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0MP Smart Ultra-HD Camera
User’s Manual

Chapter 1 Warning





Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects

filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.



The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral
triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of “dangerous voltage”
within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute
a risk of electric shock to persons.

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to
alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance
(servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product.


Batteries(battery pack or batteries installed) shall not be exposed to excessive

heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.

Disconnection Device

Disconnect the main plug from the apparatus, if it’s defected. And please call a
repair man in your location.

When used outside of the U.S., it may be used HAR code with fittings

ofan approved agency is employed.


These servicing instructions are for use by qualified service personnel only.

To reduce the risk of electric shock do not perform any servicing other than that
contained in the operating instructions unless you are qualified to do so.

The BNC Out terminal of the product is provided for easier installation, and is
not recommended for monitoring purposes.

If you keep the BNC cable connected, a risk of lightening may cause damage or
malfunction to the product.

Please use the input power with just one camera and other devices must not be

Please read the following recommend safety precautions carefully.

 Do not place this apparatus on an uneven surface.

 Do not install on a surface where it is exposed to direct sunlight, near

 Heating equipment or heavy cold area.

 Do not place this apparatus near conductive material.

 Do not attempt to service this apparatus yourself.

 Do not place a glass of water on the product.

 Do not install near any magnetic sources.

 Do not block any ventilation openings.

 Do not place heavy items on the product.

User’s Manual is a guidance book for how to use the products.

The meaning of the symbols are shown below.

 Reference : In case of providing information for helping of product’s usages

 Notice : If there’s any possibility to occur any damages for the goods and
human caused by not following the instruction

.Please read this manual for the safety before using of goods and keep it in the safe place.

Ethernet. 60fps (1920x1080)  WDR. Audio I/O 1/1.Chapter 2 Features  H. CVBS. 3D DNR. Lightning/Surge 2000V Protection. HLC  Triple Streams  Smart VQD(Video Quality Diagnosis)  Smart Facial Detection  Smart IR  Dual Light System (bullet camera Optional)  Various IVA Functions  Defog  Motorized Lens  On-board Storage. up to 64GB  Alarm I/O 2/1.  MicroSD 64G Card. IP66 . USB  TVS 6000V.265 Codec  Up to 2048X1536 High Resolution  50Hz: 25fps (2048x1536). 50fps (1920x1080) 60Hz: 30fps (2048x1536). 485/232.

265 3MP Box Camera Pic 2.1 Box camera size graphic H.265 3MP IR Bullet Camera .H.

265 3MP IR Dome Camera Unit:mm Pic 2.2 Bullet camera size graphic H. Pic 2.3 Dome camera size graphic .

1 Specifications Item Box IR Dome IR Bullet Processor A7 OS Embedded Linux OS Video Codec H.8” SONY Exmor CMOS Resolution 2048x1536 Pal 2048x1536@25fps/1920x1080@50fps Frame NTSC 2048x1536@30fps/1920x1080@60fps WDR 120dB 3D DNR/NIR Enhancement/HLC/BLC/De-interlace/Margin Video Process Enhancement/Gamma E-shutter Auto/Manual.8k/32k/48k Support. Audio-in Support built-in Mic built-in Mic . Audio rate.1/10000~1s Day/Night Dual ICR Code Rate Video rate.32K~16M bps.711/G. Support.726/ADPCM/AAC Sensor 1/2.Chapter 3 Specifications and Functions 3.265/H264/M-JPEG Audio Codec G.

Y Y MicroSD Y Y Y IR Range -. C/CS lens 2. -W model support DC. 20-30 meter 20-30 meter Dual Light -. -- USB -. motorized DC. motorized lens Lens Interface DC/Piris.8-12mm 2.8-12mm Ethernet 10M/100M/1000M ONVIF/TCP/IP/ICMP/HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/DHCP/DNS/DDNS/RTP/RT Network SP/RTCP/ Protocol PPPoE/NTP/UPnP/SMTP/SNMP/IGMP/802. -.Audio-out Support Support Support 2ch in and Alarm-in 2ch 2ch 1ch Sync-switch Relay-out 1ch 1ch 1ch Analog Video Y Y Y RS485 Y Y Y RS232 Y -.1X/QoS/IPv6/Bonjour Tripwire/Perimeter/Facial detection/People Counting/ Missing&Foreign IVA (Intelligent Object/Crowd/Loitering/Fast Moving/Parking/Off-position/Blurred Video Analytics) Image/Audio Offline/Screaming Detection .

5Kg 1Kg 1Kg Power Supply PoE/DC12V(±10%)/AC24V(±25%) 3. 3 is alarm sync-switch ② Relay-out ③ DC12V and AC24V ④ Power LED ⑤ Ethernet ⑥ Reset . Protection TVS 6000V/Anti-surging IP Indoor IP 66 IP 67 -35℃~65℃(IR /Working ON) -35℃~65℃(IR ON) -35℃~40℃ Temperature -35 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (IR -35℃~40℃(IR OFF) OFF) Power 5.0W 8W 10W Consumption Weight 0.2 Hardware Interface Pic 3.1 Box camera interface ① 1 and 2 are 2ch alarm-in.2.

⑦ Analog video-in ⑧ RS232 ⑨ RS485 ⑩ Ground Pole ⑪ Audio-in.2. support Mic-in and Line-in ⑫ Audio Line-out ⑬ MicroSD card slot Pic 3.2 Bullet camera interface ① Micro SD card slot ② Analog video-in ③ Reset ④ Motorized lens control and One-button focus .

3 Dome camera cable Pic Dome camera internal interface ① DC12V and AC24V ② Ground Pole ③ Signal cable (see sticker on the camera for details) ④ USB. from left to right are GND/D+/D-/5V ⑤ Ethernet base ⑥ Motorized lens control with One-button focus ⑦ Reset ⑧ Built-in Mic-in . Pic 3.

