing the secrets to his son Mark.6

Deathbed confessions always carry a ring of truth for me, especially those three,
but Im very much a skeptic. I was going to need more proof before crossing the
ethereal bridge into the realm of UFO believers.

Still, I couldnt help but wonder: Was it possible I was holding an artifact of an
extraterrestrial civilization in my hands in 1965?

Such a close encounter with another world would certainly qualify as the biggest
event of my lifetime, and probably yours.

As a social scientist, I was expected to exercise due diligence and search for a
more earthly explanation for the mystery materials alien characteristics.
Skeptics and debunkers have made well-reasoned, if not acerbic, attacks on UFO
believers, and,their arguments show some impressive verisimilitude.

So challenged, I launched my very secular journey of discovery.

I wrote to more than 100 professors of materials science, chemistry, and physics,
and posted queries on physics and materials science internet forums describing
the magic foilbut never mentioning Roswelland asking, What was it?
What was I holding in 1965? Some 41 of these mavens replied.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 13

About 50 percent of survey respondents

had no idea what the weird material was.
Some suggested Mylar (BoPet) or
Kevlar, but these materials hold a crease,
can be wrinkled, and will stay wrinkled
at room temperature (see photos below).7

Close but no cigar. The photo left is Mylar or BoPet; note it wrinkles. To the right is aluminized
Kevlar which similarly retains creases and wrinkles and often has a woven appearance.

Another 16 percent said it was Nitinol, which does not display shape memory
unless heated, at least not in circa 1965, according to my investigation.

A minority voice suggested it was an aluminized shape memory polymer, but

those did not appear until 1984.8 Another scientist suggested it was Kapton,
developed by Dupont. However, Kapton does not have the magic properties
since it is capable of being cut and punctured and will hold a partial crease, a
Dupont researcher confirmed in correspondence with me.9

I purchased Kapton and found it was easily cut with scissors and had no shape
memory whatsoever. The same Dupont scientist guessed the mystery material
Extraterrestrial Contacts 14

could have been Hytrel, but this brand was not available commercially until the
1980s.10 Furthermore, when I called a manufacturer of Hytrel, the technical
support person said if crushed, it would retain creases and it could be cut with

One scientist-entrepreneur suggested it could have been a polyamide coated with

germanium, but the company making this compound told me they had nothing
that matched my products description.

Another Dupont nominee was Karlaz, but it was only 40 years old, nine years
shy of my moment of truth in that 5th grade classroom encounter.11

Still unsure of what I once held in my handsand not convinced that I should
rely on expert opinion about such a weighty subjectI bought and tested
samples of Nitinol and Kevlar in 2016. The five varieties of Kevlar were
completely different. None of the samples displayed shape memory and I could
puncture them all, even cutting them with scissors after a few attempts.

The four samples of Nitinol I purchased also did not conform to my magic
products characteristics. One Nitinol foil was rigid (mine was quite elastic),
thick (mine was paper thin), and I could cut it with scissors the first time I tried
(my 1965 material couldnt be cut at all). Finally, it didnt display shape
memory whatsoever at room temperature. Another sample of so-called 0.22
mm Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy muscle foil was gray instead of silvery, very
tough (not pliable), showed no signs of shape memory at room temperature, and
could easily be cut with scissors.

A Nitinol wire sample I tested was the wrong color, had very incomplete shape
memory at room temperature, and was much thicker than my paper-thin
material, but at least it couldnt be cut with scissors. Still, it was much too bulky
and when I bent it into a ball it unwound, but only by about 50 percent, while
my 1965 foil instantly unwound to 100 percent of its former flat shape.

In other words, of the four samples I tested, none conformed to the original
Extraterrestrial Contacts 15

Note, however, that one of the professors of materials scientists said it could
have been pseudoelastic or superelastic shape memory Nitinol. I checked that
possibility, but found that neither of these variations of Nitinol existed in 1965.
Superelastic and pseudoelastic properties of alloys were first footnoted in
scientific literature in 1973 and 1986.12

When I asked a manufacturer of Nitinol for a variety that fit my properties, he

replied: The only thing would be the 50C transition phase Nitinol foil, 0.12mm
thin is the absolute thinnest the foundry is able to produce. I was not able to get a
lower transition temperature or a thinner material. Apparently, once you get to
these thicknesses, it is very resistant to further processing without much heavier
duty presses." 13

Moreover, after almost five months into this investigation, I received a note from
a manufacturer of superelastic nitinol in sheet form that confirmed their high-end
product did not reach the flexible characteristics I was seeking.

Therefore, through a process of elimination, I concluded that I might have

actually held the Roswell foil in my hands back in 1965. As one colleague said,
Basically all material known at that time appears to have been eliminated as a

At this time, after more than 100 queries and 41 responses, I began thinking that
just maybe I was holding something really, really extraordinary.

