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Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Event Approval Procedure

(for in-house organization requests)

The purpose of Event Approval is not necessarily to obtain permission for an event. Rather, its
purpose is to provide a path of details for communication and preparation for leaders and staff and
to ensure that events held at Rodeph are executed efficiently.

1. An Event Approval Form should be submitted to Rabbi no less than six (6) weeks prior to an
event. If a conflict exists, the Dept./Contact Person will be notified.

Specifically, the estimated cost of the event and budget information must be provided*. On the
back of the Event Approval Form there is an Expense and Income form with the Pre-Event
Estimate to be completed. Events must pay for themselves or be funded by a budget line - when
the kitchen is used for a meal or extra maintenance staff is required, these costs will be charged to
the budget for that event.

The kitchen will now have a fee per use for events when a meal is prepared in our kitchen. This will
help cover expenses such as electricity, gas, gloves, pans/lids, foil, plastic wrap, etc.
For events 20-99 people the cost is $25
For events 100+ the cost is $50

For each person who is attending the meal, there is a $1.60 fee to cover plate, napkins, plastic-ware,
cups, coffee/tea, and condiments (cream, sugar, salt, and pepper).

After each event, the actual cost will be entered and the variance calculated. Any event that goes 5%
over the either the collected amount (income) or budgeted amount, will be forwarded to the Finance
Committee for review and consideration.

2. Events will be posted to the Congregational Calendar by Tracey and to the Website calendar and
JCC Community Calendar by Jennifer each week. Publication of the event may begin, including
RWeekly, Monthly newsletter, bulk mailings, Website, FaceBook, Jewish Press, etc. Events will not
be publicized until the Event Approval Form has been approved by all listed. The Rabbi and at least
one other staff person must approve/review all flyers and emails before dissemination.

When a flyer is available, please

Note regarding Jewish Press: The Jewish Press has specific press deadlines which are usually three
week prior to the publication date. Please make sure we get all the facts of your event in order to
properly publicize your event in the JPress. Additionally, once an item is submitted, if the event is
cancelled with less than three weeks notice, we cannot stop the publication in the JPress.

s/procedures/event approval Rev. 8/15

*(excluding Sisterhood/Mens club/events sponsored by off-budget funding)

3. Events involving Lynns Catering for food or food preparation will require a Catering Form to be
completed at least six (6) weeks prior to your event. This should be submitted to Jennifer with the
Event Approval Form or shortly thereafter. The form will be forwarded to Lynn. Please keep a
copy of the Forms you submit as information may change and be updated later. Updates of the
Event Form/Budget and the Catering Form will need to be sent to Jennifer.

s/procedures/event approval Rev. 8/15