⑨ Debugging interface. ⑩ Analog Video-in ⑪ MicroSD card slot Note: There are 2 models of dome.2. but with waterproof lock. If there are vacant holes it need to be filled in stoppers. Pic 3. Pic 3.6 Ethernet cable installation for waterproof Interface Description Functi Type Name Description on Syste Power POWER PoE/DC12V(±10%)/AC24V(±25%) m Ethern ETHERNET 10M/100M/1000M,RJ45 Interf et . for manufacture staff only. Either way is good to install at side or bottom and then screw up firmly. one is with cables. the other is without cables.2.5 Waterproof lock installation Note: The dome without cables is equipped 4-hole lock with Φ3-5mm of each hole.

ace Relay. alarm sync-switch. Support Interf rt USB up to 64G. ace Reset RESET Hold for 5 sec to restore factory setting. 1&2 are 2ch alarm-in. Lens . 3 is Alarm. ALARM 1A/1B out OUT Support up to 64G. It need outage to plug in or Stora Micro SD take off the card. It need outage to plug in or take off ace the card. Debug DEBUG Only for manufacture staff Lens LENS Control DC or P-iris drive VIDEO Video- OUT 75Ωp-p analog video signal Video out /CVBS Audio Audio- Interf AUDIO IN Audio-in(Mic in/Line in) in ace Audio. AUDIO Audio line out out OUT G is public end. which can control Alarm ALARM IN in Day/Night switch by short-circuit or switch off Interf with G. ge Suppo Available for U-disk or WiFi module. 485 RS485A/B 485 Exten RX is incoming port/TX is outgoing port/G is 232 RX/TX/G sion ground Interf Motori T for zoom in /W for zoom out /F for far focus /N ace zed T/W/F/N for close focus/ Press button for quick focus.

preset and etc. sound and light hint. 1. alarm siren. Default alarm-in is open and give alarm when it is close.1 Audio The camera support two-way intercom. it can be linked external alarm lamp. Please see the picture as below Pic 3. and alarm signal is switching value.3.3.2 Alarm The camera support alarm in and relay out.3. The audio signal is received from the sound pick-up and played by the active speaker. 3. Select Stream Type as Video Audio in Video Specification in IE 3. Adjust sensitivity of the pick-up to get best performance. . 2.1 Box camera audio function sketch map 2. The pick-up must be 3-line. 1.3 Common Function 3. At the same time it can be linked to event recording. Default relay-out is open and give alarm when it is close.、 When the alarm is triggered.3. Alarm-in only provide a switching value.

3. 3.3. Match IE setting with control protocol of PTZ and speed dome. Select default alarm settings in IE and CMS software.3. Pic 3.3 485 control The camera includes a group of two-way RS-485 control port. . Connect PTZ and control wire of speed dome to reversed RS-485 port A(+) B(-)according to the mark. Control PTZ spin and speed by 8 direction button of control interface in IE. 1. Through reversed RS-485 control port the user can control high speed dome and PTZ of decoder.3 Box camera alarm function sketch map 3. address and baud rate. 2.

Pic 3. Update firmware Update kernel firmware to provide the user a more stable operation and fit for different applications. 3. How to update firmware Ste Description p 1 Keep PC and camera in the same network segment.3.168.4 Reset and update 1. Enter any Pics to save or call that preset.5 485 control function sketch map 4. 2. Update WEB firmware to adjust GUI of IE. For example. .1.3. Reset (RST、RESET) Restore the factory setting to press reset button. if the camera IP address is192. you need to set PC address as 192.

When it is finished the camera will reboot automatically. Bin file must to be updated for 2 update.bin)to update. select WEB firmware(*. select kernel firmware(*. 4 Second. . 5 Check version information in IE if it is updating successfully.2 Use only the firmware provided by the manufacture and login 3 First.

Please follow the work environment requires the use of the product.Chapter 4 Installation Guide 4. The ceiling. please contact your dealer.1. Please save all packaging material . if not match.1 Preparation All electrical work must comply with the latest electrical codes. fire regulations and relevant laws and regulations; According to the packing list check if all accessories are in the package and determine the location of the high speed dome camera and installation applications are consistent with the requirements. Depending on the circumstances actually required to prepare your own tools. wall or bracket must be able to bear 4 times the weight of the IP camera itself. Necessary Tools: Fig 4.1Tools Check the installation location space and intensity Please make sure the location has sufficient space and intensity to install.

Mark the hole position by a marker 2.Please well keep the original packing materials.1 Box camera installation diagram Steps 1. Note: Non-original packing material may result in accidental damage in transit. Strike the expansion rubber plug into the position.2. Take the camera out of box.2. Adjust the joint at right position and then screw it up. 4.1 Box Camera Pic 4. Note: The bracket need to be purchased separately. and then put two screws into right position on the wall and screw them up. Punch a hole at marked position by a electric drill 3. . 4. Using the screws to fix the bracket onto the wall 5. in order to send back if any problem.2 Installation Guide 4.

2. Drill holes on the positions where are marked on the sticker. Fix the base of camera onto the wall by using screws.2 Bullet camera Pic 4. Adjust the sun shade to a right position. in case that it would cover the screen or IR light. 4.2 Bullet camera installation diagram Steps 1. Put the tube expansions into holes on the base of camera.2. 6. 4. 3. Put the drill template sticker on the wall. . Adjust the joint of bracket and rotate to a right position and then screw it up. 2. 5.

4. Put the tube expansions into holes on the base of camera. . 4. Drill holes on the positions where are marked on the sticker.3 Dome camera installation diagram Steps 1.3 Dome Camera Pic 4. 3.2. 2. Turn the lens to right angle. Put the drill template sticker on the wall. Fix the base of camera onto the wall by using screws. and then fix the dome.2. 5.

2 Built-in Web Instruction When using the network video products for the first time. Login IP address and enter to ActiveX download interface.2. an ActiveX control is needed.  Please make sure the Windows system install the necessary character style.1 System Requirement It support Win7 system or higher. Pic 5. please make sure right installation and setup of following items:  Display resolution: 1440 * 900 or higher. 5. color: High Color (32-bit).Chapter 5 WEB Instruction 5. 1.  Please make sure PC disk partition contains disk C and D disk.1 Web plug-in 2. Download ActiveX and click 【Run】to install .

Pic 5.2 Web plug-in 3. login IP address and allow operating system loading plug-in.2.2. Pic 5. please close web browser and click 【next】to finish installation. . During installation. After installation.3 Web plug-in Installation 4.