Most of the original witnesses of the Roswell crash came forward in the 1980s
and 1990s with their stories and affidavits. Virtually everybody described the
material the same waysilvery-gray, couldnt be cut or punctured, would not
hold a crease, paper-thin, and always resumed its original flat shape, One report
even said a guy shot the material with a deer rifle and it still didnt puncture, but
just floated to the ground like a piece of Kleenex.14

Many of the witnesses said the Roswell debris was flown to Wright-Patterson
AFB in Dayton, Ohio.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 16

There was not much activity concerning the mystery material after this flurry of
1947 testimonies. The next report surfaced in 1957.

Journalist Mary Joyce interviewed a woman who said at age 10, she and an
eight-year old boy sneaked into his fathers office at Wright-Patterson. He was
an officer in the top-secret, classified section on the base. The kids purloined the
material and not only played with it, they tried amateur science experiments with
it. Their description of the magic foil was the same as mine. They crushed it,
tried to stretch it, stuck it under a truck that ran over it, but the silvery-gray
material remained undaunted and undented. They even put it into a 300 degree
oven and not only did it not melt, it didnt even retain heat.

I never had the chance to try that experiment.

When I asked Mary Joyce who the girl and the boy were, she said they refuse to
give their names, even now.15 In the video, which is only an audio recording, the
woman who looked about age 69 said when the officer-father learned the
material was missing he stormed to her house and grabbed it back saying,

You never tell anybody about this ever. You never had this; you never saw
this; do you know what could happen to me if anybody found out about this?
I could lose my job. Its on you!"16

Mary Joyce is still protecting the identity of these two, even though I made my
best effort to convince her otherwise. I sent her this impassioned email:

Who is going to prosecute a 69 year old lady for playing with that
material 59 years ago when she was 10!? It is important for them both to
come forward. This is an issue for all of us. If an extraterrestrial
civilization interacted with humankind, this is the biggest story of all
time. Please appeal to these two that they need to come forward.

In 1957, whatever the children were playing with on that military base couldnt
have been Nitinol since it hadnt yet been discovered.17 18 I tried to persuade
Extraterrestrial Contacts 17

Mary Joyce to reveal their identities. I said, Mary, if they dont come forward,
there is no way to corroborate this story and skeptics and debunkers will scupper
the whole tale and think you made it all up out of thin air.

Nice try, Jerry. No dice.


After the Roswell affidavits and the childrens tales, the next witness to the
material was me, the Michigan school teacher in 1965.

I was unable to find any other published intervening reports on the UFO

However, thanks to UFO researcher Tom Carey, my adventure led me to a

married couple in Sylvania, Ohio who played with the material after me, this
time in the 1970s.

Same description, same properties, same fascination.

They said the material came from their uncle, a man named Harold Iffland.
Unlike Marys twosome, these folks were more than happy to go on record with
their story. Carey didnt explore Ifflands role with the material, but I thought
that link was critical.

Who was Uncle Harold and how did he get this material?

With some digging, I learned that Harold died many years ago. No obituary in
the local papers. Strange. However, an obituary in Indiana for his daughter
revealed he also had a son who lived in Ohio. With the help of one of the best
gumshoes in the UFO business, Tony Bragalia, I learned that Harold was a
scientist who had worked for a research firm connected with Wright-Patterson
air base in Dayton. Bragalia is very good at finding people.

Oh my god! A break!
Extraterrestrial Contacts 18

The crucial link was Wright-Patterson! The Roswell material was reportedly
stored at the air base, and Harold worked there!

A real witness with a real name!

At the time, Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz,

was convinced the Roswell incident happened
and that the debris was kept at Wright-
Patterson, including alien bodies. He gave an
interview about the UFO coverup that is still
available on Youtube.19 Senator Goldwater
was also a senior Air Force reserve officer,
was buddies with Gen. Curtis Lemay, and
played a role in reorganizing the Joint Chiefs
of Staff. Despite all that leverage, when he
asked LeMay for permission to visit the Green Room at Wright-Patterson
where the alien bodies are supposed to be kept LeMay cussed Goldwater out,
telling him to never bring up that subject again.20

Perhaps thou dost protest too much, Senator Barry Goldwater was also
General? a Major General in the Air Force
Reserve; his Youtube interview
can be found under the title
I wasnt interested in alien bodies. My goal Senator Goldwater is talking
about government s UFO cover-
was to find more information about the up. It can be accessed here:
strange material I once held in my hands;
not to get lost in UFO lore. I needed to focus
on this singular, personal experience and nothing else. I thought to myself:

My god, its been 51 years, and I never saw it again. How cool would
it be to have a shirt made out of this material, or a raincoat, or, for that
matter, to cover a roof with it; it would probably never leak, never
scratch, never dent. Where is it? Why have I never seen it again
anywhere after half a century?
Extraterrestrial Contacts 19

Back to Harold Iffland.

Harold Iffland died in the mid-1980s, and with Bragalias help, I tracked down
and spoke to his son. He confirmed his dad was an engineer, wrote a book on
electronics, worked half-time at Wright-Patterson, and had a top-secret

My daughter Maya, a journalist, reminded me that to corroborate a story, it was

best to interview at least two sources, which I did. First was the couple in
Sylvania, Ohio who said they played with magic material that came from
Wright-Patterson via an uncle, Harold Iffland. Second was Harolds son, who
revealed that his dad had a top secret status and worked at both Systems
Research Labs and Wright-Patterson in Dayton.

