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Constitution Review Guide

Chp 3-1, 3-2 & Chp 4-1

Tues, Sept 12th

Key Terms:
Preamble Articles Supremacy Clause
Amendments Popular Sovereignty Federalism
Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Judicial Review
Limited Government Veto Enumerated Powers
Expressed Powers Elastic Clause Inherent Powers
Gouveneur Morris James Madison George Washington
Sept 17, 1787 July 4, 1776

Key Concepts:
Memorize US Constitution Preamble (see pg C2)
Memorize and know the Bill of Rights
Know the general structure of the Constitution (what the Articles cover)
Specific examples of how the 6 major principles of government are displayed
in the US Constitution

MCA Government Standard/Benchmark 2014:

1 History
a. I can demonstrate a thorough understanding of how the US Constitution addresses the
concerns of the Framers and builds on historical documents and philosophies.
3 Civics
b. I can show how the concept of federalism is present in each branch of US Government and
within the Constitution.
c. I can identify my key rights and responsibilities as a citizen and evaluate the consequences
of my level of participation in a democratic civil society.
Enduring Understanding: Students will understand that a structured form of government is necessary
for people to live in unity
Essential Questions:
What should be the goals of government?
How does the structure of government reveal the ideals/culture of a nation?