3 Log in 1.4 Windows XP allow loading Web plug-in Pic 5. Google.5 Win7/Win8 allow loading Web plug-in 5.2. 5. After success loading plug-in.0. Do not use any other browser except Firefox.6 Loading Web plug-in Note: Please use IE browser of windows and make sure the version above 6.2. Enter IP address and enter login interface. it will display login interface and then input correct user name and password. Pic 5. Pic 5. .2.

4 A/V Preview After login. The default user name is admin. If on other interface. click login. password is 1111. system will display preview interface.1 A/V Preview Interface Icon Function Description 1st Preview 1st stream and default display 1st Stream stream video 2nd Stream Preview 2nd stream . 5. 3.1 A/V Preview Pic 5.4.4. Enter IP address and password.2. please click preview button at the top of interface and go back to video preview interface. The default port is 3000 5.

2. 3rd Stream Preview 3rd stream Fixed Video images maintain a fixed proportion proportion according to the resolution of the IPC when adjustment Display Full screen display video Local The default save path: record D:\NetVideoBrowser\ RecordFiles Snapshot The default save path: D:\NetVideoBrowser\ CapturePics Intercom Click the icon to start intercom. and double click the screen or press【Esc】to quit Note: 1. . It is support intercom with one user at the same time. When stream type is【Pure Video】 ,audio preview is invalid. and click again to stop it Open Audio preview audio Set mute Close audio preview Full screen Click the icon to enter full screen.

2. Click 【Default】to resume the default settings.2 Stream set interface 1.4 PTZ control This function only support camera with RS-485. Click stream set and open parameter set interface. saturation and color 3. Manual control: Camera built-in five direction buttons: T/W/F/N zoom in/zoom out/focus 5. 2.4.3 Motorized Lens control Built-in motorized lens.2 Stream set Pic 5. According to network situation it can choose preview mode from 【Low bandwidth】to【High quality】 5.4.5. 4. Remote control: Click zoom/focus to control and right-click 【one key focus】. By dragging the target bar to adjust brightness.4. camera will be in best focus based on current state. supported by IE remotely or in front button control 1.4. contrast. .

Pic 5.4 PTZ 【PTZ control】It shows eight button and control the direction. 【Iris】Manually start or shut down iris .4. 【zoom】Enable to zoom in or zoom out. range from 0~100. click will enable auto scan. 【speed】Adjust speed by manual. including optical and digital zoom. 【focus】Focus on the object manually according to how far it is when the auto focus does not work precisely.

5 PTZ position Enter preset number and click to search the preset position and 【Set】 or 【Call】 Pic 5. 【call】Call the preset. Preset interface 【set】Set the preset. add preset position. make speed dome to preset position 5. support add multiple presets.5 Playback Pic 5.5.1 Playback .

2 Download recording files 1.1/4X. Select【remote】and check record from IPC otherwise check the local record. Click to preview download status,and pause or delete when you need.5. 4. Click to download files into FTP server. Click to select local recording files. 4. When you click the icon will change into to pause. Click to fast move forwarder in speed of 2X. Click to play frame by frame. 5.1/6X and 1/8X.3 Playback 1.4X. 5. Double click date in the schedule to search files. 3. 6. 4.5. 3. 2. Select【Record】and【Picture】in 【File Type】.1 Search recording files 1.5. Click to play the playback. 2. .6X and 8X. 3. Check targeted files to download.5. Click to move forwarder slowly in speed of 1/2X. Double click searched recording files for playback. Click to download recording files. 5. 2. Select targeted file type in 【Rec Type】.

6 Log searching Click【Log】to enter the page. Click once to start and click again to finish. Default storage path is D:\NetVideoBrowser\ PlaybackPics. In full screen.5. Once you select one screen and open the recording files you want. 5. Note:Click to resume single screen. Click to stop. Click to cancel mute and click to mute. 8.5. .5 Video clip Click to cut a clip of video when play back the video.6 Four screen play Click to playback in 4 screen at the same time which can play separately for each screen.7 Full screen Double click the screen or click to enter full screen status. 5.4 Recording snapshot Click to capture the picture when play back the video.5.7. 5. double click or enter 【Esc】 to quit full screen. 5. 5. Default storage path is D:\NetVideoBrowser\ PlaybackFiles.5.

【End time】Select end date and time. 6. When there are many pages,you can click【First page】【Pre page】【Next page】 【Last page】at left corner to check the log or 【Jump to】target page. Click【Export all page】 to export all the pages query to your computer. 4. It is saved in D:\NetVideoBrowser. . 5. 【Log type】Select which type of log you want to search. 【Query】Make a list of log at the presetting time. 2. Pic 5. It is saved in D:\NetVideoBrowser.】Select which channel you want to search. 7. 【Start time】Select start date and time.6. Click【Export current page】to export log of current page to your computer. 8. 【Channel No.1 Log management interface 1. 3.

1 Stream Set-General Set .7.7 Audio video set 5.5.1 Stream set Pic 5.1.7.

audio & video 4CIF. The better quality the more Video Quality stream and bandwidth occupation Stream Type Pure video. Pic 5. Bit Rate Range from 32-16384 Kbps PAL:1 5 10 15 20 25 50 Frame Rate NTSC: 1 5 10 15 20 25 30 60 Prefer Mode Frame Rate. Fair. Different camera support multi Resolution resolution type.7. stream will be stable and . Quality N/P Mode PAL、NTSC I Frame Rate To set the interval time for each two I frame Static code rate and Dynamic code rate Encoding Mode When choose Static code rate.VGA. Better. Poor.720P. Good.960P.1.1080P.2 Stream Set –Advanced Set Parameter Description Best.

enable stable occupation of bandwidth for network transmission. H.dat) .dat) Stream set . but it would take up less bandwidth when there is no change on video. and default set is close. Corridor Mode Display picture rotated 90 degrees.Import Click 【 Import 】 to import the backup file for parameter configuration D:\NetVideoBrowser\VideoParam. stream will be changed according to the video. and default set is EIS close. M-JPEG Support AES encryption and default type is without Encrypt Type encrypt. Stream set-Export Click【Export】to do backup of the configuration file for all the parameter. When choose Dynamic code rate. save to D:\NetVideoBrowser\VideoParam. SVC Enable or disable SVC function.265. Extended Code H.264BP/MP/HP. Support electronic image stabilization.