Confirmation, corroboration!

Harolds son gave me permission to use his name, but I decided against using it
because of concerns for his privacy. The son noted he never saw the UFO debris
himself, and when he asked about the weird material his father would reply, I
cant talk about that because of national security issues.

Using due diligence, I researched the literature for anyone claiming to have
personally handled the Roswell material since 1947. As a result, I have
constructed a table of 37 first-person encounters with the silvery metallic foil.

There are many intriguing second-hand accounts, some from scientists at

Lawrence Livermore laboratories, but my final table is limited to personal
encounters only. Previous lists were much smaller and included some second-
party witnesses and hearsay such as, my dad told me, etc.21 22

The accounts of witnesses in the table show a remarkable similarity in

descriptions of the agile material. My name is there too, in 1965.

I might strike my name from the table some day, especially if I learn I wasnt
holding the Roswell foil after all. Who knows, maybe that little girl will appear
Extraterrestrial Contacts 20

and tell me her father worked for Goodyear making tires and the material she
handed me had nothing to do with these quixotic extraterrestrial wanderings.

Table 1.2 First person witness accounts to the Roswell foil

First hand witness Year Comments Reference

Jesse Marcel Jr 1947 It was foil like stuff, very thin, metallic like, but (1)
not metal, and very tough, kind of like a dull
aluminum on each surface.
William Brazel 1947 One of the pieces looked like something on the (1)
order of tin foil except that it wouldnt tear. You
could wrinkle it and lay it back down and
immediately it resumed its original shape. I
couldnt tear it. The color was in between tinfoil
and lead foil about the thickness of lead foil. I
would bend it over and crease it, would
flatten out and just as smooth as ever.
Sally Strickland 1947 It was something like aluminum foil.I think the (1)
Tadolini (age 9 in 1947) fabric measured about four-by-eight to ten inches.
It was the thickness of a very fine kidskin leather
glove and a dull metallic gray silver. Yet, when I
crumped it in my hands ... when it was released it
sprang back into its original shape, quickly
flattening out with no wrinkles.
Loretta Proctor 1947 My husband tried to cut and burn the object, but (1)
(neighbor of Brazel) (wasnt) successful It was extremely light in
weight . . was pliable and wouldnt crush or
burn ([Signed affidavit about this in 1991)
Ralph Multer, Roswell 1947 Kept secret most of his life. They couldnt cut it, (6)
truck driver couldnt even heat it. Described as silver-gray.
M. Sgt Lewis Rickett 1947 The foil was dull, like the back side of (1)
(on Jesse Marcels staff) aluminum foil. It was very strong and very light.
You could bend it but couldnt crease it.
Sgt Robt Smith (flew 1947 You could crumple it up, let it come out. When (1)
planes out of Roswell) you crumped it up, then laid it back outit kind
of crackled making a sound like cellophane.
There were no creases. [Signed affidavit in
Lt. Jack Trowbridge 1947 It was aluminum in appearance. It looked like (1)/ (10)
Hershey bar wrappings, but you squeeze it up in
your hand as hard as you could, let it go, and it
returned to the original shape instantly!
S.Sgt. Earl V. Fulford 1947 I picked up small silvery pieces of metallic (1)[
(aircraft mechanic) debris, the largest of which was about 3-4 inches
wide by 12 to 15 inches long. It looked like thin,
light aluminum foil that flexed slightly when I
Extraterrestrial Contacts 21

picked it up, but once in the palm of your hand

you could wad it up into a small ball. Then when
you let it go, it would immediately assume its
original shape in a second or two. I thought to
myself, Hey, this is neat. Im going to keep a
piece for myself, But they searched us
thoroughly when we got back to make damned
sure none of us had anything. [He said there
were maybe 8 to 10 pieces of this material].
S. Sgt. Milton Sprouse, 1947 Among the material discovered was a malleable (1) plus
B-29 mechanic. foil-like material that could be laid flat with no other 2007
creases after being squashed into a ball ... sources
metallic foil that when crumpled unfolded
without a crease
June Crain [worked at 1947-1952 I took it and bent it and I twisted it and I laid it (1)
Wright Patterson] back down, and it went right back to the same
shape. I got back to my desk and he said cut it.
Trying cutting it, I got my scissors and and I
snipped at it, and you know there was no way I
could even cut that piece of metal. And it was a
light as a feather. I would say that it didnt weigh
as much as these two cards. It was so light, but
strong...but it had no weight a tall. It was sort of a
grayish gun metal type of color, sort of lead-
colored,...he said I just came back from New
Mexico and I brought it back with me . . .it was
practically indestructible. I couldnt even make a
dent in it. Nothing. I couldnt make a mark on it,
and I couldnt tear it up. . . I have yet to see
anything that would have those properties and
look like that.
Charles Schmid. 1947 There was some material that looked just like (1)
Roswell resident tinfoil, but quite strong. You could wring it up in
your hand and it would just straighten out, no
kinks, no nothing; it would just straighten out by
itself. [Signed affidavit 1991]
Thomas Gonzalez 1947 Researcher Don Ecker discovered Gonzalez who (13)
described it as air foil. He also said he retrieved
metal from the crash site as well
Paul Price Roswell 1947 With his brother visiting the crash site. Some of (1)
resident the pieces just snapped back in your hands when
you bent them.
Frank Dwyer Rowe age 1947 It was dull gray about the thickness of aluminum (1)
12 (went with fire dept foil. When wadded into ball, it would unfold
to the scene] itself. The fire fighters were unable to cut or burn
it....there was not one wrinkle n that. You could
bend it it made no crinkle or noise. It was very
shiny, very silvery color. . . and they took out
Extraterrestrial Contacts 22

