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Study Plan for PhD in International Trade

Mr. Aftab Hussain Tabassam

Motivation : Several factors have motivated me to pursue a research degree and build my
professional career in the field of Economics and Finance especially in international trade and
finance . The developing countries like Pakistan needs innovative and empirical research to
appropriate strategies, trade and fiscal policies to foster economic growth and reduce their trade
deficit , which is currently Rs. 3,09,673 million in January of 2017 and has widened by
approximately 27 percent (according to The Express Tribute).
Professional Academic and Research Background: If you ask me to describe myself, I am very
pleasant, diverse, interactive and experienced person with substantial teaching and research
experience. I have graduated in the field of Finance from a well-reputed university, namely, Capital
University of Science and Technology (CUST-former name MAJU). During my MS degree, I had
an opportunity to write a thesis titled, The Effect of Income Smoothing and Firm Value in
Pakistan; it was well appreciated by my University and I was offered the job as a permanent
lecturer, and also worked as MS Research Coordinator. I have an excellent academic record
securing first division throughout my academic career. I secured 3.77 CGPA in MS-Finance and
3.89 CGPA in MBA-Finance. I have ten years of teaching and research experience and I have
taught in several reputed Universities in Pakistan. I have supervised around 48 MS students
research dissertations in the field of economics, corporate finance, financial economics and
accounting during last six years while serving at CUST; that has tremendously nourished my
research skills and competency, along with innovative and analytical techniques of research
I have also been resource person for training sessions on advanced econometric softwares such as
Eviews and Stata to researcher students. I have in my credit a handsome portfolio of research
publications in reputed International Journals. I have had international exposure of attending
international conferences and I was selected as editorial board member of International Journal of
Organizational Leadership due to my extensive research contributions. I have also performed the
role of reviewer of several Journals like, Cogent Economics and Finance, Journal of Global
Entrepreneurial Research and Iranian Journal of Management Studies. Now, I have strong desire
to do PhD, which is not only beneficial for my professional career but would also benefit my
country and institution.
Professional Potential Objectives: I am keenly interested to have some international exposure to
study in the field of international trade and finance keeping in view the rising opportunities due to
current development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). A collection of mega projects
between China and Pakistan for promoting international and regional trade, regional connectivity,
improving in means of communication, people to people contact, enhancing mutual understanding
and more knowledge-sharing through academic, cultural and regional networking. The CPEC has
currently undertaken 67 projects in the field of energy, transportation, cultural and research
exchanges and many more for longterm peace, development and economic growth in the region.
Therefore, more empirical research in this domain is required for projecting the outcomes of
various CPEC projects on economic growth of both Pakistan and China, but also extending its
long-term effects to the regional development and stability. Developing appropriate financing
mechanism, designing effective financial system and selection of right financing mechanism for
successful implementation of these projects is a must for economic progression and development
of both countries. Therefore, several key factors affecting foreign trade financing needs to be
identified, International Finance is an emerging disciple and it has pivotal role in promoting
international trade among China and Pakistan. The appropriate linkage between international trade
and finance needs to be developed and empirical research needs to be done that would be beneficial
for not only China and Pakistan but also would promote regional growth and stability.
Anticipated Economic Outcome: The successful completion of the proposed research project
would open up new dimensions for research in the domain of bilateral, rather multilateral economic
relations. It would help the policy makers develop new strategies for successfully implementing
CPEC projects and gauge its various impacts on key economic indicators using advanced
simulation and projection techniques integrated with contemporary theories in the respective field
of international trade and finance. However, the timely completion of these projects requires the
implementation of good governance at macro and micro level. The good governance implies
effective institutional arrangements and practice of public administration to achieve socio-
economic objectives. The proposed research project would also examine the possible effect of
good governance and effective corporate governance on international trade and investment of both
the countries and possible improvement in underlying governance mechanism and structures at
macro and micro-level analysis.
I appreciate this opportunity to provide additional information in support of my application for
Doctoral Program in the field of International Trade at Huazhong University of Science and
Technology for the year 2017. It is my dream to be part of your research team in a well-reputed
and of the top ten universities in China. I have keen followed the research activities and contents
of Graduate Program at HUST; it is really appealing to me because I am sure it would provide me
with the guidance of finest faculty, state-of-the art facilities and very conducive environment. The
strong international aspect of Doctoral Program with highest standards of research, diverse
learning atmosphere due to international students from various countries and use of interactive
methods of teaching and research is exactly what I am seeking for my professional growth and
innovative research. I am very arduous and committed person and I am ready to do research in the
field of Economics. I think it seems quite motivating for me to avail this splendid opportunity to
apply for PhD at HUST.
It would be honored if I could study at School of Economics, HUST and I assure you that I would
put my best efforts to complete my PhD well in time and meet your highest standards of research
and innovation. I am ready to accept all challenges and study in China for international exposure
and my professional development.
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to join you as PhD research scholar
at School of Economics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST).

Aftab Hussain Tabassam

Faculty of Management Scinecs
Humanities & Social Sciences UPR,
Rawalakot Azad K ashmir 44000, Pakistan