【Audio Encoding】Support G. others are open. 【Audio Sample Rate】8k、32k、48k 3.2 Audio Set 1. 2. .2 Audio Set Pic 5.7. 【Audio Control Type】Active audio input select LineIn. passive select MicIn MIC 4.7. 【Audio Noise Reduction】Range from 0~9,0 is close. Note: It needs restart after revise parameter.5.711A、G.711U、ADPCM_D、AAC_LC. 【Volume】Range from 0~255 5.

2. HD Parameter -Model The system provides 8 video templates for different application. . all the video parameter can only be revised and saved in the template. Click【Save】 to enable.【Delete Region】 Delete the drawn regions.【Draw Region】 Use the mouse to draw the key region on the video. 5. 5.3 Key Region 【Key Region】 To have better image quality for some regions on the video. there are 4 regions settable for each video.3 Key Region Pic 5. 3.7.7. 1.8.8 Camera Set 5.1 HD Parameter Set video image parameter in this page.

Pic 5.8.1 HD Parameters

Iris mode:User can choose DC or P-iris according lens. After install the lens, user

need go into Advanced – System Maintenance – Iris reset, reset the iris.

Note: P-iris item only adapted for some models. Built-in lens models don’t need


【Current Template】 choose template that need to be modified.

【Template Name】 input template name

HD Parameter – Image adjustment

Set image brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpness.

HD Parameter – Exposure Set

1. 【Shutter speed】 setup max exposure time.

Note: If exposure time too long, the moving object’s image will has slur, if

exposure time too short, the image color will much black.

2. 【Auto gain】 setup max gain that affect image brightness.

Note: It will produce much noise when gain value too high

3. 【Brightness adjustment】 setup brightness value

4. 【Auto iris】 turn on or off auto iris

HD Parameter – Backlight set

1. 【Smart IR】 work in IR camera models, when image overexposure, turn on

【Smart IR】 camera will turn down the brightness to avoid not see object cause

of overexposure

2. 【HLC】 High light control, mainly used in transportation, turn on 【HLC】

to suppress high light of car’s headlight.

3. 【WDR】 select WDR mode, 【WDR Auto】 or 【WDR Manual】, drag the slider

to setup WDR level fit for environment.

HD Parameter – White Balance

Select white balance mode according to the actual scene.

If select 【Manual】, by adjusting the red, green, blue to meet demand, R for red

gain, G for green gain, B for blue gain.

HD Parameter – Image Enhancement

1. 【Image style】

2. 【Indoor/Outdoor Mode】 select indoor or outdoor mode.

3. 【Defog】 select on or off

4. 【DNR】 digital noise reduction

Note: Please click 【Save】 after settings.

HD Parameter – Export

Click 【Export】 export current HD parameter template to certain place (default

address D:\NetVideoBrowser\HDPara.dat ), this template can be used for other

same model cameras.

HD Parameter – Import

Click 【Import】 import HD parameter setting file from default address(default

address D:\NetVideoBrowser\ HDPara.dat), to achieve quick configuration.

HD Parameter – Default

Click 【Default】 each template parameters will restored factory default settings.

5.8.2 Image Settings Schedule

User can setup device different image settings in different time, to get best image

in different time period.

Pic 5.8.2 Image settings schedule

It provides max to 8 time periods

Setup schedule for each time periods, Drag to adjust different schedule in time

line, different color means different schedule. And 【Save】

Image settings schedule - Export

Click 【export】 export current image schedule to certain place (default address

D:\NetVideoBrowser\ HDSchedulePara.dat ), this template can be used for other

same model cameras.

Image settings schedule – Import

Click 【import】 import image schedule file from default address(default address

D:\NetVideoBrowser\ HDSchedulePara.dat), to achieve quick configuration.

5.8.3 Day/Night Settings

【D/N Setup】 setup IP camera to switch in day and night with different rules

Pic 5.8.3D/N Setup

Video will become gray when outside brightness value lower than night value. Video will become color when brightness value higher than day value. Video will become gray when brightness value lower than night value. (Only for IR camera) Alarm Synchronization: external switch trigger black and white switching. 【Realtime brightness】 is video real time brightness value. Auto(outside):device detects outside environment brightness with photoreceptor. Video will become color when outside brightness value higher day value. process event alarm.1 Alarm information . disconnect input switching to color mode (only for IR camera with alarm synchronization function) Infrared lamp power: 0 means turn off. 5. 5.Color to gray: Color : video is always in color mode Gray : video is always in gray mode Timer : user can define the time of day and night Auto(inside):camera will auto detect video image brightness.9. shorted input switches to monochrome mode.9 VCA 【VCA】 intelligent analysis. 100 means max IR power.

9.【Event】 check certain or all VCA events alarm information. 【Save】select VCA . crowd. face detection. video detection and audio abnormal detection need go into 【Alarm setup】 to setup “enable time” and “”alarm trigger template” after 【save】 .2 Create Rule 【Enable】 turn on or off current channel’s VCA function 【Enable Arithmetic】 Behavior analysis. 【Rule ID】 check certain or all rule’s alarm information 【Clear】 clear all alarm information from current list. on duty detection. plate license recog. 5. demographics. Video detection and audio abnormal detection can work with upon analysis functions at same time. save it. Note: Behavior analysis. these analysis functions only can enable one in one time.

2【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Virtual Fence】 Select rule number. 【Percentage】 setup target size in the total screen (area percent). 5.2. 【event set】 virtual fence. running. parking. intrusion detection. items abandon. loiter.1【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】 【Behavior Analysis】 include 8 kinds of functions : virtual fence. double tripwire. missing object detection.9. but total rule number should less 8 rules. the arrow of line means direction of prohibit crossing. and check 【Valid】 Draw rule line. Every function can be setup with different settings.9.2. Setup 【two-way alarm】 if needed . 5.