their pocket knives and tried to cut it and they

couldnt cut it.
Jim Ragsdale 1947 (1)
(considered a You could take that stuff and wad it up and it
questionable witness would straighten itself out.
who changed his story Signed affidavit in 1998.
over time; Roswell
Philip Corso 1947 Alleges he saw the foil as part of the debris at the (11)
Roswell crash, that it was silvery and once
crushed into a ball magically returned to its
former shape; he also mentioned it could not be
punctured or cut with scissors.
Philip Croft ; Roswell 1951 Said Brazel still had a piece of the foil in 1951. (1)
resident According to researcher Don Burleson, Croft
claimed he went on a hunting party with Brazel,
showed the material, and they fired on it with
30.06 deer rifles from about 30 feet. When the
foil was hit, it spun a considerable distance up in
the air and came floating down like Kleenex. . .
the material showed no effects from having been
hit, not even a dent and certainly no tears or
L.D. Sparks, Roswell 1947-1951 Sparks described a piece shown to him by Dan (1)
rancher Richards. Richards had him toss a thin piece of
foil-like material in the air as he fired a rifle at it.
Shot after shot just ricocheted off of it. It would
crumble the piece into a ball and Id watch in
amazement as it would unfold as it floated
through the air.
Albert Bruce Collins 1947 It was a dull finish metal on one side like (1)
(said he analyzed the aluminum and very shiny on the other side. It was
debris t Berkeley in thin and very light. It could be flexed but not
1947] dented on impact. We could not separate metals
through any assay we know of. It was fire and
cold resistant.
Walt Whitmore Jr, son (1947) It was very much like lead foil in appearance but (1)
of Roswell radio station could not be torn or cut at all. Extremely light
owner weight; about four or five inches square.
Whitman said (differently in 1992) that he still
questionable witness had some of the material collected on the ranch
in a safe and secure place.
Jason Kellahin, AP 1947 Pieces of silver color fabric, perhaps aluminized (1)
reporter in 1947 cloth. signed affidavit 1993
Bessie Brazel Schreiber 1947 A sort of aluminum-like foil. Most of it was kind (1)
of double-sided material, foil-like on one side and
rubber-ike on the other. Both sides were grayish
silver in color, the foil more silvery than rubber.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 23

The foil-rubber material could not be torn.

Jill and John, 8 and 10 1957 One day, John told Jill he had a surprise for her (2)
year olds whose fathers and showed her a strange metal that Jill
worked at Wright remembered to be about 8 inches by 11 inches,
Patterson similar to a sheet of paper. She said it looked like
aluminum, but it was heavier. John told her to
stand back. He then wadded up the sheet of metal
and threw it at Jill. Before the metal could reach
her, it transformed back into a flat sheet. They
experimented (played) with the material for a few
days until they were caught by the boys father.
They tried baking it in an oven at 300 degrees; no
change or effect. They tried putting it under the
tires of a large truck; no effect or creases retained.
When they were caught by the boys officer-
father, he said "You never tell anybody about this
ever. You never had this; you never saw this; do
you know what could happen to me if anybody
found out about this. I could lose my job. Its on
Jerry Kroth (teacher in 1965 5th grade student brings square material about 5 X personal
Wayne Michigan) 5 inches. Looked like aluminum foil, slightly recollection
thicker, slightly elastic, silvery-gray in color,
couldnt be cut with scissors, or punctured with a
metal tip. If wadded into a ball the size of a
marble, it would instantly open up and resume its
shape without any dents.
Walter Haut, officer at 1947 Haut signed affidavit (2002) shortly before his (3)
Roswell death and describes debris which resembled
metal foil; paper thin yet extremely strong,
Maj Jesse Marcel 1947 From a 1979 TV interview: [There were] many (4)
bits of metallic foil,that looked like, but was not,
aluminum, for no matter how often one crumpled
it, it regained its original shape again. Besides
that, they were indestructible, even with a
sledgehammer.I even tried to burn it wouldnt
Interviewed by researcher Tom Carey, Pat Casey
Pat Jones 1947+ said she handled the material in Fort Worth,Texas
as a child. Her father was an Air Force oficer personal
stationed at Carswell AFB in Texas. She said emails from
my daddy picked it up in the desert at the UFO Tom Carey
crash. She showed her class and everyone,
including the teacher was dumbfounded.
Interviewed by researcher Tom Carey and then
Lynn Melchert and early 1970s by me. Believes she handled the memory metal
Richard Melchert which her uncle showed her. So did her husband.
He worked at Wright-Patterson AFB with a top personal
Extraterrestrial Contacts 24

