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The following are representative particles of matter: which among them represents a covalent

A. Atom

B. Ion

C. Molecules

D. Particles unit

84. A bag of NPK fertilizer marked 16-4-8 contains 16% nitrogen, 4% phosphorous and 8% potassium,
the other 72% is usually inert filler material, such as clay pellets or granular limestone. What is the mass
of nitrogen present in 500g pack of NPK fertilizer?

A. 80g

B. 40g

C. 20g

D. 10g

85. How many particles are equal to 1 mole?

A. 6.02 x 1022 particles

B. 6.02 x 1023 particles

C. 6.02 x 1024 particles

D. 6.02 x 1025 particles

86. How can the knowledge about mole be useful for environmentalists?

A. Mole concept can be used in environmental monitoring.

B. It gives information on the dangerous pollutant in the atmosphere.

C. It gives a feedback on the kinds of pollutants present in the atmosphere

D. Mole concept can be used in quantifying the amount of pollutant- particles released in the

87. How can you apply knowledge on percentage composition?

A. In maintaining the quality of food product.

B. In checking the amount of sugar present in the softdrink

100g cacao D. Showcase of 1 mole of different substances having the same masses 91. What is the representative particle of ionic compounds? A. D. Different colors of substances C. 45g cacao C. Different kind of elements B. All of the above 88.C. Showcase of 1 mole of different element having different masses D. 5og cacao 92. how much cacao did you eat? A. Gram C. How many percent of hydrogen ( H ) is present in water ( H2O ) ? A. Atom . 13% D. Mole D. What do you expect to observe in a “ Mole Exhibit of Different Substances ? A. 11% C. The label of the dark chocolate indicates that its mass is 150g and it is 70% cacao. Which of the following units is used in expressing the amount of substance in terms of the number of particles? A. 12% B. Liter B. Celcius 90. In identifying the correct amount of substance present in a sample. 10% 89. if you consume the whole chocolate bar. 105g cacao B.

How many particles are there in 1 mole of any kind of substance? A. Moth balls ( paradichlorobenzene-C6H4Cl2) are used as cockroach repellent. 6.. ion C. Tom C.02 x 1022 molecules of C6H4Cl2 B. Molecule D. It is often placed inside the cabinet. Who among the following students describes the result of the activity on counting by weighing correctly? Ann—Different sets of materials having the same mass have different number of pieces. 6.B.01 x 1023 B.14 x 1023 molecules of C6H4Cl2 95. 6. 6. 6. Tom—The same sets of materials have the same number of pieces but masses. A. Dan D. Ann B.00g/mol) will be circulating inside you cabinet considering all the moth balls have sublimed? A. Formula unit 93.02 x 1023 molecules of C6H4Cl2 C. 6. how many molecules of paradichlorobenzene.0g and your mother put 3 pieces in your cabinet.14 x 1022 molecules of C6H4Cl2 D. If 1 piece of moth ball weighs 5.02 x 1024 94. None of them . Dan—Different sets of materials having the same number of pieces and the same mass. 3.01 x 1024 D.02 x 1023 C. 3.C6H4Cl2 (Molar Mass = 147.