5. and check 【Valid】 Draw two rule lines. 2 lines direction should be same. 【event set】 double tripwire. Setup 【two-way alarm】 if needed .3 【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Double tripwire】 Select rule number. it will alarm when target object cross 2 lines continuously within the specified time 【tripwire max time interval】 and 【tripwire min time interval】 setup time range of cross 2 lines continuously. 【Percentage】 setup target size in the total screen (area percent).2.9. the arrow of line means direction of prohibit crossing.

it will trigger alarm when over the time.9. 【Percentage】 setup target size in the total screen (area percent).2. 5. 【Invasion time】 setup invasion time of object stay in detection area. 【intrusion】 it will trigger alarm when object stay in detection area until reach 【invasion time】. . 【event set】 intrusion detection. 【in】 it will trigger alarm when object go in detection area.4【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【intrusion detection】 Select rule number. and check 【Valid】 Draw the detection area Select detection mode. 【out】 it will trigger alarm when object go out detection area.

【event set】 items abandon. it will trigger alarm when over the time. 【Alarm time】 setup alarm time of object stay in detection area.9. please notice the detection area shouldn’t overlap when 【items abandon】 and 【missing object detection】 are enable at same time 【Percentage】 setup target size in the total screen (area percent).2. . and check 【Valid】 Draw detection area.5 【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Items abandon】 Select rule number. 5.

it will trigger alarm when over the time. 【Alarm time】 setup alarm time of object lost in detection area. 5.2. please notice the detection area shouldn’t overlap when 【items abandon】 and 【missing object detection】 are enable at same time 【Percentage】 setup target size in the total screen (area percent).6【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Missing object detection】 Select rule number. . and check 【Valid】 Draw detection area.9. 【event set】 missing object detection.

Setup sensitivity. alarm when the object’s motion area is equal to or greater than this min area. 5. greatermore sensitive .2.7【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Loiter】 Choose Rule IDLoiterVaild Draw detection area on the image Setup alarm time. alarm when the object keep loitering to this alarm time Setup min area.9.

the percent of the object in the whole image.9. Setup percentage. alarm when the object keep running to this alarm time Setup min area. .2.5. alarm when the object’s running area is equal to or greater than this min area.8【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Running】 Choose Rule IDRunningVaild Draw detection area on the image Setup alarm time.

10【Arithmetic Configuration】【Plate License Recognition】 Draw detection area on the image. 5. the percent of the object in the whole image Setup speed threshold.9.2. alarm when the object keep parking to this alarm time Setup percentage.9.9【Arithmetic Configuration】【Behavior Analysis】【Parking】 Choose Rule IDParkingVaild Draw detection area on the image Setup alarm time.5.2. alarm when the object’s moving speed(percent/second) is more slow than this speed threshold. .

Setup first word and first letter.9. Setup Percentage. 5. and the false detection will increase as well .2.11【Enable Arithmetic】【Face Detection】 Draw the detection area Set max and min percentage of the face size Set sensitivity. virtual coil area should be smaller than detection area.Draw virtual coil. and the higher value means more sensitive. the percent of the object in the virtual coil area.

9. and the higher value means more sensitive.2. and the false detection will increase as well .5.12【Enable Arithmetic】【Demographics】 Draw the detection area Draw the detection line to define the object enter and leave Set max and min percentage of the target size Set sensitivity.

13【Enable Arithmetic】【Crowd】 Draw the detection area Set the time of linking to alarm Set the crowd percentage【Enable Arithmetic】【On Duty Detection】 .9.5.2.

Draw the detection area Set on-duty number. and the higher value means more sensitive. and the higher value means more sensitive . and the false detection will increase as well Set max and min percentage of the target size 5.2.15【Enable Arithmetic】【Video Detection】 Enable lens or scene switch dignose Set sensitivity.9. it supports single and double on duty Set absence alarm time of linking to alarm Set sensitivity.

2.5.16【Enable Arithmetic】【Audio Abnormal Det.9.】 Enable signal loss or abnormal detection Set sensitivity. and the higher value means more sensitive .

9. the 【Rule Name】and 【Event】 will auto update 【Enable】 to active the rule Set schedule date and time Set 【Link Type】: 【Link Out】.5.【Link Record】【Link Capture】 【Link PTZ】 【Save】 all the settings .3 VCA Schedule Select the 【Rule ID】.

1 OSD Pic 5.10 OSD Advanced Note:【Advance】 is only avalible for company engineer to setup 5.10.1 OSD .

and it supports Englsih and common punctuation marks.Camera Title Enable【Channel Title】 to input channel name :select OSD color 【Color】 【Custom Location】: select date position on video image Date Enable【Date】 to input date.2 LOGO Pic 5.2 LOGO . and there are 11 formats for optional Enable 【Show Week】to overlay week infromation on image Select 【24 hours】 or 【12 hours】 :select OSD color 【Color】 【Custom Location】: select date position on video image Additional Text Select additional text area number(max 5) Input overlay content.10. default is 【Self-Adjust】 Fonts Type 【Vector】 and 【Lattice】 are optional 【Save】 all the settings 5.10. :select OSD color 【Color】 【Custom Location】: select date position on video image OSD Size 【OSD Size】select suitable pixel size.

or browse to find the logo 【Upload】: upload the logo file.10. please select【Enable】to display the logo 【Custom Location】: select logo position on video image Note: Logo format should be 24bit . and the IP camera will restart After restart.【Logo File】input the file save path. and height and width are divisible by 4 It will remove the black and white background automatically 5.3 Privacy Mask Pic 5.bmp and size should be less than 200*200.10. and it supports up to 4 【Delete Region】: delete the drawn region .3 Privacy Mask 【Stream】: select channel number Draw the region in the video.

5.11.1 Record Policy 【Record Status】: show the device record status 【Manual Rec.1 Record Policy Pic 5. it will start timing recording 【Save】: save all the setup Note:The IP camera should support SD card storage when enable recording after network is disconnected .】: enable to start recording and cancel to stop 【Alarm Rec.】: enable to start recording when alarm 【Continuous】: enable to start timing recording 【Schedule】: setup time period 【Offline Video Recording】: when the internet is disconnected.11 Storage Management 5.11.