secret clearance. He brought the metal home for a email &

few days. Material was silvery gray, and would phone call
always return to its original shape when crushed;
it wouldnt dent; was somewhat elastic. They
gave permission to use the uncles name. It was
Harold Iffland. Spoke to Harolds son (July,
2016) and wife and both confirmed he had a top
secret clearance at Wright-Patterson in the 1970s.
Harold often told his son I cant talk about that.
His son, Mike, said it was okay to use his name in
any publication. Mike did not know of any UFO-
related implications and never saw the material in
Son of James Woods 1952 Woods was the son of a Roswell civil servant; at personal
age six, he was given what he called the magic email
memory metal and used it for a magic show he
regularly performed for his friends. He
subsequently lost it.
Lt Col Sidney Johnston, late 1950s Couldnt break it or scratch it in any way, yet it (8)
pilot once worked at was flexible, Johnson said of the foil-like metal.
Scientist Two early 1970s Interviewed by Anthony Bragalia, the scientist
Lawrence Berkeley (name withheld intentionally) said he was given (9)
National Labs this memory metal and told to figure out how
the metal morphs. No more properties of the
metal are given, but the scientist said it
corresponds to the Roswell characterizations.
Sgt, Homer Rowlette Jr., 1947 Sgt. Rowlette handled the memory metal . . . it (7)
603 Air Engineering was thin foil that kept is shape.
1947 "What I saw was bright and shiny like tin
Anonymous source foil, but you could not tear it or wad it up. It (14)
would retain its shape.
June Crain, Clerk Typist 1952 I tried everything I could to tear it up, adn I
Foreign Technology couldnt tear it. I couldnt make a dent on it.
Division, Wright- I couldnt make a mark on it . It had a funny (15)
slick feel to it. Didnt feel like any metal Ive
ever felt. I have yet to see anything that
would have those properties. And so light!

Total= 37 first hand witnesses to the foil

6. The Children of Roswell, loc1916
Extraterrestrial Contacts 25

7. Witness to Roswell
13. Don Ecker, Tale of New Roswell Witness, UFO Magazine, Vol. 9, 1994.
14. Person who was personally interviewed by researcher Aurimas Svitojus and wished to remain anonymous; personal email
15. 15. Tom Carey, Inside the real Area 51, Ibid, loc 1561.

Back to Michigan

Who was the girl in my class who gave me that material? I couldnt remember
any of the students I had 51 years ago. As it turned out, the school alumni
maintained a Facebook page. When I posted my message there, I got replies
from people who remembered me as their teacher, along with a photo of our
1965 class.

I thought I was their 4th grade teacher, but they told me I taught 5th. Here is the
class photo.

Im the 25 year-old in the center.

Extraterrestrial Contacts 26

I sent the 5th grade photo to the school historian at St. Marys for help in
identifying the students, but she said school records did not go back that far.

Eventually, alumni members were able to

associate many of the students in the photo
with names. Only one former student,
however, remembered the girl passing the
magic material around the classroom.
Someone else identified her as the first
girl, bottom row from left to right in the
group picture. Her name? Denise Daly.

Eureka! Did I strike it rich? The cover of the book does not show
the actual Roswell foil. No one
knows where this material is kept
It turns out Denise had a twin sister in a today. This is a photo-shopped
rendition of my memory of it, and it
different class whose name was Veronica was shown to two other people who
Dalya very good lead for a private encountered it in 1977. They agreed
the photo corresponds to their
investigator. recollections too.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 27

So, hot on the trail of the elusive magic material I next needed to find out what
happened to Denise and Veronica Daly.

One person said she and Denise Daly used to walk to her uncles Dalys
market on Michigan Avenue and buy candy. A week later, Laurie, another
classmate bellowed that it was her dad who owned Dailys (not Dalys) market,
and she had no cousins named Denise or Veronica.

Another alum who grew up to become a school principal came forward and said
she was sure it was Denise Daly who had a sister in another class, and that
Laurie Daily was simply one of my pupils.

Therefore, at least two people confirmed the girl with the magic material was
Denise Daly, who had a twin named Veronica, and that is about all we know,
nothing more.

My research has found no obituaries for these names that also mention the word
twin, so both sisters are likely still alive.

Im a decent researcher, but not a detective, so I contacted a private eye in Ann

Arbor and asked if he could find her. He replied maybe, adding it would
likely cost me more than I could afford. However, he generously referred me to
a Hollywood producer of UFO related programs who offered to provide me a
private investigator for free. Wonderful, I thought. My hopes for success in the
alien metal quest had greatly improved.

My former students were 11 when the weird metal foil was brought to class
more than a half-century ago. The woman who identified Denise Daly said the
girl wasnt in the school very long. She thinks Denises father worked for the
military, and was probably the reason they moved.


Hmmm. Nice lead!

Extraterrestrial Contacts 28

Strangely enough, another alumni member saw the class photo and was able to
identify all of the students in the picture except threeand Denise was one of
the trio. The reason could be because Denise wasnt in the school very long and
moved with her military family.

I said to the detective: We want to find her father, find out if he worked for the
Air Force or was doing classified research at the University of Michigan Science
and Technology Center, or perhaps the University of Michigan Aeronautical
Research Center, which was only 10 miles away.

Perhaps her father was just a regular guy working on Nitinol, Kevlar, polymers,
and exotic materials, and had nothing to do with UFOs, Roswell, Wright-
Patterson airbase, aliens, or anything extraterrestrial

Denises dad may have even gotten the strange material from an uncle, such as
Harold, who was a plumber. A bit disappointed, I wondered, Where do I go
from here?

It is important to remember that close to 79 percent of Americans believe the

government has been withholding information about extraterrestrial encounters23
and a whopping 66 percent believe Roswell UFO crash stories are neither a myth
nor a hoax.24

Stalin was so convinced that a UFO crash site in America was providing the
U.S. military with advanced technologies that he sent Russian spies to monitor
scientists and report on secret research activities 25 26

Investigating UFO-related phenomenon can stain ones academic career, but I

am now retired and free to pursue the mysterious magic material I first
encountered 50 years ago that may be of extraterrestrial origin.

The question was, where do I go next?

Extraterrestrial Contacts 29

About this time, I found a brilliant materials scientist in Australia who advised
me on the foil-like mystery metal and the secret machinations of the U.S.
government. He believes debris from a UFO accident was clandestinely
transferred from the Roswell crash site to Wright-Patterson.27
Once government pooh-bahs determined the alien super foil was made primarily
of nickel and titanium, the Air Force immediately launched an ambitious
program to produce titanium-based shape memory alloys.

The top secret research was ferreted out to Battelle Corp., located within close
proximity to Wright-Patterson. My Australian contact studied a gaggle of
declassified contracts and makes an excellent case that Nitinol, an alloy of
titanium and nickel, was a product of this reverse engineering project.

The Aussie expert wasnt sure if the material I once handled was the Roswell
foil or Nitinol, but he pointed out that Nitinol did not develop shape memory
characteristics at room temperature until many years after 1965. He has
published an excellent book, Roswell Revealed, and a compelling video on this

In Michigan, the school where I taught 5th grade was located only 12 miles from
Willow Run Research Labs, which contracted with the Air Force. The
University of Michigan Science and Technology Center was affiliated with
Willow Run Labs, and operated under another name, The University of
Michigan Aeronautical Research Center.

Curiously, both facilities had contracts with Wright-Patterson in Ohio, and for
all appearances, were involved in classified research.

My investigation led me to query Elmer Gilbert, who wrote a recent history of

the Willow Run Research Labs, and was able to verify two things for me: No. 1,
the lab did classified research for the Air Force and No. 2, the research was often
linked to the Wright-Patterson base in Dayton.29 In fact, during the Vietnam War
student protesters at the University of Michigan demanded the school sever its
relationship with Willow Run, arguing the lab received $600,000 to conduct
war-related research.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 30

I had a chance to look over some documents about Willow Run and noticed
something interesting. The U.S. Continental Military Command,was located
nearby and cited in the endnotes of many of the labs declassified papers.30

Stop and think about this scenario: Only 10 miles from where I taught 5 th grade,
the secret Willow Run Research Labs was doing classified work in association
with Wright-Patterson air base in Ohio, while a military Command Center
operated in Ypsilanti just 12 miles away, and Denise Dalys father may have
worked for the military.

Am I getting warm?

Denise Daly where are you? Who is your daddy?

I went to the U.S. military database and looked up every Daly I could find, then
cross-checked the list against obituaries. Alas, there was no record of a deceased
Daly leaving behind twin daughters Denise and Veronica. A Facebook search
also failed to find either of the twin sisters.

Two private detectives, one in Hollywood and one in Latvia, tried to help in the
search and wound up locating about 25 Denise Dalys. Some had new married
names but without links to a twin sister, and none of them turned out to be the
girl who brought the strange material my classroom in 1963.

This is where my alien adventure stops dead in its tracks with a sigh of
incompleteness and ennui.

Was I on a fools errand after all?

The backstory

There is an important backstory Im presenting as an epilogue that probably

should be the prologue. It describes how I got intrigued by my possible close
encounter with extraterrestrial material and picked up the scent for this story.
Extraterrestrial Contacts 31

About 10 years ago, I decided to write a book that would depart from
psychology, my given profession, a tad more than usual. It was published by
Algora in New York under the title Aliens and Man: a synopsis of facts and
beliefs. I wanted to present the best evidence I could for the hypothesis of
extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs. I investigated pyramids, the
Voynich manuscript, crop circles, mythological discussions of gods, and the
hstory of flying machines. I even looked at biological speculations from the
Sumerians to the Mayans to the Book of Enoch describing sky gods mating and
interbreeding with humans. In working on the book, I traveled to Egypt to crawl
inside the Great Pyramid, walked the Nazca lines in Peru, visited the oracle of
Delphi to ask a few questions, traveled to Jerusalem, personally inspected the
White Pyramid in Xian, China, and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, travel,
and experience.