2 Pre-Alarm Recording 【Pre-Alarm Recording】: enable to start 【Pre-record Time(5-15)s】: support 5s.11.Pre-Alarm Recording Pic 5. 10s and 15s 【Record Delay(10-60)】: support 10s. 30s and 60s 【Save】: save all the setup . 15. Storage Set 【Free Disk Space(MB)】: it should be larger than 512M 【When HDD full】: there are four options 【Stop Record】: it will stop recording 【Overwrite】: it will delete the earliest record file 【Overwrite(Except alarm)】: it will delete the earliest record file except alarm records 【Save】: save all the setup .3 Storage Set Pic 5.

4 Snapshot Set 【Timing Capture】: disable means still keeping real time capture.4 Snapshot Set Pic 5. 【Save】: save all the setup . enable to start timing capture. 【Interval(s)】: set timing capture interval time 【Capture Link】: 【Link FTP】capture picture will be uploaded to FTP server. 【Link Email】capture picture will be sent by email.11.11.5.

5 Disk Management 【Disk Information】: display the disk status 【Initialize Disk】: the new hard disk must be intialized first 5. 【Unformatted】.5. 【Mounted】 and 【Using】 are optional 【Usage】: 【Record】.11. 【Redundant】 and 【Read Only】are optional .6 Net Storage Pic 5. 【Formated】.5 Disk Management Pic 5.11.】: select the disk need to setup 【Status】:【UnMounted】.11.11.6 Net Storage 【Disk No. 【Backup】.

【IPv6】 Display IPV6 address and subnet mask.Default . default value is 1500.12. 【Ethernet Rate】 Select mode and rate of Ethernet card. 【MTU】 Maximum Transmission Unit.1 TCP/IP Set 5.【IP Address】: set NFS server IP address 【Mapping Path】: set the disk mapping path 【Total Size】: display the free space and total size 【Save】: save all the setup 5.12 Network Management 5.1 TCP /IP Set 【DHCP】 check to enable DHCP server will automatically allocate IP address for devices.12. speed unit is MB . Click 【Save】 after setting conPic. range from 500~1500.

5. Note: Devices will restart after change 【Ethernet Rate】.12.3 Network Service . 5. modify not recommended.12.mode is【Automatic Detection】.12.2 Registration Center Set 【Server Name 】【IP address】【Port】【User Name】and 【Password】in 【Registration Center】.2 Registration Center 5.

Modify 【Sever Domain】 【DDNS Domain】 【User Name】 【Port】 【Password】. then click 【Save】. Make sure to insert the memory card. 5.DDNS 【Enable】 DDNS. Click 【Save】.12.1 DDNS FTP Enter 【Server URL】 【Port】 【User Name】 【Path】 【Password】.3. .

click 【Save】.3. enter【Username】 【Password】and 【Save】the setting.3 PPPoE NTP Enter【NTP Server】 【Interval】 (h).12.2 FTP PPPoE 【Enable】 PPPoE function.12.5. 【Port】 . 5.3.

5. . UPnP/SNMP Check the UPNP/SNMP box and restart the device to enable the UPnP and SNMP function. then modify successfully.4 NTP Others 5.12.12. restart device.3.3.5 Others HTTP Port/HTTPS Port Enter Http and Https port. Cancel UPNP/SNMP box and restart the device to able the UPnP and SNMP function.

Max to add 16 blacklist IP address. then click【Add】. Whitelist User want to allow only some IP address. .5. used to manage the access right for users. otherwise you will not be able to login. Cancel blacklist or whitelist Anytime click【Allow All】 and 【Save】 to cancel all the blacklist and whitelist.12. otherwise you will not be able to login the device. click 【Add】 and 【Save】. Max to 16 whitelist IP address.【Save】. please make sure to add your own IP address in whitelist. input the block IP address.4 Blacklist Blacklist User want to block some IP address. Caution: Once enable the whitelist function.12. input trusted IP address. Caution: Please don’t add your own IP address in blacklist. select 【Allow the Following IP】. 5.4 IP Filter Backlist and whitelist also named 【IP filter】. select【Block the Following IPs】.

Browse+ Control: Watch video and control PTZ. 【Password】and 【authority】 when add new user. It is strongly recommended that restart the equipment each time after configuration black and white list. Note: the IP filtering can only recognize the new user login.13 User management 5. .” browse+ control+ set” and “Administrator ”. Delete Blacklist Delete some black IP -Select the left check box and click 【Delete】.13.” Browse+ Control”. 5. Browse: Can only watch the videos. Browse+ Control+ set: Allow all operation except user management. but not work for ready IP. The authority includes “Brose”.Note: Please restart device after setup blacklist or whitelist. Administrator: All operations available.1 Add user It need input 【Username】.

click 【Modify Pwd】.1 Add user Note:Only the administrator can add and modify users. new password. . 5.13.13. input the old password. password confirmation.5. then click【Modify】.2 Modify password Select the user you want to modify in the user list.

13.3 Delete User Select targeted user in user list and click【Delete】 to delete .13.5.2 Modify password 5.

It only alarm during the schedule. 【Link Type】set alarm activation.14. 【Mode set】 include “closed circuit alarm” and “open circuit alarm”. Click 【Save】 Note: The Alarm function only available for products which support Alarm In/Out.14 Alarm Management 5. . It will alarm when the disconnected circuit occurs short-circuit.【Link Out】 and 【Link PTZ 】. 【OFF】is open circuit alarm. 【ON】is closed circuit alarm.1 Alarm Input Select 【Input port】. check “Enable” box to valid the port alarm function. 【Schedule 】please set the date and time.5. and Cancel it to close the function. There was an alarm when the connected circuit disconnection.

3 Motion Alarm Set the motion alarm area.5. the tip will appear in the preview window. Any moving objects in the area. 【ON】is closed circuit alarm.14. . 【OFF】is open circuit alarm.2 Alarm Output 【Mode set】 include “closed circuit alarm” and “open circuit alarm”. Note: “Alarm output” only available for products which support Alarm In/Out.14. 5.

please set the date and time.14. At night. Set 【Sensitivity】.IR LED off. Motion alarm disappear. 【Activate Dual Light】only used for the cameras’ model which have double light. Click 【Delete Region】 clean the draw area. 【Schedule 】. IR LED on . motion detection link white light on.4 Video loss Video loss will enable the lost alarm. double light off. 2. 3.【Link Out】support 【Link Out】 【Activate Dual Light 】 【Link Snapshot】.1.Under “Day mode”(“Color” mode) . Enable 【Motion Alarm】. 4. small value means the higher sensitivity. Click 【Save】 5. range from 0-24. . It only alarm during the schedule. draw the area by dragging mouse left button. Under “Night Mode” (“White& Black” mode).

14. Click【save】.5 Video Occlusion Detection 【Enable】Click to open Video Occlusion Detection function. 5. 【Link PTZ Type】and 【Number】. 【Save】 . 【Schedule】. 3. 【Link Type】 support 【Link PTZ】. users can set 【Link Channel】 【Link PTZ 4. cancel to turn it off.5 Video Occlusion Detection When the video is covered. Type】and 【Number】. please set the date and time. At the same time. set 【Link Channel】. 【Sensitivity】 Smaller number means more sensitive. Video Occlusion Detection works only during this Schedule time 【Link Type】Set to achieve linking (such as link PTZ) after alarm is triggered.14.1. Check 【Enable】box to start the lost alarm function. 【Schedule 】. It only alarm during the schedule. system will alarm according to the sensitivity setting. 3. Pic 5.

XX Stand for email server such as: smtp. 5. the alarm server will automatically send email to the setting email address when alarm is triggered. 2. 3. 【Email Mode】” login” is suggested. 【SMTP Server】 Address format should be 【Email Account】and【Email Password】are for the sending email. . 【Encryption Mode】 includes No. 【Email Alarm Enable】check to enable this function.xx. SSL or TSL. 【Email Address】is for the receiving email. Pic 5. 【SMIP Port】 Default number is 25. Email Alarm 1. 6.6 Email Alarm After this function is

Input【Address】and【port】.15 PTZ Management PTZ management includes 【Serial Port Set】and【Protocol Set】. Pic 5. 5.15 PTZ Management .14. then click【Save】 to finish.7 Alarm Server Alarm Server info is customized.5.

【Browse】Click to choose save path of record files. UDP or multicast.16.1 File Location Pic 5. 【Good Playback】 set to achieve the balance between fluency and delay. . 【Minimum delay 】 【Good real-time】 【Balance】and 【Good Fluency】 is optional.5.1 File Location 【Stream】Choose the stream for a certain channel. clips and download files.16 Advance Set 5. 【Protocol Type】 TCP. 【Display frame and bit rate information】Check to display frame rate and bit stream on video. snapshot.16.

2 System setting Pic 5. 2. 【Version Information 】Display 【SDK Version】. Memory and FLASH.5.16. 【System Information】Display information of CPU. Support daylight saving time. 【Web Version】. 【Kernel Version】. 3. 【Factory ID】 and 【Access Moudle】.2 System setting 1. 【System Time】 Set time zone and time synchronous.16. .

【Reboot】 Reboot the device.3 System Maintenance 【Equipment Control】 【Restore】 Reset to factory default. 【Lens Reset】 work for cameras with motorized-lens.16. (firmware format: . Pic 5. Click this button to default configuration for focus and zooming.16.bin) Upgrade process normally needs a few minutes until indication for completion. Please strictly follow the instruction by technical specialist for firmware upgrade. . 【Iris Correction】and 【Lens reset】 will be available after setting auto 【Iris mode】 (DC or P-iris) and lens installation referring to Picture 5.16.5. rule and related setting. 【Iris Correction】 work only for cameras with auto-Iris. 【VCA】 specification includes schedule.3 Iris Mode 【Version Upgrade】upgrade new firmware. 【Specification import and export】 includes three types of specification: 【Alarm】 specification includes alarm schedule and linkage Note: For box camera. VCA info is not included.3 System Maintenance System maintenance includes 【Equipment Control】and 【Version Upgrade】.

3 System Maintenance-Export and Import Pic 5.16.16. Pic 5.【System Set】 specification includes the other info except 【Alarm】 and 【VCA】 specification such as OSD.3 Iris Mode . Recording strategy. Internet set and some other setting.

【Channel No.【Alarm Server】and VSP’s port number and VAP’s port number. .4 Access Platform Pic 5. 】support【Auto Filling Setting】function. 【SIP】protocol setting. Access Platform –PU Set 【PU set】 user can set the IP address and port number of【Register Server】 【Heartbeat Server】.

2 Access Platform –SIP Set 【Platform Enabled】 【Platform Enabled】Enable and disable Onvif.3 Access Platform –Platform Enabled Caution:Current platform must be disabled before changing into a new platform.16.4.4. System will reboot automatically after setting.16. Pic 5. . Pic 5.

and network connection. Please contact us.Charpter 6 Simple Fault Maintenance 6.2 Network Failure 6.2. NIC driver. Directly connect the camera to computer/host server to check it works or not. 6.1. 6.1 System Failure 6.1. reset the computer/host server and try again. Try another camera or another computer/host server. re-plug U-disk/SD card and reboot the camera. it may fail when there is not enough power. network wire. need formatting for the disk.1 Camera was power on but cannot be found on IP searcher Troubleshooting steps: Check status of computer/host NIC. which cause no recognition. Loose connection.2 No recognition on Wireless Network Card Possible Reason: Static turn the network card into protection state. make sure all are correct. . Unstable condition on the network card. need to reboot the camera.1 Not able to recognize U-disk or SD card Possible Reason: Disk partition information has problem. need to replace for new network card. need to check the power supply method to make sure enough power supply or change to use independent power supply disk. For portable disk.

Possible Reason: Port 3001 is banned by the firewall. login and select the port that is mapping to other equipment’s port 6.6.2. but cannot properly login. Be set in prohibit list Use IP searcher to check the listen port of the camera. Too many access to the camera.2. Use the IP searcher to check whether there are devices with same IP address. then disconnect the other devices to make sure the IP address of the camera is unique. . Public network connection.4 It is ok to ping the server.2. Wrong ID and password.2 No image on IE 【IE setting】 It needs to download and install the ActiveX plug-in for IE browsing at first connection 6. Wrong port number is incorrect when logging in. make sure it is the same as the software. Troubleshooting steps: Disconnect the camera.3 Incorrect image after login Possible Reason: There is other device in the some network with same IP and Mac address. try to ping the network to check whether there is return package.