I admit Ive never seen a UFO or had a direct experience with a cosmic visitor
and so Im regretably an agnostic about whether weve ever encountered

It was a thrilling academic journey, for sure, but I didnt fully cross that
threshold into believing that humankind had extraterrestrial contact.

As far as books with a UFO taint go, the book got good reviews and I also
made a video lecture on this subject. My videos have done a bit better than my
books, and more than a million folks have watched these lectures on Youtube
during the last four years. About 26,000 people have viewed Aliens and Man,
could it be true? 31

However, this story goes back to before the interview, before my book, all the
way to San Diego in 2008. I was then researching materials for my as yet
unpublished book, and reading an absolutely preposterous, outrageous screed
titled The Day After Roswell. It was written by 80-year-old Philip Corso, a
former Air Force officer who said he was at Roswell. He describes alien bodies,
the UFO craft, even autopsies done on the three-foot tall, large-headed beings at
Walter-Reed hospital. They had white lymphatic fluid instead of blood, strange
Extraterrestrial Contacts 32

internal organs, and no genitals. I kept saying to myself, Why the hell are you
reading this; it is total crap, farcical, ludicrous, ufology pulp!

Toss the book!

But, then I stumbled upon a quotation from Corso that stunned me; the hair on
my arms stood up; I was dazed. Flummoxed. All my 1965 memories, which I
had long forgotten, came front and center.

Here is what Corso said when he came upon the Roswell crash site in 1947:

One of the materials discovered was a dull gray metallic cloth-like

material that seemed to shine up from the sand. The officer at the
wreckage stuffed it into his fist and rolled it into a ball. Then he
released it and the metallic fabric snapped back into shape without
any creases or folds. When I tried to cut it with scissors the arms
just slid off without making even a nick in the fiber; when I tried to
stretch it, it bounced back.

This was my moment, my epiphany. I remembered the little girl in 1965. I

remembered the material. I remembered her words, My daddy says I should
show you this. I remembered taking my teachers compassthat you make
geometric angles withand jamming that metal tip as hard as I could into this
paper-thin material and never being able to puncture it, and then watching the
tiny dent in the material magically disappear before my eyes. I remembered
taking three different kinds of scissors out of my desk and trying to cut it.

After reading the description in Corsos book, I thought,

My God, is it true? Did I have the Roswell foil in my hands in 1965?

Did it really happen? Did extraterrestrials actually have contact with

Corso said he worked under Army Gen. Arthur Trudeau. Most of the debris was
taken to Wright-Patterson. President Eisenhower created the Pentagons Office
Extraterrestrial Contacts 33

of Foreign Intelligence, which was tasked with sending the material out for
study carefully disguised under that rubric. Corso says he worked at Wright-
Patterson at the time.

Since these materials came from the Office of Foreign Intelligence, they were
generally believed to be advanced products from other countries that the Air
Force wanted to reverse engineer. Corso said U.S. advancements in lasers,
materials science, night vision goggles, and a host of other technologies were
influenced by this initiative. He said laboratory researchers who received the
materials were not told they were dealing with extraterrestrial artifacts.

Many UFOogiststhe name UFO investigators call themselves think Corso is

a fraud. There have been serious attempts to debunk him. Indeed, I saw a video
of Corso shortly before his death and he appeared defensive, disoriented, and

On the other hand, my review of declassified reports from Willow Run Labs
indicated that documents related to the labs classified reverse engineering
projects were routinely sent to the Office of Foreign Intelligence in the Pentagon


It certainly seems something Corso said must have been true.

Corsos book was dedicated to his most revered senior officer, Gen. Arthur
Trudeau, who Corso says supervised the alien debris program for the Office of
Foreign Intelligence.

As a psychologist, I pay attention to corroborating details and patterns. l asked


Why would a retired and decorated 80-year-old Air Force officer

with a Bronze Star lie and fabricate, and then add a dollop of
Extraterrestrial Contacts 34

psychopathy to his fraud by actually dedicating his book to his

deceased and most beloved mentor, General Arthur Trudeau?

Because of these observations, I cant completely discount Corsos version of

extraterrestrial events.

In an interview shortly before his death, Corso was asked about children near the
air base who reportedly cut, smashed and burned a foil-like metal material that
repaired itself and shape-shifted to a pristine state. He replied:

I think it is of great importance that those children are going to read

this and know what happened and what it came from, and that it was
true. It did happen. They have to know whats involved, and what it is
leading to. Theyre the ones who will be involved in what it leads to. It
is the most important thing I ever did. 34
Extraterrestrial Contacts 35


The apparent weightlessness of the UFOs is, of course, rather hard to digest, but
then our own physicists have discovered so many things that border on the
miraculous: why should not more advanced star dwellers have discovered a way
to counteract gravitation. . . ?

Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist

Extraterrestrial Contacts 36


Table 1.1 Summary of expert opinion on the magic material

Source Reply Suggestion Letter

Univ of Michigan Unknown Nitinol MS#1

materials science
Univ. of Toronto, Superelastic shape No other speculations MS#40
materials science memory alloy
UCLA materials Nitinol Flexinol MS #2
UC Berkeley materials Unknown Nitinol suggested but then MS#3/ MS 31
science discounted because of heat/
suggested boPet or Mylar in
second letter
Carnegie Mellon Unknown no real speculations MS #4
materials science
UC Berkeley materials Nitinol or a laminated composite MS #6
Ohio State materials Shape memory no further speculations MS #11
science sheet
Univ of Maryland Unknown Thought Kevlar but dismissed MS #12
materials science
Ohio State Materials Unknown Speculates nitinol but MS #13
science discounts it
Texas A&M Materials Unknown Speculates NiTi 51% MS 13 (b)
Ohio State materials Unknown Some kind of shape memory MS 14
science alloy
Cal Poly materials Unknown Speculates NiTi MS #15
Nanyang Tech Univ Shape memory Disregards nitinol since it can MS #16
Singapore polymer or dent
Extraterrestrial Contacts 37

polished Nitinol
Ohio State materials shape memory No other speculations MS 17
science material
Univ of Alabama Unknown Suggests a polymer MS #18
materials science
Univ of Connecticut Unknown Suggests elastomers MS 19
chem engineering
Univ of Mass Lowell Nitinol film No other speculations MS 20
Univ of Connecticut Thermoplastic No other speculations MS 24
Northwestern Unknown No idea MS 24 (b)
materials science
Northwestern Aluminized Kaplor Kaplor invented 4 years later MS 25
materials science
Univ of Connecticut Unknown Nitinol maybe, says it is not MS #21
materials science likely a polymer
UC San Diego, Generic shape No other speculations MS #27
Physics Dept memory alloy
Univ of Tennessee Unknown No suggestion; will refer to MS#28
chemistry dept other colleagues

Cornell; chemical Highly conductive *I checked with manufacturer MS#31

engineering dept. elastomer sheets and these do not meet the
specifications; see MS #30

Michigan State Univ. Unknown No speculations MS#34

Dept of Chemistry

Penn State, Dept of Unknown No speculations MS#37


Univ. of Western Unknown Says Kevlar not likely, but MS #38

Australia, Chemistry recommends BoPet

Michigan State Univ, Nitinol best guess Discounts Kevlar because it

Dept of Chemistry loses its creases over a few MS #36

Univ of Delaware, Unknown No speculations MS #40

Materials science
Extraterrestrial Contacts 38

Shape memory I registered for this discussion

Physics forum alloy in PET with a forum and these two results MS #41
(internet) crosslinker like seemed to represent a
Maleic annydride consensus
shape memory polymers
instead of shape memory
Boston Univ, Unknown No guesses MS#47
Nanyang Technical Superelastic No guesses MS# 49
University, College of metallic Nitinol
Northeastern Univ,
materials science Aluminized Kevlar No guesses MS#50

Univ. of Texas Metalized polymer

Materials science composite with No guesses MS #45
substrate of Nitinol

Dynalloy Corp. Suggests Nitinol, No guesses

but nothing that has MS #54
these properties
Univ. of Delaware
Materials Science & Polyolefin with No guesses MS #51
engineering special fillers
Russian entrepreneur
with Ph.D. in physics Polyamide with No guesses Dupont scientist
who markets exotic either titanium or replies
materials germanium coating

Senior scientist, Hytrel No guesses personal email

Corporation tech
support which Unknown Rejected the idea of polyamide personal email
produces polyamides with germanium coating

Stanford advanced Not superelastic No other guesses MS #60

materials nitinol
No nitinol
Edgewater materials currently in No other guess MS #64
Nitinol manufacturer production with
these properties
Extraterrestrial Contacts 39

*Each entry represents a different professor or scientist (n= 41)

1 From an interview with Richard Hoagland, author of The Monuments of Man

Thomas Carey, Witness to Roswell, Amazon Kindle edition, loc. 3742
video tesimony:
personal email received 9/15/16
Thermoplastic elastomers, I Smithers, Rapra Publishing, 1988
K. Yamauchi, I Ohkata, K. Tsuchiya and S. Miyazaki, Shape Memory and Superelastic alloys:
applications and technologies," Loondon, Woodhead Publisheing, 2011
personal email received.
J. Kroth, Aliens and Man: a synopsis of facts and beliefs, New York, Algora, 2008.
J.Kroth, Implosion: delusion, denial, and the prospect of collapse. Genotype, 2016.
Nitinol was actually discovered in 1959 invented by Buehler and Wang who worked for the U.S Navy
Ordnance center in Maryland. It was later that intense research interests seem to have shifted to Batelle and
29 also
see also
see personal email (upon request).
Extraterrestrial Contacts 40

Heres the entire footnote; note at the end the document is copied to the US Air Force TEch Division