. Turn off Anti-virus software and firewall to test. Make to enable ActiveX plug-in.1 No correct connection of video on IE Troubleshooting steps: Make sure host IP address is in the same network segment with the camera. it is recommended to install the latest version driver. revise camera IP address and test again. Camera IP address conflict with other computer IP address 6. 【Attention】Make routing if in different network segment. Conflict on MAC address. 6. Make sure driver for graphic card and DirectX are installed properly.6 Video of two camera appear alternately. Use another computer/host server to test.2. UDP port conflict with other application program on the same computer.0 or higher. Delete the installed plug-in.2.5 UDP unable to connect video Possible Reason: Other client already connect to the camera on the same computer.3 Operation Failure 6.6. Contact us if still had problem.3. check on the IP searcher. Make sure to use IE at version 8. download again and re-install to test. check on IP searcher. or connect and disconnect in sometime Possible Reason: Conflict on IP address.

check the CPU utilization of the computer. if it is not enough or unstable. 6. Please contact us if it is not resolved. please contact the Internet Service Provider. . Test network bandwidth. Ping the camera from the computer to check whether there is dropout.4 Control Failure It is able to control Pan/Tilt/Zoom in IE. Please lower down the resolution or image quality when need fluent video in narrow network bandwidth.2 Cannot connect sub-stream Possible Reason: Access to camera are full.5 Video Failure 6.3. Troubleshooting Steps: Exit the software.6. Possible Reason: Make sure address for PTZ camera is correct set in software Please contact us if problem still remain. but cannot control in the software. 6. but it is unstable or intermittent or lose frame. Troubleshooting Steps: Make sure the control protocol is correct.1 Video display properly in the software. make sure the computer configuration is capable to run the software and there is no virus.5.

6. Please contact us if it is not resolved. Please contact us if it is not resolved.6 Audio Failure 6. Set full screen privacy mask. and “Sub-stream +TCP” in WLAN.5. please try to play some music to test.2 Connection is correct but screen is black or video image is anamorphic Other issues: No OSD.5. 6. Graphic card driver incorrect. Possible Reason: DirectX version lower than 9. which disable the accessory function of DirectX.6.6.3 Video display properly in IE but abnormal in software Troubleshooting Steps: Please make sure software version is correct. It is suggested to use “Main stream + TCP” type in LAN.1 Video display and control properly but no audio Troubleshooting steps: Make sure the computer audio card driver and connection is correct. Make sure video are all connected in the software main interface. Make sure the microphone is connected properly. Make sure IP address and server type is correct in software. Make sure to selected Video/Audio not only Video in camera setting.0c. or image is anamorphic but go normal after full screen. Make sure the audio channel is correct. . Reboot the software to connect again.

6. unless reset the camera automatically 6. 6. Power input: voltage—AC110V/DC24V.7.1 Motorized lens zoom or focus range is small Suddenly loses power when control motorized lens: Login IEconfigurationadvancesystem maintenancelens reset.7 Alarm Failure 6.9. there need to reset the cameras to enable it. 6.6. Check the setting for input/output port in IE. . Make sure the alarm device is working properly 6. Increase the sensitivity of the microphone.8 Cant’s be save after setup the parameter 6.1 Suddenly loses power after setup the parameter Parameter is set to save properly after 1 minute.2 After setup the parameter.9 Lens Failure 6.8. Use active loudspeaker for audio playing.8. electricity—1A.1 No Alarm Output Make sure output wiring is correct.2 Weak Audio Signal Make sure using active microphone.

2 Brightness Failure Box cameras has DC or P-iris aperture lens.1 U disk become smaller after used in camera Possible Reason: U disk and the TF card were formatted by the special division operation on the camera.EXE software on the PC .10.9.6. setup is not match with lens Login IEconfigurationcameras settingHD parameteraperture mode Login IEconfigurationadvancesystem maintenanceaperture adjust 6.10 Others 6. the result in part of capacity on the computer can not be identified Reformat U disk or TF card by BOOTICE.

Chapter 7 After-sales Service

We provide 1 years warranty for all our IP cameras. We provide free repair service

in the warranty period except the following circumstances:

Not follow the User Manual and the incorrect operation cause cameras damage;

Lightning, fire, and in case of irresistible natural disasters;

Product damage caused by using poor design matching product from other



● As we will keep our technology up to date, product parameters change

accordingly without prior notice.

● We reserves the right for final interpretation of this manual.

Appendix I Lightning and Surge

Outdoor Dome Camera need to consider lightening, anti-surge, on the premise of

ensuring electrical safety, may take the following measures:

Signal transmission lines and high voltage equipment or high voltage cables must

be at least 50 meters distance between;

Try to choose outdoor wiring along the eaves line;

For open field must be sealed steel tubes buried cabling, grounding and steel pipe,

the absolute prohibition of the use of overhead wiring;

In areas of severe thunderstorm or high-voltage area (such as high-voltage

substations), lightning protection equipment, as well as for additional installed

power must be taken measures such as installing lightning rods

Outdoor lightning protection and grounding design of devices and circuits must be

combined with building mine requires unified consideration and in accordance

with the requirements of the relevant national standards, industry standards;

System must be equipotential earthing. Earthing system anti-interference must

be met and the dual requirements of electrical safety, and shall not be mixed with

strong power network neutral wire shorted or separately when grounding,

grounding impedance less than 4 ohms, ground wire cut-area must be not greater

than 25mm2 lines shorted

2; Sub network mask: User Name: admin Password:1111 Type Recommend CPU Intel Core i7 2600 quad core or more RAM 4G or more HDD disk 】250G operating system Windows 7 or more Browser IE 8 or more Direct X 10.1 User Name: admin Password:1111 【Onvif】 VLC address:rtsp://192.1; DNS: 192.168.168.X Resolution 1920×1080 or more Network card 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Video card Discrete /512M .168.0; Gateway: 192.168.Appendix II: Default parameter and recommend PC 【Default IP】 IP Address: